"Who to root for?"

"The lines have certainly blurred."


"Alright, now repeat your job back to me." Raynare ordered as she and Megatron were going to the temporary Residence they had given him, simply to keep any Devil's familiars from following him to their hideout.

But her attempt at expressing authority over Megatron only served to boil his oil... Blood... Point is he didn't like it, being a servant, especially to this human woman who had the audacity to try and act as if she was in some manner his greater. As much as he wanted to break her arms for it, he needed to play along for now..

"I'm to watch two people, Rias Gremory, and Sonua Shitori, If I hear them mention anything concerning 'Fallen Angels,' 'Sacred Gears,' or 'Devils' then I report what I hear to you. Anything else is unimportant. Is that correct?" He asked receiving a quick nod.

"I'm counting on you to tell us, I would have someone like Mittelt do this, but I'm sure she would attract more attention than you would." Raynard stated before announcing "Ah we're here." She said gesturing to a small two story house, a few men were loading some basic furniture inside. Although there was a disgruntled man in a trench coat and wearing a fedora standing just outside the building

"Can't believe Raynare made me do this." The man wearing the fedora said as he watched two men come out of the building and out to grab more boxes of items

"Aw, whats wrong Dohnaseek? Can't handle watching a few humans load up a house?" Raynare said with a smirk as she approached the man. But while they spoke Megatron entered the door frame. He began acting like he wasn't paying attention, but keeping his ears open for new information. But while he kept his ears open his eyes began to survey the inside of his temporary accommodations.

On the first floor from what he could see had a small couch facing a television set, a simple kitchen, a bookshelf. It was bare minimum but serviceable.

"So everything is squared away right?" Megatron heard Raynare ask.

"Yes, he has a few uniforms ready and he starts tomorrow." The male, Dohnaseek replied.

"Good," the woman said "Now, I'd love to stay and chat, but I've still gotta watch that damn pervert." She said before departing.

"At least you aren't stuck watching boxes be moved from one location to another." He said with a sigh before returning to his job of watching the simple task be performed.

This man, Dohnaseek, he and Megatron shared no words, opting for a respectable silence until the last box was placed into the temporary Base of Operations. As more boxes came in Dohnaseek began opening some and began putting up odd items on the walls. A photograph of a boat, a bird in flight, among other seemingly random imagery. It took some time to put up all of the pictures and before either really knew it, it was already dusk.

The two were moving the final items in when a voice caught their attention "Dohnaseek!" The voice shouted, it was familiar to both, female, but not Raynare.. No it was one of the other two he had met the night before...

Dohnaseek turned around to face the uninvited guest "What is it Mittelt?" He asked as the small, blond, gothic lolita girl rounded the corner.

"We have Hunting duty today, remember? Don't even try telling me you forgot! You never forget about hunting!" Said the small girl, as she got closer she began jabbing her finger into his cheek, it was somewhat humorous to see one so small cause a larger man to back up and raise his hands defensively.

"Sorry, i was just finishing up here." He lied, but the smaller girl seemed to buy it upon seeing all the empty boxes.

"Well it looks like you are done to me! Now get your sorry butt in gear before I decide to bring down some divine retribution!" Dohnaseek seemed to get the message, this caused the warlord to chuckle as he entertained the thought of what that would look like in his head.

With a sigh the man said "Good, i needed something to break up the boredom. I've been going insane without something to hunt." He looked at the former gladiator, giving the ever so slightest of nods before departing with the girl.

'Strange...' Megatron thought as he watched them leave 'What could they possibly have to hunt inside of a city?'

He shook off the thought, seeing it more important to get familiar with his new dwelling. From everything he could see on the ground floor, it was bare bones. Simple, yet serviceable enough to work with. Megatron ventured to the Cooking area, and found it was stocked rather well. Food wouldn't be an issue for a while, but he found himself confused when he opened a cabinet and found these strange... objects... they were metal sheets? What did Humans need these for? And beside them was a type of... Bucket? What were these things?

He began scratching at his head... What were these things?!

As the warlord wondered that, his stomach let out a cry for nourishment. With this he saw an opportunity to... What was the human phrase? "Take out two birds with one stone"? He could figure out what these instruments of Cooking were and create something to soothe the organic urge to consume.

Megatron took a hold of the metal sheet and brought it out onto the counter. Maybe one of the containers of foodstuffs would help him solve this issue.

