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'A naked man has few secrets, but a flayed man has none'

- Roose Bolton


He awoke the next morning in better spirits than he had any other day since he had 'returned'. He felt like his path was clearer, he had some clarity around the mysterious book, and he had some plans going forward now. He had his priorities, and as he sat himself up in bed, he reached for the book tucked under his pillow, settled himself in among the pillows and looked back over it again, specifically he looked over the quests.

His plan now was to up his skills, and complete some quests, he felt that was the best way to ensure his family's survival. He couldn't do much now, a greenboy with nothing to his name, a bastard in the eyes of men, and just a few skills. No, first he would need to up his skill levels and then he could start helping his family in a meaningful way, he was sure that was his best chance going forwards.

His eyes strayed from the book then, and he felt a bolt of panic trickle down his spine. He hadn't even checked the date since he had returned! He knew he was past his 16th name day just by looking in the mirror, and that his fath... uncle had not yet gone to Kings Landing, but when was it? That would be essential! When was the King coming? How long did he have to prepare? He forced himself to swallow, take a deep breath and calm himself, he needed not to lose his head. He imagined he'd have many more shocks and moments of panic over these next years, he could not let anything phase him now, he had to remain calm no matter what.

It was clear to Jon he had been sent back for some kind of reason, and already he had gotten the idea into his head, the reason was to change the future, for what else could it be? Clearly, he needed to save his family and prepare for the wars to come, that was why he was here, and first to make any meaningful difference he needed to get back to where he had been with his skills, and make changes that would stop the destruction of his family.

Quickly he turned to look at the calendar on his wall. It was checked up until a certain date, with a few missing, the days since he had been back clearly. He let out a sigh of relief as soon as he worked out the date. Three weeks, it was just three weeks until the King arrived in Winterfell. It dawned on him that made sense with the fact he had Ghost by his side, the once fierce beast now a little pup. Three weeks he had, it felt like something of a reprieve, but it wasn't enough, not nearly enough … though he supposed it was better than nothing. He had three weeks to prepare.

He wondered then … was there anything he should be doing now? He'd committed to honing his skills to ensure he could make a difference, but was there anything happening now he needed to right immediately? He couldn't think of anything, saving Bran from his fall, stopping his uncle going South, all those required time, and so he was resolved to continue with his previous plan, until he saw the glow of the book in his lap.

Quest Alert!

New Quest: Save Domeric Bolton!

Save Domeric Bolton from a grisly death by poison.

Reward: Domeric Bolton lives, and you gain +50 relationship with him, +10 Poisons Knowledge. 100XP, add a special item!

Failure: Domeric Bolton dies - this will have huge consequences for the future!

This is a time sensitive quest! If you fail to complete this quest before the timer runs out, then you will fail it. Time sensitive quests offer less XP bonus, but generally higher other bonuses. These quests are also known as 'storyline' quests, in that they have a huge impact on the future! They will be rarer than other quests, but it is highly recommended you complete them!

Time Remaining: 2 and a half days.

As soon as he read that Jon was not feeling optimistic. How on earth was he supposed to save a man he'd never met? And had no idea of his death? It wasn't even the reward that enticed him, though of course he felt he had to try to save an innocent man's life, regardless. No, it was the failure that worried him, the idea of large consequences - that was something he was actively trying to avoid! Clearly, he had to do something, he already had a million future consequences to entangle, he did not want to add another to the mix.

God, he felt tired, and he had just woken up.

He mulled for a moment over what those consequences could be and strained to think of anything he knew about Domeric Bolton. Jon knew he was Heir to the Dreadfort, and was currently squiring somewhere in the Veil … no wait, he was returning soon, wasn't he? Well at least there was something that added up, clearly Domeric was going to be killed in the North, but how? And by who? Again, Jon strained to think, and then of course it dawned on him, as he felt a flash go through his brain, and for a moment he felt as though he was pulled back, back to his old life.

'They have her'


'At Winterfell'

It was just a glimpse, a look at a minute-long conversation, and yet it all came flooding back to Jon then. With a grimace Jon heaved himself out of bed. He now knew the identity of Domeric's killer and what the 'consequences' of the Heir to Dreadforts death would be. How had he not realized before? It made sense now, and he knew he had no choice. Looking over the content of his book and levelling up his skills would have to wait.

