Shinichi Kudo, or better known as Conan in his kid form, never believed in magic. It was hard to believe in it, when one was a detective and knew almost every trick in the book. Magic shows may have been interesting when he was young- er… younger. He'd go with toddlerhood. But after he became invested in detective skills, his belief for magic died out. It was not that different from other teenagers. The only differences were that he never found entertainment in it anymore while the others still did. The only thing related to magic that he found any entertainment was in Kaito Kid. At least the thief made things interesting and challenging.

No, he did not believe in magic. So it was of no surprise that he was quite shock and sceptic when his mother revealed that, in fact, he came from a magical family. If it was not for how serious she looked, he would have thought she was pulling a prank on him.

"Wait… what?"

"You, Tam-chan and I come from a family of wizards and witches."

Blue eyes blinked with deeper confusion.

"Okaa-san, magic doesn't exist. There's no such thing as wizards and witches."

His mother gave him a grim smile. Her eyes turned sad. She mused out loud with a nod:

"I can understand why you would think that. Neither you nor I were born with magic, unlike Tam-chan. He gets it from my side of the family."

Shinichi felt a headache start to form. This was not real. It had to be a trick. He tried to reason why it was a trick, even though, in his gut, he knew that it wasn't. He demanded:

"I want to see proof."

Yukiko gave him a small grin. She turned around a bit to pick up a small old warned out box. With it, the lid was taken off. The opened box was handed to the son, who took it with hesitation. He blinked as he looked inside. As he took the objects out, his mother explained to him of the contents.

"Most of these belonged to your grandfather and grandmother. The newspapers are newer, dating back to when Tam-chan was born. The ones on top are the newer ones from the last few months."

Shinichi looked at his grandparents contents first. There was a pair for both the mirror and journal. He grabbed one of the mirrors first. The brown headed ex-actress grabbed the other and showed with her hands for her son to copy her movements. He did, as he watched with deep concentration to figure out what made the mirrors 'magic'. The woman stated to the mirror:

"Connect to Fujimine Sakura"

Then something happened that made Shinichi almost drop the priceless mirror. It shinned a bit before it revealed his mother's reflection. His glasses dropped a bit. He stuttered:

"Wh-what? How? This- old- shouldn't have camera- what?"

Yukiko didn't bother to hide her look of amusements. She explained to her shocked son:

"Your grandfather used to go overseas a lot to conduct business. But he and your grandmother grew homesick and missed each other quite a bit. One thing that they did was get two-way communication devices. This mirror was one of them, and the journals are the other. Here, let me show you."

She handed him one of the journals while she grabbed the other. With both flipped opened, the female of the duo grabbed a pen and scribbled some words on it. Her hand gestured for her son to look at his journal, which he did with wide eyes. On his page were written in elegant writing random words. That writing belonged to his mother. If he hasn't seen the writing appeared on its own, out of nowhere. If he didn't know there was no way that she could have this before handing it to him, he would have thought it was a trick. It wasn't.

Slow, piece of evidence by piece, his stubbornness and skepticism started to fall apart. Disbelief, wonder and curiosity replaced them. He slapped the journal closed, closed his eyes and tried to wrap his mind around what he was given. It didn't make sense. He had to make sure that he went through every information that he knew. To scan them and compare them to what he saw.

Yukiko stood up in silence, with a grin. She knew that if he wanted to know something, he'd ask. With that, she left to cook dinner.

Shinichi paid no attention to her leave. He heard her, but didn't care. With the sounds of frying pans moving around, he knew where she was and what she was doing. He reopened his eyes, which turned to the newspapers. They were looked through by the teenager trapped in a child's body. The older ones came and went first. He watched with interest at the pictures that moved and were quite lifelike. There was no technology that he knew, which acted like a video on a piece of paper. It was impossible, until now. Articles were read in quick but efficient pace. Half of the information was understood, if one went with common sense. It also didn't hurt that he read the other articles that talked more in depth about the subjects. Others left Shinichi more puzzled than before. The more up to date newspapers were in English. His English was excellent, but it didn't help much. Harry Potter. Triwizard Tournament. Hogwarts. Beauxbatons. Durmstrang. Dragons. Mermaids. Maze filled with monsters and traps. You-Know-Who, which he didn't know who they talked about. Liar. Attention seeker. Death. Accident. Cedric Diggory. No need to fear. Wizarding War against You-Know-Who. There was so much new information that made Shinichi pause to relook at his thoughts.