He searched and searched until he found a strange book with some sort of small circular things on the metal sheet! He opened the book and began shifting through the pages until he found the exact one as the image on the cover, and read the instructions.

It took him a minute to find everything, an Egg, Sugar, Flour, Baking Soda & powder, Butter, and Vanilla. Once they were all on the counter he turned on the oven and set it for 375°F for the 'Preheating' step.

"In a small bowl, stir baking Soda, Powder and Flour together and set aside.." He read aloud, that seemed simple enough. He placed the labeled proportions into the 'bowl' (Read: Pot.) And began attempting to mix them together with a strange utensil he found. (Spoon)

After he "Mixed" that together, he placed it to the side and looked at the next step. "Cream the sugar and Butter, beat in Egg and Vanilla before adding Dry ingredients." He at least got two steps right, mostly. He managed to cream the Sugar and Butter... Even added the Dry ingredients right... The issue came with the fact he didn't know what a "Beater" was and thus began punching the Egg and Vanilla into the mixture... It was... Interesting.

"Roll Dough into balls, then place on ungreased Sheet." He read, and proceeded to do, the instruction was simple enough so he didn't make a mistake like he did with the mixture itself. Upon placing the last of the dough on the sheet he inserted it into the oven and simply watched them for 10 minutes.

Before you get the wrong idea, no he didn't set a timer! He just sat and watched, counting the time in his head!

Once he had waited sufficient enough time he reached in and tried to grab the sheet, only for instinct to stop him. He didn't understand why he hesitated, but then remembered that his new form wasn't invincible, it was liable to injury. This instinct of Self Preservation was common in organics, he had a feeling that he'd become very very acquainted with it in time.

Megatron then realized he was staring straight into an oven for a good 30 seconds upon his revelation of his new instincts. He reached for a small mitt, shaped like a hand, put it on, and removed the sheet from the oven.

While he waited for the 'Cookies' he had just created to cool, he sought to clean his mess... Thing is he wasn't sure how exactly humans cleaned their tools... Primus Damn it where is Soundwave or Knockout to do this stuff for him? They are far more acquainted with human culture than he is!


After fighting with the poor sink... The poor poor sink, and putting his cooking tools away, he decided to allow himself to indulge in his new foodstuffs.

He removed one from the tray, it was cool enough to touch, and the cookie was warm. Looking at it now, he couldn't suppress the small amount of satisfaction that he got from cooking this small thing. He smiled briefly before taking his first bit, but when he did his eyes shot completely open.

"This. Is. AMAZING!"

Megatron shouted loud enough that some of his neighbors must have heard him. But can you blame him? He ate the cookie as fast as he could, it was so Good! He may believe Cybertronians were superior in most aspects to organics, but their ability to taste was something he'd never admit that he envied about them. At least not openly.

But he found himself unable to stop at one, and took another cookie, and another, and another, and another. It wasn't long before he found the tray empty, his stomach sated for now and an iota of disappointment that the delicious treats were gone...

With a sigh he decided to finally go upstairs and retire for the night, he found a room with a book on the shelf, a computer and desk, alongside a bed next to a window, this was obviously his quarters, but what piqued his curiosity was there were a number of other rooms furnished similarly. Oh well, those were questions for later, he took out the gun he took from the man he had met in the morning and set it on the desk. He was planning on studying it later, maybe figure out some way to improve it, but that was a venture for another day. Without another thought he approached the bed, layed down and allowed himself to drift into slumber...

Megatron found himself drifting through the cosmos, he found himself watching over Cybertron, he could see his people living their lives... Instead of fighting in a foolish war...

But as he watched he saw a shadow being cast from behind, it completely covered buildings, blocked out the sun completely...

Upon turning around he found himself staring up at Unicron...

Slowly the Chaos Bringers mighty club was raised high above and brought down twice as fast

"No! STOP!" Megatron called out, but it was too late

Megatron awoke with a gasp, his lungs couldn't bring in air fast enough. He found himself clutching his head. He wanted these visions gone from his mind... But in a manner of speaking this was his punishment for making a deal with the Devil... He was just lucky he got out of it at all...

He got out of bed and began getting dressed in that school uniform he was given... He went through a simple morning ritual of Brushing his teeth, cleaning himself, eating something for energy. (He would have made more cookies but he didn't have the time.)

