it set right after Shrek 2 And here we go

As Fiona gets dressed for breakfast she said " I heard my sister is returning from andalazia toda-* sees the icy carriage and civilians following it cheering as they ran either behind or next to it*- she's here" and when I everything and everyone was prepared it was the exact same welcoming that Shrek and Fiona had but no one was shocked because she was a different species but because how she grew into a beautiful woman and as she strode along the red carpet she smiled but when she saw how her sister looked she pretended to ignore it and said " sister, mother, father what the devil happened to you " then Fiona said " Amelia look how poised you become why did you come back " then Amelia said " to see someone special " Fiona was about to hug Amelia but Amelia hugged Prince Charming instead and she kissed him on the lips and the entire kingdom gasped and Fiona said " Amelia you didn't come back to see me after all these years " then Amelia said " I'm afraid you didn't keep your promise that I'll be queen and married first did you " then queen Lillian said " so is that really my daughter there look Harold how our little girl has become e