Story Two


A little short story about everyone's favorite female bad guy and the troubles she comes to face when Ralph's new life has an impact on the rest of bad-anon members. Mature and dramatic scenes entailed! This chapter focuses on Ralph and Vanellope at the bad annon meeting, next chapter is about Sorceress and her friend.

Dark Castle:

The bad anon meeting was starting in about thirty minutes, but this one was going to be different for the first time in a long time. It has been a little over a month since Sugar Rush was restored to the way it was supposed to be and Fix-it Felix Jr. had become a nicer and more welcoming environment for everyone. It was Ralph's idea that brought the game new life by making apartments for all the homeless characters by using the old building parts and they even made several buildings for anyone looking for a small getaway.

However at the previous meeting Ralph asked Clyde about hosting the meeting in one of the vacant buildings and that he could even provide snacks courtesy of Vanellope. And the group was more than happy to agree to the idea.

So now Ralph was setting up the penthouse for the meeting; hanging their sign and bringing chairs out from the closet. "Hey Stinkbrain, it's crooked." Vanellope called out as she looked up from the bar area where she was sitting eating some of the snacks they had just set up.

"Is not." the wrecker huffed looking up at the banner confused. The only reason he knew it wasn't crooked like she was saying was because he put the corners at the top of the wall; he didn't need a measure when it was against the ceiling. But not a moment later the little nail on the left side slipped from the wall and that half of the banner fell.

"Now it is." smirked the little troublemaker causing Ralph to grown. She glitched over to the sign looking for the missing nail and gave it to him.

Taking the nail Ralph jammed it back in place with his finger putting a small hole in the wall; but after giving the banner a test tug he was satisfied it didn't move an inch. "See kid, who needs Felix and his hammer?" he was more than smirking at his little joke. Just then there was a knock at the door before it opened to Sorceress and Clyde, "Oh hey guys, did you find it okay?"

"Yes, thanks to your guides." The blue villian smiled at the host. Ralph was worried about the other members getting lost on their way here since most of them had never even been in his game before, and any that have been would find it changed drastically. So to help with directions he had put up about a dozen signs leading his guests to the penthouse; and a little before the meeting started everyone was happily taking their seats along with some snacks and a drink.

Ever since the Cybug incident and after the word had spread around, slowly things were getting better for all the members; and Clyde had brought this up as a thought which the others all were feeling too. "It's like in Sugar Rush too." Vanellope chimed in from the bar where she had been sitting quietly listening in. "Opps. sorry." she shrunk in on herself when she saw everyone turn to her.

"No no, that's quite alright Vanellope, why don't you explain to us what you meant?" Clyde still being the lead for the most part prompted her to continue her thought.

"Well in my game there isn't any bad or good guy roles, it's just racing. Before I met Ralph everyone treated me like how you guys said." a glitch rolled through her features as some of the emotional memories can up. "But now they treat me better. Taffeta and a few others are still mean though, but not everyone is like them." a small frown crossed Ralph's face knowing that even though everything was fixed it still wasn't the way it should have been.

"See Ralph, I told you; Ralph is a good guy." Zangief reminded the group of his montra from before. And truth be told, the wrecker had felt better about himself since first hear that; even if he would never say it.

It wasn't long after that the meeting was coming to an end and the group joined together for the acclimation; this time Ralph speaking along with the others as he now believed in himself and those words. Sorceress was the last one to the door as Ralph and Vanellope were having some left over snacks. Looking back at the two she decided there was no reason for her to go back to her castle and be alone for another night. "Mind if I join you two?" she asked politely as she floated over to a bar stool.

"Come on, dive right in!" Vanellope was more than happy to slide over a plate piled with an assortment of snacks for the elven woman. "So… can I ask what your name is? I kinda forgot it." the little racer asked sheepishly.

A small smile crossed Sorceress' face, Vanellope didn't have to know her name to have conversation with her but here she was wanting to know regardless. "I am Sorceress, from Dark Castle." she introduced herself as she floated up and gave a curtsey, "It's a pleasure to meet you President Vanellope Von Schweetz."

"Well at least someone has some manners." the game leader glared at Ralph who only ever called her president sarcastically. "Oh what's your game like? You already know mines a racing game and Ralph here just has to climb the building, but what do you do?" Even Ralph was eager to hear as he never heard the whole story behind her game, only that the good guy hates her even if the other characters don't hold a grudge against her.

"Well in short I kill the princess." her blood red eyes look down at her hands sadly. She never wanted to kill her best friend, and now she had to kill her friends daughter every day too. But even so, it was fun to see their faces go from curious to shocked so fast, although it wasn't uncommon for the bad guys to kill someone in the event of the player losing.

"The game starts out with a cut scene of me trying to gain more power, but I need a worthy sacrifice during the full moon and so I kidnap the princess from the human kingdom." her telling wasn't very detailed but she didn't want them to know how much more she really did; even if it was just in her code. "Then the king, the strongest knight, fights through my army with his soldiers and raids my castle. If the player can defeat my champion then the king kills me, but if the king dies or time runs out the player losses." that was the basic and important parts of her game in all honesty, while she never really knew all the details of the player's adventure she had heard it is somewhat frightening and very dangerous.

Vanellope was beyond interested in the tale and wanted to know more about the mysterious woman. "And you kill the princess?!" her eyes as wide as her plate.

Sorceress nodded slightly. "That is what the program makes me do." her eyes had lost the lightness she had when telling her story. Truth was the sacrifice did not actually kill the princess, instead it left her bleeding in pain even after the game over and only after she died did the pain go away. It hurt to see the princess dying because over the years they had grown to be friends, but her father still resented the villain role for being the one to hurt his daughter.

Ralph could see the hurt in her eyes, it's a similar pain that he felt for the past thirty years. "Hey you know what you should do?" he asked giving her a nudge.


"Why don't you take some of this stuff back and tomorrow you can share it with her as an apology?" Ralph had come up with the idea thinking about how at the end of each day Mary brought him a cake. So he figured if it worked on a bad guy why wouldn't it work on the princess.

That was actually a good idea. The thought came to Sorceress that her and the princess could become better friends this way. While the king would still hate her as he always had, even with the current change in the way bad guys were treated, it would make her game better knowing that she and the princess could have a better relationship. "Thank you Ralph! That is a wonderful idea!"

"Come on, we can help carry some stuff over for you." Ralph offered as he and Vanellope both got up from their stools at the counter.

And soon enough the three friends found themselves in Dark Castle putting the snacks on a table in a room that players didn't see. "Alright you all set then Sorceress?" sugary bits being dusted off his overalls when he asked her.

"Yes I think I will be just fine thanks to you two." The dark elf smiled fondly at the two of them before they left for their own games to prepare for the new day. And that night the spell caster went to bed thinking of how her new day might go and what she might do to make it new.

Author's Notes:

So I had inspiration for this and couldn't help myself. There is a still more to this story already written. let me know what you thought and I'll be back soon!~ (thanks for reading!)