Welcome to my first-ever fanfiction cross-over here! In this story, Anakin Skywalker feels a disturbance in the Force emanating from another Galaxy during the Clone Wars. Soon after, he has a vision of himself ruling the Galaxy with the spirit swords, Soulcalibur and Soul Edge. Enthralled, he begins a quest to seek out the swords, but there are countless obstacles in his path…and he uncovers the true price of power.

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Enough of my jabbering. Enjoy!


Anakin Skywalker needed a rest.

The young Jedi Knight had had no respite ever since his marriage to Padme Amidala, the Senator from Naboo. Yes, he knew what being a Jedi in wartime meant, but…surely he could spend some time with his beloved wife, and train his apprentice Ashoka without constantly having to think about what the next day would bring.

And if his next day would be his last.

He was now in the meditation chamber of the Jedi Temple, meditating to find peace in the chaos of the Galaxy. In the midst of his meditation, however, he felt something…strange.

It was a disturbance in the Force…and an unusual one at that.

Anakin honed in on the disturbance. It was weak, but he could feel…two presences. One was of pure light…the other, an almost otherworldly darkness. Both of them…almost called to him, as if they wanted him to seek them out.

But just as he tried to get closer…it was gone.

"Just what was that all about?" Anakin thought.