Both Frankie and Chica made it to the front door of the kitchen, Chica gave it a mighty strong push open. She reached in to turn on the lights. One by one, after the lights went on, Frankie began to step into the room and look all around. They were being amazed, in shock, to see how big the kitchen turned out to be.

"So, where would YOU keep the recipe book?",asked Frankie.

Chica didn't responded at first as she walked fully around the kitchen with her.

"I'm sorry, what was that?",asked Chica.

"The recipe book.. you know.. where you keep the list of the ingredients for different dishes.", said Frankie.

"Oh right, almost forgot, he..he.. I'll go get it.",nodded Chica.

She walked off in the other direction of where they were standing in the kitchen to find the recipe book. After a while of looking for it, Chica came back holding the book in her hands showing it to Frankie.

"Let's make pizza.",she said as she walked towards the oven.

That was when Frankie got curious and decided for herself to watch Chica and see how she cooks the pizza and what are the ingredients.