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the man called luke open the letter and start reading

dear people, shadowhunters,warlocks,werewolves,mandies,dauntless faction born and transfers and panam residents

I'm sorry again about the way I have brought you in to here I'm sure some of you want to murder me right now but everyone has a reason for doing such a thing you may say I kidnapped you but I like to think that you are living together without rent but with a closed door well as for my reason I want to save humanity you may see me now like a crazy person for saying so but so much lives are on the line only you can save them and stop what will happen let me explain what you have to do there is three chests under the dining table this key will open one of them the one opened will have 6 books and another kee you need to finish reading those together then you use the key to open the second one you will find three books and a kee read them then open the third you'll find other 3 books and a surprise maybe you think I'm mad for sure now and question my mental issues for wanting to solve deaths with books but trust me i am not crazy let's say these books are a treat of the future for example panem residents your books will end well a peaceful way but with so many deaths 5 of you will die by the end of them and so many more but as you can see I can't bring everyone as for the dauntless what can say for you will have the most loss 7 deaths and a hyndicap within you I'm sorry and the other groupe new York resident maybe I will call you well your case is different no body gonna die of you well except one will and come back but there is close people to you will and a lot of others will let's say I want to stop 3 wars and I need your help I hope you cooperate I want all of you to sit and read together even if the book doesn't have any relation with you but I want you to help each point the rooms issue I'm so sorry many of you may not be happy but trust me there is a reason you will discover in the books and no there is no way anyone can change his room or switch his partner also there is no alcohol please there is children here and I mean you haymitch if you find by any accident no one and I repeat no one must give it to him he need to be sober also there is no weapons here we don't want anybody to kill the other you feel suffocated or want to hit something there is a big training room,surprise room you will discover when you finish the first chest ah I remembered there is a paper stick on the kitchen fridge to tell you who to cook and who not I don't want problems also no one let Isabelle lightwood cook if you want to maintain your safty(hey a loud girl yelled guess its her)plus don't let the pedrad brothers near the ovens or the cakes we don't need a fire here again please don't try to escape from here or you'll face the peace serum I guess some of you can explain to the other what it is anyway I'm not asking for much I just want you to sit and read the books its not hard to do right? you can search as you want there will be no steele or portal to leave dont think about it and don't worry let's say I used the help of a worlock to stop your families and friends from noticing your absence so no clave or president or government will chase us you are far away so good luck and don't try killing each other please

Luke finished and a long silence spread over us ,they are too shocked even Luke himself is still staring at the paper huh guess its my job then

I take Uri's hand and drag him to the dining room and drag the first chest out of the table"take it with me"he look confused at first then he nod and help me and we take it and put it next to the table of the living room then we come back to the second one and before we come back Christina ask me"what are you two doing?"

"well as everyone still too shocked to react I thought I'll do something useful" I give her a little smile and bring the third chest, by our back Luke has stepped down and is in a deep conversation with his groupe so do the other"what's the matter?"

"it looks like no one is happy with the room arrangement thing people barley know each other" Marlene spoke to me

"but don't forget Mar so do we I mean you're happy you got uriah with you and we both know you have a crush on him but for example I got will and yesterday I just met for example look at poor Tris she got four the Scary four so think about them" Christina tried to explain and she is right only yesterday was the choosing ceremony

moreover I still didn't get over waking up with four in the same bed god that was frightening I almost run away of the room

"I have an idea guys we are dauntless now why don't we act like one let's be brave and see who the most dauntless that can work with the room thing without running away " Lynn said with a smirk on her face well she got Eric so she is responsible on her doing

"oh I'm in" uri started jumping "I'm gonna win"

"stop it dumbass ,...so do me" I look at Chris shockingly well maybe its normal in condor this sort of things but I'm dauntless now I need to be brave to do this breath Tris breath"I'm in"I can see everyone looking at me with wide eyes whereas four raise an eyebrow then smile holy shit I thought he dont smile"so do me"now they all look at him"what? I'm no coward"yeah right who know what someone like you scare of

"alright then see we solve it why don't we help them" christina point to the others

"very well Lynn coming?" I look at her but she shrag her shoulders"I'm not in the mood to mingle around"I guess that's screw them nicely

I take Chris's hand and walk to panam's resident

"...I don't care I'm not gonna stay with this morone in the same room!"

