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Transformers Prime: Sorcerer Supreme

Eight Years.

That was how it has been since the end of the Autobot Decepticon Civil War. Eight Years since there any sightings or whispers of any Cybertronians around the planet. Much has changed since then. The planet now knew the existence of other races out in the universe and that not all of them were friendly. The Avengers, a group of super powered and unique individuals banded together to stop an alien invasion led by the Asgardian God of trickery and Mischief, Loki.

The Avengers consisted of the genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man. Next was the leader of the Howling Commandos, Super Soldier and World War Two veteran Captain Steven Rogers. There was also the Hulk, a huge green goliath that got stronger the angrier he got. Thor was the Asgardian god of Thunder and brother to Loki. Then there were the two S.H.I.E.L.D agents, one Natasha Romanov, aka the Black Widow and Clint Barton the Hawkeye. One was an expert in espionage while the other was a master marksman.

While the world had only just learned the existence of aliens from other worlds, there were three humans who had seen and even worked together with aliens. They were known as Jack Darby, Miko Nakadai and Rafeal 'Raf' Esquivel.

In the eight years since the Autobots had left Earth, each of them had moved on with their own lives. Raf was now twenty years old and studying in collage hoping to get his Master's Degree in Computer Engineering. Miko, who was now twenty-four had decided to return to Japan to catch up with her parents for a while before returning to America and opening a car repair shop in New York City. His Mother, June Darby had taken a job at a hospital in New York as a nurse only to be promoted to a doctor a year later after she took her PHD in medicine. Agent Fowler had continued his service with the military. In fact, about two years after the Autobots had left, Fowler had proposed to June, to which she said yes. As for Jack? He was now twenty-five and living New York City working at the same hospital as his Mother as a Doctor after getting both his MD and PHD in medicine.

He was well known in the hospital thanks to his mom and his own achievements, being able to save patients' lives with surprising ease.

Yet despite all of their busy schedules, the three of them still made time to meet with each other and to catch up and remember the days when they would go on adventures with the Autobots. They would joke about Bulkheads clumsiness or Miko's constant need to see the action first hand. They would also often talk about their life, sometimes it was about how Raf was one of the chosen for the Stark Internship or how Miko sometimes had to deal with customers who had wondering hands. Luckily for her she took some self defence classes and would often leave them being charged extra.

When it came to Jack, he would often tell the two of them that he did not lead such an interesting life and that most of the patients in the wards were mostly gone the next day what with Jasper not having such high cases of violence and fatalities like New York. Today however they were discussing whether they had any sort of romantic relationship going on.

"Really? What's she like Raf?" Miko asked, excited to hear some description of the girl while Jack simply sat back and drank his cup of tea, a giant smile on his face As he saw Raf turn a slight shade of red.

"Oh…well…uh...She's a very nice young lady with long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. And her voice." Raf described as he slowly began to have this dreamy sort of look on his face, something that did not go unnoticed by Miko or Jack.

Smirking, Jack leaned forward and peered at his friend. "And what is this 'young lady's' name?" He asked his friend, teasing him.

Raf smiled at Jack and simply shook his head. "I'm not to telling you her name."

"Fair enough." Jack replied.

"What about you Miko? Anyone special in your life?" Raf asked, turning to said girl.

Miko blushed and gave a quick response. "Oh nobody in particular." She said as her eyes glanced at Jack before going back down to her lap once again.

This of course did not go unnoticed by either Raf or Jack. The former smirked at Miko while the latter simply continued to drink his coffee. Miko's infatuation with Jack was something that had started when Jack saved Miko from being kidnapped by MECH as leverage against the Autobots. This of course did not go well for the soldiers as Jack laid the smackdown on their asses.

Of course with Miko, showing that she cared for anyone meant that she said or did the craziest things to show her affection. And for Miko that was exactly what she did. She soon began to up her little excursions through the GroundBridge behind the Autobots. Constantly giving Jack a headache as he normally chased after her, while telling Raf to stay behind.

This of course created a game between Miko and Jack, although it was something that Jack would never admit it. This game stopped however when the Autobots had left Earth to rebuild Cybertron. Their time playing the game however made them grow closer as friends, going so far as to have Jack allowing her to stay with him when she returned to America.

Raf continued to smirk before turning his attention to Jack and was about to ask the same question when Jack's phone, which was on the table began to ring. Picking it up, Jack saw that it was his boss, Kevin.

"Hey Kevin." Jack greeted, answering his phone.

"Hey Jack." Kevin greeted back. "Listen I need you back in the hospital, we have a patient that requires brain surgery near the frontal lobe of the brain."

"Alright I'm on my way." Jack replied, hanging up his phone and getting off his chair.

"What is it Jack?" Raf asked.

"Need to get back to the hospital guys, sorry." Jack apologised before running to his car and taking off through the busy streets of New York.

"What's the diagnosis Billy?" Jack asked, walking quickly through the hallways next to one of the surgeons assigned for the operation.

"This is going to be a challenge for you doctor. The patient has a tumour near the frontal lobe of the brain." The surgeon, Billy answered.

Handing him a tablet, Jack began to swipe through the screens, going through each of the CT and MRI scans on the patients brain. Jack indeed saw that the patient did indeed have a tumour in the frontal lobe of his brain. In fact it was a malignant brain tumour, and from he saw from the scans it has grown a considerable amount. That would make the operation of removing the tumour somewhat challenging.

"Alright, just let me get ready." Jack said as they entered the ER.