He had a Bolton to save.

After a hurried breakfast (thankfully he had always been an earlier riser than his siblings), and then a run back to his room, his head kept down to avoid conversation, Jon had a plan … at least the idea of a plan … somewhat.

He knew saving Domeric was essential now, to avoid a future with Ramsey Bolton as Lord of Winterfell. It also dawned on him, a closer relationship with Roose Bolton to the Starks wouldn't hurt either. Yes, this was important now, not a quest he could fail, that much was clear to him. He also had an idea of how to be getting on with things. He had no doubt that Ramsey Snow was his elder half-brothers' killer, and he remembered a bit of conversation he had heard from Stannis at Castle Black, his mind rolling back to his past life once more …

'Ramsey Snow, the bastard born at the Weeping Water holds your home now'

The Weeping Water, a two-day ride from Winterfell (if he was swift) and that was where he had to go. He was sure that was where he would find Ramsey, and perhaps a curious Domeric visiting his brother? He presumed that was how the boy had met his demise; too trusting, too naive. He recalled that Domeric was Roose's only child, ahh he could understand that now. Loneliness, a desire for a sibling, a desire for a wider family. Jon was sure he was on the right track, and so ride to the Weeping Water he would.

Two days to get there, and then a few hours to find Ramsey and/or Domeric and put a stop to the heir's death … it wouldn't be easy, but he couldn't afford to fail. Not just because of the quest, but because of Domeric … he would be saving an innocent man here, and that alone was something important.

Jon may have woken a boy once again (though with the mind of a man), he may have been distracted by the book, and the intense desire to right things with the Starks, but he was still the same man. Bound by honour that had been bred into him by his uncle, and duty, another Stark trait … and a Targaryen in many ways too. He was still that same man, one who would always place the importance of others over himself. Even with the fleeting thoughts he'd had about the southern throne, that would not change, that would never change. It was reassuring almost, so much had happened, his life before him was long gone and yet he still held the same priorities. It was nice to know and gave him some warmth as he went forward.

In the past he had sacrificed personal honour when necessary, to help others, and he would do the same again, but it was important to stand beside his principles, of duty, of honour, he was not the man he had been at this age but he still valued those.

He began to pack then, a small bag to put on the side of his horse, some provisions, some silver. He re-dressed himself quickly, not into full armour, but instead a tunic, followed by his leathers, and his weapons belt, holding castle forged steel on the left, and a dagger on the right. The sword didn't feel right, it wasn't even a bastard sword, but it was the best he had, not Valyrian Steel true, but fine Winterfell steel, the next best thing in his eyes. He didn't bother with armour, that would be too suspicious, and the book? He tucked that underneath his leathers, secured with a strap to his chest to ensure it didn't jostle loose. He then pulled on his cloak, a thick brown and black number that was a little old but provided warmth (not that he needed much, especially now with his perks and heritage attributes), and he was ready.

He couldn't help but take one look back over the book before he tucked it away, just one last look over his skills, to give him some reassurance in a way … if nothing else.


HP: 100/100

LEVEL 2: 800/1000

Base Stats

STR: 19

PER: 10

END: 15

CHA: 5

INT: 9

AGI: 12

LUC: 6

MAG: 8

He didn't have time to leaf through the whole book, but his base stats reassured him, they were still low but higher than they had been, with his perks and stats in other areas he knew he was up to the challenge of this quest, and surely the book wouldn't have given him something impossible?

Well, he'd soon find out.

It was time to head out. He'd already left a note with a servant to tell his uncle he was going on a long hunt (something that wasn't completely unusual for him), and may have told a little white lie in that he'd promised to take guards. No matter, he'd be back in less than a week, and with grim determination as he left his room and approached the stables … he was sure he'd be back with success.

That was another thing he'd kept with him, his determination, to see duty done, to right wrongs, to fight for his family and those he loved. That had not changed.

The ride if anything was dull and gave him some much-needed time to think.

