To begin I would like to apologize to all those who were reading and looking forward to this story, but the community's toxicity has robbed me of any and all motivation to remain in this fandom, but I would feel guilty leaving everything unresolved so this chapter will be an overview of what my plan would have been. It will be broken up into several sections: first for characters, and second for the plot synopsis.


So to begin this section my idea at the beginning was to evolve the combat abilities of all the characters to resemble other popular characters while keeping and adding the unique characteristics of the cast and such I will be adding what characters I took inspiration from in each section.

In my original plan, I was going to model Jaune after a combination of Saber from Fate/Stay Night and All Might, this later evolved to focus more on the saber aspects while sprinkling in some Chrom. To summarise Jaune stary arc would focus on his improvement in leadership and his minor inferiority complex wherein in the end he feels at peace having earned his place amongst his ancestors' accomplishments. He would also enter into a relationship with Ruby that would take up a lot of his time and would strain the friendship between him and Mark until they talk through it and reconcile. He would experience a large amount of friction with Wiess due to her being antagonistic towards Ruby and Mark. The signature magic that I planned for him to use was obviously gravity, with him eventually able to construct invisible weapons made of gravity.

Ruby would of course enter into a relationship with Jaune and learn to use her silver eyes, but wouldn't really be focused on beyond that. I would have modeled her fighting style in this fic to more match Professor Stein from Soul Eater using her eyes as a substitute for soul resonance. For her unique magic a waffle between giving her Friction magic that allowed her to manipulate friction so she could go even faster and start fires, or enchanting magic. I settled on friction because I wanted enchanting to be more Mark's unique skill.

Cardin, I wanted to make the anti-Jaune while still having them on the same side. I was going to have a several chapter arc where he and Mark are separated from the rest of the group in the Forever Fall and he would have to confront the toxic notions that his brother put in his head. He would become nicer but still a bit of an ass. He would focus on damage in contrast to Jaune's defensive style. His final weapon that I decided upon was a long mechanical flail like Bridittes from Overwatch called Cardinal redemption. The magic I landed on for him was more of an extension of the character I decided to base him off of Bakaguo, so explosion magic.

Nora was going to basically be the comic relief but would still be competent and caring, eventually getting over her jealousy and approving of Ren and Blake's relationship. I took some more inspiration from overwatch and changed her final weapon to a combination hammer rocket launcher that also propelled her like Reinhart. Her magic I wanted to be unique and not connected to her semblance because I thought that just giving her storm or lighting magic would be too on the nose. So her magic I decided on was going to be bloodlust magic that would connect her back to her classical origins. I was also planning on her being the vessel for the god Thor.

Velvet was obviously going to be the love interest for Mark and thus I was going to focus on her a large amount. Her arc was going to be about becoming more outspoken and assertive after an event where Mark was in danger from the White Fang. I was really struggling with coming up with magic that would fit her, I was going to make her a blue mage from final fantasy but I just could get it right, Then it hit me I was going to make her the first Remnant Green Lantern. From there she would kinda let the power go to her head but in an endearing way.

Yang wasn't going to have a large role in the story beyond being a good big sister to Ruby and teasing her. She was going to have a mostly off-screen romance with Russel more as a shout out to another fic I like than anything story relevant. She was going to get teleportation magic after a confrontation with Raven that I'll expound on more in the story section.

Blake and Ren were going to be paired up and their romance would annoy their friends at points. I did this more to point out the similarities I saw in their characters and to push Nora's character forward. Ren would get an upgrade in the form of the Sharingan while Blake would get illusion magic. I might have had a segment with Mark helping her magic and them bonding over Faunus rights but I never decided.

Russel would be another comic relief character and the most story relevance he would have is his romance with Yang. There would be a gag with him getting a progressively larger Mohawk with every scene. He'd get hair magic and would use it to style Yang's hair for her.

Sky's character arc would revolve around him becoming a better leader and developing pride in his Faunus side. Eventually, I planned for him to be the third in command in the organization that I'll explain later. He would come into his own and would become a sort of an Expy of Erza Scarlet only with polearms. His magic would be a pocket dimension with weapons. He'd end up with Pyra in the epilogue but I wasn't planning on really fleshing out their relationship more than a few scenes here and there.