He exited his base, and began wandering... Until it occurred to him he didn't know where the school was.

"Hey! Where are you going?!" A voice called out, when he turned to address it he found himself looking at a boy, around 5 ft, 7 inches. Brown hair brown eyes and wearing the same uniform a he was. Uninteresting in most regards... But not to Megatron... Looking into those eyes he saw something no one else would... He saw eyes so strikingly similar to one he had met before. "Uh, you okay?" The boy asked shaking Megatron his thoughts.

"Yes," Megatron said, "I was absorbed in thought..." Megatron stated... Well that statement isn't untrue.

"Where were you going?"

"If you must know; I was looking for the school."

"Well, if that's the case I could take you there if you want."

"It would be appreciated."

"Okay then... I'm Issei." He said holding out his hand.

"Jackson." Megatron said before shaking the child's hand, but for the briefest moment a vision invaded the warlords mind.

The image of a beast and its primal magnificence invaded his mind, its bright green eyes were briefly visible in the boys eyes when Megatron's fission returned. He recovered from his shock quickly, but a question still lingered in the gladiators mind.

"You're not from around here are you?"

"What gave it away? The fact that I'm wandering aimlessly? The foreign name and face?"

"All of the above. So you're a new student huh?"

"Your grasp of the obvious is inspiring."

"Hey, I'm helping you out of the goodness of me heart, you can at least be a little appreciative!"

Megatron wanted to be upset, but reminded himself that this boy was still a child. Still young and Learning. "I apologize, my day hasn't been well."


"You could say that." A lie, but a convincing one.

"It's alright, I think you'll like it here." The boy said "The classes aren't too tough, you get a decent amount of free time and..."


"THERE ARE SO MANY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS THAT ATTEND HERE!" He said as his "Its like Paradise on earth!" The boy proclaimed as they began walking to the school together.

Issei began leading him to the school, but while they walked Megatron began to wonder 'Why does this boy have the same primal aura of Predaking? Its not the exact same but extremely close to it... Very interesting..."

They continued until they reached the school, once they arrived Issei declared their arrival "Alright here we are."

"Your aid is appreciated. Goodbye." Megatron said simply, as he and the child parted ways.

Megatron had hoped things would be simple... He gets in, finds the people he is looking for and hopefully discover more about these so called 'Devils'.

But as soon as he entered the main building he suddenly found himself being stared at by almost everyone there. He spotted a small white haired child starring at him from the stairs, a boy with blonde hair and try eyes, starring at him from a hall, but the ones who warranted the most attention were on the level above, looking down on him.

Three had heads of black hair, one cut short, one that allows it to flow freely down, and another with a pony tail. But the fourth... That one drew special attention. Her hair was as red as the blood that flowed through the veins of all organic creatures... Red was not a common hair color among humans... But out of the four, two projected a strange atmosphere...

An atmosphere of Power.

Whoever they were... They were not common humans...

While they silently scanned each other a voice caught his attention "NOO!" The voice called out,

When Megatron looked over in its direction it was a boy eating glasses and a sort of bald one on their knees looking in his direction "It's not fair! It's not!" The one in glasses said

"He just shows up out of nowhere and all the girls are talking about him! He hasn't even been here a day yet!" The other one called out

The gladiator took his eyes off them to look at the four women who were looking down on him, only to find them gone.

Seeing no point in dwelling on it he tried to maneuver the halls but found himself stopped by a few human girls every few feet...

"Hey, you're new huh?"

"Did you just start here?"

"Where did you live before?"

"Where do you live?"

"Where did you come from?"

"You aren't a pervert are you?"

So.. So many questions...

He took a brief moment of hide in a class room... As a gladiator, he wasn't a stranger to getting swarmed... But this was on a different level!

He was glad that it happened to be the class he was trying to get to...

He considered himself lucky that he wouldn't have to answer anymore questions...

"Alright everyone, I'd like you to meet the new student joining us today. Everybody, meet Jackson Megatronus."

Or maybe not...

"Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?" The Teacher asked as the warlord began heading for an unoccupied seat..

Before sitting down the warlord took a small breath. "Very well, My name is Jackson Megatronus. It is..." He struggled for a moment to find the right word "Interesting to make your acquaintance." He said simply, opting to keep a lot of information about himself to himself.

"Is... Is that all?"

