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The Age of Change

Chapter 1: Prologue

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I thought was simple. Am I dead? Thinking back on what happened, I contemplated the chances of this place being the afterlife. From what I remember, I had been fighting on the front lines of the war against the humans as a demonic dragon, fighting against the humans that sought only for my species' extinction. As I had fought my comrades were beginning to decrease, and soon I was one of the few. The last thing I remember was that accursed so called "hero" who jumped at me with blood-lust, his sword gleaming as he swiped his large weapon in an arc before it hit me, after which everything turned black.

"Assuming from past events, I would have to say that I am, without a doubt, already dead." I muttered this to myself, taking a close look over at my body.

My body looked different than what it usually would, taking on my disguised form in which I looked like one of the human females. I have no grudge towards humans, especially since my own species might as well have had the same wish as the humans, annihilation of the opposing species. Inspecting my features, I noticed certain aspects of my original body that were retained on this new body such as my long slender horns or the gleaming onyx black scales on my tail and wings. I took my attention from inspecting my strange humanoid body and looked back to the scenery of the place I was. Almost like a strange dimension, I could see various areas floating on nothing far out into the distance, below the island's only an abyss.

"Allegra Consola, step forward into the arch to be judged by the Judge of Souls!" I looked toward the direction of the voice, only to spot a large skeletal being garbed in opaque black armor, looking to be like an obsidian coat.

A young human woman stepped from the front of the line of where I stood, an arrogant expression on her face.

"How dare you order me around?! I am the queen of the prosperous country Mierla, how dare a monster like you speak to me like so?!" the woman arrogantly exclaimed, pointing her chin at the soldier.

Revealing a whip from the side of his armor, the skeletal soldier began whipping the woman, who cried out in pain as she curled into a fetal position.

"In this place, your rank or species has no meaning, you are nothing more than spirits! Should you dare to disobey the personnel of the Underworld, you shall be punished!" The skeleton shouted this, stopping the whipping only to pick the woman up by the hair and throw her toward a large arch that it had been standing in front of, into which she suddenly disappeared from view, the rippling substance seeming to suck her in as she fell through.

The inside of the arch had some sort of rippling substance and gave off a strange aura, to which I shuddered at. As I thought, this place is one we must be careful in. Thinking this, I watched as the skeleton soldier continued to call names out from a list, each person in the front being called up from one person to the next. At one point, I looked behind myself only to see an endless-like line behind me, consisting of many different species'. Some were human, some complete monsters the size of humans, while some were like I was, with various creature-like features but with the basic human body. As I reached the front, the soldier once again looked down at his list, calling up the name next on his seemingly never-ending list.

"Nathair Drusilla, come forth to the arch to be judged by the Judge of Souls!" The skeleton shouting this, I walked forward to the arch, giving a glance to the skeletal soldier before stepping into the rippling substance inside the arch.

Stepping through, I suddenly came into a strange room in which a young-looking human male sat with his legs crossed. Using his hand, he waved me forward, motioning for me to sit near him. Stepping forward towards the man, I quickly glanced around the room, noticing details. It had a few lights scattered throughout the room, connected to the room by a metal like pole while being powered by something unknown. Along with this, the two walls seemed to be made of a weak paper-like wall outlined by wall and decorated with many different designs, the other two being a simple bamboo-like wall. Looking at the ground the floors, I recognized the floor being made completely of polished wood. I sat onto my knees, given comfort while sitting due to the flat pillow across from the man that he had motioned me towards. We were seated across each other with a small table dividing us, and both of us were silent for a moment.

"So I am to assume that you are the so called Judge of Souls?" I asked, careful not to let any tones be shown.

"You are right to assume so, um.. One moment.. Nathair Drusilla, I believe?" The Judge replied, looking down at his list laid down on the table next to him. When he spoke, had a somewhat aloof tone.

This is the Judge of Souls? Looking at the attitude of that skeleton and even the name, you would guess he must be someone important but with this kind of personality… no wait, I mustn't let my guard down, this person could very likely turn out to be dangerous. I shook my head slightly, letting my thoughts leave from that topic.

"So, mind explaining what all this is? I get that I probably died, but I'd like to at least know what's going to happen though." I asked the Judge, a slight trace of curiosity belying my tone.

"My, quite a direct one aren't you? Ah, well assuming your personality from the report, it's not surprising you were able to accept the situation easily. One of the most trusted and powerful generals of your world's Maou, was it?" The Judge loosely spoke, my body stiffening as he spoke.

Definitely someone to be wary of. "Aw, come on, there's no need to be wary of me! I already know everything I need to know about you anyway!" The Judge spoke.

His mouth smiled, but his eyes showed a much different story, a sharp look staring at me as if they were stabbing through me. A cold shiver raced through my body, but a second later his face was once again the simple aloof one.

"So you can read minds huh? Guess there really is nothing I can hide huh." I spoke this, elbow on the table supporting my head as I sighed and smirked, not bothering to hold my emotions back.

"Yep, basically I know everything about you from my report and your thoughts give away any extra info. Well in any case, I should probably get into my important matters. Otherwise that pain of an assistant will yell at me for taking too long…" The Judge answered, but the last sentence was muttered quietly, so I could only slightly hear him.

"Your...assistant?" I inquired, a slight smile tugging at my face.

"Ah no, nothing of importance! Ah, that's right, you wanted to know your current situation right?" The Judge quickly changed the subject, obviously trying to avoid the question. Giving a small sigh, I nodded and he once again began to speak, beginning his explanation.

