After having a taste of true oppression

I've lost my taste for inflicting it.


An exile drifts through a dark void, his mind trying to delay the nightmare that would haunt him for the rest of his days.


He can still recall his time as the chaos bringers slave vividly, his desperate attempts to force the chaos bringer from his body and every failure brought pain unimaginable.

He was a prisoner in his own body, unable to act on his own, a puppet, a tool, a slave to an evil that far outclassed him in every sense of the word. He remembered how helpless he was, unable to do anything to break the Harbingers hold. But he would have very willingly done that to countless others if he had been able to win the war...

Being Unicron's slave put his own life in perspective. It also shed new light on his former friend, Orion Pax or rather Optimus Prime. The Cybertronian he considered his arch nemesis, the one who opposed him at every turn, The last leader the Autobots had. He set Megatron free, and the warlord, while somewhat grateful, could not understand why Optimus, despite everything allowed the warmonger to go free. No attempt to arrest the former Warlord for his crimes, no attempt to extinguish his spark, they just let him go. Maybe they didn't have the energy to keep fighting, maybe they thought being Unicron's thrall was punishment enough. Megatron could only speculate...

A part of him had wanted them to end him, he felt he deserved it for killing Cybertron once, and almost doing it again. He didn't deserve to walk away, he should have had his spark extinguished and left to float in the abyss.. He fought against the one who tried to restore it, he tried to enslave countless species... Never knowing the true horror of what he was doing, until it was inflicted upon himself. All of the atrocities he had committed, and he was allowed to simply leave... And now, he was alone...

Drifting through the cosmos, for the first time in a very, very long time, he didn't know what to do...

So he drifted, and drifted, and drifted.

He remained like that until his body inevitably entered stasis for his trek across the cosmos...

...Used you... Used all of you...

The warlord awoke to avian creatures chirping, a blue sky and yellow sun hung over his head, tall trees surrounded his resting form, flanked by a body of water.

But none of that drew as much of Megatron's attention as the throbbing headache he had. His hand reached up to rub his temple, only for an odd sensation to the gladiator...

He didn't feel cold metal, he felt hair... HAIR!? With a jolt Megatron sat straight up, looking down at his hand, finding that it was flesh and bone. He continued to examine himself, flesh covered his body, as well as a grey fabric, not unlike what the pet humans of the Autobots, a grey coat, purple shirt, grey pants and shoes. After giving himself a good look over Megatron decided to look at his reflection in the body of water behind him. From what he could tell he was in a young body only a couple of years older than the Autobots oldest pet, the one prime trusted with Vector Sigma. Beyond that he had a strong face, iron grey hair, and eyes that were as red as the blood that now flowed in his veins.

After coming to terms with his new form he gave it something of a test. Megatron approached a tree, standing high and proud, the warlord dropped into a combat stance and gave the tree a test punch and learned 3 things.

1: Although considerably weaker than his Cybertronian body, he still had power. Enough to break a good chunk out of the tree.

2: His new form was more fragile than he initially believed, as he inspected his bleeding knuckles.

And 3: Punching a tree might not have been the wisest idea. As the pain in his hand was very obviously telling him that.

He examined the blood that emerged from the wound he had just inflicted upon himself. Megatron had hoped that he would have seen energon, however unlikely it would have been, but unfortunately it was the crimson life force of the humans. It had confirmed to him that he had indeed become human... But why? What caused this? Why was he human?

The former champion of Kaon pondered these as he began to wander.

Upon discovering a road, the gladiator began following it, and eventually found an human town.

A town called Kuoh.

Megatron wandered the town, observing the creatures he looked down upon long ago. Truth be told, this was the first time he spent any prolonged amount of time around the humans. He never gave them much thought when he was a warlord hunting the Autobots, seeing them only as pests native to this rock. But recent events has forced him to look at them with a new perspective.

He watched them, children playing in the park, others speaking, and more carrying on their day. It was strange to look at them now, not as a Dominator, but as whatever he was now, exile might be the best term for the fallen Warlord. Taking a seat on a nearby bench, Megatron simply watched and waited for something, anything to either answer his questions or occupy his attention...