He rode hard, pushing himself just a little too much for the first hour (to which he had to slow for the second and third, he had to keep reminding himself he did not have the endurance he once had), and from that he learned his lesson, keeping a steady pace that would get him to the Weeping Water in time, and more importantly in one piece. The cold wouldn't harm him as it did others, but he still had to be wary of tiredness, and so he didn't want to push himself too hard, lest he injure himself through exhaustion or run out of steam.

Still, he was fast, as he had to be to reach his destination in time. His swift pace also discouraged bandits (not that he was worried about coming across any, but he did not need to waste time), and he had plenty of food, so he didn't have to pause at inns or taverns. He felt he was doing well and had come up with a good plan … at least a good one that he'd quickly put together in under an hour. Now he just had to make his way there and stop a mysterious plot to kill the Heir to the Dreadfort; all in under two days.

It sounded impossible when put like that.

If there was one useful thing about a two day ride, it was that it gave him plenty of time to think, plenty of time to go over the contents of the book in his head, and go over whatever plans he had going forward. They had been stalled for this quest he'd been given, but once he was back in Winterfell, he knew he had a long journey ahead to ensure the Starks didn't destroy themselves, to ensure the pack remained together. He would defend them all, he would make sure they remained together, and with his knowledge he had some hope he could do so.

It had all started with Jon Arryn, but to Jon's remorse he was too late to save the man he had been named for. The next step then would be saving Bran from falling from the tower, and crucially he had to stop his uncle from becoming Hand of the King. In truth he had no idea how to do that, for his uncle prided himself on his honour, loyalty, and duty; how would he stop him going South? If his uncle didn't go South then neither would Sansa and Arya, and Eddard Stark wouldn't end up dead, and his sisters … cousins, wouldn't be alone and scattered. He knew what he had to do, what he had to prevent. The only problem was, he had no idea how to do it. How did he stop his uncle from going South? That was a problem that he had no idea how to solve.

And yet he knew at the moment he had to focus on this problem, on finding Ramsey Snow and Domeric Bolton, to stop the former slaying the latter. He went over and over it in his head, but he knew he had little choice. Once he arrived at the Weeping Water, he'd need to find wherever Ramsey was staying and end him before he had a chance to kill his brother. He didn't like the idea of murdering a man who'd yet to do any wrong (though from the tales Jon had heard in his previous life, he doubted Ramsey's soul was clean), but it was necessary. It was necessary to save Domeric, an innocent man. He didn't know much about the Heir to the Dreadfort, but the occasional mention had him knowing that Domeric was apparently a good man, a good man Jon would save.

He had to stop at night for a few hours' sleep, but he slept for no more than three, and then was back on the trail. He repeated the same a little later, before finally he knew he'd reached his destination.

He could see the flow of the river and could see a small village set up on its banks a little further away. He knew this had to be the place. It was the closest settlement to the Dreadfort, and it made sense Roose would keep Ramsey here, a place to keep an eye on him but have him far enough away from home. Jon knew he'd arrived at the right place, and though he felt tired and hungry, he had arrived just in time, it had taken just over two days of riding, but he was here. He was sore, but that didn't matter as he continued onward, his poor horse lagging a little now, as he came upon the small village.

As he arrived, he left his horse with a stable master nearby, paying him well to feed the steed he'd near worn out. He grabbed himself a cup of soup from a market stall, drinking his first hot meal in two days down quickly, before he placed the cup back on the stalls wooden serving area, checked his weapons belt and made his way forward. He didn't even know where to start, but he felt that the stall serving ale was his best bet for some town gossip and directions.

He approached cautiously, laid down a silver stag on the wood, and looked across at the man serving. The common man's eyes lit up at the silver, but he showed little shock, nodding his head as Jon spoke.

"I'm looking for Ramsey Snow" Jon said simply, he didn't want to explain why he was here, and instead hoped the coin would do the talking for him.

