Chapter Eight: Two Hearts, One Goal

Author's Note: Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your time and patience. Here is the next chapter for Forbidden Feeling, the building animosity between Amy and Melanie is underway! Please enjoy and tell me what you think. :)

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The rest of the week was spent shopping, packing, and preparing for a weekend vacation at the Thorndyke's Coastal Villa. The whole time, both Amy and Melanie kept clear of each other's paths, both still mad at each other for each having a crush on the blue male Hedgehog. The others were beginning to notice the odd behavior of the two females, but no one questioned them about it, for fear of becoming the new object of their ire.

At one point, the day before they were set to leave, while everyone was helping pack up both Melanie's convertible and the X-Tornado, Melanie noticed that someone seemed to be missing from the preparations.

Having a hunch on where the certain someone would be, Melanie had Mr. Tanaka finish overseeing preparations, while she headed out to the yard towards her favorite climbing tree. Sure enough, her hunch was correct, and she found Sonic peacefully asleep on one of the branches of the tree. With a small smile of exasperated amusement, Melanie nimbly leapt up to grab the lowest branch of the tree and climbed her way up, so that she was on the branch directly above the one Sonic was laying on. Breaking off a long, thin stick, Melanie laid down on her branch and carefully reached down, and started poking Sonic with the stick.

When the poking did not seem to work, a mischievous glint lit up the teenager's eyes, as she then used the branch to start tickling Sonic in his side. That motion immediately got a reaction as Sonic started immediately fidgeting, then squirming and soon began laughing. She grinned and kept it up until Sonic's eyes shot open and he grabbed and yanked her stick with unnecessary force, causing Melanie to shriek in surprise and latch her legs onto the branch she was on, as the yank pulled her off balance! Now, Melanie was hanging upside down at eye level with Sonic, who was standing with his arms crossed on the branch below her.

Chuckling awkwardly, Melanie gave a small wave and said, "Uh, Hi Sonic! What's up?" Simply raising an unamused eyebrow, Sonic uncrossed his arms to reveal the offending stick that woke him up, now in his grasp. Seeing the stick, Melanie could only reply with a simple, "Ah…"

The two stared at each other for a moment longer, before the same mischievous glint that had been apparent in Melanie's eyes earlier, entered Sonic's eyes, as he slowly began to smirk. Starting to feel a little uneasy, and slightly vulnerable, since she was still stuck dangling upside down, Melanie warily asked, "Why are you smiling like that?" Instead of replying, Sonic simply lifted the stick and began tickling Melanie's sides!

Immediately, Melanie shrieked and tried to get away from the stick, but the effort was futile, and she began to giggle uncontrollably. "Hee, ha, ha, Sonic! Ha, ha, ha, Stop! AH ha, ha, ha…" Grinning, Sonic cupped his ear with his one free hand and said,"What was that Mel?" Gasping for air now, especially since her blood was starting to rush to her brain from being upside down for so long, Melanie replied, "Ha, ha, hee, I'm…ha, ha, ha, Sorry! Please…Ha, ha, ha, Stop!"

Suddenly, all the movement Melanie was doing, to get away from the atrocious tickling stick, caused her to lose her holding with her feet on the branch above. Gasping, now in fright, Melanie felt herself begin to fall, head first, towards the ground! As quickly as she started to fall, she suddenly felt herself come to a dead stop, and felt a slight rush of wind passing her face.

Opening her eyes, because she had closed them when she began falling, Melanie felt her eyes widen to find that she was, once again, being held bridal style by Sonic, who was running at one of his fast speeds with her in his arms! Once Sonic stopped, Melanie looked around to realize that Sonic had taken them away from the Thorndyke Mansion and up into one of the foothill forested areas on the outskirts of the Station Square City limit.

Carefully setting her down on the grassy ground, Sonic carefully looked her over, worry and concern evident in his big emerald eyes as he asked, "Are you ok Mel?" Trying to force herself not to drown in his beautiful emerald gaze, Melanie slowly nodded and replied, "I think I am. Thank you for keeping me from falling."

Then breaking they're staring contest, Melanie carefully stood up and looking around, she asked, "Where are we?" Looking around as well, Sonic replied,"It's someplace I found in the first few weeks living at your guy's place. A nice quiet place to relax with nature, kind of reminded me of back home a bit."

Melanie couldn't help but feel a slight pang in her gut when she heard those words. Even though she knew that she has a crush on her friend, she also knew that they both belong to two completely different worlds.

Trying to shake the melancholy feeling away, Melanie forced a smile and said, "Well it is a beautiful spot you found." And indeed it is. The place the two of them stood in, was a forested clearing shaded by tall Douglas Fir Trees. There was a small stream that seemed to trickle in from the North, and created a peaceful little pond, surrounded by boulders big enough for someone to sit and relax on.

While Melanie was admiring the scenery, Sonic was subtly admiring her. Today, Melanie was wearing a short-sleeved, flower patterned purple, semi-transparent blouse, overtop of a dark blue tank top. She also wore dark blue denim shorts with purple converse shoes. Her auburn hair was tied back in a high ponytail with a purple ribbon. To summarize, Sonic couldn't help but think that Melanie was very pretty today, and a small, fond smile, graced his lips as he thought that.

Suddenly seeing Melanie turn to look at him again, Sonic quickly averted his gaze to something else and forced his body to not start blushing. He cursed himself mentally for his stupid crush on his female human friend. Why, why was he falling for her?

Not seeming to notice the mental battle that her companion was having, Melanie asked Sonic, "I'm happy that you showed me this place Sonic, but why? Couldn't we have stayed back at the house?" Shrugging, Sonic replied, "I thought I heard Amy coming and, seeing how the two of you seemed to be avoiding each other recently, I thought it best to get you out of there."

Frowning, Melanie wanted to yell at him, 'Well it's your own fault you stupid Hedgehog!' But she bit her lip and said instead, "Ah, thanks I guess." Now looking at Melanie in curiosity, Sonic asked, "Why are the two of you being so hostile to each other?" Melanie blinked and stared with a deadpan expression at the oblivious male, 'He honestly has no idea? How dense is he?' She thought to herself.

