Chapter 9: Desert treks.

Aura p.o.v

I follow Riddick through the dark bowels of the ship keeping close to his back. Pulling my goggles back onto their rightful place around My eyes, I observe his back as we walk in silence. Every step and sway of his body coils with predatory tension, always ready to pounce on his next prey.

The muscle in his back twitches with excitement as light floods the corridor from what I presume is our exit, a large hole ripped out of the ships side metal bent and jagged from the impact.

As our feet hit the sand below the opening multiple eyes snap in our direction in varying degrees of anger and fear.

I give the entire group of survivors a seconds glance before stepping into place beside Riddick. I know John's has exited the ship behind us when a sharp nauseating scent fills my nose and burns my senses..'ugh morphine'

I can see Riddicks nose scrunch in disgust from my peripheral. And from across the small sandy field I can see fry eye up his body as imam and Shazza comfort her for whatever reason.

Riddick timbur of a voice cuts through my observations, "pilot girl must've been the one to crawl into that whole, she reeks of blood."

"Yea I caught that, God I wish that merc would piss off, slams smell better than he does." Riddick chuckles in my upper ears his hot breath brushing along my hidden appendages.

"Don't think I'm done with you yet little wolf, I was just warming up down there." A flush spreads across my cheek followed by a confident grin.

Riddick p.o.v

I can see her grin from the angle I have pf her face. She's gorgeous and feisty.

She has grown into a dangerously beautiful predator these last 9 years.

Before I could continue, Johns settles himself in front of us, all fear from our earlier confrontation gone and replaced by misguided arrogance. I watch in silent rage as his slimy eyes trace over what's mine. He won't be joining us on that ship.

His southern drawl digs its way into my ears, cold and ragged.."Alright you two, yall gonna be pulling the sled on our trec to the settlement."

A feminine scoff sounds from my next to me, quiet and annoyed. John's either didn't hear it or ignored it as he shoves a thick corded and wrapped cable connected to said sled into each of our hands.

And with that, he turns around and gathers everyone around him, getting them ready to head out.

"Let's go everybody! when need to get there as soon as possible everyone needs water and shelter."

Aura wraps her sled cord around her and grumbles harsh expletives at the mercy back as we pull the sled into position behind the group.

3rs per p.o.v

Hours passed, sand was slinking into places it had no right to be, Auras tail was no longer wrapped up around her waist it hung limply behind sand and sweat matted into her fur turning its glorious silver mane into an ashy brown and black splotched mess. They looks on the humans faces at the sight of said tail had been priceless, even moreso when she had stopped hiding her secondary set of ears too.

She and Riddick could feel the hard glares of Shazza and Fry. Shazza still blamed Riddick for the death of her 'mate' and Fry had been staring Aura down the entire walk, Aura could feel the glare become sharper everytime Riddicl would brush against her or lean his face into her cheek for a small nuzzle checking on her health in the heat.

Her race the dremorians were hardy and strong but their hair was actually just long and soft fur like on her ears and tails. Coupled with her muscle and already naturally hot temperature the prolonged heat mixed with dragging heavy cells was not good for her stamina and health. She was close to panting like a damn dog at this rate.

Riddick could see the struggle, even he was dragging in this heat. Aura didn't have any water, she had said she'd hidden her bag within the abandoned settlement so she could help him without losing her things, all her weapons and food were in it. His annoyance grew with each envy driven glance Fry threw his way. He could see his chosen twitch with restrained possessiveness. She was fighting her instinct to maim and put the weaker female in her place. He was tempted to egg her on, in order to watch the show. But his mate needed rest and a good grooming right now so that could wait.

Aura struggles to keep her temper at bay. sand was in her goggles, it was in her chest buckle, all of her ears and most importantly it was stuck in her precious tail. Her tail was incredibly sensitive it had special nerve zones in it meant to be stimulated during certain events. Only family and mates are allowed to come in contact with it. She could feel every speck shift and stick to her fur...'maybe Riddick would be ok with helping me groom..'

