Motherly Advice

Hello, my friends I'm back and Azure manage to finish another chapter of Motherly Advice. I'm surprising to see how popular this fanfic becomes although is incest. I think I'll call this ship Arcest. Get it? Arcest? You know like Akros how Nikos and Arc merger together. But Arcest is Arc and incest merge together, get it? You know what I'll stop talking.

Warning: This story contains incest, the characters in this story is fictional (duh), but if you are uncomfortable please exit out or don't read this story.

Quick reminder, I did not write this story my friend Azure megacyber did not me.

By Azure

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Chapter Two- Like Mother, Like Daughter

Lucy's POV-

Truth be told I have always held a fondness for my only brother, Jaune, not in the romantic context of course, at least not at first anyway. We had always been close and knew each other in and out, there had been times where I was the immature one and Jaune was the opposite, which was funny given that I was older. But I always felt comfortable and safe around him than I did other boys, and he always supported me in my weird hobby of Tarot reading. I was no great shakes at it, but I as attuned to the spirituality of it and fairly adept. Everyone else just thought I was the 'weird girl', but Jaune never did. One time when we were kids and I was having a bad day, he consoled and supported me by telling me he would rather have a girl like me than anyone else who consider themselves 'normal'. The beating in my heart told me what I needed to know, that I was in love with him, maybe it was just a silly children's crush at first. Normally those change over time because children don't have a real grasp on relationships and love, but mine didn't because they were genuine. I know because every time I think of him, everytime he visits and we hug in person, every time he talks to me I get that fluttering feeling like I did before.

I learned over time that it wasn't some silly schoolgirl crush, it was love, the type to happen between a man and a woman and I for one could not see myself with anyone else in the world. That's why I knew what I was getting myself into when going in on this, incest or not, I am having the one guy who makes me feel the happiest.

I will have my Jauney, because I love enough to keep going for him.

The beautiful sun had risen casting its rays of light all over the town of Omble, it was a new day and everything felt like it would change soon, whether it be good or bad.

Inside a master bedroom within the Arc household slept the gorgeous naked form of Juliette Arc, she laid on her side with long golden hair strewn about underneath her. One could tell from the sight of her she looked absolutely at peace and had smile plastered on her sleeping face while she rested.

Spooning her naked body was the equally naked form of her teenage son; Jaune Arc. His face was rather stoic and unreadable, it wasn't hard to guess why since just yesterday he and his mother engaged in the ultimate taboo of carnal intimacy between each other. Jaune felt like a large weight had been put on his soul once his mind cleared of the lust that took over his body.

'Oh no, I really did that, didn't I? H-How could I have got that carried away?!' He thought in distress while resting his head beside Juliette's warm neck cuddling close to her. He tried shaking off his dread and attempted to think rationally on what to do next when the older woman stirred awake with a pleasant snooze and opened her eyes to greet her boy.

"Morning, sunshine." She giggled softly reaching her right arm behind to stroke his face affectionately.

"H-Hey mom…." Jaune greeted her back albeit awkwardly.

Of course this wasn't lost on Juliette, but she paid it no mod and raised herself up from her spot to stretch her arms. Her back arched and she purred like a cat while flexing her fabulous body out, her large breasts stuck out plenty distracting Jaune and heightening his arousal. He tried fighting it but found himself glued to the sight.

Once Juliette finished she got up from the bed and beckoned Jaune to do the same, as soon as he did that was when she spoke seriously. "My my, look at you, handsome boy." She purred seeing Jaune's naked form and long flaccid member hang around his thighs, prompting him to blush and cover his junk with his hands. 'Really, honey? I've already seen you naked, I'm your mother, but I guess that whole fact is probably what is bothering you right now.'

"Relax, Jaune. You can stop being so awkward around me. Just relaaaax." Juliette coached and her soothing voice along with her serene calming demeanor did just that to him.

Jaune visibly sighed in relief and eased himself when she spoke again.

"Last night….last night was just the two of us getting lost in the haze of lust, honey. Our primal instincts took over, and trust me when I say we Arcs have a lot of sexual energy and promiscuity in our genetics. Why do you think we have eight other aunts, my sisters, and you having seven?" She began biting back some tears and pain as she went on.

'I know I'm doing the right thing, right? It is best we don't try and make this official, to become a couple and love each other despite knowing how wrong it is, it really worth sacrificing this one chance at it? I've never felt so alive and so happy, not after Jonathan died. Jaune is just such a perfect gentlemen, a fantastic lover and together it felt like destiny.' She thought before biting down on her tongue restraining herself even more as she cursed the heavens for this predicament. Juliette felt like cursing the two gods for making her perfect match and lover into her only son, part of her felt like pursuing regardless but she felt that was selfish considering Jaune may want more in his life, one without scrutiny and trouble in the wake of this incestuous union. She was seething on the inside and feeling as though she were making a mistake.

"Yeah….you''re right, maybe we should go down and cook up some breakfast to get our minds off all of this. I know I'm hungry." Jaune stated with a soft beat of optimism.

Juliette nodded with a chipper smile and turned around to head out the room downstairs to start cooking some strawberry banana pancakes, but no sooner did her face leave Jaune's line of sight she wore a sad heartbroken face feeling utter regret.

Jaune himself was perplexed at this behavior from her, he could tell something was off and that his mother truly enjoyed their intimacy last night. Jaune certainly did, no matter how awkward and uncertain he felt afterward about literally fucking his own mother.

He grabbed his head and looked absolutely troubled for the conundrum he was thinking about had no easy answer for him.

'I-is this right?! I don't know what to think anymore! I mean, I know I'm supposed to take care of and look after mom since….dad died, but this whole thing is extremely taboo for a whole lot of reasons! Not only would we get in trouble if this ever got out, but I might wind up expelled from Beacon and thrown in jail!' He stressed making his way down the stairs quietly until he got a good angle of a view of the kitchen where his mother, wearing nothing behind an apron, hunched over the stove looking tearful and distraught with heartbreak.