Not sure that blurting out to him that both her and Amy have major crushes on him, would go over very well. Melanie turned away from the annoying Hedgehog and replied shortly, "It's nothing. Just something that the two of us have to work out. Eventually…" Sonic blinked in confusion, but then shrugged his shoulders and let the matter go for now.

Moving over to sit by the pond, Melanie then asked her own question, "So, Sonic, how come you have been avoiding helping everyone in getting ready for the trip?" Sonic made his way to her side and sat down next to her on the boulder. He remained silent for a little while, and just when Melanie opened her mouth to prompt him to answer, he quietly replied, "Because I'm not going."

Melanie's eyes widened in surprise and she found herself asking, "What! But why?" Sonic didn't look at her. Instead he stared at the calm, rippling surface of the water of the pond. He debated whether to tell Melanie why he did not want to go, but he also felt it to embarrassing to admit. Against his better judgement, he snuck a sideways glance at Melanie, and he felt his resolve to not tell her, crumble at the look of confusion and slight hurt, in her brilliant sapphire eyes.

Continuing to stare at the water, Sonic explained, "I have always been fast, even when I was little. I guess I was born with it. One day I remember that I was running along some beach, and suddenly got the stupid idea in my head that I could run on the water," As Melanie listened to Sonic, she watched as his face got a far away look, like he was reliving a memory that was not very pleasant. "So next thing I knew, I turned my body towards the ocean and sure enough, my speed was helping me to stay above the water. But, what I didn't know was that a storm was on the horizon that day as well. It suddenly sprung from nowhere! All to soon the smooth surface of water I had been running on began to churn violently and giant waves began crashing towards the shore, while the wind became hard to out run. Starting to get scared, I turned myself to run back towards the shore, but I failed to notice a huge wave building behind me and before I knew it, it came crashing down on me!"

Sonic shuddered at the horrible memory from his childhood, and instinctively, Melanie wrapped her arm around the hedgehog's shoulders to comfort him, and felt a small thrill of excitement go through her when Sonic easily leaned into her side embrace. Taking a deep, shaky breath, he continued saying, "Once in the water, I tried to continue running, but found to my horror that I couldn't move anywhere. It was like the water had me locked in place. It…It was absolutely terrifying Mel. Thankfully that big wave took me back to the beach, but I ran as fast as I could away from the water, and have been to afraid to go near it since."

Silence fell between the two of them once Sonic finished his story. No words were needed, instead, Melanie kept her arm around Sonic and gently gave him a squeeze of comfort. During his explanation, Sonic had closed his eyes, as if trying to mentally block the fear and terror that that memory always seemed to bring back to him. Sonic absolutely hated being scared, but ever since that incident, he just could not pluck the courage to face the ocean anymore.

After a few minutes of companionable silence, Melanie slowly, and gently, removed her arm and said quietly, "Thank you for sharing that with me Sonic. I'm sorry that you had to experience something like that." Then looking down at her lap, she continued a little shyly, "But, um, I hope that you will still consider at least coming for a little bit, to um, to see the beautiful meadow near the Villa, you don't have to go near the ocean…"

Melanie blushed lightly in embarrassment, at how shy she was being in trying to persuade Sonic to still come on the trip. When she heard light chuckling, she looked up and felt her blush deepen a little when she caught Sonic looking at her with small, fond, smile on his face and lighting up his eyes. When he saw her looking at him, Sonic's smile grew a little bit and he replied, "I can't promise that I will come for the whole trip, and I definitely won't let any of the others know the reasoning as to why I don't want to go. But, if I sneak down on one of the days, would you take me to see this meadow you spoke of?"

Melanie's face brightened considerably, making it Sonic's turn to lightly blush, as she happily replied, "Of course!" They stared at each other, happy to just have this moment to themselves, neither realizing that the other shares the same feelings. Feelings that seemed to be growing at an alarming rate, for only knowing each other for a few months.

Their moment was ruined, however, by the sudden sound of a familiar voice chuckling, "Really now, if anyone else were to walk in on this, they would think you two were a couple with the way you interact." Sonic and Melanie's heads whipped around simultaneously, frantically searching for the source of the voice. The deep chuckling grew a little more amused, before the voice said, "I'm up here you two, honestly, no one ever thinks to look up."

Both Sonic and Melanie looked up into the trees to find the same Phoenix bird, that they had met a while ago, perched on one of the branches of the willow tree in the hidden clearing. Suddenly remembering what the colorful bird said, both of their faces erupted into shades of red and they quickly leapt away from each other and started frantically saying excuses about what they were doing and such.

Sozin, the Phoenix, merely watched them flounder with a highly amused expression, before he finally decided to take pity on them and cut them off saying, "Now, you may be wondering why I am here correct?" Sonic and Melanie immediately shut up, and Sonic glared at the bird before replying, "Yeah, how the heck did you find us?" Melanie simply remained silent as she observed the Phoenix.

Sozin cocked his head at the Hedgehog and, eyeing him balefully said, "Well that was rude, but I will ignore your slip in politeness for now. Do it again though, and there will be consequences young man." Sonic gulped slightly at the silent threat of the majestic creature. Deciding to spare Sonic, Melanie stepped forward and asked calmly, "To rephrase what Sonic was trying to say earlier, how did you know that we were here Mr. Phoenix sir?" The Phoenix turned his sharp gaze away from Sonic, making the hedgehog let out a silent breath of relief. The bird's gaze softened considerably when he looked at the young human girl before him.

"Now, no need for all this 'sir' business, please call me Sozin. And to answer your, polite, question I simply followed you both. I have been meaning to speak with you milady, since our last meeting was so abrupt." Sonic frowned protectively, while Melanie simply said, "Well if I can't call you sir, then you need to stop calling me milady. Just call me by my name, Melanie."

