Chapter One: The Family

It was a typical first day of autumn in the Weasley household, when Amber woke up to a tremendous BANG and then her mother screeching at her older brothers to behave and finish packing for school. Sighing and rubbing her eyes, Amber Weasley realized that she was not going to be able to go back to sleep now that she was awake.

Turning to her side table, Amber grabbed her glasses and put them on, making herself smile as she did this. She still found it funny that she was the only person in the family that actually needed to wear glasses to keep her sight perfect. She knew for a fact that Percy, one of her older brothers, only wore glasses to make himself look "professional". After she got her glasses adjusted on her face, Amber turned to observe her sister, Ginny.

Ginny and Amber were twin sisters and the only girls in the family. Their brothers loved to call them the "female set" because Fred and George were also twins and were the "male set". Amber watched as her sister continued to sleep peacefully, completely oblivious to the chaos on the other side of their bedroom door. The two of them were also identical twins, just like Fred and George, but unlike their brothers, the two of them were like opposite sides of the same coin. Ginny was outgoing, bubbly, and always talking. Ever since they had turned eight, she had decided to try having her hair short. Amber though, was shy, quiet when she wanted to be, a bookworm, but could also be friendly and talkative when persuaded. Amber liked to keep her hair at just an inch past her shoulders, no more, no less. They both had the same fire-red Weasley hair, and the same freckles and bright blue eyes. The only way to tell who was who was that Amber wore glasses, and Ginny did not.

Amber got out of bed and walked over to Ginny's side of the room, deciding to wake her up. Tapping her shoulder gently, she said quietly, "Blaze, its time to wake up." Ginny groaned and tried to feebly swipe at Amber, who chuckled and easily dodged, "Go away Spark, I'm sleeping." Amber continued to chuckle. The two had their own special nicknames for each other that only they used for each other. If any of their brothers ever tried, the two would attack until they stopped using the name. As they, and Fred and George, always chorused, its a twin thing! But going back to the matter at hand, Amber went back to her side of the room and started preparing for the day, saying to Ginny as she did so, "Ok then, but I warn you, it's Ron's first day today and I don't know about you but I wouldn't fancy having him burst in here shouting at you, would you?"

Grumbling Ginny grudgingly agreed and reluctantly rolled herself out of bed to face the day. As the two girls got dressed quietly, they were able to clearly hear the shouting match that their mother was having with their dear brothers as they frantically ran around packing last minute. The youngest Weasley's glanced at each other and smirked, vowing that when it was their turn to go to Hogwarts next year, they would be way better organized then their dear brothers. Finally, they heard their mother shouting their names and knew that it was time to enter the fray.

Walking into the kitchen they were met with the sight of Percy finishing his breakfast by calmly sipping a cup of tea and reading a book, Ron being fussed over by their mother as she made sure that he had everything, and Fred and George finishing up their breakfast by racing to see who could eat the fastest. "Good morning!" the girl twins chorused as they sat down at the table. Percy looked up and smiled kindly at Amber and replied, "Good morning." Then he went back to reading.

Amber was Percy's favorite sibling. He loved her because of the way that she seemed to value knowledge like he did. Ginny and the rest of the siblings were just glad that Amber didn't act like a prat when she wanted to share a fact, something they were hoping Amber could train Percy out of. While Amber did enjoy Percy's company when it came to sharing knowledge, she was slightly disappointed in the pompous air that he insisted on portraying himself in. She knew it didn't help that he got elected Prefect this year, and she was to nice to tell him off like Ginny kept insisting that she do.

No one else noticed the girls enter the kitchen, so they started eating their breakfast quietly, content on watching Ron squirm uncomfortably under their mothers fussing. Finally their mother seemed satisfied with Ron's appearance and said in exasperation, "And where have my girls gotten to? It's almost time to go!" Amber and Ginny rolled their eyes as they responded together, "Were right here mum," "Ah Good! Now hurry and finish eating my dears. Boys! Pack the car!"

Amber sipped her tea and smiled as she watched her older siblings stuff their luggage into their Ford Angelia car. She loved her family dearly, but sometimes, they could just be way to noisy! Sometimes, Amber wondered if she was meant to be a Weasley. While all her siblings, her parents, heck even Percy, loved hustling and bustling around and being loud, gruff and proud, Amber was the complete opposite. Amber was again, the only one who wore glasses, and that was because she read all the time. She was the only one in the family to avoid broomsticks, because she didn't particularly like heights, and she was shy.

Sighing and following Ginny to the car, Amber had to admit to herself that she was the black sheep in her family of red-heads. But she didn't mind because she was a Weasley, and Weasley's always stick together!