"Yes. What more did you expect?"

To be honest, the teacher expected more. But if there was nothing else school had to resume. "If that's the case we can get on with our class. Do you have your books?"

"Books?" He questioned, not knowing what she was talking about.

"Right, this is your first day. Well, see the Student Counsil President Sonua after school, she'll help get everything in order for you." The teacher said.

Megatron just gave a brief nod, almost unnoticeable by most regards. So one of his targets was the Student Council President. And he'd be introduced to her after the class. Good, but first class needed to end, however he was somewhat curious as to what passed for Human education...


As it turns out, Human education is exceptionally boring. Not even five minutes passed before he was trying to find something, ANYTHING else to occupy his attention. He found himself looking out the window every few moments, counting the number of times a Track student ran a lap.

By the Pitts this was boring!

"Mr Megatronus... Mr Megatronus!" The teacher called to get the gladiators attention.

"What is it?" He asked barely paying any attention

"Could you please answer the question?"

"What question? Are you talking about the joke you put on the board?" The former warmonger asked gesturing towards the board where a rather complex Math question resided

"Really? If it is a joke, then come up and solve it."

Megatron rolled his eyes; this wasn't worth his time. He approached the board and wrote the answer. Not even giving it so much as a second glance before returning to his seat.

The teacher took a few minutes to check and double check the answer... "That's.. Correct." She said in astonishment "Was it really that easy for you?"

"Believe me when I say, these simple subjects are child's play compared to what I've done in the past." The gladiator stated, before returning to his people watching. Megatron recalled his first time in the Pitts of Kaon, a new and unproven miner, trying to move up in the world... He he had to make his own weapons, and in such needed a very good understanding of Science and Mathematics to make his first Energon sword and shield.

And so he sat there, awaiting the end of class... It felt a lot longer than it actually was. He waited and waited, beginning to wonder if this was a place of education or imprisonment...


"Alright everyone, have a great rest of the day." The educator said as students began leaving the class, some stayed to talk, but Megatron had left to meet the Student Council.

He crossed the school to find their meeting room, however upon his arrival a note was on the door

"Student Council is out right now, Sorry for the inconvenience!"

'Wonderful' Megatron thought, rubbing his forehead before turning around and bumping into a boy with blonde hair and grey eyes

The two simply stared at each other for a bit, "Do you need something from me?" Megatron finally asked

"Apologizes," The boy said simply, "Simply strange to see eyes like yours. Anyways My name is Yuuto Kiba." He held out his hand to be shook, Megatron simply shook it

"Jackson Megatronus." The warlord said shaking the boys hand, but noticed he had a much stronger grip than most other Humans... Then again he didn't have a lot of handshakes with humans so he isn't really in a place to judge. After they let go of one anothers hands Megatron had places to check and people to find. "If we have no business than I'll be on my way" He said as he he began to depart, only for a hand on his shoulder to stop him.

"Actually, I do. You didn't let me finish talking. My club president would like to see you."

"And they are?"

"She is the President of the Occult Research Club: Rias Gremory."

Megatron gained the smallest of smiles "Is that so? Very well then." He said as this boy, Kiba, began leading him directly to one of his targets... "This day seems to be no surprise to strange coincidences."

it was a quiet walk to the old school building... but Megatron could feel many pairs of eyes watching him follow closely behind Kiba, a murmur here and there, a faint glance as they passed some students... Even so Megatron couldn't shake the feeling that someone was cursing at him from somewhere. It mattered not as he found himself led into an old school house. It was plain in most regards up to a certain point.. However something about this place had his instincts on high alert, as if he was entering a beasts den. But there was something else, a certain energy in the air; It was one he was familiar with, albeit so diluted he couldn't place his finger on what it was.

Upon being led into the Main room he took notice of the many eyes directed at him, and to his surprise the same four he had seen upon entering the school for the first time.

"Everyone, please meet our guest: Jackson Megatronus."

"So..." The former warmonger started observing everyone in the room, his ruby eyes scanned everyone, the white haired girl sitting on the couch, the Black pony tailed one filling cups with a liquid, the crimson haired woman starring intently at him and the two black haired ones with glasses. "This is the Occult Research Club is it?" He asked stepping inside.

"Ah, so you're the new student hm?" The red haired one asked, her tone was polite enough

"My name is Jackson Megatronus."

