Saigon; April 30, 1975 – The Fall of Saigon

"Move, move!"

18-year old Thuy ran into formation, along with other members of the National Liberation Front. The Americans were gone. They, the "Viet Cong" had driven them from Vietnam. News from General Văn Tiến Dũng had arrived early that day. Today was the day. A day for liberation. Reunification.

The war was over. They had won.

Only, Kim wasn't here with him. And she was in danger. Already, the officers were talking about "re-education." It was true that they had to cure the disease. But he couldn't let them get to Kim. She would be tortured – or worse, killed.

Thuy vowed that he would do everything to find her again.

CHAPTER I: I'd Give My Life For You

Bangkok Thailand; 1979 – after Kim leaves Room 317

"Chris, you must take Tam with you." Kim whispered, as she walked the streets of Bangkok, unsure of what do to.

Chris has a wife. My husband has another wife. All those promises he made to me were lies – all lies. Thuy was right. He is like other men.

Suddenly, she knew what she must do. If she were gone, Chris and Ellen would have no choice but to take Tam with them to America. He would have the life she wanted for him – be an American citizen and live with his father – only without her.

"So, how did it go, Princess?" The Engineer asked her when she arrived at the bar.

Kim nodded. "Chris is coming tonight. Would you watch Tam while I pack his – our – belongings?"

"Ah, finally, the American Dream!" The Engineer bent to pick up Tam. "Go, go, and I will tell him all about blondes and sparkly things and New York!"

Kim took Chris' gun from a drawer and went behind the curtain. She was scared. She was shaking. But she knew that she must do this for her son. There was no other way.

Slowly, she held the gun to her head. She closed her eyes.

She felt nothing in her hand, not even the feel of steel.

She knew that she had no choice. What I must do, I will.

She put her finger to the trigger and –

"Kim, no!" A hand grabbed the gun from her and threw it roughly aside. Arms enveloped her and pulled her close.

Kim felt tears streaming down her cheeks, her eyes still shut tight. It was Chris. He'd come to tell her that he loved her, that everything Ellen said wasn't true. He was here to take her and Tam away, to save them from this hell.

But it wasn't Chris and she knew it. Chris didn't speak Vietnamese. Chris didn't have _.

She opened her eyes and saw a green government uniform. It was Thuy. Kim thought the tears on her face were hers, but she realized now that they were actually his.

"Kim, don't. Don't do this, Kim. Please, don't." He was pleading again, just like he'd pleaded with her to come with him before he knew about Tam. "Kim, I love you, Kim. Please, please."

After a minute, Kim slowly pulled away. "What are you doing here, Thuy?"

"Kim, why were you going to kill yourself? Why, what happened?" He was shaking. He'd almost lost her.

"It is not important. Why are you here? Why did you follow us here?"

"I came to find you. I came to tell you that – "

The door creaked open and Tam walked inside. Kim immediately stood up, grabbed Tam, and hid him behind her.

"Thuy, you shouldn't be here, please."

"But, Kim - "

"Please, don't hurt my son. He has done nothing wrong!"

"I'm not here to hurt him, Kim! I'm here for you!"

The door burst open and in walked Chris, Ellen, and the Engineer.

"What is this?!" Chris exclaimed, upon seeing Kim and Thuy in confrontation. He advanced towards Thuy and punched him. "What are you doing here?"

"Chris, stop!" Kim yelled.

The Engineer was whimpering. "Some advice, Monsieur Chris, the Commissar is a very powerful man and there are bands of soldiers outside and if I were you I wouldn't – ."

"Save it, you dog. I was just about to leave." Thuy said. He straightened his uniform and looked at Kim. "I will be at the Vietnamese embassy."