Chapter One-Another Dimension

I can't believe this is happening... Why us?... Why did this happen to us?... THAT BASTARD! Of all the horrible people in the world this could happen to, did it really have to be us? I thought as I ran through the foggy forest with my younger, malnourished, dying 15-year-old nephew in my arms. Where the hell did that damn bastard send us? I seethingly thought. I stopped and calmed down. En. I thought, sending my aura to cover the nearest land and find the closest town or village. When my aura covered the world, I did my best to hide the surprise I had when I found it wasn't the same as before. Really? Yet another world for me to travel and save? DAMN YOU PROFESSOR DUMBLE-FUCK! First was the wizarding world in Japan, then I traveled to the Hunter universe, the world of Alchemy, the world of Ninjas, the world of man-eating giants, the world of canibalistic ghouls, then I went back to England, only to find that my younger sister, Lily, had died and my other younger sister, Petunia, had been abusing our nephew, and now I am in a completely new world... WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT DAMN BASTARD THINKING!? DAMMIT, DUMBLEDOOR! YOU'RE A BLOODY IDIOT! LEAVING HIM WITH PETUNIA, OF ALL PEOPLE! WHY THE BLOODY FUCK DIDNT YOU THINK TO BRING HIM TO ME!? I would've loved him way more than my younger sister ever could. AND THAT DAMN TOAD THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO USE THOSE FUCKING BLOOD QUILLS! AND WHAT DO YOU DO!? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! WHAT THE ACTUAL BLOODY FUCK, DUMBLEBOOR!? I seethed. The fog got thicker, and bushes whispered. Suddenly, a voice was heard. "Leave! Leave this forest, human! Leave or face death!" The voice echoed. I clicked my tongue in annoyance and scoffed. "Puh-lease~! As if you could ever kill me! I've heard worse death threats since I was three! AND I HAVE NOT BEEN CONSIDERED HUMAN SINCE I TURNED THIRTEEN, YOU BLOODY BASTARDS! Also, I would leave, if I knew how to! I don't know where I am, nor how the bloody fuck Dumbledoor got the bright idea to send me to a whole other FUCKING WORLD! So, if you would be so kind, could you please show me the way out!?" I seethed. Three green creatures wearing dark purple robes jumped out, nervously chuckled, and scratched the back of their heads. "O-of course, miss. We're just trying to protect someone against Holy Knights, is all! Please understand and don't kill us!" One said as they hid behind a rock, heads poking out. I calmed myself down and sighed. "Honestly, I just finished a war that was going on for a couple centuries. I'm not really ready to start another war by killing you three. Please just guide me out so I can get my nephew to a hospital. I'm already grieving a lot of deaths and I don't want to add him to the list." I spoke calmly. It was now that they looked at my malnourished nephew and noticed the whipping scars and slashes one his hands, back, and chest through his torn shirt. Their eyes widened and they vigorously nodded. "Thank you." I smiled warmly. "If you'd like, we could treat him here." One offered. "I'm sure Lady Diane wouldn't mind the company of such a small child and his aunt when they are in need of help." Another continued. "Would you like to see Lady Diane instead, miss?" Another asked. I nodded. "Thank you so much for your kindness." I answered. "Please don't be scared of Lady Diane when you see her." One said. "Why would I be scared of her?" I asked, raising a brow. "Lady Diane is a giant, miss." Another answered. "Oh! Well don't worry then! I'm not scared. My friend Hagrid is half-giant and his little brother is a giant, so we'll get along nicely enough." I replied. "Thank you for your concern though!" They nodded.

A few moments later, a girl with brown pigtails and orange swimsuit-like clothing laying on the ground came into view. "Lady Diane! Lady Diane! This young woman and her nephew need help!" One shouted. She opened her violet eyes and sat up. "Who needs help?" She asked, rubbing her eye. "We do, miss. I hope it's no trouble." I spoke softly. She seemed to take notice of my nephew and his injuries, as her eyes widened. "I do hope you weren't the one who did that to him." She said warningly. I shook my head. "I never hurt him. The only mistake I've made was leaving the damn place to visit another. You see... when I got back home, I discovered that one of my younger sisters had died and had left behind her son. A trusted friend left him to my other younger sister who... doesn't like our kind very much. I collected him from my sister and slapped her and her walrus of a husband for treating him the way they did then I left and soon learned about the inprisonment and death of his godfather and I learned of his godmother being tortured to insanity. After that, I learned of the countless people who're after his life because of something he did when he was just fifteen months old." She seemed a bit surprised. "Where are they? When I get my hands on them, they'll be sorry!" She said, punching the palm of her hand. "I'm afraid that isn't possible to do at the moment. You see, we are from another dimension."