"Gathered as much" The bar hand said with a nod, "You're the second in the last hour! Though the lad before you gave me gold" He shrugged then before carrying on, "He's at the last house, little further away from anyone else, but be careful, he's an odd lad, with that strange boy he keeps round him all the time, stinks he does, it is a strange situation over there" It was all he had to say and Jon nodded in thanks, hurrying his pace to where he was running now, for he knew time was of the essence.

Domeric had been asking around for Ramsey's location, which meant he was already here, and that meant he did not have much time. Jon ran, finding the house quickly, as it stood apart from the rest further away from the main village. He was fast, and in less than ten minutes he was bursting through the door, his sword drawn, his eyes wide.

As soon as he stood in place, he could see the surprise both on Ramsey's face, and then the boy he presumed to be Domeric. He was not welcome as Ramsey grabbed a kitchen knife, and Domeric unsheathed his own sword, though the latter also had a goblet of wine in hand he had just placed down, thankfully Jon could see it was full.

He only hesitated for a second, as the glow from the book hit him with a familiarity, and he saw the hovering signs over the two boys' heads.


Ramsey Bolton.

Bastard of Roose Bolton.


Relationship: 0/100



Domeric Bolton.

Heir to the Dreadfort.


Relationship: 0/100

He noted both and was unsurprised at the '0' relationship he had with both. He knew neither of them, nor they did not know him. Though they'd be better acquainted now … at least for a short while.

He needed to focus and his gaze went back to the scene in front of him, and to the wine goblet on the table, if he were a betting man he was sure that was the wound-be murder weapon, no doubt poison in the cup.

And so, it was the first thing he went for. Quickly he knocked the goblet off the table, before disarming Domeric with ease, who had taken his surge forward as an attack. The Heir fell to the floor with a groan and a humpf, and he then turned his attention to Ramsey, who looked both gleeful at his brother being knocked over, and annoyed as he turned to face Jon.

"What are you doing here? Attacking my brother?" The boy spoke with a little curl to his voice, a curl of amusement that annoyed Jon as soon as he heard it. He was grinning even as he held the knife in hand, his eyes wide with a kind of unhinged mischief.

"I think you mean him more harm than I" The glint in Ramsey's eye told him all he needed to know, and he quickly charged forward, his sword severing the Bolton bastards knife hand from arm, before slashing across his chest, the now corpse hitting the floor without so much as a scream. Jon knew it was a little overkill, but he had heard about Ramsey's penchant for games and being thoroughly slippery before … he didn't want to risk it now.

Jon took a moment after Ramsey hit the floor, just one second to take a breath. Killing a man was never easy, even if one had done so a thousand times before, even if the man in question deserved it. In his past life Jon had killed many, in battle, at the block, in many different ways, in battle and out. Sometimes it was necessary, and it was necessary here, as much as he disliked it.

Well, Ramsey was dead, but now Domeric was rising, his eyes fearful, but his stance impressive as he grabbed his sword and faced off against Jon, who in turn lowered his own sword and shook his head.

"Come on, I'm not here to harm you" Jon said simply, "If I'd wanted to kill you I would have already"

"I can believe that" Domeric spoke back, wisdom clearly one of his strengths, and Jon could hear the tilt of the South in his voice, from his time fostering in the Vale, but the northern bite still lay underneath, and Jon nodded at his words, before pointing with his sword to the wine spilled on the floor, though said wine was smoking on the stone now, he'd been right.

"He was trying to poison me?" Domeric spoke again, and Jon was thankful for his intelligence as he only had to nod, rather than try to explain the situation. If anything, though Domeric looked more suspicious as his gaze darted from the wine, to Ramsey's body to Jon then, and the heir did not lower his sword as he spoke.

"How did you know?"

"I was out for a hunt near here, and I overheard him in the woods" There that was the explanation Jon had thought of on the ride over here, for he had no idea what else he could possibly say to convince him. "Speaking of killing you my Lord, referenced you by name, I followed him here"

There that should be enough shouldn't it? Jon knew he could lie when needed but it wasn't his biggest strength, and yet he felt the book glow against his chest in response though he ignored it for now, he would check it later. For now, what was important was this moment with Domeric Bolton, he'd saved his life true, but he didn't need any questions around it, not when he couldn't give answers.