"Rias Gremory." She greeted, "You've already met Yuuto," she said before gesturing to the one with the long black ponytail "This is Himejima Akeno," she then gestured to the small white haired girl "And that is Toujou Koneko."

The girl with the short black hair and glasses spoke up next, "I am Sonua Shitori, President of the Student Council. And this is my Friend, and vice president Tsubaki Shinra." She said introducing herself and her second in command.

The warlord gave a nod of acknowledgement before turning to the Gremory. "Now that introductions are out of the way, what do you want with me?" He asked, before the red haired girl gestured for him to have a seat, he was a bit hesitant at first.

"We'll get to that, Tea?" She asked as the ponytailed one came over with a tray, she offered a cup of liquid, he had to assume this was the Tea she meant.

With some caution, he took the cup and took a sip before setting it on the table "I appreciate the hospitality, however you wouldn't bring just anyone here unless you desired something from them. So I ask again. What do you want?" He said staring intently scanning for some form of weakness, but the smirk she bore prevented any such weakness from being shown.

"I believed I should be the on asking you that." She said standing and navigating around her desk, her hips swayed with each step. She stopped in front and leaned back against it "It's not every day an Exorcist starts coming to school here. So Why are you here?" She asked

There was that word again, 'Exorcist'... "I've been sent to spy on You and Souna." His hands quickly shot to his mouth, he spoke without even intending to! What the hell?!

"By who?" She asked, a smirk forming on her face

"By a woman named Raynare."" He spoke again even when trying to force his mouth closed! How are they doing this?! Wait a moment, upon looking around he saw that he was the only one given this "Tea"... Smart lacing it with son sort of drug to force truth from him... But no more! He quickly grasped a sleeve from his blazer and tore it off and turned it into a makeshift gag.

Rias began rubbing her chin.. "What would a fallen angel have an interest in spying in us?" She asked herself before hearing the tearing of cloth and witnessing the warlord bite down on a sleeve he tore off and tie it tight around the back of his head. "Yuuto, could you get that gag off, I want to know why this 'Raynare' wants to keep an eye on us." She asked as the boy nodded and made his way over to the warlord.

As the boy got close, Megatron's combative instincts kicked in. Kiba raised his arm to grab the gag only for his hand to be quickly and abruptly stopped. "Hey!" He said before a powerful strike found itself in his ribs, followed by another. And another! His arm was pulled towards the gladiator and a very quick headbutt landed on his nose. He managed to free his hand and began rubbing his ribs a bit "That was pretty good, Where'd you learn to fight?" Kiba asked recovering awfully fast from the warlords hits

"He Fitts Of keyon!" Megatron responded, but this warranted confused looks by everyone, some because they didn't understand, or they had never heard of that place before.

"Well, it doesn't matter anyways now. You caught me off guard before, I'll give you that you got a few good shots in but now-" he was interrupted when Megatron grabbed him by the face and began spinning his body, building up some momentum and throwing Kiba AT and OUT the window. That feat of strength surprised everyone, raising someone off the ground and throwing them with nothing but strength was an impressive display.

But Ias decided to meet strength with Strength, "Koneko, could you please knock this guy out, Akeno go and check on Yuuto." Rias said as the Akeno strolled over to the broken window and hopped out.

The small white haired girl stood up from her seat and made her way over, "Oh please," Megatron thought as the small girl got closer "Do they honestly expect-"




"...Why am I upside down?" he asked as he rolled over and stood up, he saw the other girls laughing like hyenas. While the small white one standing where he once stood.

Megatron and this 'Koneko' stared each other down, "Stay down." She said but he wouldn't give up that easy, and got ready to fight once more.

"He just caught me off guard is all." Kiba said still lying on his back with Akeno looking down at him

"He's strong for a human isn't he?" She asked with a kind smile "Imagine his strength if he became a devil." She said, the mental picture of him forcing others to do things made her all kinds of giddy

"Strong, yes. But the more dangerously aspect is his battle sense." Kiba said as he began getting up


"He saw opportunities to attack and took them, even when I was about to fight for real he didn't give me the chance to fight, opting to take me out as soon as possible." Kiba said dusting himself off before groaning "Aww man, and we just cleaned before I got him. Now look at this mess." Kiba said gesturing to the broken glass

"We can clean it up later, lets get back in and see how everyone else is doing." Akeno said happily

"Alright let's-" Kiba started before a familiar body landed on top of him

"Oh my, Koneko are you alright?" The [Queen] of Rias asked the [Rook]

"Fine." She said laying on her back atop the [Knight] of Rias.

