finally the day is over and I'm damn tired first it was training and the emotional roller coaster in these books but at least we had some fun as johanna and peeta and Annie discovered that writing what they want and leaving it on the paper on the fridge ,next day it arrive and that's how we got to ski it was a great surprise but Uriah couldn't shut up that he was going to ask every day for cake

I got to my room and i find peeta there ,last night we didn't talk every one took a side ,and I don't know why we are even in the same room ,its a bit frustrating and in the same time relaxing to know he is here,god this is a bit crazy

I sit on the bed as peeta is writing something"what are you doing?"

he lift his head to me and smile"drawing"

I come closer and look at the drawing"is this the city of bones?"

he nods at me"I just thought that maybe with the description we heard I can imagine the place"

I smile at him"you and Clary can make the team both of you are good artist"

"but what if I have someone else in mind to be my team mate" he look me in eye and I feel as if he slapped me

"good night peeta,its late" I get up without looking at him and get under the covers ,I hear him sigh then I feel more weight added in the bed ,and taf the lights are off

this is just the beggining ,I can't get attached to anyone,not yet at least.

the morning came and I wake on loud shouts and like some furnitures are being moved or hitted I'm not sure

I put my pillow on my head and yell"shut up!some people need sleep"

i hear a chuckle and I open an eye and see peeta looking at me"you know that its probably four?and you just yelled at him?"

"I don't care who he is" I shake my head"I'm not scared "

then I head a frightened yell and a shudder go throught me"fuck"I get up quickly and run to the bathroom

when I'm out peeta is still on bed finishing the last touchs of his drawing"where are you going?"

"training obviously"

"seriously?but its not for us" peeta raise an eyebrow and I glare

"if you don't remember ,we were picked for the hunger games and I can guess after all this we will get back to it,so I want to be prepared,you should too"

the smile on his face disappear and his shoulder. fall "yes,sure I'll be there"

I don't know why I regret that i say so but that is not my business my goal now is to reach breakfast before Uriah eat everything

yesterday was target practice with guns and today we will start learning how to fight but today more people are in the training room,damn is everyone excited to hit someone else,?

a shudder run through me and I ignore it as four and Eric show us some stances and punches that we will need to learn it then everyone to a punching bag

I look a bit at mine and make sure it won't fall down ,then start hitting,hmm am not that bad as I thought I will,but my eyes travel around and I watch how the others do,well Uriah,Lynn and Marlene are natural ,the others are a bit struggling ,then I see four helping Tris and I smile a bit ,not much people have noticed but they make the team,I shake the thought as I remember last night and try to block jace and Clary's bickirring in the punching bag behind me and look around,and then I see Eric watching Lynn huh?i thought they hate each other,I thought everyone hate Eric,then I notice magnus and Alec chatting but,...holyfuck ,that's not right!I see his hand traveling under his shirt and him whispering in Alec's ear ,I blink and blink again,then the bag hit me square in the face,fuck

I fall down and half the room run to me

"you OK?" gale ask

"yes,yes,I was just distracted" I say and look at the pair and see alec blushing ,I think I'm the only one who noticed that ,maybe next time I'll keep my eyes to myself

finnick and Christina help me up and I sit then tori come and look at my face"its fine but you should sit a bit"

I nod and I look at her she was too quiet the last days more then clove was and I wonder why

well this gives more time to watch and learn more ,sometimes watching teaches a lot of things ,if you watch the right things of course,I just need to keep my eyes away from the other pair

later we go to lunch four said that we are taking training slowly because we are staying here for a long time and everyone need to keep fit for what will be next and I agree with him

I sit at the tables and see some pale faces,what is going on?they can't be that tired then i see Isabelle grining fuck she cooked and if her cooking is really as the book describe we are doomed

I look at my plate at the weird looking soup and I imagine an eye floating in it and I feel like throwing up

Clary notice that I guess and she lock eyes with me and I nod she grins but then she catch tris's helpless face and I give her another nod and start faking being tired and both the girls run to me

"emm we will take katniss to her room,you know that she got a pretty hard punch " Clary said and Tris chuckle

Isabelle narrow her eyes"no"fuck we can't run"take her to the living room she will rest a bit then we have to read"

the three of us nod and we quick away

then we throw ourselves at the couch"damn we were close"Tris said

"yes,I'm not ready to face Izzy's rage" Clary say

"or have an early death" I add and we laugh again and sink more in the couch

"that was fun,you should hang more with us katniss" Tris said

"yes ,you are kinda a loner here" Clary said

"yes" I look down,I won't tell them why,I'm not ready and to be honest I never had friends ,I mean I have Madge and gale but this is different ,I will see what will happen soon

after an hour most everyone joined us in the living room,half glaring ,I don't think they got to run away,well bad for them