Sozin shook his head in amusement. Then getting serious, he looked right at Melanie and said, "Lady Melanie, it has come to the attention of the Court, that you have accepted your role as the new Guardian, is this correct?" Here, Sonic broke his glaring at the mystical bird, to also look at Melanie, who had slightly stiffened at the Phoenix's question.

Melanie froze at Sozin's question. But then her brain thought back to all that had happened in the last few days, and suddenly, she realized that, while she may not want this power, she will use it to protect. Protect her loved ones, and all those innocent victims of Dr. Eggman's cruel regime. Straightening her back with confidence, and looking Sozin directly in the eyes, Melanie stated calmly, "I am only accepting this responsibility, so that I can help Sonic and our friends to defeat evil that threatens to hurt innocent lives." Sonic's eyes widened in amazement, and Sozin nodded his head in approval.

"Very good," Sozin remarked,"Now because you have fully accepted your role as the new Guardian, there are a few important things you must know." With that Sozin flew down to the rock that the two had previously been sitting on. Gesturing with his wing, he invited the other two to join him. Once they were all sitting comfortably on the ground, Sozin began speaking once again.

"Now, you are not just the Guardian of Chaos, you are also the Guardian of Harmony. For chaos must always be balanced with harmony, lest the order of the world fall apart." Sonic and Melanie nodded in understanding, so Sozin continued explaining, "As Guardian of Chaos, you have complete command over the seven chaos emeralds. As you have experienced a couple of days ago, they will listen to you, and you alone. Further more, as Guardian, it is your job to protect the emeralds from those that wish to use them for nefarious purposes." Sozin did not have to say it, but all three of them were thinking the same thing, Eggman.

"But with great power, comes risk as well. Being a human, your body is not accustomed to holding large amounts of power, so until you learn control, you will find yourself being knocked unconscious for certain lengths of time, while your body adjusts to your powers. Be warned that, using your powers will also be very draining for the first few times that you use it." Melanie grimaced as she remembered blacking out, and the splitting headaches she experienced when she first used her power. Great, she was not looking forward to experiencing more of that.

The three talked and asked questions for a while longer, until Sozin suddenly tilted his head and said, "Oh, well it sounds like I am being summoned back to the Court." Unfurling his wings, he took a graceful leap into the air and easily flapped his wings in a steady rhythm to keep himself at eye level with Melanie, who was now standing. Giving a slight bow of his head, Sozin said, "Farewell Lady Melanie and Sir Sonic, and may the Fae ever watch over you." And with that, he took off into the sky.

The two watched him fly away for a few more minutes, until they could no longer see him. Then sighing, Sonic turned to Melanie and said, "We should head back as well, before everyone starts looking for us." Melanie nodded her head in silent agreement. Sonic took a step towards her, then seemed to pause for a moment, and then hesitating a little bit, Sonic held his hands out and said politely, "May I?" Melanie was confused for a moment, before sudden realization hit her on what he was asking. Blushing a little bit at his slight act of chivalry, Melanie nodded her head and answered quietly, "You may."

Sonic smiled and easily scooped Melanie up into a bridal-style hold. Before he could take off, Melanie quickly latched her hands around his neck, to keep her steady in his arms. Sonic blushed, but also grinned in happiness that he was able to do this with her. "Hold on tight," He whispered into her ear, and with that, they were off!

This time, Melanie did not feel as terrified running with Sonic, and the wind did not seem to be hitting as hard. Slowly opening her eyes, Melanie gasped in delight as she watched all the colors of their surroundings blurring by the two of them. Looking up, Melanie couldn't help but grin as she saw the look of happiness and excitement on Sonic's face as he ran. It made her happy that she got to share this moment with him.

All to soon, their little trip ended, and they were once again back at the Thorndyke residence. Sonic brought them to a stop near their favorite tree, that was hidden out of sight of being spotted from the house. Gently, he helped Melanie back to her feet. Once she was standing normally again, they stood in comfortable silence with each other, until Melanie finally said in amazement, "That, was amazing!" Grinning, Sonic winked and replied, "I know right?" Suddenly hearing their names being called by Chris, Melanie and Sonic looked at each other, and made a silent agreement to not discuss anything of what they just did. Then they headed off to find Chris.

The next morning, everyone was in the garage finishing putting bags in the X-Tornado. As Tails did all the pre-flight checks, and Melanie and Chris passed bags up to Cream to stow in the plane, they all had to listen to Amy gush about the new Emerald Coast Resort. Finally she exclaimed, "I wish we were going to the grand opening party!"

Melanie simply rolled her eyes, while Cream said happily, "We'll have fun at the Thorndyke's Villa! Are you ready to go Cheese?" The little Chao agreed with a happy, "Chao, Chao!" Melanie couldn't help but smile at the cuteness of the youngest of their group. She then glanced at Tails as he stated confidently, "I'm ready too guys! My flight plan will take us right to the Emerald Coast."

Finished loading bags, Chris turned to Tails and said, "Be careful Tails, and try not to let anyone see you." Grandpa Chuck smiled as he said confidently, "They won't have any trouble, as long as they stay on the grounds of the Villa." Chris nodded, but then sighed and said sadly, "I wish I could go with them instead of going to the Resort opening." Forming her face into a mock pout, Melanie draped her arm over her brother and said lazily, "What and miss a chance to attend a fancy party with your older sister? I'm hurt Chris, very hurt indeed." She then laughed and winked at her Grandpa while poor Chris floundered for an excuse on why he said he didn't want to go. Deciding to save his grandson from his growing embarrassment, Chuck laid a calming hand on his grandson's shoulder and said,

"I know that you want to hang out with your friend's Chris, but both your parents can't make it so they need you and Melanie to take their places. You won't have to stay long, and after you can join the others at the Villa!" While Chris immediately brightened at the idea, Melanie just gave a small, sad smile. The Grand Opening Ceremony of the Resort actually lasted for the whole weekend she discovered. So after talking with her Grandfather and Mr. Tanaka, it was decided that since Chris was still young, he would just attend the opening party, then he could go have fun with the others the rest of the weekend at the Villa. Whereas, she would stay and represent her family for the rest of the weekend.

