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Story 1 Chapter 3

"Where are we going?" Vanellope asked as she rode on Ralph's shoulder. "Isn't this like kidnapping?" her question cause a few other characters enjoying the evening to turn and stare as they went by.

With a huff Ralph bounced her a bit by pushing his shoulder up. "You can jump down any time you want sister." he said half heartedly, "But we're going to meet some more people remember?" he asked before crunching down on the T-bone from dinner. As the two boarded the train they went back and forth about Ralphs choice of a 'snack', until they got off at the terminal.

"Why are we at Pacman's? Are you guys friends or something?" She asked as she swirled her sucker around her mouth

"Pft no. I am not friends with that dot muncher." he groaned he guided her through the maze and to the meeting room. "Alright here we go." Ralph said before they turned down the hall into room. "Hi everyone, um sorry I'm late, but I brought a friend with me." he waved slightly as he stepped in and gestured for her to come in too.

Vanellope stepped in beside her friend and looked around at everyone. "H-hi, I'm Vanellope." she also gave a wave to the crowd. Going around the room everyone introduced themselves to her.

"Hey rugrat, how's it going?" Kano asked as he held out his metal hand to her.

"Cool! A cyborg!" she happily shook his hand and asked him some questions about how it works and feels. Last but not least she stepped up to the only other female in the room and just stared up at her without a word.

Nervously Sorceress looked around at the others and finally to Ralph, "Did I do something wrong?" her tone matching the slight frown on her face. Vanellope was more than happy to greet and talk with her fellow bad guys but was now hesitant with her and it almost hurt.

"Ralph she's so pretty." breathed the racer causing the older woman to blush before giving thanks for the compliment as the others chuckled at her expression.

With Vanellope seated next to Ralph, Clyde started the conversation, "So Vanellope here at Bad-anon we bad guys get together to talk about our experiences and troubles in game and out of game. Why not tell everyone about your game?"

With a little encouragement from her large friend she told them what it was like for her day in and day out; always trying to hide long enough to practice her driving so she can finally race. "I thought your racing game didn't have a good or bad guy?" Dr. Robotnik asked being ever observant as always.

"Well neither did I. But they sure seem to treat me like I'm a bad guy." growled Vanellope angry at the memories of the other races and especially Taffyta. "I never did anything to anybody, and they broke my cart when I finally got in the lineup." It was quiet for a moment and then two, "But then Ralph game to help me. Even after I stole his medal and lost it. And then he gave me a home in his game." There was a round of approving nods and other gestures to the big guy who was scratching the back of his neck embarrassed at all the attention. But he couldn't deny that her saying that made his heart beat a little harder knowing he did good.

"And how are you liking your new home?" Clyde asked wanting to know how she might be adapting to her new game; even if she wasn't going to be a part of the gameplay.

"It's really cool!" Her excitement clearly bubbling out as she jumped up standing in her chair. "I have a real room and a bed now! And the food-" she cut off mid sentence with a bad expression as a glitch rolled through her figure.

Satan was the one to break the silence. "Ralph, is your friend alright?" his accent coming out heavy as always.

Just before the wrecker could respond Vanellope came back from her thoughts. "Ralph why can't bad guys eat with other characters? Is there a rule about it?" her hazel eyes staring up at him confused.

"What do you mean kid? Of course we can eat with everyone else, we need to eat too." Browser chimed in raising his brow at the messy haired girl.

"That's not what the Nicelanders said. They told me bad guys aren't allowed to eat with everyone else." there was a series of gasps and 'what' at her statement and everyone looked at her and Ralph completely shocked.

Saitine being the closest put a hand on the larger man's shoulder, "Ralph why didn't you ever tell any of us before?" he along with everyone was now more worried for him than before.

"I thought you guys all went through the same stuff but just got over it or somethin'." he shrugged looking at anywhere besides everyone looking at him. "I mean I do alright, I still eat and what not." at this point he was starting to feel really uncomfortable with the attention.

After the rest of the meeting everyone was saying their goodbyes and going their own ways. Ralph and Vanellope were the last ones into Game Central and when they got there a friendly face was there waiting for them.

"If the Nicelanders don't let you eat then what do you do for food?" Sorceress confronted him directly about the subject; everyone else at the meeting seemed to have let it slide but she was one who liked know the full story. Ralph mumbled something as he dropped his head. "Mr. Wreck it, can you speak up a bit please?" she tried coaxing him.

"I get it out of the garbage." he murmured a bit louder, and this time both the girls heard.

