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Chapter 11: Zamasu learns to not hate mortals while Caulifla Hates him + Future Arrives

Zamasu entered into Caulifla's home. He saw Kale and Cabba come out of a room. They seemed surprised to see him. There was an awkward silence. Caulifla looked at him with hate.

Zamasu bowed to the three and said "I apologise for my actions up until this point. I have been... Wrong... To act with spite towards you. My prior experience with morals has been... Unpleasant."

"Blah Blah Blah" said Caulifla.

Zamasu stood and said "We currently have three weeks until the tournament of power. As a representative of universe team universe ten I ask that our universes work together."

Cabba asked "D-Do you really mean that?"

Zamasu was about to answer then Caulifla got between them and said "This b#&36$7 nearly killed Kale!"

Caulifla came at Zamasu to attack him... But Zamasu poked her in the nose. She was frozen. He could feel her aura was full of anger.

He kept his finger on her nose as he said "If this was a match in the tournament then you would be erased from existence... Is that what you want"?

Zamasu could feel Caulifla's aura fill with hate and resentment. She was feeling humiliated. Had this been yesterday Zamasu would have beeb smiling.

Zamsu stepped back and frowned.

Cabba and Kale said "L-Let her go..."

Zamasu said "I shall... But when I do I need you not to attack me".

He let his aura off of Caulifla. She looked at him in hate and growled.

Zamasu could tell she hated this.

Zamasu said to everyone "We have three weeks until the Tournament Of Power... I suggest you train with me to improve"

The three just looked at him as if they were thinking to themselves.

Zamasu decided "I'll leave now and come back tomorrow... Please be ready to train me with me"

Zamasu turned to leave. From behind he hears Caulifla say "Hey!"

He turned to meet her Gaze.

"I won't lose again!"

Zamasu smiled and left. He flew across the planet observing the scenery and flew down next to a tree. He sat by it amd observed the insects and life. ''''Maybe the life here is worth fighting for..."


Zamasu knocked on Caulifla's Door.

The door opened and behind it were three saiyans with white outfits and head bands.

Zamasu rose an eyebrow "What's this?"

Caulifla gave a smirk and said "We have made a plan to take you down!"

Caulifla, Cabba, and Kale lead Zamasu to a spot in the desert. They use sticks to make an outline of an arena. They were going to have a match: Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale VS Zamasu. Whoever went out of the line was out and lost.

Zamasu looked at the three in front of him and asked "Are you ready"

Caulifla said "Lets go!"

Cabba and Caulifla flew at Zamasu and attacked. He easily dodged them until Cabba aimed at his face. He dodged and Caulifla aimed at his leg. He also dodged.

"Now Kale" said Caulifla.

Zamasu looked as a small energy blast came at him. He knocked it away just to turn to see Caulifla's hand in front of his face


Zamasu was out of the arena. He frowned as he hadn't been trying his best.

"Hahahaha! Loser!" Taunted Caulifla.

Zamasu got up amd dusted himself off...

And so the four trained...


Gowasu finished filming Cus dancing and posing with their new tournament team members. He smiled. Cus had found all the needed members for their team.

After the meet and greet Cus and Gowasu sat down together to have Tea while the other members trained in a different area.

Cus sighed as she took a sip of hot tea.

Gowasu asked "Is everything alright?"

Cus answered "Yes... Its just that finding everyone was kind of difficult". She smiled and added "But it is nice to have that part done"

Gowasu felt his heart beat faster for Cus. He hated seeing her worry.

Cus looked down and said "I'd really hate to lose everyone..."

Gowasu took Cus's hand "Thank you for taking the time to find these fighters." He gave her hand a soft gentle queeze and said "I'm sure team universe ten will win thanks to your efforts!"

They both blushed lightly looking into each others eyes.

Suddenly there was a noise behind them.

Gowasu and Cus were startled. Gowasu stood up quickly and tripped... Falling onto Cus.

In the distance stood Whis, Beerus, Goku, and Trunks.

"Oh my! It appears we have came at an odd time!" Said Whis as he looked on.

Gowasu looked down at Cus and blushed. He coughed "Er.. Um, Excuse me.."

Cus looked to the side and blushed as Gowasu got up. He held out his hand and Cus took it. Gowasu helped Cus.

Gowasu bowed to Cus formally stating "I apologize! I'm sorry Cus."

Cus replied "It's ok..."

Beerus coughed and gained the twos attention.

Gowasu bowed and said "Lord Beerus! Pleasure to have you. What do we owe the pleasure?"

Beerus frowned and said "We're here on business. I have some questions to ask..."

To Be Continued...

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