As Megatron waited, a human, a female joined him on the bench, long flowing black hair, violet eyes, by human standards her overall figure was attractive, a well endowed chest, shapely hips, long legs. She was wearing a simple black dress and small light purple jacket.

"Mind if I sit here?" She asked already taking a seat, her voice extruding weariness.

"Do as you please. It matters not to me." The gladiator stated not even so much as giving her another glance.

"I don't think I've seen you around here before, you new in town?"

"In a manner of speaking. Why does that matter?"

"I'm trying to get my mind off of my stressful job. Haven't got much sleep since I started."

"Hmm." Megatron knew that feeling, he'd have to go years sometime without a recharge on Cybertron.

"Anyways, I don't want to think about that for now. What brings you here?"

"I do not know... I was simply wandering until I came across this place." Although not the whole truth, he wasn't exactly lying. He just left out a lot of details.

"Wait, you just wandered into town? Like today?" The woman asked with a bit of genuine curiosity. Truth be told she didn't really care, but she wanted something to get her mind off of her day.

"That is correct."

"You live outside of town or something?"

"I don't live any where."

"What do you mean?"

"I am not going to repeat myself. You heard me the first time." He stated, causing the woman to give him a dirty look.

"Seriously?" She asked

Megatron gave her a frown, "Do I look like I'm not?"

The woman looked at his face for the first time since they started talking and she was a pleasantly surprised, his crimson eyes popped out against the rest of his features, dark white hair on his head, a strong and handsome face. He was defiantly a someone she wouldn't mind looking at for extended periods. His voice asked for... No... Demanded respect. His eyes ordered attention, and the atmosphere around him... It was that of a warrior, no question.

"Fair enough," the woman said shaking herself out of her minor trance. "Hmm, well I got a place you could stay if you don't mind sharing with myself and three others." She said, although it wasn't obvious in her voice she began developing a plan. She wouldn't mind a pet like him, and she knew just how to get him wrapped around her finger...

The warlord gazed at the sky, noticing the approaching sunset. He had a human body and he knew it would need rest at some point. "Very well. Take me there." He said raising himself from the bench.

The woman chuckled a bit before standing up herself "My name is Raynare." The woman said holding her hand out to be shook,

The gladiator reached out and shook her hand before stating the false name he had created when she had stated hers "Jackson Megatronus." He stated, the name Jackson came from the Autobots human Pe...Ally. And Megatronus used to be Megatron's full name until it was shortened to simply Megatron

"A pleasure to meet you Jack." Raynare stated before her stomach and his both growled,

Megatron glared at his gut before turning his attention to the human before him "It seems that we require sustenance."

"It seems we do... I'll have one of the people at home grab us something. But for now, I need to introduce you to my housemates." The woman stated before leading him gently by the hand, 'We require sustenance? Who says that? Guy sounds like a robot saying things like that.' Raynare thought as they began walking towards the abandoned church

Although old, Megatron could tell by ever so slight markings on the outside that people lived inside, and didn't want to be found. But in the warlords opinion they were doing an absolute piss poor job. They entered the Church and Raynare called out "KALAWARNER! MITTELT! DOHNASEEK! I brought a guest!" She called out,

A door opened on the far side of the room and out came two females, one with blue hair a rather well endowed chest and a much shorter one wearing one of the oddest things he had ever seen a human wear in all his life. "Dohnaseek is out right now, who did you bring this time?" The small blond one asked before taking notice of Megatron "Ohh you got another one. Please tell me he you didn't get him for just his looks." She said facepalming, apparently this wasn't the first time she had brought someone home.

Raynare let out a chuckle "I would be lying if I didn't say it was a factor." She said deliberately, while wrapping an arm around him and pressing her bust into his arm. This was less a proclamation of interest and more in line with a gentle tug at his strings. Most men would've become putty in their hands at a gesture like that.

Megatron was no such man, and his expression of slowly building rage at the action was present. Raynare picked up on it and withdrew "Anyways, The Blue haired one is named Kalawarner, Kalawarner, Jack, Jack, Kalawarner." Raynare said introducing the two. But she mentally cursed at Megatron's reaction to her, and wondering just how the hell he managed to get upset at her actions. He was a man for Christ's sake! How could he get angry at that!?

