Day 3

While I was heading down to breakfast, I stepped on one of the kitchen tiles and a bit of the wall in the kitchen opened up. I peeked through it and found myself inside of a dark passage. I rushed back up to my room and grabbed my torch before heading back inside.

It lead me to a boarded-up doorway. I can see the knob; it's worn down and the paint is chipping away. I've told daddy about it and he's going to help me open it up today.

Night 3

It's phenomenal! The boarded-up door was guarding an old library. And yet, the most peculiar thing is that the library looks untouched. Not even the slightest bit of dust on any of its surfaces. All of the books look good as new.

I found books on so many interesting topics, but I also found a diary; not this one, of course. This was one full of secrets and entries from a few of the former owners. One of them, a man named Tom Riddle lived here. From what he has written, I determined he was never truly married, though he had various mistresses.

"Cecelia and I attempted to consummate our relationship. Only I had no feeling towards her, so I sent her away. This Manor is quite extraordinary, but it's incredibly lonesome, even with many mistresses and concubines. How I long for a bride of my own."

"Petunia and I have ceased contact. I discovered she was in fact a muggle. I had thought to perhaps do her in, but she ran off before I had the chance. Her sister Lily is not a good match either. She's enamored by some man named James. I have attempted to conceal my feelings, but my loneliness is upon my sleeve. O bride, come to me!"

But this was most peculiar; the final entry he wrote said

"I have decided to place a bit of my soul and spirit inside of an ornate box and hide it in the cathedral. Should it be a young, pureblooded virginal female who releases me is the one I shall become betrothed to. However, I must first...persuade her. Mea est enim sanguis purissimus."

Unfortunately I don't speak Latin, so I don't understand what that means.

Tomorrow, I plan to explore the passageway I found a couple of days ago. I must rest now. It is nearly midnight.