Weisse would receive the most development out of the secondary characters. Her arc would be becoming less racist and more humble. She would be the focus of an arc around the middle of the story about Atlus which would involve her and the rest of the party participating in a mini civil war for the rights of the Faunus. She would be the party's primary healer with her magic being focused around healing but she would receive a crash course in elemental magic by Mark so she could utilize her fighting style without dust. She would cut her hair short towards the end of the story and would end up with Sun.

Pyra's only notable development would be her relationship with Sky and not die. In fact, she would not even know about the maiden powers as those would be destroyed about a third of the way into the story. She'd use blood magic just cause of her color scheme.

The story was going to be in an arc by arc format like most anime.

The first arc was the Intro Arc where Mark and the crew meet, he goes on some adventures, and sets up some future plot points. This was the arc that was finished and made it into the story.

Then came the Initiation arc where the plot starts. Mark and Jaune meet the rest of the cast and the main party is formed, they fight the Manticore and defeat it by a small margin. Mark discovers his skill mixing which would play a large part in the rest of the story. This arc would end with the Ozpin fight and the awakening of Eros which would have gone on to be a recurring character and the catalyst for Mark and Velvet getting together. This is the last arc the was published.

Next was the Cave arc. While collecting sap on assignment Mark and Cardin are attacked by Ursa during an argument about the former's racist comments and separating from the rest of the cast by falling into a sprawling cave system under the Forever Fall. There they would have to work through their troubles while fighting off a veritable army of spider Grim called Arcane. The 'boss' of this arc would be a large worm grim that actually made the tunnels, they would beat it by Mark teaching Cardin explosion magic where they would collapse the tunnels on the worm and trap it and all the smaller grim.

The next arc would be the Doc arc. Where Sun and Neptune would be introduced. Marc would explode on Weise after putting up with her for an entire day when the party was split up into pairs to show new students around Vale. While storming off Mark would storm off only to be knocked out. He would be kidnapped by the White Fang for bad-mouthing them all across town and the rest of the party would come to help and they would have to fight off Roman and Neo as the bosses. This would be the kick start to Weis's development and the first time we would see Velvet fight.

Next is the Boy's Night arc. After the last arc, Blake would become obsessed with stopping Roman, like cannon, and would rope all the girls into helping her one night. The boys, unaware of this decide to have a guy's night in after the girls seemingly ditch them. They would just hang out and would eventually end up at the bar where they would see on the news that the girls were being chases by mecha Roman and a gang of White Fang. The boys rush to help them while calling in some backup. The boys get there and fight Mecha Roman the boss of the arc. Neo would sacrifice herself to allow Roman and the gang to get away, putting herself into a coma.

Next is the breach arc. After the last arc, Adam is furious after seeing Blake with the gang fighting the White Fang. He starts his plan early and initiates the breach. Grim pore into the city along with an army of White Fang. The party uses Weiss and Marks' powers to construct ice walls to fence in the grim and protect civilians. During this Adam discovers Mark and they have a small fight that is televised and their rivalry begins. The Boss of this arc is a juvenile Goliath.

Next is a mini-arc about the publics' split opinions. In the aftermath of the fight between Mark and Adam, the public is split on which of their philosophies are right. Adam's fight for freedom vs Mark's devotion to building equality. There is a large amount of debate and while the White Fang gets its largest influx of new members, Mark founds the Black Masons devoted to developing better relations between mankind and Faunus.

Up next is the Tournament arc. In this arc, we focus on Remnants' reversed gender roles compared to our world and how Mark reacts to it. It begins with a four on four round where Junk Faces off against Aburn where the leader of the other team personally antagonized Mark and his ideals. After that is the two on two rounds where Mark and Jaune go up against Weise and Pyra. The media completely dismisses Mark and Jaune adding to Mark's increasing frustration. In the fight itself, Jaune and Mark defy expectations by facing off against the opponent that they least match. Mark against Pyra and Jaune against Weiss. Jaune and Weise knock each other out after they have basically fought about Weis's treatment of Mark and other Fanus, this is another step in Weis's development and the point where she begins to be friends with Mark. Mark goes all out against Pyra using every trick in his book against and it comes down to the wire with all his gear broken and him on his last legs he finally lands the finishing blow against Pyra and he proves to the world that he is serious and worthy of being on the top. The one on ones never begins as a bomb destroys the anti-gravity generators. Ending on a cliffhanger with Cinder trying to kill all the major players in one go.

