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On the rooftop of one of the local middle school buildings was a young girl with bright red hair, she was sitting on the ground with many different books laying around her. However, she wasn't reading any of them right now, she was just sitting there and looking at the gemstone that is placed on her right hand, it was a shining purple color. Her soul-stone, the sign of who was her soulmate.

She gently touched it with her left hand and sighed little as she turned to her bag and opened it so that she could take out a book and a pen. She then sighed once more before opening the book and began to write something into it.

After sitting there and writing of a few moments, she closed the book and placing it in her bag, which she thereafter closed. She once again looked down at her soul-stone on her right hand; she was focusing so much on it that she didn't notice the green fluffy curly haired girl that was standing behind her, that not until the girl suddenly hugged her from behind her.

"I can see that you're still reading the history of both quirk and soul-stone, have you found out something you didn't know yet, Rosanna?" The green fluffy curly haired girl asked the red-haired girl. She then picked up one of the books that were laying on them. The book that she picked up was about different quirk types from all around the world. Rosanna sighed and looked around at all the books that were just laying around them than she started to pick the books up and stack them up in front of her.

"No, I haven't Izumi, but I'm just going through the books to take some notes, that's all." She said as she took the book from Izumi and put it on top of the other books. Izumi smiled and let go of her to sit down beside her. Elena smiles as she finished stacking all the books together in front of her, she then looked over to Izumi and smiled.

"So, what's bring you up here? Hiding from someone or just wanting to keep your best friend in this crazy world company?" Rosanna asked as she continued to smile. Izumi laughed a little, but shook her head no as she showed Rosanna her right hand, where an every colorful stone was shining brightly… her soul-stone was finally showing colors…

"You meet your soulmate?" Rosanna asks as she looked at Izumi with a look of both happiness and surprises. Izumi continues to smile, but once again shook her head. "Unfortunately, no. but the colors have finally shown, so that may mean that they are near." Izumi said with a smile, that fell after a moment, "or so I hope." Izumi finished saying as she covered the stone once aging and looked up the sky. "I always wonder what kind of person they are…and if they would accept having a quirkless soulmate," Izumi said as she laid down on Rosanna's lap as she closed her eyes, she then felt Rosanna running her fingers through her green fluffy curly hair, which in return made Izumi smile.

"Have you been talking to Bakugo? Didn't I tell you that just because that idiot tells you that you can't be a great hero, it doesn't mean that he's right" Rosanna said as she continued to play with Izumi's hair, which just made Izumi just sighed out in frustration and then looked up at Rosanna? Rosanna looked confused at the looked she was just given by her best friend and decided to ask. "What wrong?"

"Honestly, it's not just him, I have heard it so many times before now that I too am beginning to doubt that I could ever have the chance to become as big a hero as All Might," Izumi admitted as she laid her right arm over her eyes.

"Come on Izumi, I know you will be an amazing hero one day, one better than any other heroes out there, and that includes All Might" When Rosanna said that her tone changed as well, it wasn't kind or sweet, it was like she was angry at them, when Izumi hear that, she thought she just misheard her and chose to ignore it.

"Yeah…but what about yourself Rosanna? I mean you always tell me that I would be an amazing hero, but what about yourself? Don't you always dream about becoming some like your favorite hero Eraserhead, you know someone strong, smart and mysterious?" Izumi said as she smiled up at her best friend.

Rosanna didn't answer her for a long time as she simply there and looked over at the city, thinking. After a few seconds went by Izumi sat up to see why her best friend had gone so quiet suddenly, it was at that moment that Rosanna stood up and took the books, before turning to look at her best friend.

"Remember this Izumi, a hero isn't based on what kind of power they may have or how strong they are, but what they believe is the right thing to do!" with that she went back inside and left Izumi by herself, confused. It didn't take long for Izumi to get to her feet and run after Rosanna that had walked back into the building.

However, after school Rosanna acted like everything was normal, she was back to smiling and being her positive self and doing what she usually did, things like protecting Izumi from Kacchan aka Katsuki Bakugo whenever he would bully her about being quirkless. or when Rosanna would just correct the teacher occasionally. She would always say that she wouldn't have to so much if they would stop thinking that they had everything right, just because they're adults.

As they were walking home together Izumi would tell Rosanna everything about the latest superhero she had analyzed, she would start mumble and ramble on about everything she had learned about the hero, normally people would cut her off and tell her to stop talking, but Rosanna would simply smile and listen to her without saying anything at all.

Even they came to a usual place where they would go their different ways, Izumi would give Rosanna a big hug, which Rosanna, of course, would return with a smile. That was how they always said they're "goodbye" or "see you later/tomorrow" it wasn't too different from their morning greeting where they would also would huge each other of a form of greeting.

They acted a lot like sisters and was really close ever since they first became friends! Izumi smiled as she walked the rest of the way to the apartment where she lived "we will always be the best of friends, no matter what!" Or that was what she thought at least…however, what she didn't know was that the world never was that simple…to anyone.




A few months later, Rosanna left without saying a word to Izumi.

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