"Mom…" He quietly said to himself when a newfound revelation came to him, causing him to harden up his face with a look of determination. 'No, I know what I have to do now and I'm sorry I even doubted it. Mom needs me, she lost Dad and has no one else to turn to, but on top of that...we have some sort of special connection. I'm the only one for her right now, I'm the one guy on Remnant that can make her happy and fulfilled, I'm...I'm…! Going over there and telling her all this!'

Jaune then tensed up with newfound energy and resolve as he quickly marched his way to the kitchen.

When Juliette felt his presence behind her she turned around and was met with Jaune's hands cupping her face and his lips smothering hers in a loving surprise kiss!


Juliette felt tingles and alarms going off inside her body at her son's action, but she didn't dare want to break her away from this embrace. If anything she pulled him closer into it by locking her hands around his neck and closing her eyes, allowing his tongue to slither inside her mouth to roll over hers. All at once Juliette felt her troubles, her despair, and heartbreaking hopelessness melt away like all those feelings were never there to begin with. Jaune's touch and overtly romantic act literally wiped away all her woes and filled her full of happiness, so much so that she hiked one leg up over his lower back keeping their tongue lashing lip-lock going in an incestuous frenzy!

After a few minutes of frenzied tongue sucking lip-lock both mother and son decided they needed air and broke off with breathy sighs. Juliette looked absolutely dazed and pleasant as she eyed Jaune questioningly despite smiling.

"Jaune? What..what is this?" She asked breathing rapidly, the hopeful smile never leaving her face.

"I..I think, no, I know this is what's perfect for the two of us. I know the risks and what could happen if what we did gets out, but I'm willing to risk it for you, mom. It hurts me even more seeing so unhappy and depressed." He then grabbed both her hands into his and pulled them together when inching his face closer to hers. "I'm willing to give this a shot….for you."

Juliette was speechless, suddenly a great fire burst inside her heart, one made out of light, hope, and love. Jaune was resolved in his decision, she could see it clearly, and in her mind to hell with it all she was going to have this!

Tears dripped out of the corners of her eyes as a grand smile broke out on her face. Juliette was choking up and suddenly lunged at her son wrapping her arms tightly around his neck pulling him deep into her welcoming arms.

"Jaune!" She cried out joyously making Jaune himself feel warm inside and not the least bit regretful of his decision.

'If she's always this happy then it's worth it.' He thought until Juliette pulled from the hug and smothered her hungry mouth onto his frenziedly tongueing out him out. She was kissing him like her life depended on it and so too did they continue their impassioned make out session.

Both moaned and breathed warm gasps between each set of lips, tongues rolled around and over one another, lips pulled and sucked each other, Juliette made out with her son with absolutely no regrets. Their engagement went on for near five minutes when she broke off and gently nudged him back so she could undo the apron allowing her voluptuous naked body to bare all before Jaune.

In response to both the heated tongue sucking and the sight of his mother's naked bombshell body he felt 'Jaune Jr' awaken to full mass right there on the spot. This sight truly titillated and excited Juliette, she could feel her mouth drooling over seeing Jaune's long and thick one footer standing ready for action.

"Heh heh, what do you know, the little guy is ready for action." He voiced chuckling as Juliette eyed him hungrily.

Surprisingly, instead of lunging at him like expected, she turned around and lowered herself to the floor on her hands and knees. She turned around and wriggled her perfect ample buttocks and exposed motherly mound to Jaune suggestively.

"Come on over here, honey." Juliette purred then reached back with one of her hands to spread the lips of her opening to him. "Get that inside me and fuck Mommy.."

The sheer friskiness and allure of her silky voice made Jaune steel hard, good thing he was already naked. He walked up to her propped up rear and gently grabbed her perfect hips, his breathing increased as did Juliette's, as he guided his long ready phallus to the opening of her pussy. The bulbous head touched down and plopped inside her quirm for a brief few seconds until he drove half of his length into his birth mother eliciting a shrill howl of pleasure from her.

Jaune braced himself for once again feeling the tight suctioning flesh of Juliette's cunt squeeze down on him, he would have almost lost it due to how utterly amazing it felt being inside pussy. Taking handfuls of her hips he started slamming himself into her backside resulting in multiple clapping noises coming from their sinful union.

Both their bodies rocked back and forth with Jaune delivering and Juliette receiving, she bit down on her bottom lip and felt her body rock even faster with her son driving his foot long length into her deepest parts, piercing her cervix and poking her womb. To her it was paradise.

Pat pat pat pat

Goes the rampant noise the son made when driving his hips into her rear, again and again he drove the entire length into her and relishing the spongy suctioning feeling her womanhood provided.

"Ooaah! Yes Jaune!" Juliette moaned loudly feeling his cock pounding her quirm even harder now. Her buttcheeks jiggled and her body rocked back and forth in sync with his thrusts, Jaune leaned over to cup her breasts in his hands while maintaining his thrusting rhythm inside her cunt.

He felt like he was in a world of fleshy pleasure due to how fucking his mother's pussy felt, thus he channeled that worldly feeling into strongly fondling her breasts in rotations making Juliette pant and moan his name louder.

Rocking together for minutes more their bodies became sweaty, Jaune leaned in by her shoulder prompting her to turn face and lock his lips onto hers for more incestuous tongue swabbing.

They fucked for some time more when Juliette felt his hips begin to rapid-fire in pace signalling that he was ready to cum, which prompted Jaune to break off from his mother's mouth and eye her questioningly.

"Is it safe to,you know, let loose inside?" He asked honestly unsure of whether or not his mother could conceive. He had never asked, but assumed she was perfectly able to since having Sophia at a young age. The idea of knocking her up, while admittedly is very hot, did not seem appealing for long term circumstances. Perhaps not right now anyway.

Juliette snickered with a wink. "Maybe, why don't we find out?" She challenged with a flirtatious smile putting more fuel in Jaune's engine, pushing him to fuck her even harder to the point her body jumped with each thrust. He got more lost into the haze of lust, just as Juliette was currently doing, when she said something that sparked his attention and a sense of alertness.

"I may or may not be fertile, sweetie. I did have all your sisters after all, and we Arcs are known to have extremely active sex drives and are able to be very virile and fertile. It's an Arc legend after all, probably a true one too." Juliette announced feeling her orgasm on the rise and feeling her body writhe in pleasure. "Huff..huff...Ooohh yes!"