Once Jack had changed into his scrubs, he then set about cutting the skull open above the area of the tumour all while Shining Star by the band Earth, Wind and Fire played in the background.

Once the hole had been opened, Jack turned to Billy, who was sitting on a chair. "Challenge round, Billy."

As the song begun to play, Jack immediately knew what the song was. "Come on, Billy , you've got to be messing with me." He said.

"No doctor." Billy replied, amusement in his voice.

"Feel So Good by Chuck Mangione 1977. Honestly Billy you said that this would be a challenge." Jack informed.

"Ha! It 1978." Billy scoffed.

"No Billy. While Feel So Good may have been charted in 1978, the album was released in December of 1977." Jack replied all while cutting another piece of the tumour.

"No Wikipedia says…" Billy argued.

"Check again." Jack cut in.

"Where do you store all these useless information?" One of the doctors, Maria asked.

"Useless!" Jack cried out. "The man charted a top 10 hit with a flugelhorn." Jack said back. "Status Billy?"

"1977." Billy answered in resignation.

Here everybody groaned as Jack did a little shake. "Feels so good, doesn't it."

As Jack continued to work he noticed that his Mother was standing outside the room beckoning him. Maria noticed where he was looking at and turned back to him.

"Oh you go ahead Jack, we'll take it from here." Maria reassured.

Walking out of the ER after he had taken off the gloves, surgical mask and the coat, he went up to his Mother and asked. "What is it mom?"

"GSW." Was all his mother said, handing him a tablet.

Swiping through the scans of the patient's brain, Jack also saw all the tests that the patient had undergone. "Wow, it a wonder you kept him alive for this long." Jack mocked as he continued to scroll through the scans. "Apneic, failed the brain stem test and the apnea reflex test." Jack listed before finding a scan that showed him the reason for the many failures. "I think I found the problem, mom. You left a bullet in his brain." Jack said showing her the scan.

"Thanks. The bullet's been impinging on the medulla. I needed a specialist. Nick diagnosed brain death. Something about that doesn't feel right." June explained.

As Jack continued to stare at the picture, his mind was going at over a hundred miles an hour as he also had the same feeling. As his mind continued to list the possibilities on the problem, he answer came in the fact that the problem was in the fact that the bullet was still in perfect shape despite being in the cerebral cortex.

"We have to run." Jack said as he started to run through the hallways, his mother following behind him.

Finding the patient was not that difficult, the problem came when they noticed that Doctor West and another doctor were pushing the bed away. June ran forward to stop them and thus got into an argument about her not giving permission for the patient to be put through the organ transplant.

"We've called brain death." Nick explained.

"Prematurely. We need to get him prepped for sub-occipital craniotomy." Jack countered.

"Not going to let you operate on a dead man Jack." Nick replied.

Jack then proceeded to show him the scan of the brain. "What do you see?" he asks.

"A bullet." Nick answered, confused on why he would ask such a question.

"A perfect bullet." Jack said, emphasising the word bullet. "It's been hardened. You harden a bullet by alloying lead with antimony. A toxic metal. And that's leeched directly within the cerebral spinal fluid." He finished explained.

"Rapid onset central nervous system shutdown." Nick said slowly as he finally came to the realisation that he almost transplanted a still living man.

"We have to go." June said after checking the patient's eye with her torch.

"The patient's not dead, but he is dying. Still want to harvest his organs." Jack mocked as he turned and led the group to the ER.

The operation to remove the bullet went without any complications, thus saving the patient's life. This however did not satisfy Jack as he craved a challenge when it came to his work. This of course did not sit well with his mother as she had gave him a dressing down after the operation.

After he was done with work, Jack went back home and got ready for his talk at a neurological social dinner. Dressed in a simple black tuxedo with a matching bow tie and a silver Rolex watch, Jack then entered his Lamboghini and drove off to the event.

Driving down through the narrow road along the cliff in the rain, Jack rehearsed the speech he was going to voice out in his head. His internal rehearsal was interrupted by his phone ringing. Glancing down, Jack saw that it was Billy who was calling him.

Answering his phone. "Billy! What have you got for me" Jack asked.

"I've got a 35 year old Air Force Colonel, crushed his lower spine in some kind of experimental armour. Mid thoracic burst fracture." Billy answered.

Jack gave a simple shake of his head in disagreement. This was not the first time that Billy had called him on patients that did not fit his idea of a challenge.

"Yeah, well I could help but so can 50 other people. Find me something worthwhile." Jack said as he made a right turn on the road ahead of him.

"I have a 68 year old female with an advanced brain stem glioma." Billy listed.

"Yeah, you want me screw up my perfect record." Jack replied. "Next."

"How about a 22 year old female with an electronic implant in her brain to control schizophrenia struck by lightning?" Billy asked.

"Now that does sound interesting. Can you send me the x-rays?" Jack asked as he overtook the car in front of him.

Not a minute passed before Jack received the scans showing where the implant was with the patient's brain. Glancing at said picture and focusing on it, he did not realise that when he tried to steer back onto the correct side of the road his car slammed into the car next to him, causing him to spin out of control.

Trying his hardest to regain some traction with his car, Jack forgot that due to the rain on the asphalt his grip on the road was nonexistent. Continuing to spin out of control, Jack's car then hit a tree which then sent him spiralling off the road and down the cliff. Just as fast as it began it was over. All Jack could feel was immense pain all around him, the taste of iron as he began to bleed, but the worst of all was that he could no longer fern anything from his hands.

The last thing Jack thought of was how he had failed his daughter.

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