Motherly Advice
Chapter Four- Dancing with Danger
By Azure

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Julia's POV-

'How long have I been in love with my brother; Jaune? Well, it certainly didn't start out that way, at least not until we begun dancing together. Jaune just had a way about himself that despite his goofiness and childish demeanor a smile would find its way to your face. Whether it was laughing at whatever goofy thing he did that seemed obvious to everyone else, or simply being the upbeat upright heart of the family that always shined bright.

One day when Lucy pushed him into learning to dance, after convincing him it was a surefire way to get the attention of girls, I was chosen as his dancing instructor. I was the one in the family that knew the art best and plus I was flexible. On top of all that I just wanted to spend more time with him, everyone else had their own thing they did with Jaune, whether it was Lucy's tarot readings or Margery's tutoring lessons, dancing was a talent me and Jaune shared intimately.

At first he was just clumsy and uncoordinated, not to mention he stepped on my toes dozens of times, but he was determined to make it work. He really wanted the attention of the ladies, the irony in that statement is that he already had it only not in the exact way he was looking for. After much bitter work, trial and error, he began his stride and quickly became a master of it. Jaune had learned dancing and I had so much fun teaching him, so much so that I didn't want to stop dancing with him even after he learned it. I knew I couldn't keep him forever and had to let go eventually, still though, the warmth and happiness I felt inside me was a feeling that only came from having fun with him.

Imagine my surprise when he asked if he could still keep doing it with me even after mastering the art, I couldn't say 'yes' fast enough. So we made it our thing, our hobby, our passion, you name it. Eventually we signed up for a dancing competition after feeling confident enough to take home a gold medal. Of course, it was right around that time that I realized the warm sunny feeling in my heart wasn't just familial love, it was romance and true honest to goodness real love that blossomed between a man and a woman. I couldn't get enough of it, enough of Jauney dancing with me! I wanted it to last forever, keep him holding my hips and twirling me forever!

At the time I was confused and unsure of what to think or feel about this revelation until right at the competition I let passion speak for me in the middle of our routine, changing things forever between me and my brother. It was only until recently I saw the opportunity to truly act on and cement these feelings, and that came with the unexpected help of several of my sisters and my mother….

Within the Arc Household things took a sharp and rather wild turn to chaos after all seven of the sisters returned home and stumbled onto the scandalous scene of their younger brother naked with his mother and sister.

After some much-unwanted drama, Jaune was confined to his room as was his mother and sister while Sophia, the eldest of the siblings, appointed herself as an impromptu moral guardian. Her goal was keeping them apart until they sorted all this out and much to Juliette's heartbreak Sophia and Margery alluded that her attraction to Jaune was strictly grief ridden hormonal urges taking place instead of genuine feelings. Neither Juliette nor Jaune agreed with that theory for they genuinely loved each other, the same can be said for Lucy who was absolutely in love with her brother, but things are more than what they seem.

As apparently pointed out by Trish, who visited Jaune in his room late at night to bed him, all seven of the sisters including Sophia harbored carnal feelings of love for their brother and will act on them in their own way. Jaune didn't know what to believe anymore as he now sat quietly in his bed naked after having ravenous amounts of sex with his older sister Trish, the experience was something he could never forget nor would he want to.

Jaune was beginning to understand how things would go at this point but still held some degree of worry for the future. Something that wasn't foremost on Trish's mind as she sashayed nakedly out of his room into the hallway leaving him to soak in the information.

Act One

"Why in the world are you naked?!" Sophia shrieked out with reddened cheeks and furious eyes as she stood in front of Trish with her arms crossed like a parent catching their child in something shameful. It was in the morning when Trish and Jaune had finished up their voracious lovemaking, after which Trish decided to leave his room before Sophia showed up to check in on him, unfortunately for her Trish and Sophia had been in the hallway at the same time when they saw each other.

Trish, however, wasn't perturbed in the slightest by her sister's faux authoritarian stance and simply stretched her arms up showcasing her large tits to the world.

"I think you remember, why." Trish countered causing Sophia to recall their earlier memory of their sister Rikka's 'experiment'.


"Hee hee, this'll be a good one alright." Rikka Arc said mischievously to herself as she approached the washing machine where the entire sum of summer sleepwear belonging to all her sisters including herself was being kept.

Pulling open the hatch the young Alchemist Huntress pulled out a bright red Dust crystal and dropped it into the machine. Closing it she crossed her arms and waited as the machine started shaking violently while smoke out of it.