'Oooh no! Didn't she say….aagghh!' Jaune tried to think and even tried pulling out but the sudden urge to blow his load overwhelmed him. Now he was grabbing his mother's ass tightly as he slammed his hips into her repeatedly with incensed pace, cumming like a firehose in the process!

Juliette moaned pleasurably when feeling the warm flood of Jaune's sperm fill up her depths, this pushed her to clench down her fingers and writhed back against his body cumming herself! Her vaginal muscles squeezed down repeatedly and with relentless force on his member easily squeezing more milk out of him to pump into her.

Both blond family members climaxed together for what felt like minutes, all the while hearing the soft pulsing noises of Jaune's cock spew load after load of cum into his mother. And in one final gush of vaginal juices Juliette came one last time flexing her body and arching herself backwards to where Jaune held her from behind!

Their joined euphoric climax subsided finally leaving both Jaune and Juliette panting and sweaty as they cuddled together on the kitchen floor.

As they were both still panting in a spooning position Juliette spoke again, this time with plenty of mirth and giddiness in her voice. "Of course that was just a joke made by the original Arc Patriarch, he just liked to announce that bogus myth instead of admitting he was an extremely promiscuous horndog."

Jaune's left eye twitched in mild annoyance at being panicked just then, so he smacked Juliette's butt causing her to giggle louder and hold him close with her arms.

"Come on now, it was just playful joking, the myth isn't true at all." She added hearing him sigh in relief. She looked down to see the ooze of his semen pool onto the floor in abundance. 'That's gonna take a while to clean up, but….' She looked back over to Jaune and felt him plop out of her opening with a firmly erect member intact. '...he may have inherited a lot from the original Patriarch, maybe...just maybe he's to be the next one.'

"Oop!" Juliette squeaked when Jaune grabbed her tits with both hands again causing her to purr and grind her hips against his waist. "I see you're still ready for more, another proven trait of Arc bloodline; longevity." She giggled playfully before turning on her side to pull him into another deep kiss. After making out for a few seconds she broke off with a trail of saliva connecting her mouth to his.

"Let's continue this back in the room, honey. The kitchen floor is pretty cold and uncomfortable." She proposed and Jaune nodded back with a toothy grin.

"Sounds like fun."

Elsewhere just outside the household and on a grassy path leading to it…

"Ugh, I can't believe I forgot not only my passport, but also half my stuff all the way back here at home." Lucy Arc grumbled as she walked down the path leading back home. Her hands dragged the wheeled luggage behind her as she made her way, she had been on her way back to her academy when she forgot a few essentials including the passport needed to go to the other continent.

So she called her headmaster and explained the situation, since Bullhead transport wasn't too available at the time she was able squeeze a week more of off time from him because of the circumstance.

'Now here I am heading back home because I'm an airhead, but silver lining; I get an extra week off from Huntress duty and it gets to be with Jaune!' She thought gleefully and continued pacing her way home with an upbeat demeanor.

She smiled to herself when recalling how much Jaune had grown, in both as a person and as a man. Images of how fit he felt when they all hugged him swarmed her mind until those thoughts became raunchier by the second and ended with Jaune coming out of the shower half-naked. She blushed profusely and shook her head trying to snap out of it.

'No no no no no! Stop that! Bad Lucy!' She smacked herself with her right hand and continued walking. Lucy wore a tight white and blue tank top that let her cleavage stick out a bit, a stylish slim jean jacket on top of it, a blue hoop skirt with a studded belt, and her usual light leather women's boots for the walk back to her home.

As the house got closer in sight her smile grew even wider at the thought of seeing Jaune again, she couldn't admit it outloud but she is very very fond of her brother. In ways that may seem inappropriate to others if these feelings ever got out, but she could hardly care about naysayers. Not with what she felt back then when they were young and when the true love feeling hit her like a brick, to this day she still felt that way and someday convey that to him.

"And here we go." She said to herself when sliding her key into the door and opening it revealing a rather empty looking house. 'Hmm, maybe he's out in the backyard chopping wood or something, and mom is-'

"Ooohhhh!" Came a loud moan from somewhere in the house.


"...What was….that…?" Lucy asked herself quietly when she heard it again.

"Hhuuaaa! That's it! Ooooh yes!"

Immediately a scarlet blush went to her cheeks when she realized what kind of moans these were. Lucy closed the door behind her softly and stood there frozen in place trying to process what exactly was going on.

'Was' She asked herself in thought when hearing the moan again and this time a certain name was uttered.

"Aaaaahh! Jaaaune!"

Lucy's eyes went wide in panic leading to her dropping her luggage and rush up the stairs. With each hasty yet quiet stomp she paced up to the second floor and strode through the hallway leading to her mother's bedroom. When she got there she noticed the door was left hanging open with a slim view of what was going on inside.

Bracing herself and taking a big gulp to force down the anxiety she didn't know she had, Lucy stepped to the door quietly and peered in.

Her eyes went wide and her soul felt like it had been ripped out of her body.

"J-Jaune…?" She quietly uttered to herself in shock.

Jaune Arc was on his knees holding his mother's left leg over his shoulder while he repeatedly drives his large length into her pussy. The woman herself was on her back atop the bed having her body rock back and forth to Jaune's meaningful thrusts into her core. She groped and massaged her own breasts furthering her state of arousal while her son plowed her, she was a moaning mess the entire time with her hair strewn about and her face scarlet red.

"That's it, honey! Harder! Deeper! Hhooooh I love you!" She howled in utter bliss feeling the spear that was his cock push and plow her insides to where a sizable bulge protruded from her belly.

Lucy just stood there beyond the door looking on in frozen horror seemingly unnoticed by them.

'J-Jaune…? And m-mom?! How...what...why….he's supposed to be mine! I fell in love with him first! WE have a special connection! Not…! No, things aren't supposed to be this way!' She thought enraged when a newfound feeling of jealousy flared up inside her. She grit her teeth and clenched her fists, ready to barge in there and break it up following with a harsh scolding directed foremost at her moth. But, she steadied herself and restrained her body from moving, instead she was thinking back to where her feelings originally blossomed from.