Her attention was brought back to the conversation at hand, when she suddenly heard Chris say to a relaxing Sonic, "I could give you a swimming lesson Sonic!" Melanie winced in sympathy, as she caught Sonic's slight twitch at the word 'swimming'. Opening his eyes he looked at the rest of the group and said simply, "You guys go on without me. I'm going to stay right here."

Everyone, minus Melanie, looked at Sonic in shock. Amy was the first to shake off her shock as she placed her hands on her hips and asked angrily, "Sonic! You mean you're not coming with us?" Melanie bit her lower lip to keep herself from saying a condescending remark to the pink female hedgehog. This morning the two females had made a tiny truce to work together to finish the packing preparations, but they still refused to say anything but the bare minimum to each other.

Jumping down from his napping position, Sonic stated, "That's right," Then saluting everyone, and sending a subtle wink towards Melanie, he said, "Have fun, I gotta run!" Everyone then watched as Sonic sped off to who knows where. Melanie smirked as she glanced at her Grandpa and said calmly, "Close your mouth gramps, you'll catch flies." Chuck abruptly shut his mouth, but his eyes were still full of shock and surprise that Sonic was not wanting to go to one of the most popular vacation spots. Chris then voiced it by saying, "That's weird, I wonder why Sonic doesn't want to go to the Emerald Coast with us?"

To Melanie's surprise, Amy sadly answered, "It must be because Sonic hates water. He won't go near the ocean because he can't swim." Melanie raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. Tails then piped up saying, "Sonic doesn't have to swim, he could go running on the beach." Again, Melanie said nothing, knowing the true reason as to why Sonic really hated the water and beaches. Amy once again looked out to the open garage door and said sadly, "It's not going to be as much fun without Sonic." And this time, Melanie couldn't help but say quietly, "I agree…"

Suddenly they heard a horn honking and Ella shouted out from the family car, "Miss Thorndyke, Mister Chris, we have to leave now or you'll both be late for the ceremony!" Melanie nodded and called back, "Be there in a second Ella!" She then turned to their Grandpa and gave him a hug as he said to both her and Chris, "Have a great time you two." Chris nodded and said to the other's, "We'll meet up later!" Amy nodded and replied, "Ok, don't be long!" While Tails waved from his pilot seat and said cheerily, "See ya there!"

With that, both Thorndyke siblings ran to the car and hopped in behind both Ella and Mr. Tanaka, who was driving. As they drove off, Melanie noticed her brother's nerves and wrapping him in a side hug, she said comfortingly, "Hey, it won't be that bad. You have me there with you every step of the way ok?" She smiled as she felt her brother relax and heard him say gratefully, "Thanks sis."

The group of four made it to the new Resort with an hour to spare. So the two siblings hurried up to their assigned room to get ready for the Opening Party. Chris quickly donned his cream colored suit with the red shirt and tie underneath. Nervously fidgeting with his tie, he approached his sister's door, knocked, and called out, "Mel? Are you done in there yet?" There was a beat of silence, before he heard his sister call out, "Come on in Chris."

Chris opened the door and walked into his sister's suite. Once he walked far enough in, he glanced around for her curiously, and slightly jumped in surprise when he heard her chuckle behind him as she exited the room's bathroom. Turning, Chris froze in shock when he saw his sister, who held her arms out in a gesture of display and asked, "Well? What do you think?"

Melanie wore a floor length, fire-red ballroom dress. The dress had a halter top, that showed off her strong shoulders, and hugged her midsection, before flaring out into a flowing bottom part that flared outwards when she spun in a circle. Around her waist, she also had a beautiful sapphire ribbon tied stylishly, which brought out and highlighted her beautiful sapphire eyes. She also wore a simple sapphire jeweled necklace on her neck and a pair of red earrings that matched the dress. Her hair was done up in a crown braid up-do hair style that left a few strands hanging loose to frame her face. She wore the bare minimum of makeup, mostly letting her natural beauty shine. All in all, Chris was amazed.

Seeing her brother's gobsmacked look, Melanie started to giggle and said teasingly,"that bad huh?" Chris immediately snapped out of his wide-eyed, jaw dropping stare and exclaimed hurriedly, "No, no, no! It's not bad at all! You look absolutely AMAZING Sis!" Melanie gave her little brother a fond smile, then holding out her arm, she asked, "Well, then, would you care to be my escort to the party young man?" Chris grinned and eagerly ran up to his sister's side and together, they headed out to the beginnings of the party.

Once they reached the entrance to the party, they were met by Mr. Tanaka and Ella, who were both also dressed up for the party. Melanie gave each of them a kind smile, before giving her brother's arm an encouraging squeeze and whispered to him, "Relax, smile and let me do the long talking, ok?" Chris simply nodded his head in reply. And together, the four entered the courtyard where the party was in full swing!

Meanwhile, at the Thorndyke Villa, Amy Rose the hedgehog was trying to keep herself entertained. She went snorkeling, swam with Cream and Cheese, built a giant sand castle with Tails. Now, she was taking a leisurely stroll along the beach.

As she gazed at the beautiful view, she smiled and said, "Lovely…" Then closing her eyes in yearning, she thought out loud, "I just wish Sonic were here to enjoy this with me!" Soon she was envisioning all the different things she could do with Sonic at the beach and started gushing, "It would be so romantic! We'd be so happy!" Suddenly, out of nowhere, a coconut fell from a tree and hit her directly on the head, knocking her out of her fantasizing, and face first into the ground.

Sitting up, Amy glared at the coconut and suddenly images of a certain female human started surfacing. All her snide comments at Amy, all her subtle looks towards a certain blue male hedgehog, it made Amy's teeth grind as she angrily stood up, grabbed the coconut that she was imagining to be Melanie right now, and shouted, "You just ruined my fantasy!" and with that yell, she chucked the coconut as hard as she could towards the water.