"Hmm, better put some distance between it and myself." Rikka said to herself bouncing out of the laundry as the washing room discharged into a fiery wreck!

Her sisters arrived and looked at the washing machine horror and then at Rikka scathing glares despite a select few of them giving her a thumbs up gesture instead.

"I just wanted to make everyone's clothes red for a good laugh, had no idea red Dust crystals did not' mix well with our washing machine." Rikka shrugged feigning shame.

Sophia simply glared with crossed arms as Margery surveyed the damage.

"Nothing but burnt crisps of our summer pajamas left. I suppose that means we'll have to be sleeping in our underwear then, no way we're wearing winter clothing in this heat." She summarized causing Sophia to massage her temple as Trish and Julia high-fived Rikka with Trish planning to be the first to pay a visit to Jaune later that night.


'It sure was lucky she didn't see me come straight out of Jaune's room. That would've been troublesome.' Trish thought still relishing in the afterglow of the night of passionate sex she and her brother had, she still felt the thick gallon of cum nestled deep inside her quirm.

"Rikka's Dust prank, remember Sophie? Our little alchemist had used her little Dust crystal to try and turn out clothes red after we were turning in for the night following you and Mom's fight. Now not only is our washing machine busted but our entire wardrobe for summer style sleeping wear is all gone. Since the AC is also broken, still, and with the temperature easily being over a hundred degrees hot I figured 'fuck it'. I'll just go commando." Trish replied ignoring her sister's scathing gaze as she stood there topless and nude in everything except a thin pair of panties.

'Sophia doesn't look too happy to be reminded of that, even though it was Rikka's idea to pull that dumb prank in the first place, really timing it after that oh so fun intervention between Mom and Sophia. To Trish's defense, she does like to go around the house naked half the time anyway.' Jaune thought as he peered through the doorway eyeing his two sisters facing each other while a third, namely Rikka, mirrored his action by peering through her door as well.

Sophia sighed and slumped her shoulders giving up and walking away in a huff. The moment she was gone Trish walked up to Rikka's door and slapped her right hand into hers for a congratulatory high five.

'Rikka….her too?' Jaune thought when remembering Trish's revelation that apparently all his sisters were enamored with him. He still felt that knowledge to be too surreal to be true, but then again he saw his younger sister look his way and peel down one of her sports bra cups to show him one of her breasts while flashing him a sultry smile. She giggled mischievously when seeing Jaune's erection form up from within his boxers and closed the door after flashing him a wink.

'It's safe to say she's in on it too with Trish.' He realized and receded back into his room.

Later when he was finally allowed outside of his 'Quarantine' Jaune ran straight to his mother's bedroom behind Sophia's back only to find that she wasn't there. Her bed was made neatly and nothing seemed out of place if anything he appeared that she left in the middle of the night without saying goodbye.

'Where is she? For crying out loud where is she?! She can't have left us because of Sophia's craziness, can she?!' Jaune's mind raced in panic when he worried for his mother, dreading the same possible fate that had befallen his father, but he calmed down soon enough when remembering that she was a seasoned veteran and a powerhouse at that.

Elsewhere Juliette Arc raced to the location where her emergency summons would lead her. Feeling the need for distraction at the moment she had rushed off without leaving a message for her precious child Jaune, it had only been prior that she received a call to stop a horde of Grimm that had mysteriously appeared out of nowhere that was attacking Vale's capital. Thus here she was on her husband's motorcycle racing off to the nearest Bullhead port hoping there'd be no delays.

Back to the household, Jaune slumped to his knees defeated dreading the possibly grim futures that awaited him and his mother's lives.

"Mom….please be okay, I can't bear to lose you….not after everything we did together." He said crumbling to his knees letting soft trickles of tears down his face. It was only then he realized how much he truly loved her, how he couldn't live without Juliette, how despite that their union was forbidden that he'd still face the world for that wonderful woman. It was only then it hit him that these feelings were genuine and not some grief-fueled rebound like Margery had originally claimed.

'I do love her, and we'll be together and there's not a damn thing Sophia can do about it!' Jaune thought with newly reinforced determination as he shot up to his knees looking ready to face whatever came his way. Deicing to head back to his room Jaune left and proceeded down the hallway of his house second floor. 'Still, won't be easy to convince Sophia to call off this charade, especially if what Trish said is true.'

The moment he entered his room a pair of arms latched onto him catching him by surprise! Jaune tensed up in alertness instantly and looked to his side at his youngest sister Rikka Arc being the one hooking her arms around his chest.

