*This isn't really a chapter, though if you want you can call it that. I'm just adding some details that I forgot like Astrid's apology and the end of the wedding. Also the proposal so I guess this is a chapter. Enjoy!*

Astrid's POV

It is about twelve now and we are about to send off Hunter and Elena for their wedding night. I have to admit, Five years ago I never thought that this would ever happen. Me being here on Hunter's wedding day as the maid of honor.


(Five years ago before Hunter's accident)

I am extremely nervous. If anybody asks I would deny it, but I am. Right now I am outside of Hunter's apartment in the pouring rain about to apologize to him. Most people would laugh and say "What? The Great Astrid Hofferson doesn't apologize to anyone." I'm apologizing though because I did my former best friend dirty and I want to make it right.

With a shaking hand I knock on the door. I wait a few minutes before turning around. I guess he wasn't there.

"Wait!" I hear a slightly nasally voice call. I turn around and Hiccup is standing there with a confused look on his face. "Astrid? What are you doing here?"

"Hi Hunter. Um, can I come in? What I'm going to say isn't a in the hallway kind of thing." He hesitates for a minute, but then nods.

"Yeah. Come on in." He hold the door open for me and I walk inside taking in the room. It's a lot bigger than mine and Ruff's. "So what did you want to tell me?"

"I, um, I just wanted to…." I took a deep breath. "I wanted to apologize. For everything. I know that I probably don't deserve your forgiveness, but I really am sorry."

Hiccup walks away and I stand there awkwardly trying to get my shivering under control. I look down at my feet and notice the water pooling around them. Leaning down, I take my sweater off and wipe up the floor as best as I can.

"Hey, um, Astrid? Do you want to dry off and change?" I notice Hunter standing there with a towel and some clothes that look about my size. I start to shake my head, but the clothes sticking to me are very cold and wet so I change my mind.

"Yes. Do you mind?" Hunter shook his head and pointed to a room. I went in and changed surpised at how well the sweats fit.

"They're Elena's. Here give me your clothes and I'll dry them for you." I do as he asks and sit on the sofa, stiffly. He still hasn't accepted my apology, though I don't think he will. As I'm thinking I don't notice the black shape that has moved across the floor until too late.

I scream as the black thing pounces on me growling.

"Toothless, no!" The black dog gets off of me and sits next to his master.

"I'm sorry. Are you okay?" Hunter gets close to me and touches my arm. I nod shakily and smile.

"I'm fine. Why did he attack me?" Hunter laughs and I get angry. I punch his arm hard and cross my arms.

"Ow! Why did you do that?" He yelled at me.

"Because you laughed at me!" I shot back. Hunter stops and sits down on the couch next to me.

"I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing at Toothless. He does that to Elena all the time and he must have thought you were her because you have her clothes on."

I blush and lower my head.

"Oh. Sorry for punching you."

"It's okay. Sorry for not warning you about Toothless." I nod.

"Why did you name him Toothless? That's kind of weird."

"So uh, I found him in a junkyard with almost no teeth and no leg and I kept him." I wait for him to go on, but I realized that was it.

"Oh wow." We sit in silence for a few minutes before I decide to speak up again. "Hey, I really am sorry you know and you don't have to forgive me. I just wanted to get it off my chest."

Hunter sits on the couch before getting up. He goes to a different room leaving me alone on his beige couch. I rub my feet against the brown carpet for a few seconds and lean back, sighing.

"Here's your clothes. They finished drying." I nod for the thousandth time since I came in and go upstairs to change. I change and look around Hunter's room. I see a bunch of pictures and drawings on his wall. Only a few are actually framed. The first one framed is a picture of a woman with brown hair in braids and green eyes, Stoick with his flaming red beard and a large smile on his face, and a baby nestled between his parents.

The second one framed was a picture of just the woman who I figured out was Valka, Hunter's mother who went missing over fifteen years ago. She was wearing a purple dress that fanned out around her and that faded into blue as it went to the bottom. It had a plunging neckline that was covered in sparkly jewelry.

Another one was of Elena and Hunter at someone's house. Hunter was wearing a tux and had his hair slicked back. On his tux was a little white rose. Elena was wearing a dark blue dress that fanned out at the waist. She was smiling and had a corsage on her wrist. Hunter was blushing and had his hand barely touching Elena's waist though it was so high up it barely accounted as her waist.

The last one was of two muddy children, one with matted brown hair and green eyes the other with blonde hair in two braids and blue eyes. They were both smiling widely and had their arms around each other.

I smiled sadly at the picture of me and Hunter and walked downstairs. Hunter was standing there with a confused face.

"I'll be going now. I probably have a project that I need to finish." Hunter smiled and walked me to the door. He opened it and I walked out.

"Hey Astrid," I looked behind me at Hunter who was leaning on the door frame. "I forgive you."

I beam and nod. I walk to the stairs and turn back to look at Hunter one last time then I start my slow walk downstairs.

*Flashback over*

I watch Snotlout hit on multiple girls and get turned down. He sighs and walks over to me.

"Congrats on getting engaged. I'm really happy for you."

He sounded sincere, but also a little sad. I didn't really care though, I had a lot on my mind.

"Thanks. There's a girl over there who has been eying you for a while. You should talk to her. I think that it's one of Elena's cousins or something."

He looks excited for a moment then scowls at me.

"No trickery because I swear Astrid-" I cut him off and start to look for my fiancée.

"No trickery Scott." I turn and go to Eric where I spotted him among the guys.

*So I just wanted to do that and I'll probably make a bunch of one shots of Elena's and Hunter's moments together. Maybe about ten. One for their prom, one for a date, one of them getting into trouble with the police, and so on. Thank you for reading and this story is now COMPLETE!*