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This time when I woke up it wasn't to the darkness, or the bright sterile white, that I had grown to hate over the years, but to so many unfamiliar sounds and textures. The sun shining on my body like a warm ethereal blanket. The course flaky texture of bark juxtaposed with the soft sheen of leaves. I had to my surprise awoken in a tree. This revelation, to my eternal shame, made I kinda fall out of said tree.

I landed with a "umph." Luckily the forest loome shared me any serious injury but it still knocked the breath out of me. Struggling to breathe I noticed a screen had appeared in front of me.

[-5 HP]

[New skill; Phys resistance]

[Phys resistance; lvl 1;(exp .30) reduces damage one takes from physical attacks by 1%]

'That'll be useful latter one after a couple levels, but right now fuck this system'. I decided to check out the multiple screens that have appeared since I woke up a fell.

[Welcome young journeyman, are you ready for your new life in (insert drum-roll) Remnant, the shattered world.]

"Called death world," I said frustrated because it had to be the world I had just started getting into. I have only watched threw volume two. So I'm running on info that is incomplete about the future and knows little to nothing about the actual world itself. But what I do know is that it's full of evil dangerous monsters called grim that control almost the entire world except for four small kingdoms. So my best course of action is to assess my surroundings and find my self to the nearest city or I'm not going to last very long.

I take a look around and notice some things. I'm in a densely packed forest of birch trees and I am about ten yards away from a large river that is going quite fast and seems to be about fifty feet across. It seemed to be fall from the color of the leaves and how many had fallen off the trees. The wind seemed to go east judging from the passion of the sun.

Realising that I was quite thirsty I decided to go over to the river to get a drink since the water wasn't stagnant and pluss where there's water there will eventually be people so my best bet would be to follow the river to the nearest settlement.

[For acute assessment of your surroundings and pragmatic decision making you get 1 WIS]

While I bent down to get a drink I realized two things. One I was naked and following up on that I was GREEN. Putting aside the embarrassment of my lack of clothes, I looked closer to myself and realized that I wasn't really green more like I was tan with green blood instead of the red that usually tints people. I took me a little more time than I'm proud of to realize that it was because of my sudden race change. The good news I realized is that I could pass myself as I a Faunus. So instead of being thrown in a lab to be dissected, I am going to be systematically discriminated against, joy. I tried to calm myself down a bit and thought about this practically. I am not going to last long without clothes in the wilderness even if it was summer. Judging from the sun it was about nine-ish, so I have about eight hours to get to civilization.

[For realizing how fucked you are but not freaking you get 1 INT]

"Fuck you," I screamed at the top of my lunges to the system whose fault this is. Unfortunately, because of my out burst and proceeding furry I failed to realize that I may have attracted some unwanted attention from the local monster population until of course, I hear the growling of it right beside me. It was about to swing at me, but at the last minute I ducked and rolled out of the way of its paw that was as big as my head and with claws that looked like clever. I took a second to observe it real quick so I know what is going to kill me.

[new-born Beowulf; lvl 2]

[Hp; 200]

It was only one level above me but that gap seemed to be a canyon from my perspective. It looked like a bipedal wolf, about three feet tall with almost no bone showing on its ebony fur. Drawing my gun from my inventory, I got ready for it to pounce. It lunged again and I rolled out of the way and turned around while it was distracted and I unloaded three rounds into its back, dealing about 75 damage to it. It turned and swiped but almost on instinct I ducked and rolled out of its way again and quickly thrust my legs as hard as could make the pushed upwards uppercutting the beast dealing fifty damage. Then while it was distracted I Aimed straight of its crotch and pulled the trigger from point blank.[Critical] It howled in pain and fell down not getting up again. In exhaustion and out of adrenaline I collapsed as well and was assaulted with several screens.

[For pushing yourself to the max you get 1 STR]

[For aiming accurately you get 1 DEX]

[Congratulations you have earned the skills; Gun slinging, Flail, Dodge roll, and Crotch shot]

[Dodge roll has leveled up to level 2]

[Gun Slinging; LvL1(.,90); Allows you to shoot more accurately with pistols and SMGs; (30% across from distance greater than point blank). three percent more damage when using Pistols and SMGs; + 1 DEX ]

[Flail; LVL 1(.50)An instinctual melee with no teaching but plenty of strength behind it. The seed that will grow into a great fighting style with experience and time. Grants basic battle instincts and + 1 to LUC and STR]

[Dodge roll; lvl 2; Allows the player to execute a quick roll out of danger; at higher levels can damage enemies or make you immune to damage while rolling. (currently, does not do damage and 5% decrease in damage while rolling)]

[Crouch shot; lvl 1(.80); A painful attack to the nards; 15% chance to stun; guaranteed crit if successful.]

[Loot; 1 Beowulf Furs pants]

[Congratulations you have leveled up]

[Markus Forman] [lvl 2. 50/150] [5 points]

Sighing in appreciation I put on the pants along with adding the point to luck and dumping the rest into VIT, and DEX, while wondering when I got my new name. I quickly get my drink and set out following the river before any more baddies come, but not before I get my first quest which is exactly what I was going to do any way.

[new quest; Find safety]

[x(Find clothing)]

[x(Get water)]

[(Find civilization)]

[Bonus x(Kill your first enemy and loot it)]

[reward; 100 exp, 1 armour piece, and 100 lien]

[Bonus reward; 1 skill book]

Noting that I don't get the bonus reward until the end of the quest I quickly began walking again hoping that it wouldn't be too long till I found people, because if my first battle has taught me anything it is that I can not underestimate how much the world wants to screw me.

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