"who is reading?" luke asked taking the book out of the chest

"me,me" a woman with blonde hair said from the stairs and we keep looking at her

"who are you?" jace ask

"aw sweety, you didn't know me ?,now that's rude" she awnser with a big smile and I gasp


half the room look at me as if I'm crazy and notice Effie is missing and then look at the woman

"well done honey" Effie said"I wish I don't look ridiculous "

"you took it seriously" haymitch mumbel"I mean you look beautiful"he close his eyes and say"you still stupid"

Effie scowl but smile at the rest

"you do look beautiful" Simon said"great change from a scary joker to a classy lady,great upgard"

simon get a pillow in the face and Effie smile"thanks kid"

and she take the book sitting down


chapter eleven:MAGNUS BANE


"ouuh yey finally im in the story" magnus squealed

"not yet warlock" jace said


JACE LEANED FORWARD AND BANGED HIS HAND AGAINST THE partition separating them from the cab driver. "Turn left! Left! I said to take Broadway, you brain-dead moron!"


many crack laughing

"relax jace anger is not good for you" Clary said and he glare at her

"that poor man he doesn't know what he is facing" Izzy said

"yeah I bet he regreted stopping for jace" Tris grins

"oh thank you girls all of you against me,it is not fair" jace yawn

"it never is" I tell him back and we laugh


the taxi driver responded by jerking the wheel so hard to the left that Clary was thrown against Jace. She let out a yelp of resentment. "Why are we taking Broadway, anyway?"

"I'm starving," Jace said. "And there's nothing at home except leftover Chinese." He took his phone out of his pocket and started dialing. "Alec! Wake up!" he shouted. Clary could hear an irritated buzzing on the other end. "Meet us at Taki's. Breakfast. Yeah, you heard me. Breakfast. What? It's only a few blocks away"

He clicked off and shoved the phone into one of his many pockets as they pulled up to a curb. Handing the driver a wad of bills, Jace elbowed Clary out of the car. When he landed on the pavement behind her, he stretched like a cat and spread his arms wide. "Welcome to the greatest restaurant in New York."


"yeah of course it beats Macdonald" Simon roll his eyes and jace mock hurt

"it actually is" Maia said

"wait you have been there before?" gale ask

she nod her head and i give her a look if this place is liked by jace's kind and they don't like others so they would avoid them right?so it must be someplace for the clave maybe?but how does Maia know it ?hmmm what's her story?


It didn't look like much—a low brick building that sagged in the middle like a collapsed soufflé. A battered neon sign proclaiming the restaurant's name hung sideways and was sputtering. Two men in long coats and tipped-forward felt hats slouched in front of the narrow doorway. There were no windows.

"It looks like a prison," said Clary.

He pointed at her. "But in prison could you order a spaghetti fra diavolo that makes you want to kiss your fingers? I don't think so."

"I don't want spaghetti. I want to know what a Magnus Bane is."


"oh by the freaking angel I can't believe you think i am a thing I'm a person !and great warlock!" magnus yell and start murmuring

Alec sit next to him and give him a smile which he returned,jace send him a questionable look but Alec shrug it off


"It's not a what. It's a who," said Jace. "It's a name."

"Do you know who he is?"

"He's a warlock," said Jace in his most reasonable voice. "Only a warlock could have put a block in your mind like that. Or maybe one of the Silent Brothers, but clearly it wasn't them."

"Is he a warlock you've heard of?" demanded Clary, who was rapidly tiring of Jace's reasonable voice.

"The name does sound familiar—"


"familiar!familiar! is my name something to forget " look at me and he move his finger in a circle in front of his face"how can you forget this!"

"oh shut the fuck off" Zeke yelled"damn you will give me migraine that even Uriah didn't come to that level of blaberring"

"fuck you Zeke" Lynn throw a pillow at him and Uriah grins

"oh bro that was a mistake I'll give you your best migraine ever"

"everyone shut it jeez you are too loud" christina yell

"right said the candor transfor" Eric roll his eyes and the room. get in stupid bickering and fights

until tori get up"may I have your attention"

"wow she talk" finnick said and she spring at him and clutch his throat

"say one more thing and you are dead" then she look at all of us"you will all shut your stupid filthy mouths and stop your kido fights and get back to reading or else we are stuck here for who knows how much and I don't think you want to live together with me or Eric or four or that yawny kid"and she glare at magnus"or that stupid alcoholic, so move it up everyone or there would be some bad, really bad consequences "and she glare at each one of us then sit down" go ahead miss Effie" god tori is scary I changed my mind I want her back quiet


"Hey!" It was Alec, looking like he'd rolled out of bed and pulled jeans on over his pajamas. His hair, unbrushed, stuck out wildly around his head.

... .ooooo...

