When Jekyll found the strength to rise up and face his frightened lover, he started laughing in a sort half-pathetic, half-mad way. All of the repercussions of what had occurred hit him in that moment. They stared at each other like they did outside of the house and again when they entered the house. Five weeks it had been since Lisa had seen those amber eyes. They were a reminder of the trust and love they had for each other- what it really meant to love, even. To her, love was as simple as undying faithfulness. But she could not love him anymore, she could not trust him… She went down stairs back to the front door but as the doubts against doubts that rose up in her mind, she decided that she would not betray Jekyll. It was only that one incident a few minutes before that had really hurt her, after all, and his absence was not really his choice. The poor man had already went through so much. She slowly backed away from the door. Shortly afterward, Jekyll appeared with a clothe on his bleeding cheek. He approached the door and locked it. Lisa saw him smiling but it was obvious he was in immense pain. He was struggling between letting her free as his fiance or keeping her in as his snitch. He limped over to a sofa it looked like it was hard to breathe for him. He lied on it and looked up at the ceiling in deep thought. Lisa took a seat and looked towards the door with a hand under her chin. She thought about the blonde man as opposed to the brunette, what he said to her when they first met, the murders and the transformation. She started to shed tears as the thoughts that consumed her maybe half an hour ago came dripping into her mind and then burst into a flood of new thoughts that were more intense than the old ones. Surely Jekyll would kill her if she fell asleep, possibly more painful than being betrayed one last time was the thought of being another reason why Jekyll deserves the coarse noose.

The noose...a noose. That was it. There was no other choice. Seeing that Jekyll was fast asleep, she first lit a candle and took up materials to write a suicide note. She was half done when she remembered something Henry said to her long ago "Swear to me we'll never part." Past all of the foolish things she said and did, there was that one genuinely good promise she made. She went back and forth trying to decide if she should continue with her plan. Was she trying to save Jekyll from more guilt or did she only want to escape? She looked down from the candle to the paper to find that the ink had been smudged by tears, but it was still readable. She decided to throw it away and endure the night, trusting Henry would not betray her as she never did him. It felt like hours passed and it was already dawn before she was finally weary enough to sleep.

She woke up from a nightmare composed more by voices and sounds than it was imagery. She saw the bluish-grey light hit Jekyll's face as he was still sleeping. She glanced over to her crumpled note on the floor, she stood up to get it, unravel it as much as she could, she added that she simply left the house and that she would never betray him his secret if she would find a cure soon. She left it on a desk for Jekyll to see, then found the key in Jekyll's pocket and left, slipping the key under the door as she said in her note she would do.