And they originated a fairly long time ago….

A ten year old Lucy hold her hand of Tarot cards woefully with watery tears coming out of her eyes. She was in her cute overalls and pink shirt and simply sitting on her bed when a knock on the door caught her attention.

"Lucy? Hey…" A very young Jaune peeked in as he opened the door to her room. Little Jaune was wearing a miniaturized hoodie and dark shorts, his hair was largely the same as was his ever innocent pair of eyes. "Everything okay? I brought you some cake to help cheer you up." The young lad offered holding out a plate with a slice of her favorite three flavors cake.

"Oh...hey Jaune." Lucy sullenly answered as he came into the room. "After all that meanness at school I could really use some of that right about now." She managed a small smile and reached out for the plate as Jaune took a seat on her bed with her. Before she picked up the fork sticking out she opened her mouth to look at Jaune with a softly pleading look. "I...also need a shoulder to lean, would it be okay if you stayed?"

Jaune instantly nodded and scooched up to sit alongside her while she began eating into her delicious pastry. "So why were those jerks giving you trouble anyway?"

Lucy took a small bite of her slice and chewed a bit before reaching for a deck of long exotic looking cards that were on her nightstand next to her. "This is why; I play with tarot cards and try to read people's fortunes or predict the future, but the other kids just called me a witch and made fun of me."

Jaune hardened his eyes now tempted to beat up whichever kids messed with his sister. He knew he was weak but an angry fist to the nose would still ruin their day for sure, although he knew Lucy hated for things like that to escalate. Especially with him involved, what she needed was some sunshine. Taking a look at her cards, little Jaune felt curious and intrigued, mostly by their cool design.

"Well I don't think you're weird or a witch, Lucy." He spoke catching her attention and added; "You're more like a cute sorceress from the videogames or one of those magical schoolgirl heroes from the Mistral comics. You're way too pretty to be compared to a witch."

Lucy felt her cheeks blush when he made that comment, she could tell he was being genuine and not patronizing for her sake. 'Now that I think about it; Jauney's right. I am like those magical superheroes and not an ugly witch!' She declared within her mind feeling more resolved with herself. She blushed when looking at him again. 'Jauney always knows what to say...he's always so sweet and considerate.'

"If anything I kinda want to see if you can read the future. Maybe I'll get lucky and find some money on the way back home." Jaune declared causing her to perk with a slowly growing smile.

"W-Want me to try and read your fortune? I am kinda special with these." She offered and the second Jaune nodded Lucy felt her day brightened up already. "Okay then! Lemme just set them up first."

After a few moments of Tarot reading Jaune sat eagerly on his knees atop Lucy's bed. Lucy readied herself for the moment of truth in predicting Jaune's future, she her spiritual connection bloom when she flipped the essential card up giving her the 'answer' to his fate.

'Jaune….and me, end up getting married together?! W-wait wait wait! T-This can't be right!' Little Lucy panicked when a scarlet blush crossed her cheeks. She double checked and reread the fortune reading and got the same answer over and over again. 'These are never wrong! The asnwer's the same! So does that mean….?' She looked up to see an amused and interested Jaune eye her cards trying to make heads or tails of the pictures while waiting for Lucy to finish.

She blushed and wondered if the future was absolute, but deep down she didn't mind a single bit. Part of her wanted to be around him forever, she just wasn't anticipating the reading regarding that. 'Jaune….'

He perked up and eyed her expectantly waiting for an answer. "So? What does it say about me?" He asked giddily.

She gulped and decided to be honest. "I read get me." She answered awkwardly leaving Jaune to blink once or twice.

"Huh, I was hoping for more a jackpot kind of reading, but that sounds fine to me." He answered grinning toothily which lit up another blushing storm in Lucy's cheeks.

"T-That's okay to you? I mean, getting married is…."

"I said it's fine, as long as I get to be around my sweet magical sister I will marry you when we grow up." Jaune declared brightly lighting up a special feeling in Lucy's chest, one that can only be described as pure love. The kind that isn't supposed to be between siblings, but Lucy didn't care how wrong it is. She suspected Jaune didn't really know what marriage was about or what it entailed, but that didn't matter to her right now. All that mattered to Lucy Arc was the future she envisioned together with him, marriage and then having his child. Such a fantasy stirred her up dreamily.

"Okay then, I'll hold you to that promise!" Lucy declared holding out her left hand with pinkie extended.

"Heh, Arcs never go back on their word after all." Jaune answered taking hers into his and shaking on it.

Lucy was never happier than she is right at this moment.

Ever since that day the two hung around together and played together more, they were hardly ever separated. As they matured over the years Lucy still held onto that feeling, that memory, with plans to confess to him one of these days.

Clenching her hands painfully Lucy watched in scathing fury the sight of her mother riding Jaune cowgirl style, her blood boiled and part of her wanted to bolt in and shut them down, but alas she restrained herself.

In her mind he belonged to her and only her, ever since that promise, but instead of a dramatic ruckus she took a different approach and whipped out her scroll to record their carnal act of incest. All the while ignoring the dampness between her thighs at seeing Jaune's length saw in and out of her mother's pussy. She has just felt she had enough for blackmail she witnessed Jaune's cock plop out of her mother's cunt leaving a thick gooey trail of semen oozing out like a waterfall. Another sight that angered her.

Quietly and stealthily making her way back downstairs she exited the house to stand outside as though just arriving. She had to arrange her arrival so that they didn't suspect she was here and witnessed their fucking session.

Taking a deep breath Lucy decided to make her arrival known and steal her brother back from her mother, she pushed the doorbell announcing to the mother and son her arrival.

Both Jaune and Juliette were pleasantly, and a little disappointingly, surprised to see one of the other house attendants return interrupting their alone time. Jaune could never be mad at Lucy, if anything he was pleased to see her again, although judging by the somewhat scowling expression she had on her face he could tell she was having a bad day.

'Did something happen with her? She looks pretty miffed and she's been eyeing me and mom in a weird way since coming back.' Jaune thought to himself sitting at the table about to gleefully dine in on his home cooked chicken dinner.