"sexy" magnus mumbel and some girls chuckle while others laugh and Tory only shake her head


He loped toward them, eyes on Jace, ignoring Clary as usual. "Izzy's on her way," he said. "She's bringing the mundane."

"Simon? Where did he come from?" Jace asked.

"He showed up first thing this morning. Couldn't stay away from Izzy, I guess. Pathetic." Alec sounded amused. Clary wanted to kick him.


"you still can" Simon says and Alec glare at him

"nah,he didn't get on my nerves yet or else I learned pretty good moves today and I can kick him then" Clary said grining

"you wish to " Alec said rolling his eyes


"Anyway, are we going in or what? I'm starving."

"Me too," said Jace. "I could really go for some fried mouse tails."

"Some what?" asked Clary, sure that she'd heard wrong.


"no you did not ,its actually delicious" jace said grinning more

"oh shut it he is joking" Shauna said

"am I?" he raise an eyebrow but most ignore him


Jace grinned at her. "Relax," he said. "It's just a diner."

They were stopped at the front door by one of the slouching men. As he straightened, Clary caught a glimpse of his face under the hat. His skin was dark red, his squared-off hands ending in blue-black nails. Clary felt herself stiffen, but Jace and Alec seemed unconcerned. They said something to the man, who nodded and stepped back, allowing them to pass.


"wow wow now we came to red faces people don't you think that is much " Eric said

"that's a warlock ,well kind of" Jocelyn said.

"what do you mean?"Lynn ask

" he has no magic"Alec explain

"how is he a warlock when he is not a sorcer he has no magic that's mean he can't be a warlock,because warlock has magic " simon said quickly

"I'm confused" Marlene said

" oh by the angel wait a bit I'm sure I'm going to explain"jace huffs and stretch his arms on Clary's shoulder but she push him away glaring


"Jace," Clary hissed as the door shut behind them. "Who was that?"

"You mean Clancy?" Jace asked, glancing around the brightly lit restaurant. It was pleasant inside, despite the lack of windows. Cozy wooden booths nestled up against each other, each one lined with brightly colored cushions. Endearingly mismatched crockery lined the counter, behind which stood a blond girl in a waitress's pink-and-white apron, nimbly counting out change to a stocky man in a flannel shirt. She saw Jace, waved, and gestured that they should sit wherever they wanted. "Clancy keeps out undesirables," said Jace, herding her to one of the booths.

"He's a demon," she hissed. Several customers turned to look at her—a boy with spiky blue dreads was sitting next to a beautiful Indian girl with long black hair and gauzelike golden wings sprouting from her back. The boy frowned darkly. Clary was glad the restaurant was almost empty.


"wait did you say wings?" will ask

Effie look down"aaaaahaaa I'm sure I did"

"that's getting more and more ridiculous" he narrow his eyes

and christna laughs"don't worry about him his little mind work only on facts and science so he won't get it soon ,neither will Eric "

both glare at her

"and did you get it and completely accept it?" gale ask

"of course not"

jace sigh in annoyance at half the room

"well you need to give us time,I mean sure that's what you grow up on but for us its just a fairytale for children " four explain

"yeah its not easy to accept that our reality is based on false things and that there is a world behind all what we knows" Tris finish for him and jace sighs more

"sure have all the time you need guys,its not like we are going any time soon"


"No, he isn't," said Jace, sliding into a booth. Clary moved to sit beside him, but Alec was already there. She settled gingerly onto the booth seat opposite them, her arm still stiff despite Jace's ministrations. She felt hollow inside, as if the Silent Brothers had reached into her and scooped out her insides, leaving her light and dizzy. "He's an ifrit," Jace explained. "They're warlocks with no magic. Half demons who can't cast spells for whatever reason."


"ahhhh so it's genetically"will say

Izzy look like she want to lounge at him but then hit Simon instead and the poor one gasp

" watch out will your euridit is showing a lot "tori say and will's eyes widens and he shut his mouth


"Poor bastards," said Alec, picking up his menu. Clary picked hers up too, and stared. Locusts and honey were featured as a special, as were plates of raw meat, whole raw fish, and something called a toasted bat sandwich. A page of the beverage section was devoted to the different types of blood they had on tap—to Clary's relief, they were different kinds of animal blood, rather than type A, type O, or type B-negative.

"Who eats whole raw fish?" she inquired aloud.

"Kelpies," said Alec. "Selkies. Maybe the occasional nixie."


" I'm not going to even ask"finnick laughs in his place

"all downworlders eat there so it is normal to find blood for vampires or fairies food or raw meat " Maia explain and I want to ask her how she know that but she won't tell right?