"Rikka? Wha-" Jaune was cut off from speaking when she pressed a finger against his lips and quietly pushed the door to close with her foot. Pulling him deeper into his own room Rikka then turned Jaune around to face her, Jaune took in the sight of his young sister appearing rather sexy wearing only a pair of tight bike shorts and a loose white T-shirt hunched up to her chest showing off her midriff. Rikka Arc was quite beautiful with her stylized blonde hair strewn about unbraided and loose granting her a rather sexy angelic appearance, her body was athletic and lithe yet still held all the right curves in place making her youthful appearance that much more sexual, her electric blue eyes and mischievous spunky demeanor spoke volumes of her fun personality and how she loved hunting. Right now her prey was simply her brother; Jaune.

She pressed herself forward crushing her lips into his own for a soft yet heated kiss that relaxed Jaune where he stood. He, despite remaining somewhat skeptic of Trish's claim, simply went along with it and closed his eyes in relaxation. Arousal stirred in his boxers below as an erection formed, the reality that his sexy minx of a younger sister sucking on his lips stirred up the primal beast that was his lust. Nonetheless, Jaune remained within a reasonable state of mind and would talk….later.

'Rikka….!' Jaune thought feeling more enamored with her by the second as he tasted the strawberry banana flavor of her lips as her tongue writhed in and out of his open mouth.

The pair of siblings continued making out passionately for what felt like half an hour until they pulled themselves to Jaune's bed. Rikka breathed intoxicatingly as she felt her brother's tongue sloshed around inside her own while hers glided across his lips, the youngest Arc had gotten lost into the taboo pleasure her brother was giving her and wanted nothing more than to fuck him right here and now, but she felt time was limited and that her eldest sister might be coming up to check on him soon.

Mustering all her willpower Rikka reluctantly broke off from Jaune's oral entanglement with a satisfied sigh.

"Wow, you are a great kisser." She snickered panting like she ran a marathon, Jaune was in a similar state. "I can say why mom and Lucy didn't want to be separated from you, but just so you know, me, Trish, and Cassandra all support you and mom. Call it what you will, but we too...want to be with you. It's no joke, Jauney." Rikka revealed causing a pleasant smile of surprise on Jaune's face as he nodded in gratitude.

"So Trish was telling the truth, wow, it's just….that all of it felt so surreal. To think half my siblings are in love with me, if only Sophia would take the self-righteous sticks out." Jaune commented earning a soft giggle from Rikka. "So….who else is in on this plan of yours?"

Rikka then puts a finger in front of her own lips and gave him a cute wink.

"Ah ah ah, don't want to spoil the surprise." She musically answered making Jaune roll his eyes as she continued. "Just so you know, the first phase of this plan starts with getting Julia to come into the fray, she's in just as much denial as the others but she's also wild and free-spirited. All we have to do is 'tame' her and get her to see the light of truth." Rikka explained earning a questioning look from Jaune.

"Julia? Really?" He asked looking mildly stunned.

Some time ago….

Julia Arc, the dancer of the family, stood there in her stylish dancing dress consisting of a pearl white spaghetti strap design showing lots of leg. Here she was in at age nineteen about to take part in her dancing competition whilst waiting for her partner;Jaune. Earlier the words her sister Trish said to her have been on her mind.

"Me and Jauney...? Together? I mean, I know I trained him in the art of dancing and we do both have such amazing chemistry, but does Trish really believe that I' love with him?' Julia thought blushing at the thought when she thought of her younger brother and how fast her heart beats whenever she was alone with him.

Jaune may have been in his early teens but he was a studious learner of dancing and a spirited partner with Julia.

'The way he looks into my eyes, the way he flashes that cheesy grin when he tries to be dashing, the felt so right whenever he holds my waist.' Julia thought feeling conflicted as her mind tempted to drift into thoughts of taboo scenarios between herself and her brother.

"Here he is!" A young female voice announced snapping Julia out of her thoughts and causing her to turn and see her younger brother Jaune dressed up in his dancing tux alongside a teenage Trish.

Julia let out a sigh of relief that he made it here in time, yet blushed all the same when she saw how neatly cleaned up and handsome Jaune appeared with his hair combed and his suit fitting him nicely.

"Sorry I'm late, sis! These things are a lot harder to put on than you'd think." Jaune said adjusting his pants irritably. This earned a soft chuckle from both girls.