Thankfully Domeric seemed to accept that with a nod, and he sat himself back down with a small sigh. He could see his hands were shaking, and Jon didn't blame him.

"You saved my life" Domeric said, almost with wonder, as though realising without Jon's intervention he would have been the one on the floor not Ramsey. Upon that realisation he stood back up, holding out his hand for Jon to take. Jon followed the old tradition and clapped hands with him. "What is your name?"

"Jon Snow" Jon said simply, knowing better than to try and cover things up, he didn't want to be caught lying if Domeric ever visited Winterfell.

"Ned Stark's natural born son?" Domeric said simply, to which Jon nodded, and Domeric did too.

"You saved my life Jon Snow; I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Ride to the Dreadfort with me, and I'll see to it you have a reward" Domeric said simply, to which Jon shook his head this time.

"No, there is no need. I'm far from home for a hunt, and I'd rather my father didn't know about… " Jon shrugged almost, "Well about this" He pointed at Ramsey then and Domeric seemed to nod in understanding.

"Well then take this" It was then Domeric reached into the straps of his leathers and handed him over a pin, a pin of fine quality silver, with the sigil of the Dreadfort on it, it was a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, but Jon raised his eyebrow in confusion, to which Domeric even smiled, though he still looked shaken.

"Take this and know you will always have an ally Jon Snow, and that I Domeric Bolton will repay this debt someday" He sounded honourable in his words, and Jon nodded, slipping the pin into the inner pocket of his leathers, alongside the book, and he clasped hands with the Heir to the Dreadfort once more, and the silver glow appeared again, showing the stats over Domeric's head.


Domeric Bolton.

Heir to the Dreadfort.


Relationship: 50/100

As that dissolved another set of writing appeared in the air and Jon couldn't help but smile.

Quest Completed!

Save Domeric Bolton.

Reward: Domeric Bolton lives, and you gain +50 relationship with him, +10 Poisons Knowledge. 100XP. You have now added the 'House Bolton Sigil' to your collection.

Current XP: 900/1000.

He returned back to the situation then and released Domeric's hand before nodding to him. "You should be getting home, as should I"

The Heir nodded to him then, "I should, and thank you again Jon Snow, I consider you an ally now"

Jon nodded, that could certainly be useful he thought, "Aye, allies"

Domeric made for the door then, but paused before leaving, "Until we meet again"

"Until we meet again"

The ride back was worse than the ride there, Jon was exhausted, hungry and sore. He could not wait to return to Winterfell. The ride took longer than it should have, and he was running on nothing by time he spied the gates of his home. He near groaned as he heard frantic shouting as they opened and he trotted through on his horse, sagging now in the saddle.

But he got no reprieve, he was barely off his horse before Arya and Bran swarmed him, both pulling him down into their arms, clutching at him. He realised this was the first time he'd seen them in days, and as expected, once he looked up he saw the writing over their heads.


Arya Stark.

Your Cousin.


Relationship: 90/100.



Brandon Stark.

Your Cousin.


Relationship: 80/100.

He smiled at that as he hugged them both before stepping back, it was nice to see how much they both loved him, particularly Arya who cared for him the most. After that Robb was clapping him on the back, and then to his surprise Sansa was leaping into his embrace, muttering apologies almost to herself as she grabbed him.


Sansa Stark.

Your Cousin.


Relationship: 40/100.

Love: 0/100.

Well that was new, and Jon didn't even have a moment to think about it as he hugged Sansa back, before his uncle was grabbing him and pulling him into a hug before marching him up to his solar, promising his children Jon would be back down for dinner in a moment.

Once they reached the solar, Jon noted Lady Stark was already inside, her eyes rimmed with red, to which he certainly raised an eyebrow at, before taking a seat as his uncle indicated.

"Jon where the hell have you been?" He had rarely seen his uncle angry, and yet he could see it now as he spoke. "You leave a note with a servant you're going for a hunt, and you've been gone near five days! No guards with you either!" Eddard Stark shook his head then, dashing his hand across the air, "We've all been worried sick! The children were convinced you'd ran away, Arya cried herself to sleep last night, Sansa has been blaming herself and screamed at Jeyne Poole when she called you a bastard. Robb rode out after you before a guard followed behind and hauled him back" Jon was wide eyed now, he had no idea his absence would induce such worry. He felt guilty, and secretly a little bit warm inside, that they all cared for him so much. "I had set up search parties to head out yesterday, where in god's name have you been?"