"how do you know that?" Tris looks alarmed and I smile at her

"a story for another time" Maia said"or maybe you will find out in the book"we groin again at the much misteries we have here everything we ask about we just get a one awnser 'wait and you will find soon 'it's frustrating a lot


"Don't order any of the faerie food," said Jace, looking at her over the top of his menu. "It tends to make humans a little crazy. One minute you're munching a faerie plum, the next minute you're running naked down Madison Avenue with antlers on your head. Not," he added hastily, "that this has ever happened to me."


most chukel at that"you can't lie jace its obvious"annie said

"I will pay my life to see that " Marlene daydreams and Lynn hit her head

"wake up!"

"I want some fairies food" Zeke says"as much as I want to taste the happy serum of amity"

"bro we can ask it they will give it" Uriah grins"imagine half these people on peace serum or fairy food"

both the brothers high five but that only earned them a lot of pillows"don't you dare try it idiots"Johanna yell throwing the book from Effie's hand on them and everyone's eyes widen

"the book!" both duck down and he hits the wall

"oops" is all she respond before rue run quickly and grab it back to effie

"well thank you sweatheart"


Alec laughed. "Do you remember—" he began, and launched into a story that contained so many mysterious names and proper nouns that Clary didn't even bother trying to follow it. She was looking at Alec instead, watching him as he talked to Jace. There was a kinetic, almost feverish energy to him that hadn't been there before. Something about Jace sharpened him, brought him into focus. If she were going to draw them together, she thought, she would make Jace a little blurry, while Alec stood out, all sharp, clear planes and angles.


"thanks Clary ," Alec smiles a bit

"I'll do it for you soon" Clary smile back and I think its first time they don't glare at each other

"what about me?" jace whines

"you're a kid jace" Izzy smile a bit too what is happening to the world?both are smiling?and I guess Clary noticed that too as her eyes widened too

...ooooooo ...

Jace was looking down as Alec spoke, smiling a little and tapping his water glass with a fingernail. She sensed he was thinking of other things. She felt a sudden flash of sympathy for Alec. Jace couldn't be an easy person to care about. I was laughing at you because declarations of love amuse me, especially when unrequited.

Jace looked up as the waitress passed. "Are we ever going to get any coffee?" he said aloud, interrupting Alec midsentence.

Alec subsided, his energy fading. "I …"


"jace !" a chourse of yells come

"thats rude" prim says

"he is not your servent"magnus says

" he is almost your brother!"Tris says

" that's bulliying"Simon joins in the yells

"alright everybody stop it,it was not intended,I didn't do that yet" jace says and more glares come to him but nevertheless they stop their complains


Clary spoke up hastily. "What's all the raw meat for?" she asked, indicating the third page of her menu.

"Werewolves," said Jace. "Though I don't mind a bloody steak myself every once in a while." He reached across the table and flipped Clary's menu over. "Human food is on the back."

She perused the perfectly ordinary menu selections with a feeling of stupefaction. It was all too much.


"you think?" will shake his head

"I almost forgot that Clary is suffering like us,new world and things" Uriah say

"thanks uri" Clary say smiling


"They have smoothies here?"

"There's this apricot-plum smoothie with wildflower honey that's simply divine," said Isabelle, who had appeared with Simon at her side. "Shove over," she said to Clary, who scooted so close to the wall that she could feel the cold bricks pressing into her arm. Simon, sliding in next to Isabelle, offered her a half-embarrassed smile that she didn't return. "You should have one."

Clary wasn't sure if Isabelle was talking to her or to Simon, so she said nothing.


"to Simon probably" Alec said

"yes I think isabelle hate you here" peeta daid

"you think?" gale laughed"both siblings do hate her"

"that would be an understatment" Clary said

"sure sure ,I don't hate her" Alec said

and half the room raise their eyebrows at him while Clary groined

"OK maybe I do a bit in the book but I don't hate her here "


Isabelle's hair tickled her face, smelling of some kind of vanilla perfume. Clary fought the urge to sneeze. She hated vanilla perfume. She'd never understood why some girls felt the need to smell like dessert.


"huh seriously?" Marlene said

"vanilla is one if my best smells" christina huffs

"and why is that" Tris asks and both the girls blink more than once at her

"abnegation transfer remember?"

both the girls nod in understanding while isabelle look surprised

"abgat what?"

half the room chukle and ignore her"a long story till the books of my world"Izzy glare at her and Clary get up and high five her

"from today you are my new bestie ,it is good to give them back their famous phrase " and she mimick Isabelle"just wait and you will find out in the books"the others laugh along while Izzy throw a pillow at her


"So how did it go at the Bone City?" Isabelle asked, flipping her menu open. "Did you find out what's in Clary's head?"

"We got a name," said Jace. "Magnus—"

"Shut up," Alec hissed, thwacking Jace with his closed menu.


"eh?is my name that of a shock to you ?"magnus asks

" ehm..."Alec staterrs

and luckily jace save him"i dont think he even know you do exist"

magnus gulp and sigh"muttering"well he does now"

some give him weird glances and the rest don't give a damn


Jace looked injured. "Jesus." He rubbed his arm. "What's your problem?"

