MORE EPISODES! Can be such a drag for a writer. Decided for fun to update this see if this peaks anyone else's interests. More episodes have come out since i last wrote this so we will see if can still write naruto good.

Sadara walked into the Uchiha compound with her new found uncle. He wore the same type as cloak as her father did in the photo she had found of him. Itachi led her inside where she saw her dad with two girls by her side.

"Hey bro, who is little one, isn't she a bit young for you?" He walked over to Sadara with sparkles in his eyes. "Why don't you hanging out with me? I never seen you around here, so i might as well show you all of me."

Sadara looked away from her dad realising that he was flirting with her. "Oh my kami, my own dad is hitting on me, wtf?" she thought to herself.

Itachi stepped in front of the lover with his arm stretched out. "Back of Sasuke. She asked me to train her." He said glaring at him.

Sasuke backed off "Whatever, just use protection ok?" He said with a grin as he left the two in the courtyard.

"Sorry about that." Itachi said. "My brother is not as serious about his gift."

"What do you mean?" She asked.

Itachi looked at her then his eyes gleamed a dark red and black pattern. The sharingan

The world around her turned to red and it was just her and him. Then the the world returned to normal.

"What was that? she gasped, it was like a very powerful genjutsu hit her.

"That is up for you to decide. Come, stay and with us for your training, you are family."

"How do you….?"

"I can see it in your eyes. You have my brothers eyes." Itachi said ask he walked away.

Sadara just stood there. As long as she was here she could learn a thing or two about her sharingan. She wonder if Boruto was also getting some training, from his dad.


Boruto just kept eyeballing his dad in his room from outside. He watched as naruto was just reading in his room. He thought that his dad would be more stupid and wild but he seemed more calm than he had ever seen in his life. He kept thinking about his dad's surprising behavior during the dinner he had with him and his family


"So you are naruto right?" Boruto asked as he sat across from him. Naruto nodded and kept eating his food.

"So son how was your day?" Minato asked. Naruto keeping quiet held his thumb up for a little bit and drank his milk.

"Thank you for the meal." He said before leaving the room. Boruto looked at his apartment grandparents. His dad never mentioned his side of the family before. The only external family he had was on his mom's side.

"So… is naruto always this quiet?" He asked

Yep, he was always quiet. Even with his friends." Kushina respond.

"Is naruto strong?" Boruto asked

Minato spoke up this time. "Yes, He is a great ninja and is so serious."

"I bet, he always wants to be Hokage right." Boruto spoke. The room was silent. Both of the adults looked at him very strange.

Kushina could not hold it in. She started to laugh. Then Minato joined in the laughter. Boruto was confused.

"That's very funny. Naruto, although very powerful, never wanted to be Hokage. Thats funny.. What's your name again, have a little bad memory." Minato asked

"My name is Boruto Kaminuza." he lied.


None of this made sense. His mom always said how important the position of Hokage was to his dad. He turned away from the window to walk the streets again. He passed by the many shops that were unfamiliar to him. He was hoping to find a bench to sleep on for the night when he heard a familiar and dangerous voice.


He turned to see angry Hinata charging right at him, Byakugan activated, nowhere to run.

"To hell with this" He said. "SHADOW CLONE JUTSU"

A puff of smoke emerged and 5 Borutos charged at the angry lady. Even though she is much stronger than he is he was from the future, time to prove it.

The clones tossed shurikens at the Hyuuga woman who stopped in her tracks.


Blocking all the projectiles the clones kept circling her, charging in to distract her. Then he yelled for her attention.

"Eat this!"

He formed the tiny ball chakra in his hand controlling it. Hinata laughed

"You can't do a rasengan, there is only 3 people that can do it and you're not one of them, You are just a kid."

After forming it he threw it at the hyuga. The Hyuuga stood in her stance to block only for it to disappear.

"HAHAHA! What a joke!"

Boruto grinded before he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Hinata was stunned. She activated her Byakugan but it was too late.


The blast knocked her forward and into a wall, stunning her.

Boruto made a run for it.


"Idiots" Mitsuki said as he was reading in the library. He had to get back before he got in trouble. He was looking at the history of the village when something surprising caught his eye.

WOW, you thought that this was dead, well, sort of. I felt like i had to update this someday. Still gonna be slow updates. Just wanted to see if anyone still cared for this series. With the show still going on its hard to keep this fanfiction updated. Thxs and have a good day.