Shinichi wasn't one for politics. He already was too busy with murders and suicides. Why should he care to add politics onto the list? Sure he ran into politician deaths once in a while, but that was the closest he ever got to politics in general. For a detective, he found the politics a messy business that was best to keep an eye on from far away. With that said, he was sure that many of the articles that bashed this Harry Potter had to do with politics.

It was time to ask his mother about the articles, among other things.

So he did. With a hop from the chairs, he made his way to the kitchen to start his interrogation. His mother's back was to him, as she cooked with a determine look on her face. She hoped from one ingredient to another, in a frantic manner. The woman wondered out loud about the dishes she should make. There was a comment that it wouldn't be a big dinner, but enough for 4 people. This told Shinichi that his younger brother might come home. The idea that there was a huge chance made the eldest son both excited and nervous. He remembered the first time he found out that he had a younger brother. There was a school project in elementary school that required all students to make a family tree. So he did. He looked through every photo that he could get his hands on and stumbled upon a birth certificate. It stated the name of his brother, the date he was born and all that basic information. The next day, he came to school with a hazy expression and mind, after a short but informed evening with his parents. Even though he always hoped that his brother was alive, he still grew up as an only child. This would be an odd experience, not only for him, but for the whole family. Two children? A younger brother? An older brother? Those three concepts were foreign for the small family. Yet, Shinichi was confident that they would pull through.

"Oh, I wonder if Tam-chan likes fish. Hm… does he like-?"

Shinichi bit back a smile. It was nice to have his parents back, no matter how much they like to embarrass him. He spoke up:

"Okaa-san, I'm sure that he'll like whatever you'll cook. But don't make anything spicy, we don't know if he can deal with that. And maybe cook something close to home, wherever he lived?"

"Oh! That's a brilliant idea Shin-chan."

Yukiko replied with brightness and hurried to make a Japanese mix British dinner. The blue eyed son jumped onto one of the seats at the island, in the middle of the large kitchen. He watched his mother for a few minutes, while he listed off some questions and rated them on their importance in his mind. With his glasses taken off, no need for the disguise anymore, he started the interrogation.

"Why didn't you ever tell me about our family being… magical?"

The word was still hard for him to swallow. How could it, when he believed for most of his life that there was no such thing? A sigh escaped from the ex-actress's lips. She took out some meat and placed it on the island. While it was being prepared, she answered with honesty:

"I didn't think it'd be important, since neither you nor I have magic. I didn't think that Tam-chan would have it either." A worried look entered her eyes. "Now that there's a wizard in the family, Tam-chan will be the heir. Everyone will pressure him to continue the reputation of the Fujimine family."

Shinichi blinked at the news.

"Reputation?" He wondered. He had few memories of his Fujimine grandparents. What he remembered was the strict but kind auras that surrounded their beings. They were quite high class, but the thoughts behind it all never once crossed his mind. The duo died when he was 6, so by the time he grew interested in them it was too late. The answers were always too vague on the few times he did ask about them. Now it all made sense, all but one thing. "What reputation?"

"Hm… how should I explain it?" His mother hummed with serious thought, which was rare. "My side of the family had wizards and witches that were more on the unique side of the spectrum. If you want to call it that. We were for a long time a powerful family."

"How long are we talking about?"

Yukiko sent her son a sheepish smile as she answered.

"A millennium"

Shinichi almost choked on his saliva. During his many cases, he met powerful families and famous historical figures. Their reputations, at most, went back centuries. It was rare when he met someone whose reputation stayed strong for a millennium.

"W-What?" He stuttered. His wide, shocked eyes blinked many times. "What made us so powerful?"

"Many would say that our powers had no limits, and I can't say that I blame them. Every member of the family specialized in a magical field with extreme ease, like we were born for it. It always came natural for us. My father, for example, was an expert in the rune field. Even though I never had magic, I was always good with manipulation of some kind. If I did have magic, I would have been an expert in either potions or mind control. You would have been quite good in Charms or in mind control, like me."

Yukiko sighed when the mixer wouldn't mix. After she pushed a few buttons, it finally worked. With a relief smile, she made her way to work on rice. Through the 10 minutes that it took her to get the machine to work, Shinichi managed to wrap his mind around the information. If he had magic, it'd make sense on what she said. It was no brainer to the fields she mentioned. He had a good amount of knowledge of what runes were, as sometimes criminals or victims used them. Potions were that, from what popular culture always said, at least. Charms were as easy to figure out what they meant. Mind control was something that he'd take to like fish to water, he knew for sure. It almost made him want to have magic. But he had a gut feeling that it would have changed his life too much for his liking. This new information brought up new questions. So he asked them.