"This place is full of Downworlders. You know that. I think you should try to keep the details of our investigation secret."

"Investigation?" Isabelle laughed. "Now we're detectives? Maybe we should all have code names."

"Good idea," said Jace. "I shall be Baron Hotschaft Von Hugenstein."


alec at that second spat his water in jace's face and everyone break laughing

"that's a weird name" Tris says

"its rediculous" shauna says

"jace"Alec says calmly" I told you to get over the fucking name"and he glare at him

to which jace grin at"oh come on its a great name"

"i totally agree" uriah says and both Lynn and Marlene face palms themselves


Alec spit his water back into his glass. At that moment the waitress arrived to take their order. Up close she was still a pretty blond girl, but her eyes were unnerving—entirely blue, with no white or pupil at all. She smiled with sharp little teeth. "Know what you're having?"

... ooooooo...

"that's creepy" christina said

"you know what christina I don't even get why you came to dauntless you are supposed to be brave not a sickenly idiot mama's girl" Eric state folding his arms but christina ignore him and she turn her head to the side emberessed


Jace grinned. "The usual," he said, and got a smile from the waitress in return.

"Me too," Alec chimed in, though he didn't get the smile. Isabelle fastidiously ordered a fruit smoothie, Simon asked for coffee, and Clary, after a moment's hesitation, chose a large coffee and coconut pancakes. The waitress winked a blue eye at her and flounced off.

"Is she an ifrit too?" Clary asked, watching her go.

"Kaelie? No. Part fey, I think," said Jace.


"wait a second fey?as in fairy?"will ask

" yep"jace, Izzy,Alec,magnus,luke and nod their heads

will crock his head confused"maybe you should stop analysing every bit will its easier to get along with things"Tris says and he nod his head slowly


"She's got nixie eyes," said Isabelle thoughtfully.

"You really don't know what she is?" asked Simon.

Jace shook his head. "I respect her privacy." He nudged Alec. "Hey, let me out for a second."

Scowling, Alec moved aside. Clary watched Jace as he strode over to Kaelie, who was leaning against the bar, talking to the cook through the pass-through to the kitchen. All Clary could see of the cook was a bent head in a white chef's hat. Tall furry ears poked through holes cut into either side of the hat.


"should I even ask?" gale says

"no,just ignore it its probably a werewolf" Alec says

",did jace went to Kate to ask her about what she is?" Uriah scratch his head

and the whole room say in union"kaelie!""

"yes yes,the same,but did he?"

"no," jace says grining

"oh please,they are probably making out in the bathroom or in a corner" Izzy huffs frustrated


Kaelie turned to smile at Jace, who put an arm around her. She snuggled in. Clary wondered if this was what Jace meant by respecting her privacy.


"no,but I can show you if you want what I meant" jace wriggle his eyebrows and he gets a lot of pillows to the face

"don't Even think about it" Clary hissed

"so,then do you want to try what she did,remember that didn't happen yet so its a bonus for you" jace says and ducks in time for another party of pillows,then he open his arms for Clary,who glare daggers at his head"fine,sweety,you can enjoy it later in bed,in private"he whishper the last part and the people close who heard shake their heads in amusement while Clary blush heavily


Isabelle rolled her eyes. "He really shouldn't tease the waitstaff like that."

Alec looked at her. "You don't think he means it? That he likes her, I mean."

Isabelle shrugged. "She's a Downworlder," she said, as if that explained everything.


actually it do" Izzy said

"what does that mean" Clary crooked her head to the side

"it means that jace is never serious about downworlders" izzy said irritated"never got why"and she shake her head

"maybe I should ask you the same question ,don't you think sis" jace says and Izzy glare at him but don't add a word


"I don't get it," said Clary.

Isabelle glanced at her without interest. "Get what?"

"This whole Downworlder thing. You don't hunt them, because they aren't exactly demons, but they're not exactly people, either. Vampires kill; they drink blood—"

"Only rogue vampires drink human blood from living people," interjected Alec. "And those, we're allowed to kill."


"so you live with them normally" Marlene ask

"I can't imagine living in the same apartment or school as vampires" christina said disgusted

"it would be as twilight" Simon add

"like what?" gale ask

"you know that story of vampires ,of edwerd and Bella" Simon explain and then he see the blank looks of everyone"never mind"

"anyway " Alec says"we try our best to have less contact with them as much as possible" then he looks at both jace and izzy"well most of us try atleast"he sighs and both jace and Izzy laugh at him


"And werewolves are what? Just overgrown puppies?"


Maia growls a bit and she get some confused gazes


"They kill demons," said Isabelle. "So if they don't bother us, we don't bother them."