"Try having breasts then fitting them right with all sorts of tight shirts, crybaby." Trish added making Jaune blush before nudging him over to stand by Julia.

Straightening up he hooked an arm around Julia's right elbow and flashed her a ready smile, one in which Julia gave back as they stepped into the spotlight for their turn in the dancing competition.

Spotlights lit up and audience members clapped as the two siblings, a fact known to very few in the audience, stepped onto the stage. The row of judges seated at the desk in front watched with interest as the young lad initiated the dance by gently pulling his sister's arm into an elegant spiral of motion.

The acoustic guitar music played on as Jaune expertly twirled and maneuvered in perfect coordination with Julia, the girl herself felt more enamored with him by the second as he treated her gently and danced magnificently with her on top the stage before many.

The two motioned together in elegant dance moves, some of which involved Julia pressing up her rump against his waist exciting Jaune's level of arousal a fair bit. Regardless he kept his professional posture intact as he pulled his sister into his arms for the concluding dip at the end of a dance!

Jaune held Julia in his arms as she was dipped with one of her legs hiked up when the music ceased audience members clapped loudly in ravenous applause while she looked deep into his blue eyes feeling her heart stir.

'I c-can't stop looking at him! I want to….to….to hell with it!' Julia thought in impulse and reached her arm up around his neck pulling him down onto her lips for a surprise kiss!

A chorus of cheers and claps exploded from the theater, many not knowing that they were, in fact, brother and sister. Jaune felt his world turn upside down as his sister romantically locked lips with him in front of everyone in sight. He felt his heart stir the longer it went on and the more Julia pressed into him, but alas it ended prematurely when the aforementioned girl panicked upon the realization of what she was doing.

"Mmmph!" Julia broke off from their lip-lock and panicky pushed off from her brother before breaking off into a run away from the stage behind the curtains!

Jaune was left there feeling dumbfounded unsure of what to think or do in that moment.

When the contest ended the pair only won a silver award seeing as how Julia's panicked escape cost them first place.

Ever since then Julia's mind and feelings went through turmoil in regards to how she perceived her dashing brother Jaune. None of the sisters dare mentioned it, fortunately, neither did their parents believing she was simply caught up in the moment. Julia had gone on many dates with guys, and occasionally girls, trying to figure herself out. Even when she kissed and made out with them she never felt the same spark she felt when she locked lips with Jaune.

It was the present day when the girl looked at herself in the mirror recalling the event and experimental dating period.

"It felt right, so incredibly right!" Julia said to herself with glowing cheeks as she touched her chest and lips remembering the magical sensation. 'Is it just misfortune that we're siblings! Why did the powers that be have to curse us like this?!'

She cursed and gripped her twin tails in frustration until she remembered the circumstances between her beloved brother and her sister Lucy.

'If they can…then maybe….' She thought feeling aroused at the thought of Jaune naked and in her presence.

Jaune looked straight at Rikka in wonder after telling him the plan of getting herself, Julia, and him alone together under Sophia's nose.

"Still, I can't believe Julia feels that way too. I know I probably shouldn't be surprised at this point, but I just don't know about to feel about it." Jaune commented as Rikka sat up and straddled his waist looking flirty.

"Well better believe it, big brother. How can you still be skeptic anyway? You've seen all the evidence by now, plus don't you remember that dancing contest you took with her a long time ago?" She said making him blush at the memory.

'It did feel right, so very right that night a long time ago. Even though we were siblings I still wanted more of that kiss back then and now things are different.' Jaune was quiet for a moment then looked back to her for answers.

"Seeing is believing as they say, so let's get down to the real beef of the plan. The first part of it is having you accompany Julia and Trish into town, the next is letting Trish work her magic on the only Bullhead this humble village possesses, and after that…." She leaned in close to his face licking her lips sexually while locking half-lidded eyes on him.

" and Julia take yourselves to a hotel room we rented and make it the most magical night of your lives. Julia won't have any more doubts after that. Sound good?"

Jaune blushed profusely and nodded in agreement, still unsure of how things would go beyond today.

"Perfect, let's roll then, loverboy." Rikka said pulling him up by his shoulders and delivering one more deep tongue probing lip-lock before leaving his room to change.

Grabbing on her traditional duds, which were an ensemble of a short brown waist skirt, stylish sneakers, and orange sleeveless turtleneck. Her hair was styled up in a spiky back ponytail with long braids dripping down her side and a neatly combed front bang covering up the upper left side of her face.

