Thomas and James in 30 Minutes After Journey Beyond Sodor

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After Thomas and James told the others what happened on the Mainland everyone was surprised.

"You two got enslaved by a ten wheeled tank engine and a diesel shunter?" asked Emily in surprise.

"Yeah it was hard but I helped them see that they didn't need to do that when they could ask for help." said Thomas.

"Sounds like you had quite the adventure." said Edward.

"Like two small engines could enslaved me." muttered Gordon.

"I think you'll find Hurricane is a big tank engine." puffed James.

"And Gordon stop overlooking engines because of your size please." said Percy.

Then loads of engines came and Thomas and James retold the story to them.

"Gosh." oiled Philip.

"What he said." oiled Mavis.

"James should we introduce our friends to Hurricane, Frankie, Lexi, Merlin and Theo?" asked Thomas.

"By all means." noted James.

"I think I should have a word with those engines Hurricane and Frankie." said the Fat Controller and everyone agreed.

Next day Thomas and James took Percy, Edward, Henry, Gordon, Emily, Toby, Duck, Oliver, Donald, Douglas, Mavis and Philip to the steelworks.

"Guys we have visitors." called Lexi and then Theo, Hurricane, Frankie and Merlin came out.

"Wow very different train designs." puffed Oliver.

"And we're useful." smiled Merlin.

"As we can see." noted Henry.

"They are so silly looking." puffed Gordon snootily.

"Sorry about Gordon." puffed Edward. "I'm afraid he's always like that."

"This place looks cool." smiled Philip.

"No rushing Philip I hate to see another engine's wheels melt." said Thomas.

"Right there." replied Hurricane.

"Ye weren't kidding Hurricane is a big tank engine." said Donald and Douglas together.

"Nice to see you so soon but what brings you here?" asked Frankie.

"First our controller would like a word with you and Hurricane." explained Thomas.

"Yes Hurricane and Frankie next time you need help please don't kidnap my engines." said the Fat Controller politely.

"Understood sir." replied Hurricane and Frankie together.

"Hurricane and Frankie could you show Gordon the ropes of hard work?" asked Percy cheekily. "Sorry sir."

"It's ok Percy I think Gordon needs to learn big isn't always the answer." said the Fat Controller.

"We have help from Merlin, Lexi and Theo but I can see why you say the big blue needs to know not to look down." said Frankie.

Then Hurricane had some trucks coupled to some trucks full of molten slag.

"This is beaneath me." said Gordon.

"I think you'll find nothing is beaneath you." said The Fat Controller. "You need to learn to serve not command."

"Very well said sir." puffed Duck.

"Sir I have a confession I made up rubbish a few days ago about being your favourite." said James. "Now both Thomas and I know no one has to be the favourite."

"Yes we have learnt that sir." replied Thomas.

"I am glad you both know that." said the Fat Controller. "You all have your moments of silliness but I am proud of you all."

"What's your railway like?" asked Theo.

"A lot of marvelous things to show visitors." replied Thomas. "We put our jobs most of the time before ourselves."

"You five should see Sodor one day." said James.

"Maybe one day." said Hurricane. "But not today."

"One day we may take your offer." said Frankie.

After the day's work had ending the Sodor engines returned to Sodor.

"One amazing day I think I need to see more of the world." smiled Thomas. "But not for a few months."

"That's good I think after what happened these few days I'll stay on Sodor." noted James.

"Sodor is a wonderful place." smiled Thomas as he and James reversed into the shed.

"It sure is." agreed James.

"Night." they both said before going to sleep.

The End