Like letting spiders live because they eat mosquitoes, Clary thought. "So they're good enough to let live, good enough to make your food for you, good enough to flirt with—but not really good enough? I mean, not as good as people."


"guys that's really confusing" finnick huffs"I can't get your points"

the trio just shrug at him"that is how we are comfortable with our lives"jace said and some shake their heads in diseaprouving


Isabelle and Alec looked at her as if she were speaking Urdu. "Different from people," said Alec finally.

"Better than mundanes?" said Simon.

"No," Isabelle said decidedly. "You could turn a mundane into a Shadowhunter. I mean, we came from mundanes. But you could never turn a Downworlder into one of the Clave. They can't withstand the runes."

"So they're weak?" asked Clary.


"ha !weak my ass" Maia growls again and people step away of her

"Maia you OK?"Tris asks

" of course why would I not be"Maia awnsers and I narrow my eyes at her that girl don't speak a lot so why did she snap like this?what's her story I'm getten more and more curious about her


"I wouldn't say that," said Jace, sliding back into his seat next to Alec. His hair was mussed and there was a lipstick mark on his cheek. "At least not with a peri, a djinn, an ifrit, and God knows what else listening in." He grinned as Kaelie appeared and distributed their food. Clary regarded her pancakes consideringly. They looked fantastic: golden brown, drenched with honey. She took a bite as Kaelie wobbled off on her high heels.

They were delicious.


"I told you so"jace grins

" yeah yeah ,i know you did ,don't get too cocky about it "Clary roll her eyes


"I told you it was the greatest restaurant in Manhattan," said Jace, eating fries with his fingers.

She glanced at Simon, who was stirring his coffee, head down.

"Mmmf," said Alec, whose mouth was full.


" damn it now I'm hungry"Clary said

"oh right you didn't have lunch ,neither Kat and Tris" christina said smirking and we give her a glare

"Kat?" I ask

"don't act like you don't like it its too tall" she awnsered

"I like Kat too" peeta said and I bluch. a bit

"you know we left your share of lunch in the fridge ,you can go and eat guys" Izzy said smiling

"no !" we yell then Tris compose herself first"we are not that hungry"

"but clary said she is" jace smirk at us and Clary hit him to the head"ouch,what was that for"but she don't tell

"I insist girls you go and eat"

"and we insist not to" Tris give her a fake smile"at least let's finish the chapter"to that Izzy shuted her mouth

most the room was watching in amused looks and Uriah is clearly frustrated that we ran again without eating...huh budy our luck to say the least


"Right," said Jace. He looked at Clary. "It's not one-way," he said. "We may not always like Downworlders, but they don't always like us, either. A few hundred years of the Accords can't wipe out a thousand years of hostility."

"I'm sure she doesn't know what the Accords are, Jace," said Isabelle around her spoon.


"I do actually" Clary said

"me too" Tris said

"how do you...when did you even?" Alec stuter

"she and hodge menshined it earlier" Tris said

"we did?"Clary asked" we talked about a lot of things,I dont even remember that"

"its the peace negotiation between the downworlders and shadow hunters that could not happen until valentine did what he did" will explain and he get a lot of looks"what?I was attentive"

"as much as i don't like you ,you're right" jace said


"I do, actually," said Clary.

the room chuckeled

"I don't," said Simon.

"Yes, but nobody cares what you know." Jace examined a fry before biting into it. "I enjoy the company of certain Downworlders at certain times and places. But we don't really get invited to the same parties."


some roll their eyes at jace's remark

"you made it look like you don't care" Shauna said

"I don't " jace said

Shauna open her mouth then change her mind


"Wait." Isabelle suddenly sat up straight. "What did you say that name was?" she demanded, turning to Jace. "The name in Clary's head."

"I didn't," said Jace. "At least, I didn't finish it. It's Magnus Bane." He grinned at Alec mockingly. "Rhymes with 'overcareful pain in the ass.'"

... ...oooooooo...

magnus glare at him"i wish I have my magic right now"

jace narrow his eyes"really?can't hurt me if you can't catch me"he grin back at him

"not for long,you think 28person won't help me "

"of course ,they love me"

"do they?"

jace looks around and see many grins around and his eyes widen"that's not fair!"

"nothing is fair in love and war sweety" Clary give him a playful look


Alec muttered a retort into his coffee. It rhymed with something that sounded a lot more like "ducking glass mole." Clary smiled inwardly.

... ...oooooooo...

"Alec!you too"jace fake hurt

" I still don't believe the duck thing"Lynn shake her head

"everyone has a fear" four say"although his is a bit ridiculous "

some laugh at that



"It can't be—but I'm almost totally sure—" Isabelle dug into her purse and pulled out a folded piece of blue paper. She wiggled it between her fingers. "Look at this."