Jaune simply put on his Pumpkin Pete hoodie with a pair of jeans and sneakers, considering he didn't bring much in terms of clothing when arriving and went down to the kitchen to meet with Julia and Trish.

Trish sat at the kitchen counter sipping from a mug of coffee in her traditional leather duds while Julia cooked at the stove wearing a simple pink tank top and high riding jean shorts while wearing an apron. Jaune felt smitten by her adorable and sexy appearance upon seeing her, Julia likewise blushed on contact of seeing him and turned her eyes back to the stove to cook breakfast.

The rabble of blonde siblings started eating in comfortable silence until Sophia walked down to the table wearing only a white nearly transparent nightie with her hair down nearly making Jaune spill his orange juice. She grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down with them while reading the news feed on her scroll.

"Well, everyone, as you all know the AC is broken, somehow, and we need it fixed quickly or else suffer the heat right now. I haven't been able to find the usual repair guy we use to fix the AC. Apparently, he's out of town right now on business." She announced looking at her siblings seated around the breakfast table.

"Don't worry about it, me and Julia will get on it. All we have to do is head to the neighboring town on the other side. Also for added measure let's bring Jaune with us. It'll be good for him to see it again after such a long time." Trish suggested causing Sophia to bolt up in her seat gazing heatedly at them.

"Absolutely not! We're in the middle of this trouble with mom right now! I don't think that's a good idea." Sophia protested and both Julia and Trish shot fierce glares right at her.

"Why is that a bad idea? Jaune can't stay indoors his entire visit, Sophie!" Trish barked.

"I agree! Mom is one thing, but you would keep him from simply seeing the town he hasn't been to in forever?!" Julia added.

Sophia saw their intensity and indeed felt she was pushing it by keeping Jaune locked up inside the house. Deciding her sisters had a point, and that she indeed simply wanted him close by, Sophia relented with a heavy sigh.

"Fine. Take him with you, then. It'll be nice for him to be outdoors a bit." Sophia sighed in agreement.

Julia smiled her thanks and Trish simply thanked her in a mocking way by calling her 'mom'.

Act Two

And so the three left the house fully dressed and heading into town, within both Julia's and Trish's minds the next phase of the plan was underway.

'We really do have to thank Rikka for tampering with the AC and burning all our summer pajamas, maybe we should get her a souvenir when we get back.' Trish thought as she and her siblings walked their way into the closeby town of Omble.

Julia had been carrying a duffle bag full of clothes and 'special equipment' she intended to use for a certain moment later on.

The trio set off for the neighboring town next to Omble which was thankfully within walking distance. After about forty-five minutes they arrived and Jaune could smell the nostalgia as he once again stood in a place he hadn't been to in a long time.

"Quite a view, huh?" Trish giggled holding Jaune's left into her right and squeezing it tightly. Julia shyly took his other hand clenched as they stood on a cliffside overlooking the scenery. The three stayed like that for several minutes until they got moving again, it was shortly after that Trish managed to break away and start walking down a different path altogether, much to Jaune's curiosity and worry.

"Don't worry about me, my precious Golden Noodle. I'm just going on ahead to take care of something important real quick, I'll meet you two later at the mechanic shop, okay?" Trish explained with a comforting smile.

Both Julia and reluctantly Jaune nodded in acceptance as the continued walking elsewhere into town.
Once they were out of sight Trish made sure to hurry along down a route that led to this town's only Bullhead. When she arrived she noticed that hardly anyone was around and felt it was prime opportunity to work her own brand of 'magic' on it, she had her motorcycle engineering to thanks for this particular set of skill.

After some doing she managed to successfully sabotage the engine and sneak away before anyone noticed.

'They'll all think its simply engine failure, which in a way it is, but at least it'll be out of commission for a good while. Not like anybody in this town goes cross country anyway.' She thought to herself smirking victoriously and turned around to head through a shortcut to the mechanic shop Julia and Jaune were taking the long route to.

That knowing face she had when saw the 'closed' sign at the door of the mechanic shop meant her Scroll call earlier worked like a charm. The Mechanic was out of town sent to fix an AC in another more distant town, which only meant that Trish's plan was going smoothly. Julia and Jaune arrived to see with a disappointed look, at least on Jaune's behalf, that the shop was closed for some unknown reason or another.

"Dang it." He slumped his shoulders as Julia patted his back comfortingly. "And we came all this way too."