The coconut soared over the water at a surprisingly fast speed, then skipped a few times, then suddenly it smashed against something and then stopped and seemed to float innocently on the surface of the water.
Unaware to Amy, the thing she hit with the coconut, was actually another robot. A robot that looked like some poor imitation of an octopus.

After calming herself down, Amy thought to herself a little sheepishly,"hehe, just thinking about Sonic can make me crazy." But then she sighed sadly and looking down at her feet said,"It doesn't help that I'm not the only one vying for his attentions. Why can't that hedgehog realize it already and just pick one of us already? That has always been my dream…"

Unknown to Amy, Melanie had finally found a break in greeting all the other guests, to excuse herself to a quiet area of the beach of the Resort. Standing with in her bare feet on the beach, she stared out at the water and thought out loud, "Sonic doesn't know what he is missing, sure the ocean is scary, but has a wondrous beauty to it as well." Her face scrunched up in distaste though, when she suddenly thought, "Of course, if Sonic had come, Amy would have been all over him to get him to do something with her. Little twit."

Melanie glared at the water for a little longer, but then sighed and thought sadly, "What Am I thinking? Amy is the better option for him since they are both hedgehogs. He's just a dream to me…"

Suddenly, both girls started singing the exact same song without even realizing it. Amy began by singing;

"Somewhere in our hearts, somewhere deep inside, there's a dream, that's worth dreaming…"

Melanie soon began singing as well. If you were to put both girls beside each other, it would almost be like they were singing a duet, instead of singing by themselves.

"Every now and then, I get a glimpse of where he and I could fly, but you and I share…"

"One dream, one hope. We're headed down the same road, even though we don't know where it leads. We follow, the same star, I'm in love like you are. Till he reaches out for you or me, we share one dream!"

Amy ran down the beach by herself, then she laid down on the sand and reached her hand towards the sun to capture it in her fist before bringing it to her chest and sang;

"I imagine what will be, a magical place is waiting for me. It's still out there…"

Melanie had carefully made her way over to the rocks on the beach and sat herself on one of the dryer rock outcroppings. Looking out over the beautiful beach, she then sang;

"Our vision is the same, even though we see the world through different eyes, you and I share…"

Together the two girls closed their eyes and sang their hearts out on the last verse. Neither of them knowing that they both were wishing and hoping for the same thing.

"One dream, one hope. We're headed down the same road. Even though we don't know where it leads… We follow the same star. I'm in love like you are. Till he reaches out for you or me, we share...One dream!…One dream!"

As Amy finished singing, she heaved a deep sigh and got up from the sand. Then shouting out to the waves she yelled, "SONIC WHERE ARE YOU!"

Her yell was loud enough that, even with being a few miles away, Melanie could faintly hear the female Hedgehog's cry. Smirking to herself as she carefully got back up to join the party once more, Melanie softly said to herself, "And here I thought I was the only one moping."

Suddenly something huge burst from the depths of the water! Startled, Melanie couldn't help but let out a shriek of surprise, as sea water spray descended on her. Blinking her eyes a couple of times, Melanie looked up and felt herself groan, "You have got to be kidding me…" as she recognized another one of Dr. Eggman's creations.

This robot looked like some sort of mutated pink and red octopus thing. With eight tentacle looking arms as well. Slowly, Melanie began backing away, hoping beyond hope, that the thing had not spotted her yet. With being dressed in a ball gown, she did not have the ability to fight very well, putting her at a major disadvantage. Her hopes were dashed, however, when she suddenly heard the all to familiar cackle of the evil doctor, "Ha, ha! Well, hello my dear! It seems that we meet again."

Quickly, Melanie looked up and spotted Eggman once again riding in his little hovercraft. He was floating above the pink monstrosity and giving her a look that was sending creepy chills down her spine as he said, "My, my, you look rather ravishing this fine day. Did you get all dressed up because you changed your mind about that very abrupt answer you sent through Bokun the other day?"

Melanie's eyes narrowed in hatred as she spat, "Don't count yourself so lucky, you pervert. I said it once, and I'll say it a thousand times again. You will NEVER have me as your Queen." She watched as the evil Doctor slowly lowered his hovercraft down till he was floating slightly above eye level. She couldn't quite read his expression well, since his glasses hid his eyes really good, but from what she could tell, her answer displeased him greatly.

Growling in anger, Dr. Eggman exclaimed, "Grr! You think so do you? Well, let me tell you, girl, that I am the great Doctor Eggman! And what I want, I will always get in the end." Before Melanie could react, one of the robots tentacles shot out of nowhere and captured her in its grasp! Thankfully it did not seem to be squeezing the life out of her, like when she first got captured, but it was still tight enough that she could not move, at all, to try and free herself.

Melanie glared daggers at the robot, then at Eggman, who had the audacity to grin cheekily at her. "Let me go Eggman!" Melanie shouted angrily at him. Wagging his finger in a negative gesture, Dr. Eggman replied, "Sorry, no can do. You see my dear, you are going to be my incentive to get what I want today. And you make very, hehe, enticing bait. HO ho ho!"

Melanie could only watch helplessly, in the tentacle's grasp, as Eggman ordered his robot to start attacking the brand new Emerald Coast Resort. The octopus robot, not even seeming hindered with having one of it's tentacles occupied, began smashing and destroying things. Watching the panicking crowds running away from the destruction, Melanie prayed with all her might that Chris, Mr. Tanaka and Ella made it out safely.

She once again glared at the evil Doctor, her auburn hair coming out of its hairdo, as she shouted, "Why are you doing this? These people have not done anything to you!" Dr. Eggman, who was hovering beside the captured girl, gave a malicious grin and explained, "Well they did not invite me to their little gathering, so I'm going to tear it down and turn it into my kind of stomping ground!"

Once enough chaos had been achieved by the octopus robot, Eggman grinned and said, "All right, time for my deconstruction crew." Suddenly appearing out of the water was a bunch of little red robots with drills and hammers as arms. Hundreds of them swarmed the Resort building, and in a matter of moments, the building was brought to the ground!