Alec held out his hand for the paper, glanced at it with a shrug, and handed it to Jace. "It's a party invitation. For somewhere in Brooklyn," he said. "I hate Brooklyn."


" aaaaaa I live in brooklyn,so you must be right"magnus said

"why do you hate it?" Zeke ask

" .HATE. IT" Alec say while hissing his teeth


"Don't be such a snob," said Jace. Then, just as Isabelle had, he sat up straight and stared. "Where did you get this, Izzy?"

She fluttered her hand airily. "From that kelpie in Pandemonium. He said it would be awesome. He had a whole stack of them."

"What is it?" Clary demanded impatiently. "Are you going to show the rest of us, or not?"

Jace turned it around so they could all read it. It was printed on thin paper, nearly parchment, in a thin, elegant, spidery hand. It announced a gathering at the humble home of Magnus the Magnificent Warlock, and promised attendees "a rapturous evening of delights beyond your wildest imaginings."


"ah so it is my party" magnus confirm

"don't you think the card is a bit of..." Tris said

"glittery?"Uriah grin

"ridiculous?"Marlene said

"elegent?"magnus says and we raise our eyebrows at him" what?it is?"

"I was going to say exaggerating, but it works too" Tris says with a chuckel

... ..oooooooo. . . ...

The party didn't start until midnight, so with a whole day to kill, Jace and Alec disappeared to the weapons room and Isabelle and Simon announced their intention of going for a walk in Central Park so that she could show him the faerie circles. Simon asked Clary if she wanted to come along. Stifling a murderous rage, she refused on the grounds of exhaustion.


"faerie circle?" Simón says"interesting"

"I'll take you there once we go out of this place" Izzy says with a smile

"sure,I'd like that" they both look at each other then somebody clear his throat "I mean if we are not busy in anything or in a war you know the letter said there is a war I'm not sure if we can go in a war that won't be easy or fun and..."

"Simon you are blabbering" Clary said raising both eyebrows

"oh right sorry" he reply with a red cheeks and I smile in these few days I didnt see Simon speak a lot I wonder what's his story


It wasn't exactly a lie—she was exhausted, her body still weakened from the aftereffects of the poison and the too-early rising. She lay on her bed in the Institute, shoes kicked off, willing herself to sleep, but sleep wouldn't come. The caffeine in her veins fizzed like carbonated water, and her mind was full of darting images. She kept seeing her mother's face looking down at her, her expression panicked. Kept seeing the Speaking Stars, hearing the voices of the Silent Brothers in her head. Why would there be a block in her mind? Why would a powerful warlock have put it there, and to what purpose? She wondered what memories she might have lost, what experiences she'd had that she couldn't now recall. Or maybe everything she thought she did remember was a lie …?


"right no one asked" Marlene says snmiling"but how are you Clary?"

"I'm fine" Clary said stiffly

"no really ,you must be overwhelmed even more than in the books" shauna replied

"guys in fine ,it is harg but I'm coping" both girls give her small nodes and smile and I see Tris putting a hand on her shoulder I give a questioning look but she only shrug fine don't tell me


She sat up, no longer able to bear where her thoughts were taking her. Barefoot, she padded out into the corridor and toward the library. Maybe Hodge could help her.

But the library was empty. Afternoon light slanted in through the parted curtains, laying bars of gold across the floor. On the desk lay the book Hodge had read out of earlier, its worn leather cover gleaming. Beside it Hugo slept on his perch, beak tucked under wing.


"don't upset Hugo!" jace yells

"huh?" Clary ask

"he can be too violent when he is bothered,I'm speaking of expirence "

"yeah you mean when Hugo almost killed you because you wanted to throw him of the institute and take the book he like to sleep on" Alec raise his eyebrow laughing

"come on I love that book and he stole it"

the whole room inrupt in laughter and I shake my head typical jace


My mother knew that book, Clary thought. She touched it, read out of it. The ache to hold something that was a part of her mother's life felt like a gnawing at the pit of her stomach. She crossed the room hastily and laid her hands on the book. It felt warm, the leather heated by sunlight. She raised the cover.


"honey I'm sorry ,I just..." Jocelyn start but Clary raise a hand

"please mom I'm not ready yet "



"I don't understand you are not angry on her in books" gale ask

"no its obvious she loves her mother that's why her need to find her had covered her feelings for any anger" Annie said

"you mean she will explode when she find her?" christina ask and will nod


Something folded slid out from between the pages and fluttered to the floor at her feet. She bent to retrieve it, smoothing it open reflexively.

It was the photograph of a group of young people, none much older than Clary herself. She knew it had been taken at least twenty years ago, not because of the clothes they were wearing—which, like most Shadowhunter gear, were nondescript and black—but because she recognized her mother instantly: Jocelyn, no more than seventeen or eighteen, her hair halfway down her back and her face a little rounder, the chin and mouth less defined. She looks like me, Clary thought dazedly.