"Don't worry about it, little brother. I'm sure the next town will have something waiting for us. We just need to head to the Bullhead port of this town, right, Trish?" Julia asked in a silky knowing voice when looking at her sister, who nodded back with a smirk.

Trish took Jaune's other hand and led the two of them with her to the Bullhead port she had just been at. There they saw the pilot of the ship address a small huddle of townspeople about the inconvenience regarding his ship's engine troubles, telling them flight was all but canceled for the time being until the engine is fixed by tomorrow.

'Part of me does hate to inconvenience people, but if it gets us closer to our goal then so be it.' she thought when she walked up close to ask the pilot herself something specific.

"There's a town nearby, right? One where we can go to ask for their Bullhead in lieu of this inconvenience?" Trish asked as the pilot turned to face her and nodded.

"Yeah, there is, but it'd a day's walk to get to it. Noted and not a problem, thanks." Trish said when she turned back to her siblings after whipping out her Scroll to call Sophia. "Hey, it turns out shit's flung sideways here too. The mechanic is out of town and the Bullhead here is down, for the time being, sis. I'm gonna call my bike over so I can head over back to our town or the next one and see if we can get what we need there. Sound good to you?"

Our fortune is quite horrible lately, but very well do what you can. Really hoping for the AC to be repaired." Sophia grumbled and accepted her plan as Trish tossed a flirtatious wink to Jaune before closing her scroll.

'They're up to something, I can tell.' Jaune thought as she pressed a number combination on her Scroll summoning her remote activated motorcycle.

Jaune was in awe when it came like one of the locker rockets back at Beacon, to skid to a halt beside Trish.

"Couldn't we have just ridden that here instead of walking?"

Trish sputtered with a chuckle. "How would that have worked? There's three of us and this thing can barely hold one person, Jaune." She answered getting on her bike ready to speed off to scout ahead for the next part of the plan. "I'm going to go on ahead to scout this third town within the area, my bike will get me there faster, but you two will have to stay in this town for a bit...after I report back to you. Shouldn't be long, so just hang out and have some fun. It's been forever since you two did anything together." Trish winked making Jaune blush and Julia glow with a nod.

With that, she sped off and the two siblings decided to spend the next hour together simply eating ice cream at a parlor nearby.

Julia sat across from Jaune looking at him sweetly with bright blue eyes and a warm smile. Jaune blushed whenever she did that, even more so when he felt her bare stocking clad left foot rub up between his legs.

Just then his scroll buzzed and he grabbed it seeing there was a message from Trish attached with several pictures. Jaune grew wary of what they were until it slid his scroll open and performed a spit take of his milkshake!

'T-these are…!' He thought blushing heavily when seeing, not only the texted location of a hotel room within the town they were currently, but also the attached camera shot images of his mother, Lucy, Trish, and Rikka all completely naked posing erotically.

'Ooh hoo! I feel him getting really stiff down there!' Julia squealed in thought when her foot felt the growing foot long length that was his sausage harden and expand through his trousers.

'Mom…!?' Jaune thought feeling the blood rush to his head when his eyes scanned Juliette Arc posing on the bedspread with her arms over her head and her chest sticking out. The sexy lust-addled face she was making really added to Jaune's already diamond hard erection. Then there was Lucy, who was laying on her back with legs spread-eagled and her hands pushing her large breasts together seductively. After her, there was Trish, who was completely naked and bending over the seat of her motorcycle exposing her buttocks and moist slit to him with a sexy smile. Lastly, there was Rikka, who sat on her bed with her naked slender legs diagonally spread allowing her to finger herself in both holes using her hands, she had her tongue stuck out erotically while doing so.

'Oooh hoooo! He's really hard!' Julia squealed with delight when she felt the throbbing erection forming within her brother's pants, her feet felt it was so thick that it could easily be arms length. A fact of which excited her immeasurably.

Jaune's red face peered right up at her and was met with a sweet seductive smile as she popped the cherry of her shake into her mouth. She knew what would happen and she along with Trish and the rest had been working at making this event happen without a hitch.

"Let's head to that hotel room, babe." Julia whispered in a hushed sexual voice.

Jaune could only nod as his face was still red and his erection rock hard.

The pair arrived at the hotel room Trish told them of, it was rather modest on the outset and apparently romance-themed all around. Not the least bit shady at all considering it was a love hotel.

They reached their room and opened the door suddenly marveling and blushing heavily at the scarlet red room around them. The queen sized heart shaped bed was draped in red silk sheets, the drawers containing innumerable sex toys, the shower room namely being a large jacuzzi that could fit fourteen people in it, a stripper pole near the center of the room just before the bed, and lastly a high end camera stationed on a tripod.