As this was happening, Melanie felt the tentacle that was holding her lower, and suddenly it dropped her onto the ground with an unnecessary amount of force, causing Melanie to let out an unwanted groan of pain. Suddenly she heard three worried voices call out around her, "Melanie!" and it made Melanie's heart sink further, when she looked up and saw her brother, Ella, and Mr. Tanaka hovering over her worriedly and completely surrounded by a bunch of the deconstruction bots. Dr. Eggman then hovered over their group and said in a cheery voice, "You're my first guests! Welcome to Eggman's Scream Park, where your first vacation will most definitely be your last."

Both Chris and Melanie glared up defiantly at Eggman, while Ella looked very scared and worried. Mr. Tanaka tried to stand in front of the group protectively and started spouting something random about his duty to protect the Thorndyke family even it means sacrificing himself. This caused both Ella and Melanie, even in this tense situation, to roll their eyes and yank the butler back among them as Ella reprimanded, "Tanaka you're not even strong enough to lick a stamp." While Mr. Tanaka blushed in embarrassment, Chris quietly said to them all, "Our only hope is Sonic," Melanie nodded in agreement but couldn't help but worry. She suspected that the reason Eggman was attacking the Coast Resort, and holding her family hostage, was to lure Sonic out… To the water! At that, Melanie's eyes widened in horror as her gaze flicked from her family, to the destruction site, and to the giant monstrosity of an octopus robot that was seemly floating carelessly on the surface of the ocean water, and finally up to the evil Doctor, who unfortunately caught her gaze and smirked, asking, "Finally figured out my ingenious plan my dear? Well, I'm afraid that there is nothing you can do about it!"

Melanie's eyes narrowed in anger and for a split second was very tempted to zap the arrogant Egghead with a bolt of Chaos energy… if she could figure out how to do that. Chris, easily reading his sister's thoughts, firmly grabbed her arm and whispered quietly enough for only her to hear, "It's not worth it, revealing your power to Eggman Sis. He'll only try and use it against you." Melanie slumped slightly in resignation, knowing her brother was right. Chris then continued a little louder, "Like I said earlier, our only hope is Sonic."

Meanwhile, back at the Thorndyke's home, Sonic had returned to the house with some more flowers that he picked up from the mountain, intent on leaving another little surprise gift for Melanie. Walking back down into the living room area, he couldn't help but comment out loud to himself, "It's weird having everyone gone. Oh well, more peace and quiet for me!" But just as he said this, Chuck burst into the room and exclaimed, "So you're finally back are you?"

Sonic blinked in confusion and asked, "Yeah?" Chuck growled in frustration and snatched the television remote off the coffee table. With a quick press of a few buttons, he had the news playing a live coverage of the destruction of the Emerald Coast Resort. Sonic stared in bewilderment for a moment, until the screen suddenly changed to Dr. Eggman's face. Sonic's eyes began to widen in understanding, and slight horror, as the evil genius began laughing and saying to the camera, "The owners of the Emerald Coast Resort didn't invite me to they're opening, so I knocked it down! And now it is my own vacation destination. It is now, Eggman's Scream Park!"

Suddenly Sonic whirled around to the sound of Eggman's minion, Bokun, laughing behind him. In his hands he held a bomb as he said, "I brought you a personal invitation! Your friends, Chris and Melanie are already there having a great time. Stop by, we'll have a great blast!" With that Bokun lit the bomb and flew off laughing. Panicking, Sonic grabbed the bomb off the table, but before he could do anything else with it, it exploded into his face! Leaving his entire body covered in soot.

Shaking himself off, Sonic frowned and thought to himself, 'This is definitely a trap by Eggman. But if it's the only way to save the Thorndyke siblings… To save Melanie…I'll do it.' Glancing to the side, he noticed poor Grandpa Chuck also got covered in soot, Shrugging his shoulders, he said nonchalantly to the older man, "Well guess I'm going to the Resort after all, Bye!" And with that he zoomed off before Chuck could even open his mouth to say anything. As Sonic ran to the Emerald Coast, one thought kept running through his brain, 'Chris, Melanie, please hold on. I'm coming!'

Back at the Thorndyke Villa, the others had quickly changed back into their normal clothes, and were trying to use binoculars to see what was going on at the Resort. Finally, Amy spotted something and it made her gasp out, "It's Eggman!" Tails immediately jumped into his plane and called out urgently, "Outta the way! I gotta save Chris and Melanie!" Amy paused for a moment, before throwing the binoculars she was hold up to Tails and jumping in the plane behind him.

Sputtering in surprise at having to randomly catch a pair of binoculars, Tails whipped around and yelled, "Amy! What are you doing?" Amy just gave him a calm, determined look and explained, "Sonic is going to show up to help. But if he doesn't, those siblings will need all the help they can get." Then to herself Amy thought, 'I may not like you Melanie, but I know how important it is that your chaos gift remains a secret from Eggman. So I'll help you this one time.'

Tails stared at his female friend for a moment longer, before he smiled in determination and replied, "Okay!" And with that he started the plane and they were off! Missing Cream's quiet plea of, "I hope you all make it back safely."

At the Resort, the Thorndyke siblings watched as, what was once a beautiful hotel, be turned into a theme park that looked like something from out of a horror movie. Melanie kept an arm protectively around her little brother's shoulders and gave him a comforting squeeze, even though she herself was starting to feel a little scared.

Her once beautiful red dress was in ruins. The only part still intact, thankfully, was the top half of the dress, and even that had small rips and tears all over it. The bottom part of the dress was so torn and shredded from all the man handling of the robot that had held her, that Melanie was sorely tempted to rip it off. But since she only had her short shorts on underneath to protect at least a little of her modesty, she decided the effort to take the bottom part off would just give the psycho doctor more boost to his already twisted ego. Thankfully, Mr. Tanaka, Bless his heart, had taken off his outer jacket, and had given it to her to at least help give her a little more modesty.