"That is quite fortunate, Lucy, I'm glad you were able to get some time off with your school." Juliette said somewhat strained. She was annoyed her special alone time with Jaune was cut short due to her unannounced arrival, but she could never resent her for it. If anything it only made fucking Jaune a bit more challenging to do around the house, but the danger of getting caught kinda excited her as well. What she wasn't a fan of,however, was that Lucy was glaring murderous daggers at her mother. This confused the woman greatly.

"You betcha, I'd hate to be away from home for so long, plus Jaune is here so why not take advantage?" She answered chewing on her food while still glaring at her.

'Did I do something to offend her? What's got her so irritated?' She thought to herself not wanting to talk much since she could feel the tension in the air. She wanted to at least speak out against why her daughter was wearing only a bra and panties out in the open, they were a light blue ensemble and very scantily designed, to the point where you wouldn't see a point in wearing anything period.

'I mean sure, she's home and all, but since when does Lucy strut around in her underwear?' Jaune now questioned when feeling the surprise presence of his sister pull her chair up next to him rubbing her hands along his shoulders. 'And since when does she get this touchy?!' He thought a little panicked and heavily aroused.

His eyes glanced at her large DD cup size breasts which resulted in his erection forming underneath his pants, what didn't help was that Lucy started rubbing her right hand along his lap along his bulge while batting her eyelashes.

'What is she d-doing?! Gah! Painful erection! I need to take care of this before it gets out of hand!' Jaune thought feeling his body light on fire in response to Lucy's actions.

Juliette was certainly not blind to what her daughter was doing to Jaune. 'Just what is she doing!? First she dresses like that in the open and is now molesting her brother!? This stops now!' Juliette flared up with jealousy at her daughter getting 'too close' to Jaune. What really pushed her patience home, however, was that the blonde girl started peppering a trail of light kisses along Jaune's neck up to his face.

"Alright! That's it!" Juliette shouted bolting up from her seat and slamming her hands on the table. "Go change right now, young lady!"

Lucy stopped her fondling of her brother and glared scathingly back at her mom as she stood up as well. "I don't need to! It's my house too! I can dress like this inside if I want!"

"It's technically MY house! And you're not going to go about dressing like that and feeling up your brother while I'm here!" Juliette shot back making Lucy glare even harder.

"Oh that's rich coming from you! Mother of the year you are!" Lucy snapped back.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Juliette demanded feeling very incensed and somewhat panicked that Lucy may actually know what she's been doing with Jaune.

"That's enough!" Jaune shouted out with a domineering voice surprising both of them and dissipating the tension directed at each other. "You two stop fighting! I don't know what it is you even need to be fighting about in the first place, but I do know we're all here together because of Dad."

The moment he mentioned him both Lucy and Juliette softened with somber expressions, feeling their anger deflate. This made Jaune calm down somewhat as he now eyed them sympathetically.

"It's the main reason I came back, because he always knew how to bring everyone else happiness and he never tolerated squabbles between all of us. I know he would put his foot down on any fights we'd have under this roof, so c'mon, let's get along and stop pointless arguments like this. We don't need to have them." He concluded softly.

Both Juliette and Lucy said nothing for a moment and were about to speak when both sets of eyes noticed 'something' sticking out over the surface of the table; Jaune's footlong erection poking through his pants. Their eyes were transfixed on it and their mouths drooled, this confused Jaune and prompted him to look downward and notice it with a look of alarm.

"Uh! I'm gonna go take a bath! You two talk it out and I'll see you later!" He stated urgently and rushed off to the bathhouse of the family home leaving Juliette and Lucy silent with red cheeks and looks of hunger.

End of Act One

Act Two

A few minutes later Jaune found himself in the comforts of the family bathhouse; a wide open steamy bath extension of the household. His father and mother got inspired for its creation after visiting Mistral's more cultural parts around the kingdom during one of their trips. Afterwards this was designed and built in, originally for the kids to bathe in groups so no one would have to wait in line, and in a household of ten people, it was a necessity. Taking a seat on one of the comfy plastic benches with a towel draped around his waist Jaune rinsed himself with water and reclined into the seat to relax in the steamy shower room.

After tilting his head back in recline he felt his mind drift to today's fight earlier between Lucy and his mother.

'Just what was all that about back there? I've never known sis to butt heads with mom like that, ever, usually it's always Trish or Rikka that ruffles her feathers. Otherwise, Mom's a saint of patience.' Jaune thought recounting the argument and his reaction to his sister wearing skimpy clothing and feeling him up. The fact that his bulge was shown to both of them caused no end of embarrassment on his part, he bit down on his lower lip trying to push thoughts of his sister's large breasts out of his mind.

'Darn that Lucy! Now I can't think straight, and I also have this…!' He looked to his still erect member poking the fabric of his towel making a tent. "Being sexually frustrated is one thing, but…!" Jaune was interrupted when the door to the bathing room was opened and there stood Lucy herself with her hair completely down with locks crossing across her face obscuring her left eye giving her a very sexy look. To add to that she was wearing a very short towel barely covering her lower area, Jaune got a great view her of creamy perfect thighs as well as her barely clothed breasts. Those large things looked like they are about to pop out at any moment.

His erection was twitched readily as though sensing 'Voluptuous female' nearby.

"L-Lucy?!" Jaune blurted out feeling red in the face as she sexily sashayed over to him. "U-Um...can you wait outside until my time's over? I'm...kinda having issues here." He requested placing his hands over his throbbing erection from over the towel. He tried looking away in order to save his face and keep himself under control, until he heard Lucy's voice.

"Can't I stay? I just want to talk, Jauney." She asked cutely in an adorable girly voice while doing the puppy pout. The moment Jaune got a glimpse of it he relented and nodded. Lucy squealed with excitement and started walking over to him, Jaune turned his face to see her and could not look away after.

Jaunes stayed on the little bath bench and felt Lucy kneel behind him with her arms draping around his neck and feeling up his chest.

'Focus, Jaune! Focus if you don't want to get carried away again!' Jaune's thoughts rambled when Lucy spoke again.

"Heeey, Jauney…" She purred in a sexy husky voice that had him on tingles. Her hands came up and caressed the sides of his face affectionately.