Jaune was certainly impressed by everything set up in this hotel, even Julia was so astounded and shocked by it all that she fainted beside him. Fortunately Jaune caught her in his arms, marveling at her sleeping angelic face in the process, as he carried her to the bed to set her down upon until she woke up.

Jaune turned his head towards the shower room and felt he was in such a need to bathe after traversing the whole way here.

'Well now's a good a time as any.' He thought to himself then turned to look at Julia's beautifully fit form wrapped in tight high cut shorts and a tight-fitting pink tank top. 'Hopefully, it won't be too long until she wakes up, part of me is actually really leaning towards the direction things are taking lately.' He looked to his hardened tool during that thought and decided to head into the shower room to rinse off.

After about fifteen minutes in, Julia awoke and found herself somewhat disoriented after having faint from the shock of the pornographic room she was in.

"Jauney? Where did you go….?" She asked herself quietly and heard the hiss of the showers and saw steam coming out of the bathing room. Getting up off the bed she tiptoed her way to the open door and saw the muscular form of her brother scrubbing himself thoroughly in the waters of the shower stall.

Julia felt her heartthrob and her thighs buck as she drank in the appealing sight of her once scrawny brother scrubbing soap over his muscles, but that wasn't the only part. Julia's eyes drifted downward and widened upon sight at the large foot length member hanging between his legs!

'Oh my! That's how big he is?! Oh, Jauney!' She thought feeling her blood rush as she was getting hot and bothered by all his assets. The twin-tailed dance instructor then scanned her eyes over at his face feeling her heart flutter at how handsome and innocent he was. Just then the memory of the dance competition played back in her mind as she touched her lips.

She remembered it all so vividly, her pulling a younger Jaune down onto her lips for a very heated kiss in front of all those people. Her heart had stirred with delight as she felt all the right feelings pour out into that surprise kiss. When she had started dating different people, namely in hopes of getting over him and their kiss, Julia never felt the same spark she had experienced that night with Jaune. No One could compare to him in her eyes, she knew this to be true love and she'll be damned if she lets him slip by for any number of reasons. She was going to have him!

Jaune then noticed the pair of gazing eyes that belonged to his sister and let out a surprised shriek that brought her out of her thoughts as he panicky closed the door!

"Uh...ocupado! Going to put on some boxers now!" He said from the other side. Julia shook her head snapping out of her thoughts and decided to take action.

Knocking on the door she heard Jaune's voice speak up again and decided to ask a very important line of questioning.

"Jauney? I know you probably never thought the thing between you and mom would ever happen, but….do you regret any of it?" Julia asked with a soft sincere voice.

"No. I don't be it Lucy, or Mom, or even Trish, I….I love each one of them. Not as a family member, but as a man." Jaune answered truthfully making her blush.

"So you really do love them, huh? Hehe, is there room for one more? Namely, your former dancing partner turned dance instructor sister; me?" She asked and felt the door open revealing a half-naked freshly bathed Jaune gazing back at her.

"T-there could be, at this point I'm pretty sure there's room for even more considering everything that's happened, but….I always have a place in my heart for you, Julia. Dancing with you all those times, they just felt like magic. I was happy as can be when that dance came around and….!"

Julia shushed him with her lips pressing against his in a sweet love filled lip-lock that relaxed Jaune and caused him to melt within her embrace. She didn't even care that his wet chest was dampening her clothes. Julia decided that Jaune Arc, her kid brother, was the one and only one for her in this crazy world. Call it incest, call it forbidden, call it whatever, she didn't care as long as she had him.

After about few minutes of a searing kiss, in which Julia rolled her tongue into his mouth, she slowly broke off and treated him with a dreamy smile and giggled.

"Like I said earlier; have room for one more?"

Act Three

Sitting back in a chair, Jaune was tied by the wrists as he faced his sister Julia, who was wearing an extremely provocative cat themed lingerie that left nothing to the imagination. On her head she sported fluffy light purple cat ears matching the cat tail hanging from her buttocks. Around her body, there were tight-fitting light purple V-straps barely covering her nipples and her mound. Jaune salivated at the sight of her perky and robust C-cup size breasts.

Julia giggled playfully and immediately removed the pieces of clothing that covered up her body parts allowing Jaune to soak in the sight of his sister's naked breasts and exposed hairless pussy. The cattail remained on which told him that it was a buttplug, a fact that turned him on even more as she started on her lap dance in front of him.

