Chapter 16

Alex couldn't remember the last time she hadn't spoken to her sister every day, she didn't even know where she was. Kara's friend at CATCO didn't know either and most annoyingly Director Henshaw had turned off Kara's tracking, so she couldn't even see where she was by 'accident'. Kara taking off wasn't like her, the only time she had was just before college and Alex hadn't know about that until months later that was another thing that she felt bad about. She doubted her sister would stay away more than a few days and Kara was definitely owed some time off.

The question that was bugging the older Danvers was who did Kara trust more than her? Her mom wasn't pleased with her letting Kara become Supergirl and Alex had already called to assure her that her sister was fine. If Kara had been there her mom would have told her.

Alex seriously had to resist hacking into the DEO's alien tracking database. If she did that her sister would NEVER trust again.

"Agent Danvers."

Alex nearly jumped off her chair, "Yes sir?"

"Any more information on the truck Vartox used?" Hank rested his hand on the back of her chair.

"Not yet," replied Alex, focusing on what she was supposed to be doing. There was something big being planned and they had to find out what and who was giving the orders.

"I am sure your sister is perfectly fine."


"If you don't know where she is then neither do they."

That was a good point, she glanced over while he was reading the data over her shoulder, the way he had said that…..

She really hoped it meant that he knew where she was. It didn't stop her from running a list of all Kara's friends through her mind. The Kryptonian hadn't seemed very close to any of them. Which looking back was probably their fault for constantly telling Kara to be careful. Alex was beginning to realise that by trying to keep the young Kryptonian safe they hadn't made things easy for her. Hind sight was a wonderful thing, it just totally sucked that she could now see all the mistakes she had made. She sighed and concentrated on the job at hand. Whatever was going on was bound to affect Kara. The more info they had the more they could help.


Kara had been staring at the ceiling since before dawn, she hated that she couldn't stay any longer but if something happened to Alex because she wasn't there she would never forgive herself. She hadn't told Lena but she knew besides Lena had to get back to work herself.

The Kryptonian knew the exact moment her girlfriend started to wake. Very gently she ran her fingers up and down her back.

"Morning Beautiful."

Lena stretched sleepily then snuggled back into the Kryptonian's warm body. "Not yet."

Kara smiled not quite sure if she meant it wasn't morning yet or not to get up yet.

"I'm comfy." That sort of answered her question. She didn't want to move either. "Me too." Not long after Kara's stomach growled. Lena had to laugh.

"I'm going to make you breakfast," said Kara sliding out of the bed giving her girlfriend a quick kiss.

Lena sighed as she watched the Kryptonian leave the bedroom. She was going to miss her.

Kara had breakfast ready in under 5 minutes and carefully carried it back and gently lowered it onto Lena's lap.

"Thank you. It smells fantastic." She grinned as Kara tucked into her huge pile of bacon, she loved watching her lover eat. In fact watching Kara was one of her favorite pastimes. "I'm counting the days till we can do this every morning."

Kara's eyes lit up as she smiled then turned mischievous, "Though I'm going to have to talk to my cousin or Alex on how we're supposed to be able to be….um...intimate."

Lena chuckled, "You could always talk to Lois."

Kara went bright red at the thought but it was a valid suggestion she would know to safely make love to a Kryptonian. "I am very glad we don't actually need anything."

"We were together before I found out you were from another planet," stated Lena finishing her last slice of toast.

"Yeah." And luckily it had been after Lena bit her lip and kissed her. A fact she still hadn't told her girlfriend and honestly she didn't know how to tell her or even if she should.

"Hey," said Lena softly, "You went very far away then."

"I was just thinking how my life would be without you."

"What about being Supergirl?"

"I thought all I needed to do was help people….," Kara smiled, "But that alone wouldn't have made me feel complete… does that make sense?"

Lena nodded, "Everyone needs that super special person to share things with."

"Super special, huh."

"Like that?"

"Yeah. I did." chuckled the Kryptonian, "Though it sounds like something I would say."

"You must be rubbing off on me." Lena raised her eyebrows suggestively. The instant regret in Kara's eyes told her she wasn't going to stay that long. "You know what we're going to do? We're going to make the most of every second we spend together. Deal?"

"Deal," replied Kara wrapping Lena in a bear hug. She was already planning to do that. She had to get back to CatCo this would be the first time she'd taken time off that wasn't a proper holiday. Hopefully she could pull off saying she had been ill, though she was sure Alex would have called Cat Grant for her. She really did have an awesome sister, who she probably ought to have called. Next time she would. Kara smiled at the thought of spending some quality time with her girlfriend. "As much as would love to stay here I have to go."

"I know," replied Lena softly, "Remember I'm always here for you."

"Ditto. I love you."

"And I love you."


Alex was gulping down the last of her morning coffee when she heard a soft knock on her door. It was still very early, silently she picked up her gun off the table on her way to answer it.

"Who is it?"

"That can't hurt me."

"KARA!" Alex opened the door as fast as she could and swept her sister into a hug. "Don't EVER go radio silent like that again."

"I promise I won't."

The older Danvers held her sister at arms length and gave her a once over, she looked fine there was an energy about her that she'd never seen before. Wherever she had been for the last few days it had made her happy. Her curiosity was piqued but after promising to respect her sisters decisions she couldn't go back on her word. She wasn't going to betray Kara's trust.

Not again.


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