The invasion arc begins with Jaune using all of his power trying to slow the descent of the coliseum. He partially succeeded but everyone without an awakened aura is killed in the crash, but he managed to divert its fall away from the city. The party and the rest of the important people leave the callosum to see that Atlus is invading Vale with a combination of robot and human forces.

The war arc is where the shit hits the fan. After Mark's movement starts getting traction especially in Atlus and the White Fang growing so quickly the Atlas military was manipulated by Cinder and her cronies into invading Vale. The battle consists of a three-way battle between the Atlas forces, the Party and the rest of the survivors, and the White Fangs full membership. Eventually, the White fang would be driven off but Atlas would take over all of Vale with our party narrowly escaping thanks to Weiss using her influence for the rest to getaway.

The separation arc begins a few months after the battle for Vale. In one of the previous arcs, Mark had gotten a handkerchief that could turn into a dinghy but could grow in power and size by sacrificing the remnants of enemies. Mark has been traveling alone around the Vale in hiding, progressively building up the boat. After it reaches the size of a small carnival Mark decides to start building up a resistance. He starts by traveling to Patch where he meets up with Ruby and Jaune who have been staying together after Jaune's family betrayed Vale and joined Atlus. After a skirmish with some Atlus soldiers, the three of them set out together towards Vacuo to get Sky and Russel.

The Vacuo arc, Involves the incomplete group diving into an ancient tomb to find the cure to a disease that's affecting a large portion of Vacuo's population. Mark is starting to confront his guilt and pain about being the catalyst to Atlas's invasion and being effectively abandoned by his friends. In the catacombs, the group finds Velvet and joins back with the group. Together they defeat the grim causing the disease, a large rat grim that creates a poisonous miasma.

After grabbing Velvet, Sky, and Russel, the Faunus war arc begins. This is the arc where Velvet and Mark finally get together. After sailing for a few months growing the boat they arrived in Menagerie. They come to find out that the White Fang has taken over the island and are in conflict with a small resistance led by Blake and Sun in revenge for the Fang killing her father. After a few short chapters, the group would meet up and fight the Fang in an all-out war. It looks bleak for our protagonists when a large force of Mark's fellows arrive and change the tide. The arc ends with Blake, Mark, Sun, and Velvet would fight and kill Adam.

The Atlas arc occurs after another few months. With the support of menagerie, Vacuo, and various small rebellion forces, the group invades Atlus occupied Minstrel and rescues the rest of the group sans Weiss. They push the offensive and eventually meet an insane general Ironwood and discover he has imposed martial law and overthrown the government of Atlus effectively controlling all of Atlus, Minstrel, and Vale. Through several chapters, the group rescues Weiss and starts their offensive to take back the world. The boss is General Ironwood, a soulless Penny, and Winter Schnee who has gained the winter maidens powers. After defeating them the group spends a few months establishing the new centralized government that the four previous kingdoms and menageries used to be. The arc ends with the Party agreeing to take down the Harlem army and end the fight.

The final arc begins, after another time skip. All the forces for all the kingdoms have been gathered and are ready to storm the lost continent. In response, all the Grimm have been recalled to the continent to defend their queen. Jaune gives an inspiring speech to the gathered forces. After a chapter of the forces pushing threw the monsters the ship that they have been continuously upgrading transforms into a mega zord and the tide of battle turns in humanity's favor. They reach the castle and the final battles commence. Ruby vs Salem, Mark vs the patriarch Grim, Jaune vs Hazel, Weiss vs Watz, and the rest of the party against Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury. Mark discovers the reason he was reborn in Remnant, each universe is granted one Gamer when an interdental threat appears Jaune is in this world while Mark is the Gamer of his world. He was transported to Remnant because his status as the Gamer made him immune to the spell that Salem used to convert every person on his Earth into Grim and used them to construct the Patriarch Grim over five thousand years ago. Mark royally pissed uses his maxed out Necromancy skill to communicate with the souls trapped in the ancient grim and controls it against Salem. The good guys win, Mark finds his magic academy and Jaune becomes king of the United Remnant with RUby as his Queen.