Chapter 1

15 Years before the destruction of Krypton

"Is it done?"

"Yes. The DNA in the birthing matrix has been manipulated to make the children compatible with other races with similar physiology."

"Good. When Krypton dies at least our people will not perish with it."

"And the information on how to activate the process?"

"Will be added into the medical database be unlocked upon Krypton's fate."

"You can guarantee no one will discover the changes? Or Alura will send you to Fort Rozz."

"Of course, I'm the one who calibrates the matrix. No one will find out."




It was dark when Kal-el reached the crashed pod almost before the dust had settled. He knew from his own pod how to open the canopy. The small spaceship would react to his Kryptonian DNA. The ship opened revealing a blond haired girl blinking groggily. He knew the Earth's yellow sun would heal any injuries quickly. Her white clothes held the same symbol as his super suit.

The girl was from the House of El. She was family.

And like any other twenty four year old suddenly saddled with a kid he had no idea what to do. He was in no position to look after her, he had enough trouble trying to balance being Superman and his job at the Daily Planet. Also her powers would be kicking in as soon as the sun rose.

"Who are you?" asked the girl in Kryptonian looking more alert.

Kal-el's Kryptonian wasn't great, Kalex the little information droid at the Fortess of Solitude had taught him the basics.

"Kal-el. Your…"

"Kara Zor-el." replied Kara quietly, the man stood in front of her was her baby cousin. How was that possible? The only possibility was she must have been in the Phantom Zone.

"Come please." Kal-el held out his hand to help her out of her pod. Kara nodded then yelped as her cousin picked her up and shot off into the sky.

Admittedly Kara kept her eyes closed at first, her mother had said she would have powers here but being that high up was a bit scary.

Kal-el noticed and chuckled. "No worry….you are…..not hurtable."

Kara opened her eyes, "Indestructible?"

"Yes in the sun…..bright."

"Sunlight," corrected Kara.

"Yes that."

The girl looked down, far below there was lots of blue and white. It took a moment to realise they must be water and snow or ice. Krypton hadn't had either for thousands of years. Thinking of home, made pain erupt in her chest. She desperately missed her parents though she didn't understand why she felt physically ill when she thought of home.

Kal-el descended rapidly to land on an ice shelf where he picked up a large triangular shaped, golden shaped bar after he put her down.

Kara watched as he slotted it into what she assumed was a lock, "You leave the key outside where anyone can find it?"

Kal-el grinned, "Only we can up lift."

Once inside the gigantic ice cave Kara was stunned at the sight of the enormous ice sculptures of her aunt and uncle, kal-el's parents. Kalex was another surprise. The small droid explained that he was going to initiate a language transfer.

As her cousin talked to Kalex he switched to a different language which she guessed must be the prominent dialect where her cousin lived because he obviously didn't live here.

Kara followed Kalex's instructions and lay on a glowing raised platform made of what she thought was ice until she noticed it was warm.

"It will not take long."

Kara closed her eyes. She woke some time later.


Kara looked over at her cousin as she sat up.

"Nod if you can understand me."

Kara nodded.

Kal-el smiled in relief, now he could speak normally. "Ok good. You can now read, write and understand English. Actually talking it will be harder as you'll have to learn how to pronounce the different sounds to make the words. It's very different from Kryptonese, but you can write down any questions you have. While you were being imprinted I called some friend's who helped me learn how to control my powers. The Danvers have a daughter a little older than you. I was lucky enough to be found by an amazing couple who raised me you deserve the same. When we are alone you can call me Kal." He decided to leave the Danvers to explain about his secret identity.

Kara nodded, her cousin did not need looking after and with no purpose she would do as Kal-el suggested. She knew almost nothing about this planet.

It was dusk by the time they landed in Midvale and Kara was holding her hands over her ears. Part of the way had been in daylight and the noise of the wind had become unbearable.

"Crickets," explained Kal, "Nocturnal insects."

The young kryptonian watched as the door opened and two people came out and both hugged her cousin. She was astonished to see that they looked exactly like her though so did Damaites.

"This is Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers," said Kal as he accepted something from the man. Carefully her cousin fitted something over her head and the sound receded to manageable levels.

"Headphones," explained Jeremiah, "They will help until you learn how to focus and control your super hearing."

"I had an advantage," said Kal, "I landed here as a baby so I learned as I grew. You're being bombarded with everything all at once."

"I'm going to make some lead lined glasses for you as well to keep your vision normal," added Jeremiah with a smile.

Kara had no idea how to say thank-you so she nodded with a shy smile.

"Are you hungry?" asked Eliza knowing how much Kal needed to eat.

"Where's Alex?"

"Sleeping over at her friend's. I'll pick her up and explain everything tomorrow."

Eliza led the way to the kitchen while the two men continued their conversation. She made Kara a pile of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She smiles as she heard the girl's tummy rumble as she took her first bite then wolfed the rest down. Eliza followed them with a bowl of ice cream.

"We'll take good care of her," promised Jeremiah as they stood on the back porch as Kal was preparing to leave.

"Kara I'll check on you and I'm only a phone call away." Kal patted the teenagers shoulder then he zoomed off into the night sky leaving her with two strangers. She swallowed and squared her shoulders, her mother had told her to be brave and her cousin trusted these people.

Eliza gave her a tour of the house before leaving her in Alex's bedroom to go to sleep. The room was so different from her own. Instead of one large bed there were two smaller ones, cupboards and shelves full of books. On Krypton all her things were stored in units built into the walls. The bathroom was next door and the elder Danvers room was at the end of the hall.

Kara appreciated their kindness and was very careful when she touched things as Kal had told her about how he had broken a lot of stuff when he was younger because of his super strength. She wasn't taking any chances. The bed was more comfortable than it looked and she was tired, more emotionally than physical.

As she lay staring up at the ceiling her x-ray vision showed her the rafters and the roof. Could she see through people? Kara held up her hand and gasped as she saw all the bones, she blinked and returned her vision to normal. It would be disconcerting if her vision kept changing when she didn't want it to. Hopefully the glasses worked as well as the headphones.


Alex's dad picked her up the next morning and took her to her favourite ice cream parlour. Immediately the fifteen year old was suspicious. Ice cream was her parent's bribery item.

Jeremiah waited until they were back in the car before telling her about Superman's visit. She had been sworn to secrecy about knowing him because her parents helped him from time to time and they in turn studied him.

Alex didn't know his secret identity. Yet.

Most of the drive home Alex was almost bouncing with excitement, she had always wanted a brother or a sister. Getting puppy was still in the negotiation stage. An alien foster sister was the next best thing.

"We're going to be her foster family."

For a moment Alex wondered how her dad could get the proper paperwork for that? He dad explained that Kara would have to learn how to talk so she would be home schooled for the next few months until she could fit in at school. It would also give her a handle on her powers.

"So we're all going to go through a period of adjustment. Remember that we love you and that will never change."

Alex was out of the car as soon as it stopped and ran up to her room to drop her overnight bag off, she stopped dead when she saw her bedroom door leaning against the wall in the hall having been ripped off at the hinges.

"Alex she's in the living room."

"Hi," grinned the older teenager as she stopped in the doorway. She distracted the younger blond girl who was slowy lowering her finger towards the TV's remote control. The result was her finger going through the electric device and snapping the coffee table in half.

Alex laughed as the other girl went red to the tips of her ears.

Kara picked up a notebook that was next to her, on it was written the word SORRY.

Alex grinned the next few weeks and months were going to be very interesting indeed.



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