The next few moments were a bit more tense than anyone would have thought for an introduction. The gladiator stared into her dark blue eyes and the woman stared at his crimson ones, silently scanning the other. Searching the other for something, "Red eyes... Not a common eye color." She finally said

To this the warlord said nothing, he was not vain about his appearance. He would not dwell on a seemingly insignificant comment on his eyes. His attention turned towards the smallest one and he simple stated "I take it you are Mittelt correct?" He asked receiving a nod from the girl

"Nice to meet you Jack. So I take it Raynare brought you here for something right?" She asked receiving a nod from the warmonger

"Nourishment and Rest are all I require. I was informed that someone would go and bring food when we arrived." He stated simply, before the three females looked at each other a reilization struck the three at the same time and shouted

"Not it!"

"Not it!"

"Not... Aww damn it..." Mittelt stated before walking past Megatron and Raynare, slow reaction time had cost her this day. Now she was stuck going out and getting the three a bite to eat.

Once she was gone Raynare and Kalawarner led Megatron to his 'room' it was just in a room off to the side, but he took to it and laid his head to rest, thinking over the days events. However theconversation he began hearing through his somewhat thin door caught his attention. The gladiator could hear two speaking just outside of his room and began listening very intently to the conversation, hoping to learn some new information. There was no way these humans were acting like this out of the kindness in their heart.

"So what is your plan for the young man in the other room?" He heard Kalawarner ask.

"Beyond turning him into my pet? Not sure, why?" Was Raynares response, Megatron growled slightly at this. He would be no ones pet, no ones slave ever again.

"Well, I was thinking.."


"Bite me."

"You'd like that wouldn't you?"

"ANYWAYS." Kalawarner said getting the conversation back on track "I was looking at him and got an idea."


"He looks young enough to pass as a student at that Academy here. How about we send him to keep an eye on the devils there for a while, at least until we can get the Sacred Gear from the girl when she arrives. I'd rather know that they are ignorant to our plan until it is in motion."

Hearing the word 'Sacred Gear' caused Raynard to groan "Ugh, don't remind me. I still have to keep an eye on that perverted brat. Honestly the longer I watch that fool the bigger my urge to kill him is."

"Oh right, I forgot about that, sucks to be you."

"I caught him and his four eyed friend and that bald looking one hiding in lockers in the girls changing room last time I checked on him! Ugh! Why can't this assignment have gone to Dohnaseek or literally anyone else?!"

"Probably because fate has a way of skewing with you."

"I could just kill him... No one would ever have to know, and quite frankly who would care? I'd be doing the world a favor taking him out of it!"

"I'd bet every girl he's ever seen would say a collective thank you."

"Actually saying it out loud, killing him doesn't seem that bad..."

"Anyway my point is; it might be in our best interest to send him there, spy on their movements for us."

"Hmm, fine what's the worst that can happen right?" Raynare said, before they began speaking too far away for him to make out anything...

But Megatron had heard enough to ask more questions

"So, they are going to have me spy on children for them?" The gladiator stated before he began pacing in his room "Hmm... It seems as though I have found myself involved in a plan of some kind..." Said the warlord, intent on leaving in the morning but the gears began turning in his head "It is not my place to get involved in their petty conflicts, I will depart at dawn." He told himself, he had more pressing concerns at the moment, like how did he get here, and why is he Human? Although, that isn't to say that the terms used in the conversation didn't catch his curiosity. 'Sacred Gear? Such a term never showed up in the World Wide Web before, what could they be talking about? Why did the speak as if a Devil was an actual creature?' he wondered, but those were questions for later. He laid in his bed and allowed himself to drift to sleep...


The gladiators eyes shot open, he found himself in a space devoid of light, surrounded by darkness eating away at him


The warlord knew that voice all too well, franticly turning, searching for the source.


The Tyrant turned around once more and found himself staring into eyes of Darkness...