"I went for a hunt" He said simply, but the daggers his uncle and Lady Stark threw him persuaded him to elaborate. "After what we spoke about … " He paused then, "I needed some time to think, needed to get away to have some time alone" He said with a nod of his head, "I'm sorry I caused such worry" There he hoped that was enough, he could hardly explain what he was actually doing without causing many, many questions to arise. He felt a bit crappy using that excuse, but it was the best he had, he was too exhausted to think of anything else.

"Oh Jon" His uncle nodded then before standing and pulling him into a hug, "I wish you had just said so, not leaving a cryptic note with a servant. Most of us were convinced you'd ran away"

Jon shook his head then, feeling his own tears welling up in his eyes for some reason, "Never" He said simply, gripping the man who had always been his father close, "Winterfell is my home"

His uncle seemed satisfied then and nodded his own head, and released him, and Jon made his leave, he only stopped for a moment as his uncle spoke.

"Come here tomorrow Jon, first thing, ignore your lessons, and we'll talk more about your mother" Jon nodded then, smiled, before heading out, and felt the warm glow of the book again and the writing in the air.

Quest Alert!

Mothers Heritage.

Meet your Uncle in the morning and learn more about your Mother.

Success: Unlock your Mothers Heritage page, +100XP.

Failure: Your Mothers Heritage page remains locked -100XP.

He felt the glow fade, and Jon hurried back to his room, some satisfaction rising in him that he'd get more answers. Still, he had an hour or so before dinner, and there was much he had missed with the book.

Once he was back in his room, sat at his desk, Ghost sleeping on the bed next to him, and the door barred, Jon pulled out his new companion, and quickly flicked through the new developments. He was pleased to see a summary page before the main stats that listed any changes he had missed, which meant he didn't have to read through the entire book, that made things much easier and his tired eyes certainly appreciated that.


HP: 90/100

LEVEL 2: 900/1000

Poison Knowledge, Increase from 0 - 10.

Lying, Increase from 0 – 10

Persuasion, Increase from 0 - 10

Bravery now visible, Increase from 40 – 50

Horse Riding, Increase from 60 – 65

Two new sections unlocked! Flip to see.

The summary page was useful, and he was pleased to see not only an increase in some existing skills but also some new skills showing up. He was particularly pleased with his bravery score, that certainly made him smile. It was good to see some improvements and he would keep striving for more.

He also noted he was only 100 points away from a new level, and he quickly flipped through the book to see his quests, he wondered if there were any he could complete now?

Current Quests:

(Remember, you will usually have 3 minor quests that refresh daily. Ongoing/active quests have no time limit. You now have time sensitive quests too).

Minor Quests:

Train Ghost in 5 Simple Commands.

Succes: 10+ relationship with Ghost, +5 Animal Knowledge, 100XP.

Failure: -5 relationship with Ghost.


The Blood of Dragons.

Research the Targaryen family.

Success: +200XP, +1 INT.

Failure: -100XP.


Mothers Heritage.

Meet your Uncle in the morning and learn more about your Mother.

Success: Unlock your Mothers Heritage page, +100XP.

Failure: Your Mothers Heritage page remains locked -100XP.

Ongoing Quests:

Understanding the Rise.

Reach Level 5 to unlock player's levels.

Reward: You can see any players level (unless they are hidden for a specific reason), +50 XP.

Failure: Players levels will remain hidden to you.


Obtain a Valyrian Steel Sword.

The possible swords you may obtain are as follows:

LongClaw: Quest! The Nights Watch.

Dark Sister: Quest! Egg.

BlackFyre: Quest! The Essos Merchant.

Success: A Valyrian Steel sword, +10 Valyrian Steel Combat, +10 relationship with everyone (except for pacifists), +1000XP.

Failure: -20 Valyrian Steel Combat, -AGI, -LUC.