"Y-Yeah, Lucy?" He sputtered feeling like he was melting in her hands. It was right then that Lucy grabbed the side of his face and pulled him onto her lips resulting in a sweet kiss with her eyes closed. Jaune's eyes bolted wide open and part of him wanted to break away, but a stronger part of him told him to stay put. Feeling at an impasse he waited and tried not to enjoy to sweet strawberry taste of her lips as she kept herself there for several seconds.

Once she broke off from the kiss, her face was flushed with red blush and a lovely smile whereas Jaune's face was simply stunned.

"I'm in love with you, Jaune. Always have been, ever since we were kids, and I was waiting so long to have the courage and tell you. I want to be with you, Jaune, to love and hold forever. I'll even carry your child in the future." She confessed snapping Jaune out of his trance and eyeing her indecisiveness. Why? Because he was already fucking his mother and pledging he would be by her side, now his closest sister has come out of the woodwork declaring her undying love for him.

What was he to do?

"Lucy…" Jaune began then scrunched up his face in hesitation, this didn't go unnoticed by Lucy. "...I-I can't, we can't. We're siblings, getting together and having a kid, having a future can't happen. I'm sorry." He answered feeling ashamed of himself for telling her this kind of answer. Part of him truly wanted to be with her since he had no qualms about incest anymore, him being with Juliette was enough proof of that, but giving this kind of half-assed answer made him feel like a hypocrite.

Lucy felt her eyes water and her heart fracture, she braced herself and prepared her trump card. She anticipated Jaune's response would be like this, which makes her glad to have prepared for it. Scowling at him and narrowing her eyes in rage at Jaune, Lucy brought a hand to her chest and pulled out something from the pocket of cleavage, making Jaune's jaw drop in the process.

'Wait! That's a thing? How could she even fit something like that between her breasts?!' His thoughts ran with confusion at the physics until he noticed it was her personal scroll she brought out. Now curious and feeling dread coming, Jaune waited to see what she was doing.


With a click of a button Lucy brought up the recorded video of Jaune and his mother fucking like rabbits on top of her bed. His eyes went wide in horror now that he'd be found out by his enraged sister, looking to her for an answer on what she wanted he instead saw Lucy with tears streaming down her eyes. This softened him and made him want to comfort her.

"I-It's not fair! I've been saving myself, keeping everyone else away, just so I can stay pure for you and only you,Jaune!" She wailed feeling her own rage dissipate and instead be replaced with grief.

Jaune reached over to pull her into his arms letting her head rest against his chest, the instant the did this Lucy relaxed and toned down on her sobs. "Y-you're right, I've been selfish, and that memory seems so long ago. I should've kept my word to you then, even if it was a childhood wish…" He was about to continue when the doors slid open in haste revealing Juliette Arc wearing a towel and looking as though she ran right up here.

"I heard Lucy crying out, and pretty loudly too, so I came running up to see what was going on." She explained and looked at both of her kids, who now appeared as deer in the headlights. Once she stook note of Lucy's heartbroken state, all the pieces came together on her behavior and her now obvious feelings regarding her brother. Seeing her daughter as she is now and noticing Jaune comforting her, she only had this idea to convey to her son.

Juliette looked to Jaune and gave a serious nod to his unasked question, Jaune in turn nodded back understanding what he had to do and why.

"Wha-" Lucy spoke out but was completely interrupted and taken by surprise when her brother grabbed her shoulders and smothered her lips onto hers! Her eyes went wide and her heart felt like it were a rocket launching into space, she snapped out of her stupor quickly and wrapped her arms around his back opening her mouth to wriggle her tongue over his.

'Yes! This is a dream come true! It feels so good!' Lucy's mind screamed as Jaune's tongue rolled along hers in an eloquently erotic make out session. Her huge breasts squished up against his broad finely toned chest, her arms locked snugly around his shoulders, her womanhood growing wetter by the second along with her body becoming sensitive. It was everything she ever dreamed of; getting intimate with the love of her life which happens to be her brother.

Juliette surveyed the incestuous scene playing out between her two children, and was getting extremely aroused by it. She leaned up against the frame of the doorway feeling up her body as she watched, when seeing Jaune cup Lucy's ass in one hand to squeeze it Juliette knew she could no longer stand by. She was joining in.

'Can't let them have all the fun.' She thought giggling softly when undoing her towel and letting it fall to the floor. Jaune's eyes darted over to her perfect naked form as she stood poised and seductive, you wouldn't believe she ever had eight children with a body like that.

His erection was still rock hard and had been poking Lucy's belly for some time, once she noticed Jaune staring at her naked mother she decided to even the playing field by undoing her towel as well.

'Holy moley!' Jaune thought red in the face and gushing out blood from his nose when seeing the two perfect and beautiful blond family members appear completely nude before him. "You two….are absolutely beautiful." He commented in awe as though seeing two angels in front of him.

Lucy blushed profusely and smiled lovingly at him before locking her arms around his neck again, Juliette sashayed over to him and took spot kneeling beside her and grabbing Jaune's face to pull him into a deep tongue probing kiss.

"Mmmmm!" Juliette mewled in content as her son's tongue swabbed the inside her mouth once more. Lucy watched astounded by the act of incest between mother and child, but she couldn't help but get turned on by it.

She puffed her cheeks and nudged herself closer waiting for the moment Jaune caught his breath. After a few seconds of motherly french kissing Jaune broke off from Juliette's mouth and had his face grabbed by Lucy in order for her to shove her own tongue down his throat. Lucy was heated up and cradled his face to hers with both watched with warmth in her heart as Jaune melted in her grasp. She didn't mind sharing after all, if anything she was glad to have this done with so she and Jaune could fuck around some more in the house.

Jaune hummed pleasantly when feeling Lucy's tongue whirl around inside his throat, after a few seconds he broke off from her leaving a gooey saliva trail bridging their lips. Juliette wasted no time in grabbing him again in order to slosh her own tongue inside his throat and suck on his lips, this time however Lucy joined in on their kissing session making it a literal threeway of lips and tongues.

The three Arc family members made out together swapping saliva and tasting each other. While they did this both women grabbed his erection through the towel fabric stroking him off.

