Chapter One: It Begins

The full moon shone brightly along with the twinkling stars as they shone down on an extravagant looking house in the Suburbs of Station Square. Out of one of the second story windows in the front of the house, sat the silhouette of a young woman. This young woman was in her late teens, around the age of eighteen, and for an eighteen year old, she was gorgeous. She had medium length Auburn brown hair that was currently tied back in a loose ponytail. Her eyes were a mesmerizing shade of sapphire blue, framed with thick natural eyelashes. Her cheeks had an aristocratic structure to them that made it almost seem as if she was born to royalty, which in a way she almost was, for she was non other than Melanie Thorndyke, eldest child to the wealthy and successful Nelson and Lindsey Thorndyke.

She had a younger brother named Christopher, but everyone called him Chris. Chris was eight years younger than Melanie, making him about ten years old. Melanie loved her little brother to death, and it was because of him that she stayed at home. Melanie knew her parents and even her Grandfather were not happy with her staying at home. All three of them wanted Melanie to go off to a prestigious University and get a college education to be something successful. Melanie did plan on going to a University someday, but she had made a silent promise that she would stay by her brothers side until he was old enough to be on his own. Melanie sort of held a grudge against her parents. Because they were so busy with their careers, they did not have enough time to act like actual parents. Melanie could very well remember her childhood growing up in an empty house with only Ella the housekeeper for company. When Chris was born, Melanie was so overjoyed to have a sibling that she vowed when she first held him, to be the best big sister in the world and would always be there for her baby brother so that he would never feel the loneliness that she had to endure.

Back to the night at hand. Nighttime was always Melanie's favorite time of day because it was the quietest time where all you can hear are the crickets chirping, especially on clear nights like tonight, and enjoy the brilliance of the stars in the sky.

Although tonight seemed to be different from most nights. Melanie frowned as she heard the constant distant sound of choppers in the sky and sirens on the road. They weren't too loud, since the Thorndyke residence was far enough away from the city, but it was still a sound that was not usually heard at night and it made Melanie wonder, just what was going on tonight?

Shrugging and deciding not to think on it further. Melanie opened the book that was sitting on her lap and started to read. Melanie loved to read, especially fantasy adventure, tales dappled with romance. She smiled as she continued to read her favorite book, Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen.

Suddenly a knock sounded at her door. Confused, Melanie looked up to her door and called out, "Come in," The door opened immediately and her brother ran in. Chris was about average size for a ten year old, he wasn't short, yet he wasn't overly tall either. He had the same shade of hair as his sister, with it maybe being a tad lighter in color than hers, and his eyes were a light blue color instead of the intense sapphire that his sister had. He was currently wearing his favorite light blue pajamas while Melanie simply wore a dark gray tank top with gray sweatpants.

Chris ran over to his sister and grabbed her arm exclaiming quietly, so as not to wake the house keeper or the butler, "Mel come quick! I think something fell into our pool!" Melanie's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "And how do you know that?" Chris just tugged on her arm again as he replied, "I heard what sounded like a splash, and when I looked out my window there were ripples on the surface of the water! Please can you come with me to check it out?" Melanie hesitated for a moment before nodding her head and letting her brother lead her by the arm.

Once they reached the pool's terrace, they noticed that something had indeed landed in the water and seemed to be struggling to reach the surface. Before Melanie could do or say anything, her brother had let go of her hand, and ignoring her whispered yell to stop, jumped into the water to help the poor creature. Sighing in exasperation, Melanie noticed the towel rack and walked over to grab some towels for her brother and their mystery guest.

She just finished grabbing the last towel she needed, when the sound of a splash and two fits of coughing reached her ears. She turned around and started to head over to her brother but paused for a moment when she noticed what her brother had saved. A…Blue spiky haired creature with red shoes?

She finally reached the two as her brother finished getting his breath back and he asked the creature, "That was close! Are you ok?" Now Melanie had to smile at that, because even though her brother probably thought the same thing she did, that the poor creature can't understand them, he was still worried for it. Shockingly though, the creature suddenly groaned and said, "Yeah, thanks a lot."

Melanie was standing in front of the two and when she heard the creature actually speak, she gasped and blurted out, "I didn't think you could talk!" She then dropped the towels and covered her mouth in embarrassment as the creature tilted its head to look up at her. Emerald green eyes suddenly met Sapphire blue and it seemed like the world froze for a moment. Melanie's cheeks slowly started to turn pink as she gazed into the most beautiful green eyes she had ever seen! They were so intense and twinkled almost like emeralds, she felt she could lose herself looking into them. The creature seemed to think the same. He had never seen eyes with such a twinkling deep shade of blue. But the creature suddenly remembered what the girl just said and still looking directly into her eyes replied with a slight hint of indignation or pride, "I can do a lot of things."

Melanie, who still had her hands over her mouth, which were now serving to hide her blush, merely nodded in understanding as her little brother, completely oblivious to the intense moment that just happened between the other two exclaimed happily, "Wow, that's awesome! That you can talk, I mean." Then when the creature's gaze swung back to him, he indicated himself and Melanie, who had finally removed her hands from her mouth, and said, "My name's Christopher and this is my sister Melanie. Do you have a name?" The creature looked between the two siblings, his gaze lingering on Melanie a second longer before smirking and exclaiming proudly, "Yeah I have a name! My name is Sonic the Hedgehog."