"What happened?"

"Made an Error."

"An Error?"

"He's bigger."

"Oh... I see." Akeno said before wings sprouted from her back and she flew back up to the window.

"These were no ordinary humans." Megatron realized as he was now facing off against the Student Council Vice President who was swinging a Naginata at him, Where she got it from he had absolutely no damned idea, but she was good with it using its range to keep him at bay while also trying to make strikes.

He needed to either disarm her, or find a weapon of his own, but sadly there was none to be found! So this fight had turned into a game of keep away...

Until he heard a voice come from the broken window behind him "I hate to end the fun Rias, but I feel as though I should end this, may I?" The girl asked, but upon turning around his eyes widened when he saw WINGS growing out of her back!

Rias nodded and again to Megatron's shock the flying girl was producing LIGHTNING from her hands! "This has to be some type of trick! Some type of Hovering device hidden under her cloths and Arc Projectors hidden in her sleeves!" The warlord thought, if an arc projector was the case he needed cover or at least something to put between him and the lightning bolt!

The woman with the Naginata began smirking but in an instant the smirk vanished when Megatron rushed her, he allowed the blade to cut into his flesh as he closed the distance as fast as he could. Upon reaching her the warlord wrapped an arm around her neck and forced her between the incoming Lightning bolt.

Shinra didn't understand what he was doing, not until she saw Akeno fire. Instinct overriding Rational thought she summoned her sacred gear "Mirror Alice" to reflect the attack.

Megatron had braced himself for a shock, but not the type he expected, his jaw almost hit the floor as a mirror was called into existence, he didn't see what had happened completely but he heard Akeno say "Oh no." Followed by an exclamation of pain... Or euphoria? It was difficult to tell.

But upon the mirror vanishing Megatron realized he had the upper hand in this fight and quickly slammed Shinra into a wall hard enough to cause the wood to splinter before throwing her out the window as well.

But upon that throwing the girl out; the floor in front of him was absolutely destroyed! He looked at the source and saw the Crimson haired "Devil" holding her hand out with some type of red aura floating all around her, anything that didn't have significant weight, like papers and small objects began getting pushed by an invisible force. "I had hoped it wouldn't come to this. I tried using civil methods, but since you hurt my precious servants; I will deal with you myself." She said, but the warlord was confused and pissed.

He removed his gag, "If you intend to kill me then I invite you to try!" He shouted, "I made the mistake of believing you to be normal Humans, But that is one I will not make again!" He proclaimed, but his words caught the attention of the Student Council President, he believed they were humans? ... And in that moment a very bad thought crossed her mind, she would have tried to stop this but she knew it was pointless, Rias would knock them out and she'd wipe his memory and heal whatever wounds he suffered.

"I'm not going to kill you. But you hurt my servants, so I can't promise that this won't hurt." She said as a ball of crmsion energy began forming on the glyph.

But that was Megatron's que to withdraw. He would rather die than let himself get captured by ANYONE. So he ran in the direction of the fastest exit.

The Broken Window.

He ran as fast as he could, Rias first attack missed and obliterated the door he entered from. But her second found its way to his left shoulder. He was no stranger to pain, but...

That HURT!

He let out a brief grunt, a hand instinctively shooting to his shoulder as he jumped through the window.

He landed on a small pile of bodies, causing the poor boy at the bottom to ask, albeit weakly "Who is it this time?" He asked, not expecting a real answer, but genuinely wanting to know who was on top of them.

The warmonger however ran as fast as he could, he couldn't win, not like this. He had to withdraw.


As he ran so many new questions were in his head: how did that little girl get so strong? How did that other one shoot lightning and fly? Where did that mirror come from and why did it deflect lightning? And how did that Rias shoot such a destructive attack?

But while he ran Rias watched from the window, she would have tried another attack, but she didn't want to risk discover. He had nowhere to hide, they'd find him soon enough.