"Ah-hem. Congratulations, you are officially dead and in the dimension known as the Underworld! Ah, before I begin explaining, please leave questions until the end of my explanation. Alright, with that over with, time for a quick explanation! In this dimension, there are those skeletal soldiers who are basically just the Underworld's army and guards, made only for being alike to foot soldiers. After that, there are high ranking officials in this place like me, who judge deceased souls. Three Judges each deal with different souls, one dealing with souls who have lived their full life leading to them going to the three different dimensions Hell, Purgatory, and Eden! The second Judge deals with creatures of no intelligence, in which the animals are either sent into a new world as an animal once again or are given sentience, of course by that Judge's discretion. And then there's the final Judge, me, who deals with souls who have not fully experienced life in it's entirety throughout it's life. Along with us three judges there are information gatherers, assistants, and the King of the Underworld, but you won't need to know about them! Anyways, more about my job. In this place, I reincarnate souls depending on their past lives, in which your personality, past decisions, feelings, and sins will all be taken into account. From these aspects of your life, you could live as a beast, a human, a demon, spirit, or some other kind of life form not existing in most worlds. My job is basically to decide what your new life will be, send you to the portal to that world, and have one of the assistants there give you a special concoction to erase your memories of this place so you can live a new life entirely!" Finishing his long uppity speech, The Judge leaned back, his hands supporting himself from falling.

"So any…questions?" he asked, taking a deep breath in the middle of his sentence.

Thinking about what he explained, I contemplated about whether or not anything was strange or confusing. After a moment, I replied with a short answer.

"No, not in particular. Ah, well excluding the whole thing about what my life will be reincarnated into. I mean, you're probably going to explain that in a second right?"

Recovering his breath, The Judge once again smiled. "Yep, with that said it's time to reveal your new life. When you reincarnate, your new path will be in one where you live as a creature called a 'Pokemon'."

"A...Pokemon? What in the world is that?" I asked, cocking my head slightly in confusion.

Waving his hand into the air, various images appeared in the air showing various creatures that looked like strange animals. "These… are Pokemon." He answered to me, having the image's stream down a line as more appeared after others faded away.

"These are Pokemon? They are nothing more than animals are they not?" I replied, a bit annoyed as I inspected the images shown.

"No, they are not just simple animals! You see, these creatures are all sentient, and they all have various forms and powers. Depending on the species of Pokemon, they each control different elements of the world, and with each species they all have different techniques associated with the elements commonly known as 'moves' in that world. Along with this, certain species' have special abilities based completely on their species, which are activated automatically if the conditions of the ability are fulfilled to activate it. Much like your world, the so called moves can only be used a limited amount of times to maintain enough strength as it takes power to use these moves, much like it takes mana to use spells in your world. Oh, and before you ask, no one can decide what species you will be, that will depend on your previous life and personality. With that said, my job is over, so if you could, please got through that portal over there." Finishing his explanation, he waved his hand once again, causing the various images to disappear, being replaced with a large translucent oval appearing over to the side of the table.

Understanding that he was basically dismissing me, I stood up and bowed my head.

"Thank you for your hospitality. With that said, I bid you farewell." Speaking this, I walked over to the large oval portal and stepped through, appearing onto one of the islands that had the space of a small room or two, bare rock covering the ground.

In front of me, a furry woman with an animal's ears and tail waved me over, her glasses tilting slightly off her face. "So you're heading to the Pokemon world correct?" The woman asked, squinting through her glasses as she righted them onto her face. I nodded, to which she then turned around and dug into a wide drawer behind her, rummaging through it. After a few seconds, her head popped up from behind the spot she had been sitting, and placed bottle filled with a slightly colored liquid sloshing around inside onto the stone table she sat behind.

"Here it is, one potion for memory loss. Just drink this and step through the portal." she quickly explained before going back to reading a strange looking back with a thin cover, the contents seeming to say something about 'How to make yourself a glasses beauty'. Popping off the cork on the bottle, I brought the bottle to my lips before I suddenly heard a voice.

Don't drink the potion. The message in my heading fading away, I looked around, trying to find who could have possibly said that. Looking around, I noticed a slight tremor in the ground. A large orb next to the attendant brightened, and a voice came through.

"Attention all personnel, please evacuate to the nearest shelter. Furthermore, we ask all soldiers to suit up for battle against the creature of destruction, also known as Typhon."

The woman quickly jumped out of her seat, leaving the book onto her seat as she looked over into the void, fear filling her gaze. As I followed her gaze, I noticed her waving her hand as she quickly made and ran through her portal, the portal disappearing as soon as she stepped through. The shaking intensifying, I saw a large drake-like creature forcing itself through. I could only see a silhouette of itself, but it was so huge that I could see the large islands out in the distance being crushed as it levitated through them, destroying them as if they were twigs of a brush being pushed past and snapping off.

Now, go ahead into that new world. Hearing this, I stood stricken. There's only two possibilities of could be speaking to me. Either it's that dragon, or someone controlling it. "Who are you, and what do you want with me?!" I shouted this in confusion, all the while watching the large dragon-like creature slowly grow closer, the scales coloring being shown to be a brilliant white.

You have no need to know who I am and what I am, yet. Go into that new world, and live a new life there. I shall not see nor speak to you for many years, but I swear that we shall meet again, and then I shall claim you, my beloved. For now, however, you must wait.

The voice fading away, I stood in confusion as the voice faded away. What is going on?! Who was that?! And wait, beloved?! A stream of thoughts going through my head, I quickly shook my head as the ground trembled even more, my feet now having a bit of difficulty to keep their balance. "Ah, screw it, I'll go through!" Shouting this, I blew caution to the wind, running and jumping out towards the humongous portal that hovered a few feet away from the island I stood. As I jumped off and into the portal, one last thought ran through my head before everything went black.

Ah, I forgot to take the potion.

End of Chapter 1.

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