I sighed god this girl is yelling for an hour now she is gonna be a big problem"what do you want?"she snapped at me

"manners Johanna manners" a women with a weird pink hair murmur

"shut up pinkie doll" Johanna snapped again

"hmm we just want to help we are sure you are fighting because of the room arrengment well we had the same problem but let's say we looked at it from another angle" Christ talked slowly

"I'm interested now ,talk" Johanna put her hands in front of her chest and looked impationtley at us

"there is no way any of you is a coward here I mean why don't we take this as a challenge who can bear it most and who will lose first"I try my best to look convincing god maybe I should let Christ talk

"when you put it like that I'm in of course what you say Joh wanna lose"a blond tall guy grin at Johanna

" god finnick you have Annie you already love each other what's the difference"

"I'm in" a girl with black braided hair talk

"katniss!" another guy yell

" well I guess its time to get over it Gale even if we refuse there is no escape or anything we can do at least they come with a much comfortable way to look at the situation" johanna look now like she want to jump on her i need to be careful around her

"Oh for god sake you're crazy" Johanna muttered but finnik Put his arm around her

"oh come on joh look at him its not that you got an unattractive one just look at him he is too handsome"Johanna hitted him with her elbow in the stomach and left to one corner"excuse me one second"and he went after her and I think I saw her crying then they come back

Johanna sighed"alright I want to get over with this soon"I want to know why is she so much defencive with this thing Gale seem a good guy

"Finally so we still have one more groupe to talk to come Tris see you later"

We leave them and walk to our groupe"so what happened?"Zeke Uriah's older brother asked

"Mission accomplished" and she raise her thumbs

"What now?" Shauna I guess Lynn's older sister ask

"Now we read!" Uriah said exitly

"Nope we still got the other groupe to talk to" I point at Luke's groupe

"Oh right I forget about them" Uriah rub his eyebrows

I left with Christ with a smile on my face it looks like this groupe is split to two humm I wish they don't have a second Johanna"Hi!"Christ tell them happily ughhh she love to socialize I guess ,I hate it why did I offer to come again?

"Hello?" The girl which named I guess Isabelle said with mokery

"As we saw we all had one similar problems about the room arrangment We talked with the other groupe and"

But she cutted me"and you wanna help ahhh how cute but we don't need it"she glare at me but a boy with long blond golden hair smiled at me

"Izzy that's enough!excuse her she never was surround with much girls her age they make her nerves"

"Jace!" The girl screamed and stepped on his foot

"Ouch that hurts" and he made a puppy face great a second Uriah

"Its alright we talked and solved the problem between us but thanks" a red headed girl said

"Alright then so why don't we all gather up meet and maybe start reading?" Christina suggest and they all noded

So Luke climbed the table again and talked"everyone I guess its about time to meet each other and start read we have 12 books its a long journey better to start soon"

We all gathered and one by one started introducing each other

"I guess you heard my name I don't think I need to repeat but I'm Luke"

"Clarissa Frey but call me Clary please" the red headed girl said

"Jocelyn Frey clary's mother"

"Jace Wayland" the golden hair boy said

"Isabelle lightwood"she raised her hand and roll her eyes

" Alec lightwood izzy's older brother"a boy that looks a lot like Isabelle said

"Simon lewis Clary's best friend" a boy with a glasses said why do I feel there is something wrong about them

"Magnus Bane I'm the great warlock of Brooklyn " what does that even mean the letter said something about warlock or something like this

"Maia Roberts"

"Katniss everdeen"the braided hair girl said

"primrose everdeen katniss's little sister"

"Gale hamsworth"

"Peeta mellark"a shy blond boy said he would fit greatly in Abnegation

" Johanna mason"Johanna said quietly its a shock she did not fight

"Finnik odair"

"Annie cresta"a small voice sounded of a red headed girl she was clutching finnik's arm so tight

"Haymitch abernathy"the man banned of alcohol said

"Rue stenburg" a small girl said maybe 12 or 13 she looks like mini Maia

"Effie trinket" the pink funny headed woman said

"Clove my last name is not your business" ouch she will be a problem

"Tris prior" I said

"Uriah pedrad and my brother Zeke"Uriah said gleefuly

" you could have let me speak"Zeke protest

"Oh shut up Ezekiel" and I was wondering his real name




"Shauna Lynn's sister" knew it

"Christina" and she wave to everyone



"Wooh that was much to remember" Jace said"we must be 40!"

Izzy hit him in the back of his head"learn to count first then talk we are 30"I look past all of them and true we are 30

"So open it up" Johanna snapped