"So what will happen to Tamotsu? Do we have to worry about a press or something, once they figure out that the family line is continuing?"

Now Yukiko looked concerned. She hasn't thought about that, and knew that the Japanese Magical Community wouldn't be the only one to watch them. Not when they figured out that the new heir was none other than Harry Potter. She'd need to look into that, but she needed to make some sort of a decision now. With a sigh, she replied:

"We'll worry about it later. For now, everyone will have to keep quiet. It won't do any of us any good when everyone finds out, before we settle down into the family we should have been."

Shinichi nodded in acceptance. He placed the newer newspapers onto the only empty spot on the island, and started to list off his questions.

"It says that Harry Potter, You-Know-Who and a Wizarding War. What are those? I don't know any you know who."

Yukiko almost dropped her plate full of vegetables that would go into the soup. Her youthful face turned pale. She uttered in shock:

"I forgot those newspapers were in there."


Her son voiced with worrisome. He never saw his mother in this state. It actually scared him, though he wouldn't admit it to most people except his father. The brown headed woman shook her head, the brown hair moved alongside her in its low ponytail. She took in a deep breath before continuing with her cooking and answered the questions.

"You-Know-Who is a dark wizard that terrorized Britain in the 1960s and 70s. You can compare him to Hitler, and even then his ideals appear more extreme." Shinichi's eyebrows shot up to his hairline. That was new. "Everyone grew so terrified of him that nobody dares to say his name. That's where the names You-Know-Who and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named come from. I don't know what his name is, because Asia in general doesn't care for what happens in Europe. So the magical newspapers never say much except for a short article."

"But the British know"

"Yes, and they wouldn't share the name with anybody. It's a taboo. You know the expression 'Speak of the Devil and he shall appear'?" He nodded. "The British magical community believes in it. It is to the point that they swear up and down that he will appear if one said his name. That's why nobody outside of Europe knows his name."

"So I take it that he has a strong connection with the Wizarding War?"

His mother nodded. A bit of colour returned to her face, but not much.

"Yes, he was the one that started it. It took place only in Britain, but it affected the rest of Europe. They say that if he had won, then his campaign would have spread to the rest of Europe. It doesn't help that many of his Death Eaters were left to roam free."

Shinichi couldn't help but snore at the name.

"Death Eaters?"

The look he was given killed the humour. He hunched a bit, trying to make himself appear smaller so to not get hit with the hot frying pan in her hand. Thank God that the look lasted only a few seconds, before she turned back to the food.

"Those were his… minions, I guess you can call them?" Yukiko gave a small shrug. "They committed many crimes of all kinds. They vary from murders to rapes to torture."

Shinichi sat up straight when he heard of the list of crimes. His mouth dropped open in shock.

"W-Wait, and they were let go?!"

"The British Ministry of Magic is known all around the world for being corrupted. It was true during the war, and it's still true today. That's where Harry Potter comes in."

"What of this Harry Potter? It says here that he's only 14."

What made him so important that the newspapers always called him the Boy-Who-Lived? And what was his connection to the war? Shinichi couldn't picture anybody allowing a 14 year old to go into the battle field. The teenager trapped in a child's body once more raised an eyebrow at how uncomfortable his mother looked. With a defeated body language, she said over her shoulder:

"He defeated You-Know-Who when he was a little over a year old. They don't know how, but his parents were killed while he managed to get out of it alive. He shouldn't have, because Avada Kedavra, the killing curse, cannot be blocked in any way. But he did the impossible. Not only did he survive, but he killed You-Know-Who in return. That has ended the war. But not too long ago, as I guess you have read, there's a controversy over his return. The only ones that say that he has returned are Dumbledore, a headmaster of Hogwarts, which is a wizarding school. The other is Harry Potter…" Yukiko paused in her explanation as she finished with the rice and pushed it aside, to let it rest in the fast cooker. Her blue eyes turned to her eldest. "I want you to do me a favour, Shinichi."

Shinichi was taken back that she didn't use the usual nickname. Today only got weirder, but it couldn't get any stranger than this, he decided.

"What is it?"

"I know that you like to act like Sherlock Holmes, which means that you deduce who the person is on the spot. But don't do that to your brother."


"Your brother is Harry Potter"

Shinichi wasn't one to believe in magic. But now, he knew for sure, that real magic did exist. Not only that, but he knew for sure that jinxes were real. Now that he knew that, he should really stop doing it to himself.