The sound of a glass object falling into the sand in front of them followed by a cowardly squeak cuts through the tension in the air, only for it to grow even thicker when Riddick leans down and lifts what appears to have been a bottle of aged whisky from the sand.

The whimsy rat man Paris stands in front of them, stuttering and barely able to get out a sentence as Riddick stares him in the eyes.

"Oh my...I-i...hello I'm Paris p. Ogilvie..Antiques dealer and entrepreneur."

The rat gains enough courage to hold out his hand. "that's a particularly good shiraz your holding..." his voice trails of as Riddick opens and chugs the bottle before grasping the whimpering man's hand and introduces himself.

"Richard B. Riddick, escaped convict...murderer.." He gives a shark grin as he passes the now empty bottle back into the quivering man's hands.

Aura giggles and cuts in with her own introduction, "Aura S. Ookami...escaped convict, ex- company ranger, and..murderer." her giggles grow louder as he gulps in fear and scurries off.

Aura can see the women in the group ahead of them arguing with John's.

"so just snap your fingers and they are one of us now, how can we trust either of them!" Shazza was pissed, she didn't want either of those freaks here.

Fry speaks up, "I understand keeping Riddick alive to pull the cells, but does the tailed slut still have to be here...why didn't you shoot her."

"Both of you shut up, they aren't apart of us, they are useful and that's it."

The walking continues on throughout several more hours, Aura could feel her careful and tight hold on her inner beast about to snap when the settlement finally comes into view. Her steps quicken as she quickly pulls the cells faster, forcing Riddick to catch up with her pace in amusement. He wouldn't admit it out loud but he himself was glad to finally reach their destination, he can finally get some alone time with her, and maybe help her get out of those sandy clothes...

The cells are quickly deposited outside the the abandoned skip. The ship having seen better days.

As everyone quickly spreads throughout the settlement cool docolander rest, Aura slips away undetected Riddick close behind.

His body slinks in close to hers keeping silent and out of sight from the other survivors as they make their way into a borded up home at the edge of the settlement. He enters behind her and find her hunched over her bag and weapons pulling out a large water bottle and a shirt to use as a rag..

Aura glances up at the large male a blush on her face as she slowly begins to unclasp her outfit, closing a curtain behind her shrouding the room in darkness before removing her goggles. Her chest buckle is the first to go, followed by her belt and boots. Riddick watches in predatory silence, sizing up his meal like a lion to a gazelle.

"Riddick, can you help me...groom my fur.." her cheeks are bright red as she asks, this was as close as you could get to a possible marriage proposal in her people's culture. Touching tails and ears was an intimate act, and was much more intimate than sex could ever be.

Even Riddick had been shocked, he had known she was to be his chosen but hadn't expected her to enact such a binding and intimate act so soon. He had been informed of the mating rights and rituals of her people when she was younger, her race had been wiped put and as the final member she was expected to become and produce super soldiers for the company. She had told him everything she could remember and what instinct told her was right and wrong, once she started to grow and hit her heat cycles.

He was her protector during those 3 years he was around before the incident getting them incarcerated. She would become weak and sick during those few nights, unable to protect herself.

Now here she was, fully grown and presenting her tail and body for him...who was he to decline his little chosen.

He steps forward within the dark room removing his own goggles and shirt. lifting the damp shirt from her hands and the water bottle he roughly pulls her into his lap. With only a second of hesitation he begins carding his fingers through the fur of her tail. A loud purr reverberates from the chest of the small female her face twisted in pleasure as he detangles and washes out the sand from every inch, finally uncover her luscious silver fur from underneath the filth.

The feeling of a damp tongue lapping at his cheek and forehead where he'd been hit creates a rumbling growl within his own chest. If she was careful he was going to take her before the courting ritual had even been completed. He could clearly see his courting mark on her shoulder. He knew there was a smaller matching one on his own shoulder.

With pleased growls and purrs the two of them continue grooming eacher cleaning off any sand and blood they can find.


eee! I'm back, I was planning for this chap to go a totally different direction...but the Riddick fluff dragged me in and wouldn't let me yoy get fluffy mates taking care of each other instead of rabid wolf moments...I regret nothing, no beta we die like lazy tired writers!