Claiming Your Right.

Claim your ancestors Throne, the Iron Throne for yourself.

Success: +5000XP, +5 CHA, +5 INT, +5 LUC, SPECIAL STATUS fully unlocked, the crown of your ancestor: Aegon Targaryen, will be yours.

Failure: -10 LUC, you will be branded a bastard forever and your claim to the Throne will be lost.

Well that was useful, he should be able to level up tomorrow. He was tempted to now, but one look at Ghost on the bed told him that trying to train his Direwolf now would result in a failed quest and a grumpy companion. He smiled as he looked at the little pup, so much smaller now, napping happily, before he turned back to his desk.

He turned the page then, skipping over the maps he'd looked over in detail before, and instead continued on, to the pages he hadn't looked at. The first covered his relationships with everyone, which was good to have on hand, and also explained the details around what each relationship meant.


There are 3 relationship scores available. The first two are unlocked immediately, the third becomes unlocked at Level 8.

'Relationship' this is the general relationship you have with a player. This will show up for everyone.

'Love' this is the romantic relationship you have with a player. This will only show up with players you may romance, this will exclude those in the gender you are not attracted to, and those you cannot romance (for example if you are averse to having a romantic relationship with the person, normally this would include family members).

'Respect' this will be unlocked at Level 8 and details the amount of respect a player has for you.

Hmm … that all made sense, except for one thing. He had only seen the love score show up with one person: Sansa. She was his sister! Well cousin, perhaps that was why it showed up? As cousin marriages were common in Westeros? But then why hadn't it shown up for Arya? He couldn't help but think it was because he and Sansa had never been close as siblings, and it was easy to now think of her as a cousin, whereas with Arya he would always see her as his little sister. He wasn't sure, but judging by Sansa's behaviour when he had returned, he felt they could have a closer relationship … but romantically? He couldn't imagine it.

It was a lot to think about, and he flipped over the page, which was laid out differently than others, with boxes that looked as though they meant to contain pictures, with writing next to them. Only two boxes contained pictures, and as he reached inside his leathers for the pin Domeric had given him, he put it together.

Sigils of the North!

Here is a view of all the sigils you have collected of the North. These sigils must be earned through quests, allegiances, and random events. Collect all of them to uncover secrets about the North that none living know and will be very important to your story later down the line!

Sigils Collected: 2

Collected Sigils:

House Stark.

Sigil: A Direwolf.

Words: Winter is Coming.


House Bolton.

Sigil: A Flayed Man.

Words: Our Knives Are Sharp.


They were the only spots filled in, with a picture of the sigil and the full writing. All others had a blank spot for the picture, and only displayed the houses name. There were a lot, lasting several pages, and Jon knew this would not be something he could do actively, even the book seemed to confirm that, he'd just need to keep an eye out for ways to collect them, for quests and such. Learning long lost secrets to the North seemed important, and so he would keep a look out.

He then opened up his small desk draw to place the Bolton pin inside, and he almost laughed when he saw an identical one already sat there (that had certainly not been there before), with the Stark sigil instead of the Bolton. He nodded to himself, before placing the pin inside, and closing the drawer shut. It almost seemed to glow as he did so.

He then went back to the book, closing it this time. There was still much to learn it seemed, but he felt he had a better grasp of the book now and felt confident with such knowledge. He wanted to keep readin, or dive into the book about Targaryen histories that Maester Luwin had set aside for him, so to level up. But instead he forced himself up, changed quickly before heading down to dinner with Ghost still snoozing on the bed. He would attend dinner with his family, one little bit of respite among the planning, and the games and the constant confusion. One little bit of respite, and then he would get back to the Game of Thrones.

He had a duty to do, to save his family, protect his loved ones, but for a few moments he just wanted some respite, to spend time with the loved ones he needed to save, and so with a small nod to himself he shut his bedroom door behind him and made his way to dinner.

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I loved writing this chapter, I adoreee Domeric Bolton even tho we know so little about him, credit to spectre4hire who made me fall in love with him, check out their story 'Our Blades Are Sharp' for it is awesome.

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