Moving into Quickfield Manor, I had a feeling something was a bit amiss. But each time I tried to tell dad, he would sort of shrug it off, saying it was probably just wrackspurts. So after a while, I gave up and I played innocent and naive. I pretended it was my imagination getting the best of me. However in my heart, I knew something was wrong.

These suspicions were confirmed when not only did I find out the history behind it, but also when dad...I don't really like to talk about it. In chains, I can only describe it as truly going mad, but I don't think it was by his own volition. Part of this is also caused by my failure to act in translating scripts.

I've kept these diary entries as testament to what went on in Quickfield Manor and how I am slowly descending into true madness. Or perhaps I am sane. We shall see. And hopefully I shall escape in time.

Day 1

We've arrived at Quickfield Manor. It's quite a large house, so hopefully there's lots to explore. Dad said he thought I would like my room to be in the highest tower and I happily accepted.

The view is quite spectacular and I can look out onto the beach. I've decided to paint another mural of my friends on my ceiling perhaps after dinner. I apologize for the short entry. I've been excited to explore the Manor.

Night 1

So far nothing worth noting. Though there seems to be a peculiar smell coming from the second floor kitchen. It smells of a mixture of beef stew and fresh roses. Perhaps the Manor is hiding something from me. The question remains; if so, what is it hiding?

(Author's Note):

Just an idea that popped into my head. Yes, it is a slight crossover of the game "Phantasmagoria," but I'm not going to say how because that might give it away. I promise not all of the chapters are going to be this short, I hope.