Thanos vs the Bad Wolf ch. 2

Ninety hours earlier in the headquarters of UNIT, Torchwood, SHIELD, and Stargate Command. It was reported that what appears to be organized and united group of Goa'uld, Wraith, Replicator, Chituari, Cybermen, Daleks, Rhutan, Kree, and Skrull fleets were heading toward earth in order to invade at most likely strategic points. While at the same time the Doctor in his TARDIS's instruments noticed the same invasion force heading toward earth and something else to. Some other cosmic force almost as powerful as the Time Vortex is allowing them passage through areas where it shouldn't be possible. When he took a further examination at the Energy readings he realized that they most likely must be from somehow every single one of the twelve Infinity Gem/Stones were united by someone mysterious and extremely formidably powerful and enjoying her grandchildren in mansion's backyard on her parallel Earth that seperates her from her Doctor merely by distance noticed within her Bad Wolf Self the Energy of the Time Vortex's Rival the Infinity Gem's interference with the Cosmos and Time itself through Dark and Sinister means and it bothered her. Tony Stark while working on some new upgrades for his Iron Man suit got alerted by his Hologram Artificial Intelligence computer program JARVIS of the emergecnce of the Invading Alien Fleets and so he immediately contacted the rest of the Avengers and even the Justice League. Directly after the emergence of the Invading Alien Fleets UNIT, Torchwood SHIELD, Stargate Command, the Avengers, and the Justice League called in a International/ Interagency Earth Defence emergency meeting where they requested the Presence of the Doctor. However the only way where there could remain a Unity in discussion was for Captain America, Tony Stark, Superman aka Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne aka Batman, Captain Jack Harkness and Dr. Who keep the discussion a rational/peaceful discussion. For Nick Fury-Director of Shield, the Brigadier-Director of UNIT, and the Leaders of the Stargate Command were relentlessy arguing over what to do and who's fault it was.

Seventy-one Hours earlier using his TARDIS's computers the Doctor Broadcasted his usual visual warning speech to each and every mothership within the Gould, Wraith, Replicator, Chituari, Cybermen, Dalek, Rhutan, Kree, and Skrull Fleets. Which a few thankfully the healthy dose of warning and immediately disobeyd "Thanos's" orders and left while the larger number stayed to remain at the planed Alien Invasion.

Seventy Hours earlier after finally coming to a compromised solution/conclusion the Earth Defence organizations of the world went into action when the Invasion force began attacking the Capitals and key cities of each country across the world.