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Hiccup was flying Toothless over Berk on patrol, when he sees a boat on the far side of Berk.

"Come on bud. Let's check this out." Toothless grunted in agreement and flew to the boat.

It wasn't a small boat. The boat wasn't a Viking one that was for sure. It almost looked like a pirate ship, maybe it was. Toothless lands on the boat and Hiccup jumps off. Then Hiccup heard it. It was quiet crying, that of a child. It was in the captain's cabin.

Hiccup motions for Toothless to follow him and pulls out his sword Inferno and quietly walks up to the cabin. There are bloodstains on the deck and the wood is splintered. There were weapons strewn on the deck. Hiccup lit Inferno and opened the door. He was hit with the strong smell of mead and blood. He looked around and almost gagged. There were dead bodies of men on the ground. The crying stopped when he opened the door. He walked farther in and saw three shapes in the dark corner of the room.

"Show yourself!" He yelled. One of the shapes arose, trembling.

It was a child. He walked closer and the child pressed itself to the wall.

Hiccup gasped. The child was a girl, no older than five. He put Inferno away and walked cautiously to the little girl. She had waist-length brown hair and green eyes. She had on a tattered brown dress and no shoes.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you. It's okay." He whispered. She whipped out a dagger.

"No closer." She spoke in a thick accent. One he couldn't identify. Hiccup was stubborn and wouldn't back down. He walked closer so he was in reaching distance. She gasped and dropped the dagger, obviously afraid.

"It's okay. Calm down." She wasn't looking at Hiccup though. Hiccup spun around and saw Toothless with his teeth bared and eyes in slits.

"No Toothless. It's a child. She won't hurt me." Toothless retracted his teeth and his eyes widened. Hiccup turned around and cautiously touched the child's shoulder.

"Please. Let me help you."

Her eyes widened and she knelt down. He knelt down also and looked at the two other figures behind her.

It was a woman no older than him and another little girl. Both appeared to be sleeping. They both had brown hair. He pressed a hand against the woman's shoulder and her eyes fluttered open.

"Save my children. Help them." She had hazel eyes that were full of desperation and pain. Hiccup nodded to her. He grabbed to sleeping child and motioned the older child to follow him. He put them both on Toothless and grabbed the woman.

"I won't make it. Promise me you'll take care of them. The oldest one is Hilde and the youngest is Sigrid. They are five and three years old. Tell them I love them." She desperately told him. He scanned the woman. She had bad injuries. A slash across her back and multiple scrapes on her face. She had a bad stab wound on her stomach and her mouth was leaking blood. He went to Toothless and grabbed bandages. He wrapped her stomach and back and cleaned her wounds. He wouldn't listen her protests as he picked her up and put her on Toothless. He settled himself on Toothless with the woman in front of him and the children behind.

Toothless took off and headed towards Berk at top speed.

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