The following morning Megatron had awoken in a cold sweat, gasping for air as if his lungs had been denied oxygen ever since he fell asleep. Although trying to overcome the horrible dream he noticed his arms pulling something extremely close to his body, so close that he had to wiggle a bit to see what or who he was clinging to.

After a bit of wiggling he managed to get a decent look at who was in his bed with him and found a certain black haired woman, although lacking anything one would call appropriate sleeping attire.

Irritation replaced fear as he found his arm stuck under her torso, pinned by her body. Megatron didn't have time for this, he placed a hand on the sleeping woman's shoulder and gave a forceful push, simultaneously freeing his arm and rousing her from her slumber.

Her eyes opened a bit slowly "Alright, alright I'm up." She stated rubbing her eyes a bit before directing her attention at Megatron "Good morning Handsome." She said in a presumably seductive manner but the warlord didn't care about that, as one question was going through his head.

"What are you doing in here?" He asked, his anger coming out slightly in his voice

"You know, normally a guy would be ecstatic to have shared a bed with someone like me." She said raising herself a bit.

If looks could kill, Raynare would be dead twice over "Answer the question." Megatron all but demanded

"Fine if you must know, I decided I didn't want to spend my night alone. And I figured you wouldn't mind the company considering how tightly you held onto me when I got in." She said giggling to herself a bit, recalling Megatron's actions, although he was asleep he had in fact grabbed her and held on tight.

Megatron took a deep breath, trying to remain calm. He didn't want to spend anymore time here than he had to. "The night has passed and we are both conscious. Resolve your state of undress and we can both start our day." He stated as he sat up and put on his shirt and Jacket.

But Raynare realized two things: 1, he was UPSET that a beautiful woman slept next to him, and 2, His torso was absolutely covered in scars. The moonlight didn't let her get a look at them the previous night hut now that she could she felt compelled to ask "Where'd you get all those scars?"

Megatron had one hand on the door, "From a past I'd like to leave behind." He said, the pain in his voice was very apparent.. This left Raynare to wonder 'What type of past would you have to have to get so many?'

After answering her question ventured out of his temporary abode, only to meet a human with white hair, red eyes dressed in clerical clothing. Red eyes and white hair just like himself, the difference however was that the aura surrounding this Priest was that butcher.

"Ah, I see the Fallen bitches got themselves a new boy toy did they?" The man asked, but Megatron simply rolled his eyes and began to walk past the man, only for him to grasp his shoulder "Hey, didn't your momma ever tell you its rude to ignore someone?"

Megatron could feel his anger swelling inside but for now tried to remain level headed "What do you want?"

"Other than a good kill and good lay? Not a damn thing." The man said, Megatron's eyes narrowed,

"Then I suggest you unhand me. I am in no mood to to be trifled with." The gladiator stated grabbing the humans hand and removing it

Megatron's action seemed to upset the man quite a bit "I knew exorcists were usually hard asses but this is on a whole new level!"

"Exorcist?" The Warlord wondered but noticed something odd, he saw a hilt tucked away on the mans belt and a strange gun on the opposite side.

The mans eyes narrowed a bit "Eh? You didn't know?" The man asked, but upon seeing the gladiators now raised eyebrow, he knew that it was a serious question. "Opps, I guess I might have said too much." He said, truth be told he was simply looking for a reason to kill, he didn't really care what. He reached down and took the hilt from his belt in one hand and the gun in his other, but he stared at it for a moment before saying "You know what, a Gun is so impersonal." He stated before holstering his sidearm.

Megatron entered a combat stance, recalling his days as a gladiator, new and unproven he had to rely on his fists against people with all types of weaponry: blasters, cannons, flame throwers, rocket launchers, swords, knives, even a strange fighter who tore off his own arm as a weapon. Anyways he watched as the man held up the hilt, and to Megatron's surprise, a blade of energy emerged. Humans didn't have that type of technology did they?

"I only warn you once. Stand down!" Megatron borderline shouted, opting to give whoever this was the chance to leave but whoever this was didn't show any signs of withdrawal.

"Sorry, not sorry, can't let you know about us." The man said before rushing the gladiator.

