This is a one shot unless you want i guess. Had this idea come up in my head and i wanted to experiment. So here we go.

"Boruto get back here!" Sarada shouted as she was chasing him again. Why must he deface the hokage all the time Sadura thought.

You will never catch me Shadow clone jutsu. Boruto split into 5 and they scattered. Sarada threw her surkins to dispel the clones, She saw Boruto race to the top of the monument where Mitsuki was standing holding a bucket of paint

"Dude why did you not dump it while i was distracting her?"

The snake boy shrugged not taking an interest in borutos activities. "You two would make a good couple."

Shut up the two yelled. Boruto was tired from running and planned to deface his dad later. He took a burger out from his backpack and started to eat.

"You eat too much burgers" Sarada complained.

"But they are good." Boruto countered.

Suddenly an old man in a black and red cloud cloak appeared from the bushes.

"Hello children. I'm a old ninja and i want to see if i still got some skill as you youngins say. Do you three mind to spar with me?"

Boruto stepped up in a defencive stance. Sarada recognized the man's cloak as the same one her dad used to wear. This man seemed more powerful than he appeared.

Mitsuki attacked first immobilising him. The old man smiled breaking the grip. He took out an orb from his cloak. Limited Tsukuyomi the man yelled.

Suddenly there was a flash of light and he was gone.

"Where did he go?" Boruto yelled. "COWARD!"

"Shut up for a second Boruto. Hey doesn't the village seem smaller than before?" Sarada spoke after looking at her surroundings.

The village from the stone faces looked smaller with no flashing lights around and no trains anywhere.

Something is off, let's head back to the Hokage and tell them what's wrong. Said Miksuki.

The three ninjas nodded and leaped towards the Hokage office. It was where it had always been. They entered thru the roof and was outside the main office when they were stopped by Konoha shinobi. "What are you kids doing here leave now"

The three looked confused "Just let me see my dad for a second." The senobi looked at Boruto like he was crazy. "What are you kids on about, is this a prank?"

"No, Just let me see the Hokage." Boruto said with a dstain in his voice. Suddenly the door to the Hokage's office opened.

"Lord Sev-."

Standing instead of Naruto was an old lady. She was wearing a green haori and was really old. "What are you fools doing. I'm trying to get some work done, Who are these three?"

"Apologies Lady fifth"

"Lady Fifth?" Boruto questioned. He remembered very specifically that his dad was seventh?

Mitsuki had a face of fear looking at the lady. He remembered that if he ever saw a lady like this to run like hell. So he grabbed the two and smoked bomb out of there.

"What the hell was that? Why is that lady there instead of Lord seventh?" Sarada questioned.

"Hey Guys look at the stone faces" said Boruto said nervously.

Sarada turned and saw only five faces.

What the hell did that guy do?

So i wanted to write something other than persona for a bit. This is just an experiment. If i did continue this it would be on the back burner to the other story. Just to put this out there there will be no alt versions of Boruto and friends. One the show is only 24 (at time of writing) episodes in so knowing exact traits and reversing them would suck. This Will focus on the same world from the "Road to Naruto" movie. Let me know if you want me to continue. Bye!