The half moon shone in Lisa's moist eyes as she stared out to the black lake. Her head was heavy as it laid against a pillow wet with tears. She was exhausted but she could not sleep, perhaps she even would not. It had been five weeks since Lisa had seen her beloved Henry. She had promised that she would stand strong beside him and support him always, no matter what others may say. After all, Lisa used to believe with all her heart that Jekyll could do no wrong and that anyone who said anything else were just cold hypocrites like Stride. Of course, she never thought that would mean standing against her own father, who had never wronged her otherwise. At first, she argued against her father as if he was any other person who dared criticized the noble doctor but then that nobility started to fade in her mind. Jekyll was gone three days, then eight, fifteen, twenty-three, and on and on up to the present time at thirty-seven days without seeing so much as his amber eyes. Lisa tried visiting him, sending letters, asking others to visit him...nothing- not a word. She could not comprehend the reason why and, thus, the terrible doubts began to arise. The sober rebukes of her father stung like needles now but she remained unchanged, outwardly, thus her father remained unchanged- disappointed, confused, and praying that either she would break from these irrational affections or that Jekyll would realize how much damage he is doing to others. Lisa let out a laugh through her quiet sobbing as she thought of how similar she and her father really were.

She did love her father, oh, truly she did! It made her heart throb in pain thinking that she had to choose between the two men she admired the most in the world. Jekyll was her husband-to-be, she made a solemn vow to him that she would not abandon him in times of tribulation; he had a vision and the discipline, passion, and earnestness to pull through so as they were one person through marriage, she had to have the same drive. With her father, on the other hand, she could find almost no fault. At this time, she did not think that his flaws laid in him being too restrictive, as she told Stride, nor too unforgiving, as she her father himself. In fact, she cried bitterly and bit her lip thinking on those thoughtless words, no- it certainly was not either of those two- he was simply kind to a fault. No, actually, that is not exactly right either; it is much closer to the truth but it is still not right. She furrowed her eyebrows when trying to think of the more accurate wording. She tried to imagine herself in her father's place and thought of the different roles he fills. Danvers Carew, a well respected man even among those would typically hate nobility, the kindest of the governors, her father, and...Jekyll's father-in-law. Something clicked "He is...weak…" Lisa muttered under her breath in a pitying way. "Just like I am." she snickered. Indeed, it was either that they were really weak or Jekyll was incredibly strong...and stubborn. What her father was warning about made sense now. Yes, Jekyll has drive, much more than you can say about plenty of other men, but with strong passion comes great consequences. That is especially true if something went wrong..."Just. as. he. said." Lisa sat up on her bed and stared down at the floor in fervent thought. Why did it take her so long to realize this? She thanked God that she was finally out of her romantic delusions. They had kept her from realizing something had went wrong and she had to find out what now.