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Their convocation on the phone didn't last much longer as Izumi went home. More confused than ever before. Rosanna didn't explain much about what was going on, but suddenly she changed the subject when she apologized to Izumi for leaving so sudden and only leaving that letter behind… she kept on saying that she really missed Izumi, but that they would still hold contact even if they couldn't see each other every day.

But suddenly Izumi could hear someone on the other line say something about a curfew, and Rosanna apologizing once more, telling her that she needs to get going and ended the call.

Izumi was looking at her phone, she wasn't sure what to say or do…but despite it all, she decided to go on as if nothing happened for as long as she could. It was true that she was worried about Rosanna and wanted to know more about what was going on. But right now, she had to concentrate on getting into U.A.

And that was just what she did, she trained hard every day, she studied as much as she could without once letting anything distract her. The day of the entrance exam Izumi felt ready to begin a new chapter of her life.

^^ Time-skip ^^

It's been a few days after the U.A. had finally started the first semester of the school year. Izumi felt very happy to that she did not only make it to her dream school but she also already made a few friends in the class. Unfortunately, Bakugo was also in the class, being the same jerk he always was since he got his quirk.

Over the first and second day, they all met most of their teachers, like Shota Aizawa (Eraserhead), Hizashi Yamada (Present Mic), Nemuri Kayama (Midnight) and of course All Might. Most of their lessons were expected, but they were also getting some new lessons that only been taught in school for the past few years.

The first one was named Hero history and the second one was named soul stones history. They hadn't gotten much information about what they were about, and to make things a little more confusing, they had absolutely no idea who their teacher was, only that her name was Naomi and that she was a pro-hero like every other teacher in U.A.

Because they weren't sure what to expect, they all simply decided to wait and see what would happen. When the door open and a young-looking woman with green eyes and long black hair walked in, she was dressed in a long sleeves dress that stopped a little above the knee, the dress itself had a piano like a theme to it. She had also long black boots that went a little under the knee, while in her hair she had her brown hair set up in a music-key. But what stood out the most was the big black guitar on her back and the music-themed headphones around her neck.

As she walked up to the blackboard and wrote her name on the board, there was the surprised look on nearly everyone's faces when they saw the name on the board. Naomi Yamada.

"Hello everyone, my is Naomi Yamada and I will be you teaching in history of heroes and history of soul stones, and as I'm not really sure you are aware of since both the history of heroes and the history of soul stones isn't a subject have been learned in schools until a few years ago. In Hero-history, we will learn about past heroes that have made a name for themselves through history. And in Soul-stones history we will be considering what makes that stone in your hands so special. Any questions?" Naomi finished explaining as she turns to her students.

Toru Hagakure, loving a little gossip, decided to ask the one question that nearly everyone in the class wanted to ask at every moment. "Mrs. Yamada? Do you know our English teacher, Hizashi Yamada?"

Naomi just smiled, as she answered without a second thought, "In a matter of fact I do, as he happens to be my husband" Even if many could have guessed that, it still came as a shock to them. they haven't thought that Mr. Yamada was married.

While all of this was going on, Izumi (being as curious as she is) was trying to find out who their new teacher was based on her costume. Izumi, after all, loved to know more about pro heroes and since she had already recognized who all her other teachers were, why not find out about this one as well?

"Well everyone, before we begin I feel like informing you that I do not accept any form of rude or unaccepted behaver in my classes, and if any of you should ignore the first 2 warnings that you will be given, I won't hesitate to send you to the principal without a second thought... or worse." Even if Mrs. Yamada was smiling, everyone in the room could feel the dark aura around her, it was a promise that she wasn't joking if it was the last way to go.

"Lady Melody" Izumi suddenly whispered as she looked at Mrs. Yamada, unfortunately, wasn't as quiet as she thought she was because when she looked up she saw the hold class, including the teacher looking at her. But where her fellow classmates looked confused, Mrs. Yamada was smiling. However, she didn't say anything and continued.

"Okay everyone, let's not waste any more time now and just getting started with today's lesson. Our first lesson will be about soul-stones. So, let's start." Mrs. Yamada (Lady Melody) said as her dark aura fade back to normal.

"We will start with the basic knowledge about soul-stones, as I'm sure everyone here knows a soul-stone is a symbol of love, the stone is able to show the way to your soulmate. However, despite the high chance any to find their soulmate, there is some that may not find their soulmate or in worse case even lose their soulmate." She started to explain as she looked over her notes.

"But before we talk more about that, we should get started with how does one know they had found their soulmate? From most experience that has been told, a simple touch from your soulmate is what will revival the colors of the stone from the simply grey color that we are born with. However, if there should ever happen something to your soulmate, in most cases of death, the stone will once again turn grey, but the stone will also crack, and never be able to shine again." She explained as she looked over the class.

Most of this was basic knowledge that parents would tell their kids when they were at the age of 7. As none of her students asked any questions, she took it as a sign that everyone understood and was ready to continue.

"However, since there still isn't much other knowledge about it, it's easy to assume that there are still more secrets to them, any questions?" She said began to write some of the facts on the board. When she was done writing everything on the board she turned around and walked over the table to get out the books she had brought with her today, as she finishes put the books on the table she turned to look at everyone.

"Now would the class president please come up here and give the books around everyone else," She said as she turned around to find the list of students, but when she turned back all the books was gone, and all the students now had a book on their table.

"Thank you, mister class president!" She smiled and told them what pages they should read for the next class as this one came to its end.

Even if they only went over some of the basic of what a soul stone is, it was an okay way to start for their time having that class, there was much to learn, it would open new doors. For some, it would lead to finding their one true love and for others, it would lead them to learn secrets as well as promises that were long ago forgotten.

Lady Melody or Naomi Yamada looked down at her own soul-stone and couldn't help but smile. Knowing how lucky she is that she could marry and live with her one true love. The stone had shown her the way and now she hoped that she could guide her students on how their stone also will help them find their way through life.

Anna114: Here is a little about who Naomi Yamada(Lady Melody) is, what Hero history is and what Soul-stone history is:

Naomi Yamada (Lady Melody): She has long black hair and green eyes, and she is married to Hizashi Yamada. She is an underground hero like Shota Aizawa (Eraserhead) because she doesn't like to be in the spotlight all that much. Her quirk is called Harmony, which allows the music she plays to create a life-like illusion to trap her enemy in and defeat them.

Hero history: Here the students will learn a little about past hero, who they were, who they became, and what they left behind. They will learn about both big as well as small Heros that have either retired or dead along the line.

Soul-stone history: Here the students will learn more about the special stone, why it is special as well what happens when ones soulmate deads. They will learn the stone can open up the door to both finding their soulmate as well as finding out secrets from the past.