{story pic is what she looks like only the goggles are over her eyes like riddicks}

Name: Aura S. Okami

Age: 21

Likes: fighting, killing, shadows, dark, Riddick (secret love), knives, shivs, blades of any kind, running and climbing, chocolate!, and chains … shhh

Dislikes: {hates} bitter foods, mercs, The company, anyone who messes with her precious mate (Riddick even if he doesn't know it yet) or flirts with him in any way, slutty blonde haired docking pilots (hint hint), cryo-tubes, weak or cowardly men, being alone without Riddick.

Personality: aura is a quiet individual who hardly ever speaks unless she knows the person very well in fact when she was younger she refused to speak to anyone until she met Riddick, she is a silent killer and revels in the fact her vic didn't see it coming until it was to late and their throat was already slit, she is hyper and clingy when it comes to Riddick and she loves rubbing against him secretly in order to cover him in her scent, she usually doesn't mind people unless you piss her off witch is very hard to do unless she is stressed, she enjoys sleeping whenever she can get the chance and don't you wake her up unless you have a wish for universal destruction, she is sensitive about her cheek markings but never shows it believing it as a sign of weakness,

Weapons: two curved knives made with blood stained titanium with black hilts given to her by Riddick, a case of throwing knives on her hip, her natural claws and fangs plus her silver tail witch she uses to distract and trip people, her left eye has a natural shine job so she wear the goggles to protect her eye from light, her senses are on par or maybe even past that of Riddicks, she keeps bladed knuckles hanging off her belt, she has wrist blades hidden in her fingerless gloves, and has many hidden blades and needles in her skull belt and hidden pockets of her chest , she has a blade sheathed in her inner thigh under her pants, and finally a small beautiful blood red katana from her father.

Clothes: basically her pic but with black military grade combat boots with hidden blades in the sole.

Bio: when Aura was 12 she was signed on to the company ranger training program where she excelled past her fellow recruits, the company saw this as a chance to gain a strong super soldier to use to their whim so they placed her with a mentor who was none other than Richard B. Riddick himself, months into the training he gave her the titanium knives as a gift for her first successful mission where she then proceeded to break her life long silence by thanking him profusely, it was a year later when Riddick was tired of the company's corruption and spoke up against them and decided to go rouge, the company took this the wrong way and blamed Aura for his supposedly sudden change, angered for her failure as a super soldier they threw her into a slam, she wasn't even in there for 10 hours before she was out and with the blood of over 2 dozen inmates and guards on her hands. Because of this she was named as the 2nd most wanted criminal in the galaxy right under her previous mentor Richard B. Riddick, she did the only thing she could think of and that was to run, she was on the run for years from mercs, the company, outlaws who wanted her bounty, it's been nine years and here she is now 21 years old and having escaped over 12 slams and still fighting for her survival and to find her lost mentor and love of her life, when suddenly while lounging around in some seedy bar she over heard 2 men talking about how the big evil Riddick had been spotted at hellion prime, she shot off immediately to the docking planet knowing that she may be to late, but it was her only lead so she had to try, when she arrived on the planet she was walking off the ramp of her ship when she saw him, his tall bulky muscular form in chains and blindfolded being dragged into a ship, she felt her heart leap in joy and immediately rushed over to buy a ticket for the ship she learned was named the Hunter Gratzner, weird name she thought to herself, she quickly handed her ticket over to the female docking pilot and heads into the ship over to the cryo – tubes, after grudgingly strapping herself in she settled in for several weeks over boredom for the stupid metal cold deathtraps never put her to sleep like they were supposed to anxiously awaiting for the arrival at new mecca so she may once again be with her chosen mate, after slowly killing and maiming the merc who dared lay a hand on him of course, even if he makes the stupid chains sexy. And this is where our story begins, with a tragedy that leads to fear and maybe even finally claiming her precious mentor for herself.


Kitty: I know, I kinda went over board with the bio, but I just started writing and couldn't stop till I at least somehow got her on the ship with her precious Riddick. Tell me how you like the character I created and if there are any details to her charater I should add, you will get full credit for any ideas.