When they finally collided with each other, Megatron reached forward, avoiding the blade of energy and grabbing wrist of the hand holding the blade, their other hands locking against one another. It became a battle of strength, but the gladiator easily one that, crushing this 'Exorcists' hands with his own, the pain began making itself known with the snapping of bones.

With a quick headbutt the strange cleric used Megatron's brief moment of surprise to gain some distance "Damn man, you got some strong hands! Its not every day I feel a pain like that!" He said shaking his wrist and hand as if he was trying to shake the pain away

"Serves you right for picking a fight with..." Megatron started, but didn't finish as he knew that it meant nothing to the humans were he fought, being a champion of the Pitts meant nothing on Earth.

"With what? A punk bitch?" The priest asked, his constant vulgarity began grinding the gladiator's gears... In a figurative sense in this case as he no longer had literal gears to grind.

They charged each other again, the priest aiming a horizontal slash at Megatron, whom used his forearm to block, but hissed in pain after remembering two very crucial facts: He was Human, and Energy weapons hurt like a bitch. Despite the pain he forced the blade away and grabbed the man by the head; he was much shorter (and smaller) than Megatron himself which allowed the warlord (with some effort) to lift up the human and throw him into the far wall. He didn't know if he heard bones break over the sound of the impact, but from the way he clutched his ribs, Megatron assumed he took considerable damage.

"God damn, I didn't know they made 'em that strong!" He said clutching the side that took the brunt of the hit, it seemed to be his left side."I'll give you this though, it's not everyday I get thrown across a room!" He said before running at the gladiator once more.

The gladiator returned to his combat stance and watched the cleric charge him, he watched the blade of energy get brought down in an overhead swing. With a smirk the warlord sidestepped the strike and delivered a powerful blow to the Solar Plexus causing the cleric to force out the air in his lungs and causing some minor difficulty breathing. While still recovering Megatron reached down and grabbed the gun from the belt, and delivering a quick shot to his kneecaps while still in very close proximity.

The strange priest fell to his knees, unable to properly stand up straight, unable to breath properly "Damn, you don't play." He said trying to stand on his wounded legs, Megatron took a good few steps away, keeping the gun aimed. The gladiator desperately wanted to kill the wretch for his insolence.

But he wasn't worth the time, Humans are foolish creatures. If Megatron killed every one that got on his nerves in some manner or another than he'd find himself committing Genocide once again. 'No' he told himself, 'He may be a fool but killing him would only cause more issues.' he told himself.

He lowered the energy pistol, and began walking away. That is until he heard clapping from... Above? He looked up and say Raynare clapping her hands together "My, oh my, an impressive display of Skill there Jack, not many would be able to take on Freed so easily." She said as she kept down from the rafters

"You know this guy?" The cleric, Freed, asked as he struggled to stand, using a chair as support.

"He is my newest Friend," she said, the lie was almost convincing. "I will admit I am surprised you managed to throw him like that. A feat like that is difficult to accomplish with simple strength alone.." The woman said approaching the former champion of Kaon.

Megatron didn't pay attention, instead focusing oh the new burn on his arm, the pain that was present served as a reminder that he cannot fight like he had before. His old form was tough, armored, and deadly. His new one was weak, squishy, and borderline harmless. He'd need to be more careful from now on otherwise his spark... Or rather his heart would cease to function.

"So, where'd you learn to fight?" Raynare asked, placing a hand on her hip.

Megatron wanted to say the Pitts, but knowing it meant nothing he instead said "I taught myself." He said hoping the answer was satisfactory.

Raynare thought about it for a moment, it was a lie to be sure, but he would be hers soon, he'd tell the truth eventually. "Alright, but as much as I'd love to watch you kick Freeds ass,"

"Hey!" The cleric shouted, but got no attention.

"We have some business to discuss." She said leading him outside.

Megatron knew what she would ask, it was his original plan to depart after turning her proposal down... But the recent discovery of Humans using Energy weapons couldn't simply be ignored. Perhaps learning more about these 'Exorcists,' 'Sacred Gears,' and 'Devils' may lead him to the answers he seeks. "What business do we have?" He asked, he would play along with her scheme for now.

"How do you feel about Education?"

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