Eventually Lucy moved her head down to his neck trailing a line of kisses up to his collarbone while Juliette moved her head down to kiss around his chest and squeeze his buttocks with her other hand.

When Jaune groaned pleasantly as though lost in paradise, both women were giving him heaven and stroking off his cock while they did so.

"Haaa...I'm ready for the real deal now, Jauney." Lucy spoke out stroking his cock through the towel.

"Then let's get this off him and begin, sweetie." Juliette purred and grabbed the hem of his towel and tore it off leaving his foot long girth sticking out in the open before their eyes.

Lucy felt her jaw drop once they unveiled Jaune's 'weapon', she positively had stars in her eyes after witnessing for the first time the monster that was Jaune's phallus. Juliette felt her mouth water as well, she very ready to get that thing back inside her, but she refrained from impaling herself on it. The mother of eight felt Lucy should be the first of the two of them, it was her own special moment after all.

"I'm actually a little afraid of it, will that thing even fit inside me?" Lucy asked then felt her mother's hands land on her shoulders in a comforting manner.

"No need to hesitate, honey, once you get past the process of deflowering, it becomes easier from there. After the initial part there's only pleasure and bliss, so don't sit there gawking and do it." Juliette advised leaving Lucy to gawk back at it anxiously. "Weren't you ready for this grand moment? C'mon, let yourself become Jaune's woman."

The moment she mentioned Jaune and the implication of being his 'woman', Lucy felt her confidence return and her eagerness to mount him go into overdrive. She nodded and got up on her feet hunching herself over Jaune's still seated form on the bath bench.

"Lucy...are you ready?" He weakly asked feeling dizzy with lust and bliss after his mother and sister played with him as they did. Lucy firmly nodded and plalced a finger to his lips with a soft expression yet determined expression.

"I've never been ready for anything in my life, Jaune. We'll make my dream a reality right here. It's time to fulfill that promise." She answered softly and placed a quick chaste kiss on his lips before moving back to hover herself over his towering erection. The bulbous head caressed her sensitive vulva, Lucy started inching herself down on it until she could feel it inside the shallow part of her cunt making squirm pleasurably on contact.

"There there, honey. Just ease it in." Juliette coached.

Lucy nodded and placed her hands on his broad chest before slumping herself down all the way on Jaune's cock breaching her hymen and filling her up all in in one go.

"Kkyeeaagh!" She squealed out in pain as she held herself there getting adjusted, Jaune and Juliette gave her a moment and let her adjust. The boy then grabbed Lucy and pulled her down for a surprise loving kiss relaxing her. Lucy kissed back with all her energy and roamed her hands around his back until they gripped his shoulders, her hips started gyrating soon after.

After a few seconds she broke off and smiled at him.

"Thanks,I think I've gotten over the pain now, mostly anyway. Now it feels perfect. Let's do this, Jaune!" Lucy cried out in joy and started rocking her hips back and forth on his meat making him groan loudly after having his cock become constricted by her moist spongy insides as she wriggled it around. His breath was heavy and speedy in pace because of it, namely her profound tightness.

Lucy fit him like a glove, together it felt just right or rather it felt like perfection to Jaune. He had felt member's head breach past her cervix earlier and poke into her womb against its walls, this sensation combined with the back and forth being performed by Lucy had him on edge, in a good way. Lucy knew this by looking at his face and smiled wide like a cat, she was rather pleased with herself and over the hill with happiness. Truly getting into the intimate carnal act with her brother she made her body rock and sway even harder along his hips. Each time she ground her hips forward she let out a pant and a sharp guttural moan gradually she was becoming faster. Not long into it Lucy started bouncing her hips rampantly like a horny animal on his meat.

"Oohhh yes, Jaune! Haaahh!" Lucy howled clamping her hands hard down on his chest as her expression gradually changed to a more blissful one featuring having her eyes closed and her teeth softly biting down on her lower set of lips. She was in sheer bliss and eagerly awaited having him blast her insides with his spunk.

Juliette had sat back dipping her fingers into her snatch and squeezing her breasts in wait. She had been watching the show and enjoying it immensely, but she did not want to be left of the action either. Not after feeling revved up from seeing Jaune's meat. She only allowed lucy to have the first round that was until she saw Jaune call her over and gestured to his face. Juliette smirked when receiving the message and proceeded to indulge herself.

After some shifting around Jaune now laid on the bathhouse floor with Lucy still seated on his cock cowgirl style, but now Juliette was seated on his face having her pussy nibbled and sucked on by her boy.

"Mmmnnn! Hhoooaa…! Jaune…!" Juliette moaned and hollered writhing about slowly with her hands up behind her head. She had taken to grounding her hips on his head furthering the spongy sensation of his tongue diving in and out of her quirm.

Lucy slowed her bouncing down a bit and locked eyes with her mother, both blond Arc women said nothing for a brief second until they reached out with their arms grabbing each other's. Juliette had pulled Lucy close to smother her own pair of lips against her daughter's making out erotically with tongues pushing against one another in a sinful oral exchange between mother and daughter.

Both of them hummed in pleasurable delight swabbing saliva between their tongues, later hoping to make it Jaune's cum instead, as they held each other's faces in the other's hands. This continued on for minutes more with Jaune feeling close to the brink, to signal them he tapped his mother's ass with his right hand snapping her out of her incestuous make out session with Lucy.

She hummed amusedly and broke off from Lucy's mouth and dismounted Jaune's face leaving the blonde girl to continue humping his waist like her life depended on it.

Jaune could go on for far longer, but Lucy's tight twat managed to hit all the right spots in his system, add her intense tightness to the mix and he was ready to blow. In the heat of it all he grabbed one of her large DD breasts and started sucking on it like a hungry child. This pushed Lucy even further as it made her to howl breathy screams of pleasure.

Her back arched and her rocked even faster on his meat while Jaune slurped on her tit, fondling her breast with his hand as he did so.

A bit more was all it took for Lucy to start slamming herself down on his meat immersing her being into the realm of climax.

"Lucy...huff...honey, you should let him cum outside! It might not be so safe for him to unload into you." Juliette cautioned now remembering the tale of Arc virility and that regardless of what transpired during bareback sex; pregnancy was very very high risk.