"ofcorse you look like her"Luke say" you always did"

Clary give him a small smile and he give it back

I wonder who is Luke,I don't know he looks a bit weird to me to belong to this world just like Simon but who I'm I to judge

... .ooooooo...

Jocelyn's arm was around a boy Clary didn't recognize. It gave her a jolt. She'd never thought of her mother being involved with anyone other than her father, since Jocelyn had never dated or seemed interested in romance. She wasn't like most single mothers, who trolled PTA meetings for likely-looking dads, or Simon's mom, who was always checking her profile on JDate. The boy was good-looking, with hair so fair it was nearly white, and black eyes.


"valentine" both Jocelyn and look Hiss's at the same time

. ...oooooo...

"That's Valentine," said a voice at her elbow. "When he was seventeen."

She leaped back, almost dropping the photo. Hugo gave a startled and unhappy caw before settling back down on his perch, feathers ruffled.

It was Hodge, looking at her with curious eyes.

"I'm so sorry," she said, setting the photograph down on the desk and backing hastily away. "I didn't mean to pry into your things."


"ha that's not his things" jace laughs"its a library ,everything in it is for everyone else ,isn't it with your mundane libraries"

"I guess so" Clary says

and some of tris's groups laugh "sorry sorry" Uriah says"we just don't use a library"and he focus with his hands on the word library and he falls laughing on a chukiling Marlene and smirking Lynn


"It's all right." He touched the photograph with a scarred and weathered hand—a strange contrast to the neat spotlessness of his tweed cuffs. "It's a piece of your past, after all."

Clary drifted back toward the desk as if the photo exerted a magnetic pull. The white-haired boy in the photo was smiling at Jocelyn, his eyes crinkled in that way that boys' eyes crinkled when they really liked you. Nobody, Clary thought, had ever looked at her that way. Valentine, with his cold, fine-featured face, looked absolutely unlike her own father, with his open smile and the bright hair she'd inherited. "Valentine looks … sort of nice."


"nice ,sure" Jocelyn huffs

"you hate him that much,huh" peeta ask

"well what about having a manipulative psychopathic of a husband who turn all your friends to his side,kills hundred of innocent people and poison his own son not to mention wanting to kill his own parabatai and resulting the death of most his allies!" Jocelyn yells

and Luke put a hand on her shoulder and the in the ear at relax a bit

okay now I'm in a debit which worst snow or valentine both are the worst ever

. ... ...oooooo...

"Nice he wasn't," said Hodge, with a twisted smile, "but he was charming and clever and very persuasive. Do you recognize anyone else?"

She looked again. Standing behind Valentine, a little to the left, was a thin boy with a shock of light brown hair. He had the big shoulders and gawky wrists of someone who hadn't grown into his height yet. "Is that you?"


the trio laugh a bit"why can't I imagine hodge as a teenager?"Izzy asks

"maybe because of the brown hair?" magnus says and they laugh again huh what am I missing


Hodge nodded. "And …?"

She had to look twice before she identified someone else she knew: so young as to be nearly unrecognizable. In the end his glasses gave him away, and the eyes behind them, light blue as seawater. "Luke," she said.

"Lucian. And here." Leaning over the photo, Hodge indicated an elegant-looking teenage couple, both dark-haired, the girl half a head taller than the boy. Her features were narrow and predatory, almost cruel. "The Lightwoods," he said. "And there"—he indicated a very handsome boy with curling dark hair, high color in his square-jawed face—"is Michael Wayland."

"He doesn't look anything like Jace."

"Jace resembles his mother."

"Is this, like, a class photo?" Clary asked.

"Not quite. This is a picture of the Circle, taken in the year it was formed. That's why Valentine, the leader, is in the front, and Luke is on his right side—he was Valentine's second in command."

Clary turned her gaze away. "I still don't understand why my mother would join something like that."

"You must understand—"

"You keep saying that," Clary said crossly. "I don't see why I must understand anything. You tell me the truth, and I'll either understand it or I won't."

The corner of Hodge's mouth twitched. "As you say." He paused to reach out a hand and stroke Hugo, who was strutting along the edge of the desk importantly. "The Accords have never had the support of the whole Clave. The more venerable families, especially, cling to the old times, when Downworlders were for killing. Not just out of hatred but because it made them feel safer. It is easier to confront a threat as a mass, a group, not individuals who must be evaluated one by one … and most of us knew someone who had been injured or killed by a Downworlder. There is nothing," he added, "quite like the moral absolutism of the young. It's easy, as a child, to believe in good and evil, in light and dark. Valentine never lost that—neither his destructive idealism nor his passionate loathing of anything he considered 'nonhuman