He eventually stopped in a small clearing, a good distance away from the club. He leaned against a tree and started becoming acquainted with his old friend Exhaustion. He took deep breaths, trying to steady his breathing. He removed his blazer and shirt to examine the bruises on his torso, that girl, Koneko got a few good shots in. He took a look at his arm, a decent sized cut ran across his forearm but that wasn't the worst part. The worst part, was that his shoulder was about 50 different kinds of fucked up. It looked bad, but not unfixable. He just needed to get to the medical center of this school. But then again he knew first aid for Cybertronians, not humans...

He took a breath to calm his mind, before a paper that was blowing in the wind got caught on his legs. The gladiator took it and examined... It was some form of contract, labeled extermination with an address, and requesting that Rias Gremory kill the "Monster" that lived there...

Megatron debated with himself on going to see this monster...

He was in a weakened state, his wounds needed treatment, a hospital maybe? But what excuse could he have for his shoulder and the cut of the Nagiata and all the bruising.

He could go to Raynare, but then again... She may not take too kindly to failure on the first day... And the Devil, Rias addressed her as a "Fallen Angel." The gladiator was familiar with the term, during his research on human religion while waging war on the Autobots, it was an angel cast from heaven, most often because they sinned. That meant one thing.

They were untrustworthy.

He elected to return to his dwelling to lick his wounds before setting out to face this "Monster"

"So many Questions were raised today... I need answers to some of them."

"So everyone's okay?" Rias asked as her peerage and Shinra sat on the couches

"Mostly." Kiba said looking at Akeno who was still unconscious

"Well, at least we know why the exorcist was here and who sent them." Rias said before hearing Sona sigh

She pushed up her glasses, "I don't think he's an Exorcist."

"How could he not be? My familiar found an Exorcist gun in his house and Koneko even said they had the smell of a Fallen Angel and he even admited that he was here to spy on us." Rias replied,

"Then why did he look so surprised at everything we did? His reactions showed that he had no idea what a devil could do? Exorcists usually have a basic idea of what we can do. But he was surprised to see Akeno have wings, and Shinra use Mirror Alice. When we asked who sent him, he said a Woman named Raynare sent him. If he knew she was a fallen angel, the spell I put on the tea would have made the distinction.." The Student Council President said,

"What are you saying Sona?"

"We may have been too rash in our assumptions. I fear we may have just attacked a normal human, assuming they were an exorcist." Sona stated bringing both hands to her face

"Then why would he have an exorcist gun?"

"Maybe he found it? Maybe it was given to him? I'm not sure. I do know that none of this adds up to draw a good conclusion on his allegiance."

Rias looked down in thought, "If he is just a victim of circumstance, then we should at the very least find him, heal him, and wipe his memory for good measure. I don't want a war to start because we attacked an innocent human" she said before her gaze went to Koneko "Koneko, think you can find him?"

The small girl nodded "Yes."

"Then go, the sooner we find him the better." She ordered allowing the girl to depart, "My familiar will hide near his house and tell us if he returns there." She said before looking at Kiba "Yuuto, me, you and Akeno will be hunting a few stray devils by ourselves. We still have other responsibilities and shouldn't neglect doing them."

Kiba nodded "Understood. If that is the case, seeing as how I have a few contracts to do while the day is still young. Goodbye everyone." He said politely, giving a bow towards everyone before leaving.

"I'll have my Peerage keep watch over the school and keep an eye out for Jackson," the Student Council President said "As soon as he shows himself we'll know."

"Thats assuming he comes out at all." The ORC president replied, examining the dried blood stain on the wall, "And assuming he is willing to cooperate this time." He likely would resist going willingly,

The Student Council Vice president spoke up this time "What if he goes to his Fallen Angel Contact about this? What then?"

"If he does," Souna started "They will either kill him or turn him into an exorcist, but it is more likely to be the former."


"A spy that gets discovered on their first day isn't exactly a good reason to be welcomed into their fold. He will be seen as incompetent and knows too much, since he is all but useless to them they'll just get rid of him."

"So its up to us to find him first before he walks headfirst into his death." Rias concluded. "Besides that if we help him he'll be more susceptible to the idea of becoming a Devil. He'd make a good Rook."

"Already scoping him out Rias? What about that Issei boy? Doesn't he have a sacred gear?" Souna asked

"I can scope two people at once." Rias defended "Besides its not like your interested in him."

"Fair enough. However I don't think your chances are very good."

"Why's that?"

"You did attack him."

"...Right... Well... Maybe he'll warm up to the idea?"

"Oh Rias..."

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