Currently their small group was watching the insane doctor yell at his little robot creations, something about how he wanted the rides to be the most dangerous in the universe. Before he could yell more, or Melanie could finally snap and accidentally reveal her powers, a sudden blue blur appeared out of nowhere and destroyed one of the many towers being built. The four humans covered their eyes from the resulting dust cloud of the collapsing, and when the dust settled and they turned to look, they all grinned in relief to see Sonic standing in a pile of destroyed robots!

"Sonic!" Chris yelled happily, almost pulling away from his sister's protective grasp. But one squeeze from her hand, had him remaining by her side, though he had a huge grin on his face. Hearing Chris's shout, Sonic turned and gave the boy a wave stating casually, "Hi-ya Chris! Thought I'd drop by for a visit." Melanie rolled her eyes at his casual attitude towards the situation and replied, "Well you sure have impeccable timing." Then giving the blue hedgehog a serious look she then stated, "Be careful Sonic." Sonic returned her serious look with one of his own, especially when his gaze took in how beat up she looked. His emerald eyes darkened in anger as he nodded his head to her and then swung his gaze to glare at the evil doctor, who now had the menacing pink octopus robot standing next to him.

"You fell right into my trap Sonic! I know you can't swim, so I lured you to the sea!" Melanie stifled a gasp by clamping her free hand over her mouth as her eyes widened in worry. She knew it! This had been Eggman's plan all along! Shaking herself out of her worry, she watched as both the octopus robot's tentacles, and Sonic, charged at each other. She couldn't help face palming as she watched Sonic try to kick through the tentacles. "Idiot, can't he see that the tentacles are made out of some specialized rubber?" she muttered loud enough that Chris overheard her. He glanced at her, then turned back to see Sonic get wrapped up in the said tentacle, "Apparently he didn't," Chris replies to his sister as they both watch with deadpan expressions.

As Sonic struggled with the tentacle, Eggman taunted, "You won't get away!" Sonic glared at him again and shouted as the tentacle began to move him, "Oh yeah? Just watch me!" With that, the tentacle dunked him under the water! "NO!" Melanie found herself screaming without realizing it. "Let him go!" Chris yelled at Eggman, eyes darting between the water and his sister, to make sure she didn't do anything drastic.

Eggman simply chuckled and replied, "He-he, I'm giving Sonic a choice. He can either forfeit the fight, or forfeit his life!" That did it. Chris watched as his sister's sapphire eyes blazed in anger, whipping her head up to Eggman, she shouted, "You, you, you sick, evil, twisted, cowardly, disgusting piece of…!" There were a few other choice words she called the evil doctor, but Chris didn't deem to listen much to his sister's rant, as he was still watching the water, worried for their blue spiky friend. Eggman simply laughed outright at the teenaged girl's outburst and said in reply,"Why thank you, I take a few of those words as a compliment! Now, let's see how our little blue friend is holding up shall we?"

With that, the octopus robot lifted his tentacle out of the water. The moment Sonic broke the surface, he immediately gasped for air, making both siblings watch with worry mounting. "Well, Sonic? How do you like the Ocean?" Sonic spat some salt water out of his mouth, then gave the evil doctor a smirk as he replied, "It's delightful." Eggman returned the smirk with one of his own as he stated, "Good, then let's see how long you are able to stay under."

But before the robot could dunk the male hedgehog back in the water, Sonic revved his legs up and attempted to zoom away! Attempt being the key word. He only got maybe five feet away from the water, before the rubber tentacle pulled taunt and the robot and hedgehog began a battle of tug of war with each other. "Don't let Sonic slip out of your grip Octoron! Haul that Hedgehog back into the Ocean, and don't let him up for air!" Eggman yelled at his robot henchman, meanwhile Chris yelled in encouragement, "You can do it Sonic!"

Melanie stayed silent as she watched the battle, suddenly a sound caught her attention, and she glanced up to see the X-Tornado fly by overhead. Melanie's eyes widened in shock though, when she caught sight of Amy falling from the Tornado! Melanie watched as Amy pulled out her signature hammer and BAM! She slammed her hammer down onto the tentacle entrapping Sonic. SNAP! Went the tentacle and with all the exerted force already on it, the part attached to the robot whipped back and slammed into the robot, knocking it off its feet and back into the water. Sonic went skidding a few feet, before stopping and immediately untangling himself from the tentacle piece still attached to him.

Melanie moved forward to help him, but Sonic saw the movement and held up a hand to stop her, saying, "No Melanie, I want you to stay back and keep an eye on Chris and the others ok?" Melanie opened her mouth to protest, but the moment her sapphire eyes locked on to his emeralds, and she saw the silent plea for her to stay back and safe, she stepped back and silently nodded her head in agreement. With that he raced off to gain more altitude for a good, speedy, attack.

Meanwhile, Amy was threatening Eggman with her hammer and yelling, "Keep your rotten robots away from my Sonic, or you're going to be sorry!" Melanie gritted her teeth hearing those words. But then stopped what she was doing and thought to herself, 'Why do those words rub me the wrong way? I shouldn't let them distract me from the mission at hand.' Still she couldn't help but glare daggers into the pink female hedgehog's back. Especially when, after Sonic destroyed the octopus robot, Amy literally flung herself onto the male hedgehog.

Once Eggman left in a huff, Melanie started storming over to the two hedgehogs. She reached them right as she heard Sonic say to Amy, "What you did was crazy Amy," Melanie could hear the slight reprimand in Sonic's voice, but it looks like the female Hedgehog was completely oblivious because she just started gushing, "I know, but you make me do crazy things!" Melanie stiffened at hearing that, and waited to see Sonic's reaction to that statement. She slowly relaxed as she saw Sonic sweatdrop and look completely exasperated with the pink hedgehog.

Glancing over Amy's shoulder, he gave Melanie a slight pleading look to help him out, and Melanie was more than happy to oblige. Before she could however, a sudden claw came out of nowhere and snatched her from behind! Her scream of surprise jolted the two hedgehogs onto high alert and Amy, who had just been about to give Sonic a bracelet she had made him, lost her balance and fell, sending the bracelet flying and she watched in horror as the new threat smashed it to smithereens!