"Huff! I won't get off! I don't care if he cums inside me! If I have a baby I'll gladly take of it with...ooohh…Jaaaaauuuunnee!" She answered suddenly feeling her vaginal muscles squeeze down in wild convulsions followed by her loud scream of ecstasy.

"Luuuuucyy!' Jaune howled out writhing about underneath her and plunging his dick upward into snatch!

Lucy's pussy gushed juices about and squeezed down hard on his member determined to get that seed of his inside her, and boy did it ever. Jaune's penis throbbed and twitched repeatedly unloading thick virile ropes of sperm deep into the recesses of Lucy's womb!

As soon as she felt the oozing warmth of his essence she came all over again! This intensified her pussy's convulsions with its muscles squeezing down even harder on him, in turn milking more semen out of his pulsating member and into herself.

"Lucy…! I hope you brought contraceptives, because your brother may be very potent and he is certainly very active! You could really wind up pregnant with his child!" Juliette moaned out in warning despite feeling her pussy spasm on her fingers.

After about a minute or two of near endless ejaculation the pair finally ceased their orgasms leaving a panting Lucy slumping backward almost falling off of Jaune's body. If you got a good look at her you could see her face frozen in one of great ecstasy that basically said 'fucked senseless', and she didn't mind one bit.

"Aaaahhh!" Juliette suddenly moaned out loudly feeling her pussy spray juices all over her fingers while they were still dabbing into her cunt.

She had just came hard, but she wouldn't let that stop her. She was still very hungry for Jaune's cock, and after what he did to Lucy just now she eyed him expectantly.

"I..huff...I know that look, lemme just pull completely out of sis here first.' He answered the unspoken question and withdrew from Lucy leaving her to collapse softly onto her back with legs spread apart and thick globs of cum oozing out of her opening.

"Hhmm, better to not let it go to waste." Juliette said then crawled over to her sprawled daughter on all fours and placed her mouth between the youngster's legs.

Jaune felt his jaw drop at the sight, his erection became steel hard once he fully witnessed the scene of his mother scooping his cum out from Lucy's pussy into her own mouth using her tongue. She was basically eating out his sister and having his personal cream filling the special frosting.

Juliette held Lucy's thighs and pulled her hips close to her face while she vacuumed the sperm out of her snatch using her mouth, she ingested whatever she got in loud gulps down her an outrageous taboo scene had him pent up and ready for more!

Jaune hopped on his knees and placed himself behind his mother's inviting ass.

He grabbed her hips and squeeze her buttocks earning a purr from the older woman, he continued squeezing and fondling her ass while aiming the tip of his member into her opening. Juliette looked back with an eager smile on her face right before Jaune slid himself all the way into her cunt!

"Hhooh yes! Yes! Haaaah!" She howled feeling her body shiver and shudder in delight when feeling the filling sensation of her son's cock drive all the way into her core.

Jaune himself moaned loudly and deeply as he began pumping his hips against his mother's rear resulting in a loud series of slaps against flesh.

Jaune hammered his hips into his Juliette's cunt rapidly resulting in louder claps of flesh on flesh. Lucy stirred moaning pleasurably as she slowly regained consciousness from her daze of getting creampied, she opened her eyes to see her mother's head down between her thighs eating her out. She panted and moaned while tilting her head back and placing her hands on Juliette's head.

Glob after glob of semen scraped onto Juliette's tongue while she worked her lips against her daughter's soft youthful snatch. She sucks on her vulva lips, tongues out her insides, and licks her tongue along her clitoris, all in that same pattern causing Lucy buck her hips and start thrashing about along her face.

Meanwhile Jaunes drilling into his mother' tight snatch doggystyle was making the older woman humm and moan loudly underneath Lucy's juicy cunt. Her body rocked back and forth, sweaty and moist, with tits jiggling about according to her son's thrusts. Jaune bit his lower lip relishing the suctioning tight feel of her snatch constricting his length. He squeezed her buttocks and decided to bring her home by moving his left hand over to her soft puckered hole of an anus.

With one middle finger outstretched Jaune wriggled into Juliette's cleans ass resulting a sharp increase of stimulation that pushed her to break off from Lucy's mound and scream out in delirious bliss!

"Hhhoooaaah!" She howled feeling her body now wracked with an incredible orgasm following up with her cunt squeezing in and out wildly on Jaune's dick! This in turn pushed Jaune over the edge; he gripped his mother's buttocks making sure she was as close as possible, and let loose one thick payload after another of incestuous semen deep into her spasming pussy, into her possibly fertile womb!

Juliette tilted her head and arched her back feeling her body quake and shudder right as her son pumped her full of sperm again. She had unknowingly fingered Lucy with her other hand during this and it made her gush out in climax as well, leading to her pussy gushing all over Juliette's hand.

So too was their unified orgasm a celebration of the three becoming one, Juliette sure as hell wasn't going to give up Jaune, but she apparently had no qualms about sharing him. Lucy, now resolved in her pure love for her brother, finally got a taste of happiness and bliss after officially becoming his woman. She didn't mind too much that she had to share him with her mother, the whole arrangement was as far from normal as you could possibly get to begin with, but since it'd be one way or the other, who cares? She finally had him now, and would be happy to be with Jaune for ages to come, hopefully with children in the future.

Resting and panting along the shower room floor all three cuddled together with the women nestling close to his sides rubbing his chest affectionately. Lucy was barely awake, but Juliette and Jaune relished in the afterglow of their romantic incestuous outing, almost nothing could ruin this moment.

Until now.

"Holy crap!"

" .Fuck?"

"Damn, Jaune….!"

"I've seen what isn't meant to be seen!"

"Oh my gosh!'

"Neat." This one followed up with snapping a picture on her scroll.

Several female voices boomed out interrupting the tranquility in the room.

All three blondes on the floor turned to look, with horror no less, at the sight of the remaining Arc sisters stranding in the doorway eyeing them all with dropped jaws.

'...Sonuvabitch.' Jaune thought to himself feeling his soul leave his body. It wasn't 'nothing' that ruined the moment, it was several things. All of them being the gorgeous blonde and possibly brocon, remaining Arc sisters.

To be continued….?

End of chapter

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