Frankie and Chica's time in the kitchen turned out to be fun. Frankie liked baking with Chica. Chica tried to help Frankie ,who didn't really know anything about cooking, get the hang of it. Frankie realized that maybe Chica and the other Anamictornics are not bad,creepy robots. They are very welcoming and wanted to have people over to show what they do during the night. Frankie followed the steps to the recipe book that Chica had placed in front her. As she focused on the recipe, which are the steps on how to make a pizza, she looked back on the open recipe book but then she saw something that made her eyebrows go wide.

Behind her, Chica still busy mixing in the mixing bowl. She was following her own recipe book. Frankie was unsure to ask her about this ingredient because she seemed so focused.

"Oh should I?",she questioned herself.

She kept staring at it. She had no other choice, so ,she picked up the recipe book, walked over to Chica to show it to her. Chica's reaction was almost the same as Frankie. Her eyes widened up as soon as Frankie showed her. Instead of continuing to be shocked about it, she started to have a concerned look on her face,

"Hey Frankie, is it okay if I borrowed your book for a sec?",asked Chica.

"Sure.",said Frankie.

Chica took the recipe book that Frankie was holding and exited the kitchen.

Outside Of The Kitchen~

While Freddy and Bonnie were continuing to play their tunes for the teens, Freddy spotted Chica walking up to him. He could tell something was wrong immediately. The look on Chica's face said that when he put his microphone in one hand he was singing. Bonnie was seeing he put his guitar away also

"Um sorry girls give us a sec.",he said. Freddy and Bonnie both walked off from the stage. "Chica what's wrong? Where is Frankie?",asked Freddy.

He could already tell Frankie wasn't with Chica like she was supposed to be. Chica had already brought her into the kitchen to show her on how to make the pizza. Instead of answering Freddy's question, she showed Freddy and Bonnie the recipe book and opened it for them to see the ingredient Frankie had seen back in the kitchen. Bonnie and Freddy were shocked and looked over at Chica. Chica was looking even more scared than ever. Frankie then turned back to the girls, then turned back to look at Chica .

"Do you think we should tell them?",asked Bonnie.

"I don't know Bonnie.",said Chica looking unsure of what to do next.