Sonic glared up at the now serpent looking robot, who was holding Melanie captive in one of it's clawed hands. Melanie struggled to free herself, but once again found the grip was to tight and she simply stopped her struggles to at least lessen her discomfort. Both she and Sonic glared as Eggman came hovering into view once again.

"I told you that I wasn't through with you Sonic. Since forcing you into the water did not seem to work, why not go another route. I now have this lovely lady as my captive. If you wish to defeat me, you will have to do battle with her in harms way. The only way for you to win is to surrender yourself to me and I just may let the girl go."

Sonic glanced worriedly in Melanie's direction, and she mouthed silently to him, "I'll be fine. Kick his butt!" Sonic smirked at that and turned his attention back to Eggman as the evil doctor asked, "Impressive isn't it? This robot has to be one of my best creations so far!" Tilting his head in mock contemplation, Sonic snarked back, "Well it is pretty tall. But I bet in a battle it comes up short!"

While Sonic and Eggman had a small battle of wits and snark, Melanie noticed from her position high up in the grasp of the monster, that Amy had fallen unnaturally silent. Looking over to her, she saw Amy staring in horror at a spot by the bottom of the giant serpent robot. She didn't think to much on it as Sonic suddenly started moving and the Serpent Robot began following after him, swinging her in its grasp as it went, making Melanie slightly gasp in fear for her life.

Once both stopped moving, Eggman called out to his robot, "Put the squeeze on Sonic and then throw both him and the girl out to sea!" Before the robot could obey, everyone suddenly stopped what they were doing, and turned in shock as they all heard Amy scream in rage, "AHH! NOW YOU'RE GONNA PAY!" Everyone simply blinked in shock as they watched the female hedgehog run at the robot with her hammer and then BAM! She rammed her hammer into the tail of the Serpent Robot!

The Robot's reaction was immediate, it recoiled as if in pain and unconsciously released its grip on Melanie, who began screaming in both surprise and fear, as she found herself suddenly free falling from a hundred feet in the air! Thankfully Sonic reacted quickly and caught her before she could hit the ground. Melanie gave Sonic a grateful smile, which he returned briefly, before both of their attention was grabbed by the sound of Amy completely destroying the robot with her hammer.

Melanie finally had the satisfaction of the evil doctor looking a little unnerved, as they all watched Amy mercilessly decimate the serpent robot till it was nothing but a few scrap parts. Suddenly a hidden spring sent Amy flying into the air and both Sonic and Melanie watched in fascination, as Amy flew right up to Eggman's hovercraft and basically pummeled him right into the ocean!

The moment of fascination was short-lived however, when after five minutes, Amy still hadn't surfaced yet. Knowing Sonic had a fear of the water, Melanie hurried forward to jump in, but quickly came to a stop and hissed through gritted teeth as she clutched her side. Sonic stepped up next to her and said, "I'll go get her." Melanie's eyes widened in shock and she exclaimed, "But you said you can't swim!" Sonic nodded in determination and replied, "I know. But it looks like you have some damaged ribs and you can't swim with those. I'll get her." And with that he ran and jumped into the water.

Everyone watched with bated breath, not sure if Sonic would be able to make it or not. Suddenly about a moment later, two heads popped up from the water, one blue and the other pink. Melanie sighed silently in relief as she watched everyone else rush forward to help the two hedgehogs, one of which was unconscious.

After a little bit of traveling, Tails taking both injured girls with a worried Ella in the Tornado, everyone made it safely back to the Thorndyke Villa. After being thoroughly checked over by both Ella and Mr. Tanaka, it was determined that thankfully, this time, Melanie was not seriously injured, and just had slightly bruised ribs along with a few cuts and scratches. Amy was passed out due to exhaustion and having hit the surface of the water to hard.

Once changed into a fresh pair of denim capris and a simple blue t-shirt, and her hair washed and tied back in a loose high bun on her head, Melanie went in search of Sonic. She found him in the usual place, sitting up on the roof and gazing at the slowly setting sun. To tired and sore to climb up to join him, Melanie quietly called out, "Sonic…" She watched in amusement, as Sonic's ear perked at hearing his name, and he looked down to see Melanie standing below and smiling up at him.

Returning the smile, Sonic quickly jumped down and replied, "Hi Mel, how are you feeling?" Grimacing slightly, Melanie replied, "Like I just got ran over by a herd of Rhinos." But then seeing the concern shining in Sonic's expression, Melanie gave him a gentle smile and said, "Relax Sonic, I'm just kidding. Yes, I am sore, but it is nothing I can't heal from." Then turning her head away from Sonic to look out towards the water, she slightly blushed as she continued saying, "I actually came to find you, to see if…well, if you would like to… come watch the sunset with me?"

Sonic's eyes widened in surprise at Melanie's offer, but then his face softened with a sweet smile as he walked forward and took her hand, much to Melanie's surprise. She quickly turned to look down at Sonic and once again Sapphire eyes met Emerald green as he answered her saying, "Yes Mel, I would like to watch the sunset with you." to mesmerized by his soft emerald stare, Melanie simply nodded. But then shaking her head to clear it, she grinned at the blue hedgehog and began to lead him away from the Villa saying, "Well there is this perfect rock outcropping on the beach that we can sit and watch it from, come on!"

With that the two walked off, not realizing that they were still holding hands, laughing and talking. Unknown to them, a certain pink hedgehog had woken up and caught sight of them out in the distance. Tears began falling from Amy's eyes as she said quietly in a broken voice, "So it looks like you have made your choice Sonic…" She let a few more broken-hearted tears fall, before wiping them away and stating in a firmer voice, "It doesn't matter, because it can't last forever by Mobian standards," Then looking back out to the now hard to see couple, Amy smirked and said confidently, "Watch out Sonic! You WILL be mine one day."