"Oh my ghoul,oh my ghoul,oh my ghoul!" says Draculaura across the school hallways. She runs up towards Frankie who was checking on what's inside her locker."Hey,Drac what's going on?" asked Frankie as she closes her locker. "Frankie, we are having our first over night trip!" said Draculaura as she smiles widely."Really to where?" asked Frankie. "To Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!" says Draculaura in excitement. She squealed adorably"I loved that place when I was a kid." said Draculaura . "Oh with the bear,chicken and bunny right?" asked Frankie."Right, the bunny is my favorite! I like his ears and purple skin and I can't wait to see him again." said Draculaura . "Right ,I can't wait to go there." said Frankie ."I gotta tell the others." said Draculaura as she runs to the next person to tell "Just can't wait." said Frankie to herself as she opens her locker again ."I don't trust that place those anamictronic robots always gives me the creeps .I have no idea why kids love that place. Staying there over night sounds a little creepier than even I like. I feel a little off about the place since we're going there." thought Frankie.