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'…Huh? Where am I?'

A boy with bright blonde hair wearing a tattered orange jumpsuit glanced around the small room with blurry eyes. He was sitting in a chair. He tried to recall his memories, but his mind was still a bit fuzzy.

When his eyes finally adjusted, the boy found himself in a small dark space. A single light lit up the otherwise endless void of darkness where he sat on a small wooden chair.

Sitting across from him in the small space was a girl who seemed to be smiling at him.


The boy mentally kicked himself for stuttering, but he couldn't help himself because the woman was beautiful.

She had long silver-white hair, and a heart shaped face with deep violet eyes that had a hint of sadness to them. Her hands rested on her lavender gown in a very graceful manner. The girl almost seemed to be glowing in the dim light, which gave her a look that could be compared to an angel and even a goddess.

"Hello, Naruto Uzumaki-san. Welcome to the world after life ends. I am the goddess who will guide your way, Eris. Otherwise known as the Goddess of Luck."


Seeing the look of confusion on Naruto's face, the goddess continued with an almost apologetic expression on her angelic features.

"There is no easy way to say this, but your time in the mortal world is over."

As if a switch had been flipped, the memories of the war began to rush into Naruto's head.

Death. Betrayal. Sacrifice. These were the words to describe the horrors he and his friends had faced. It was hard to process it all and accept that it was all over.

"Ah, so that's how it is. I died."

But despite knowing that he was dead, Naruto felt strangely calm. Like he already knew that everything was going to be okay.

"Um, Eris? Can I ask you something? How did everything turn out? Did the war end? Did we win?"

Eris smiled, and Naruto immediately felt a sense of relief. The goddess radiated serenity, and it was really helping him feel relaxed.

"The Fourth Great Shinobi War has indeed ended. After you and your friend defeated Madara Uchiha, Obito Uchiha sacrificed himself and revived all of the lives that had been lost in that final battle."

"That Rinnegan technique that Nagato used to revive everyone back then? But wait, how did I die?"

After Naruto asked that, Eris gained a sour expression.

"The mastermind behind all of the evil in your world, Black Zetsu, tried to take over your body after Obito finished using the technique and perished. Because you were so drained from your previous battles, it took everything you had just to keep Black Zetsu from attacking your friends with your body. Then you…"

"…asked Sasuke to kill me, along with that Black Zetsu bastard."

Naruto finished when the memories of his death finally came back. In a last-ditch act of rage, Black Zetsu was going to use his body to kill everyone that he held dear to him. If Sasuke hadn't been there, Naruto would have had the blood his precious people on his hands.

Leaning back in the chair he was sitting in, Naruto took in a deep breath. Sasuke was in a dark place, what with his claim of killing the current Kage and revolution.

'But the look on Sasuke's face while I was dying is all I need to trust that he'll do the right thing.'

Naruto thought with a short nod.

Having no choice but to believe in his 'best friend', Naruto leaned forward and grinned widely at the goddess in front of him.

"Alright! I'm ready for hell!"


Seeing the goddess's befuddled expression, Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"What's the matter?"

Eris quickly stood up, her lavender dress fluttering as a frantic look overtook her face.

"W-what makes you think I'm sending you to hell? You're a hero!"

"Hero or not, I'm a shinobi. I've killed people. Of course I'm going to hell."

Naruto responded like it was only natural, because it was. No matter what the reason, killing was wrong. Naruto knew this and lived a life prepared for what came after he died.

Eris sat back down in her chair.

"You experienced so much pain and loneliness in your life, yet you still believe that you do not deserve salvation…"

Naruto was slightly taken aback. This goddess was showing so much concern for someone she had only just met. Surely he was only one out of millions/billions of people she's had this conversation with.

Such kindness… As expected of a goddess.

Noticing the strange look on Naruto's face, Eris blushed and straightened herself.

"Well then, I have a proposition for you. I hope that you will at least hear me out."

Upon hearing her words, Naruto inched back in his seat and eyed Eris suspiciously.

"Wait… Don't tell me that you're actually a devil that is trying to make a deal for my soul."

"Of course not!"

Eris yelled and stomped her foot in frustration, her ears burning red.

"Hahaha! Sorry, I was just kidding!"

Naruto said and held his now aching stomach. He understood the situation he was in, but there was something about this goddess that made him want to tease her.

"Tease a goddess, and you will receive divine retribution…"

Eris muttered with a pout which the boy noted to be quite adorable.

"Sorry! It won't happen again!"

Naruto shouted obediently and sat up straight in his chair.

Suspicion still evident in her eyes, Eris summoned a piece of paper out of thin air with a "Poof!".

"In another dimension than your own, exists a world that is threatened by a demon king. Because of the demon king's attacks, fewer and fewer people want to be reincarnated into this world. To solve this problem, a plan was issued to ask people from other realms who still yearn to live to reincarnate into this world in response to the declining population."

"I don't really get it, but you basically want me to go there and kick this demon king's ass?"

Naruto asked, and Eris nodded with a slightly bemused smile.

"Yes. Should you accept, you will retain your memories and chakra. The language of the land will also be imported into your mind so you don't have to learn it. As bonus, you will also be granted a divine relic of your choosing. An ability, or weapon with god-like power to aid you in your quest."

"That's okay! All I need are my two fists!"

Naruto claimed with confidence and slammed his fists together.

"Are you sure there isn't anything you wish to bring? Any... one?"

Eris asked with a knowing smile.

Naruto tilted his head in confusion when it dawned on him.


How could he have forgotten the grumpy old fox whom he shared a body with his entire life!?

So, without a second thought:

"I'd like to bring Kurama with me to this new world! Erm… That is, if he wants to come with me..."

Naruto murmured the last bit while poking his fingers together nervously.

After all, since he died, Kurama's chakra would have been dispersed into nature and would eventually reincarnate somewhere in the Elemental Nations. The fox would be free, just like he always wanted. They had only just become friends… If one could even call it friendship.

Eris smiled reassuringly.

"I've already spoken with Kurama-san, and when I explained the situation, he said: "I've grown bored of this world anyway" and agreed to go with you."

Eris said while making a grumpy sounding voice that must have been her impression of the nine-tailed fox.

Naruto's eyes widened upon hearing this, and he couldn't help but laugh. That sounded just like something Kurama would say, and it was relieving to hear the fox wanted to tag along on this adventure.

Eris suddenly snapped her fingers.

Then, to Naruto's surprise, a brilliant light shined down on him and he felt a sense of weightlessness as he began to ascend into the heavens(literally).

As Naruto was filled with excitement, he heard Eris' voice from below.

"Of course, there is a small chance that both of your existences could be wiped out while transporting to the new world. But as the goddess of luck, I can safely say that the odds are in your favor. Good luck!"

"Eh!? What do mean our existences might be "wiped out"!? Hey, answer me!"

Eris merely stuck her tongue out playfully, and Naruto realized that she must have been getting back at him for teasing her earlier.

A cheeky grin on his face, Naruto waved goodbye to the Goddess of Luck as his vision faded to black.

Naruto Uzumaki's next adventure had begun!

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