Both were equally shocked and speechless by this. While Vanellope was homeless in her game everything around her was edeable so she didn't have to worry about going hungry. And for the mage, she ruled her own dark kingdom and had pretty much everything she needed. "I will not stand to see a fellow bad guy treated so cruel. Ralph from now on you are welcome to come to my castle for dinner with me, and Vanellope you are more than welcome to join him." she addressed both of them.


"Ah. No buts Ralph." she cut him off putting a finger on his lips freezing him, "I will have none of this 'strong man' attitude. I will see you two tomorrow an hour after the arcade closes. Understood?" for such a small figure power and control radiated from the elven woman, and clearly that was more than enough to make the big man nod. "Good to hear." removing her finger she put her palm on his shoulder for a moment and smiled before flying off on her way.

Vanellope who hadn't said anything this whole time was gawking wide eyed at what just happened; and without warning she squealed loudly. "Ralph you like her don't you!? I saw you freeze and- look you're blushing!" more than willing she kept going causing Ralph to reden even further. For the rest of the way back to the Niceland's she was constantly shushed by the wrecker but continued with her giddiness and excitement asking him question after question.

"Kid, you must have eaten that hole bag of candy to be this riled up." Ralph rolled his eyes while she skipped around him. "Alright kid so tomorrow the arcade is gonna be open so you have to stay out of site when there's a quarter alert okay?" he explained to her where she could be outside without getting caught and to stay away from the building incase so she wouldn't get hurt.

When the two came into the lobby area of the apartment they both stopped seeing all the Nicelanders staring at them and gathered around behind Felix. "What do you guys want?" Vanellope was reminded of her sour mood before bad-anon and why she was upset in the first place. She glared at them with her arms crossed sternly and huffed before looking away.

"What's all this about Felix?" Ralph asked as he furroued his brow not happy with the 'warm welcome'.

The good guy stepped forward and took off his hat playing with it in front of his chest. "Well you see, the we've all been talking about what happened this evening at dinner." he said in mention to Vanellope's outburst in the kitchen, which earned him a glare from her. "And we would all just like to apologize for the way we have treated you." His thumbs never stopped playing with his hat as Ralph's figure towered over him.

Ralph stood there just baffled. In the past 30 years they had never been like this with him; no anniversary invites, christmas parties or anything, he didn't even know they would be nice to him. Vanellope was surprised as well, but unlike him; she wasn't speechless. "I want him to apologize." a small finger was pointed angrily at Gene; who was clearly unhappy with all of this.

"And why would I do that?!" Now he was even more unpleased with the way things were going tonight. "Ralph is the bad guy, so he should get treated like a BAD GUY!"

Everyone was shocked to see him slapped, but was more shocking was the one who left the red mark was Mary. "Gene. Nicelander. Apologize." there was only so much unkindness she could take, and he had crossed the line; and now she was fuming.


"Mary." Felix breathed in shock as he watched over by Ralph. She had given the man not one, but two hard slaps now.

Taking a few deep calming breath Mary took a moment to compose herself. "Ralph why do you wreck the building every game?" Her voice very neutral in tone and emotion causing him to stand stiff.

"B-because it's my program." he was very quick to answer at the fear of upsetting her.

"Lucy, why do me and you put out pies for Felix during the game?" the focus of the group turned to their fellow Nicelander.

Looking around at everyone she spoke up, "It's also in our program."

"So Gene, Sweetie, is it bad for Ralph to wreck the building?" her tone and expression stayed the same, but now the air felt heavy for everyone around.

Swallowing hard the apartment head looked from her to the floor. "No."

"Hey Ralph?" Vanellope's little voice called out more than half asleep and almost ready to slip into her dreams.

"Hu, yeah?" he yawned from the floor by her bed. After everything was settled with the Nicelanders they promised to try their best at treating their bad guy with more respect and kindness, and the little sugar coated girl refused to let him sleep anywhere else until he got his own room.

From her bed she rolled over to look at him sleepily, "I wanted to say thank you for saving me…" a small yawn made her pause, "you are my hero…" the little girl exhausted from a very eventful evening drifted away as her eyes fluttered shut.

For a few minutes Ralph was quite with a small smile curling up his lips. He might have lost his medal, but he found something worth bringing home. "Thanks kid, for saving me too." he whispered as he closed his eyes with that same smile plastered on his face.

That night, the 'Zs' coming from the Niceland apartment building were the biggest they had ever been, and their little world seemed all the more happy.

~The End~

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