The athletic and flexible dancing sister started twerking her perfect heart shaped buttocks above his brief covered crotch and swayed her lower body around in ovals while propping her hands on her knees. Julia wriggled and bounced her buttocks around his lap making him truly yearn to break free and fuck his sister, something she took pride in as she jiggled her butt left and right in front of him.
Jaune let out a strained groan as his erection painfully throbbed within his underwear pushing painfully against the fabric in response to Julia's erotic dancing. The flexible Arc sister then brought herself to the pole in the middle of the room and grabbed onto it enabling her to twirl around with her legs spread out.

Her younger brother grunted painfully again as his erection somehow made its way out of his underwear standing tall and ready with precum dripping from the tip. Julia's mouth watered at it as she exercised her gymnastic prowess and hung her body upside down by locking her legs overhead on the pole. Now she was looking at Jaune upside down while her bountiful gorgeous tits were pressed between her two hands enticingly being rolled around. Julia massaged them together before him hoping to give him the idea of using her breasts on his dick later on today, but ultimately she really wanted to taste him rather than let her girls do it.

Julia then rose up and curled around the pole as she slid down until her rear reached the bottom, her back was turned to Jaune as he struggled within his binds letting his base urges compel him to lunge out and fuck her. She knew this and smirked coyly before slowly rising up with her ass sticking out, Julia glided in a rotation to where her tits shown fully despite the pole now obscuring her mound. She sandwiched the pole between her breasts, stroking her body along the surface erotically while sensually dragging her outstretched tongue along with it. Such a sight had Jaune on the edge of exploding within his pants, exactly what Julia had planned on.

To his surprise she slunk off from the pole and sashayed over to him, wriggling her nicely honed hips along the way.

"You look like you're about to burst, don't worry, I won't make you wait any longer, my sweet sweet brother." Julia sighed dreamily and dropped to her knees before him. His long twitching member dangled in front of her face furthering her salivating appetite to taste his semen.

Jaune breathed in anxious anticipation as Julia suddenly opened her mouth wide open and unexpectedly inhaled the entirety of his length in one go! All the way inside her tight mouth and spongy wet throat was the whole length of Jaune's penis swallowed up by!

"Holy! Oohh Julia!" Jaune wailed out feeling the spongy slick constriction of his sister's mouth pull on his one-foot size length! Just like with Trish and the others, they were not shy about swallowing up his meat, except the difference was that Julia did it one go right off the bat! It was both impressive and greatly arousing.

Jaune groaned loudly in pleasure while his sister accustomed herself to her brother's length. Her lips suckled tasting along his skin as her tongue rolled around the amount of cock sheathed inside her mouth. Julia hummed pleasurably as she was getting addicted to the taste of Jaune inside her mouth, her head started rowing back and forth in motion as Jaune sat there helpless and moaning.

Her pace was slow yet sensual, she took her time in tasting and slurping his entire length, something she could see herself doing for ages to come. In her mind this felt right, this made feel everything was right in the world and that she regretted not doing this sooner. All those dates with others felt like utter wastes of time, this was where she was destined to be; at her brother's pelvis deepthroating his monstrous length!

Julia's head started bobbing faster now, her lips stayed glued in a vacuum tight seal as they glided across his length in vigorous speed! Her bouncy blonde twin tails tussled along with her head as she incessantly gobbled up his cock into the depths of her mouth. Julia's eyes lowered into a half-lidded gaze of pure dream like lust as she continued fucking her face on her brother's meat!

Jaune could hear the audible squelching noises her suctions were giving off and was pushing ever closer to unloading a thick deluge of semen straight into her mouth. This was something picked up on by Julia as she slowly draped her lips back all the way to the tip before breaking off to speak to him. Her hands now pumping the base hilt of his shaft while she did so.

"C'mon, Jauney! I know you're close right now!" She giggled licking up her lips. "Please give this naughty Kitty Kat her milk, will you? She really wants to taste it."

The cutesy voice and puppy dog look her eyes gave him was enough for him to blow! Jaune held his head back bellowing a mighty groan as his nutsack pulsated giving Julia the go sign to swallow his member back up!

He grunted out loudly as though he were punched in the stomach as his appendage throbbed violently within Julia's mouth unleashing pent-up loads of cum straight into her gullet! The girls' eyes went wide as saucers as soon as she tasted the godly splendor that was Jaune's semen and chugged each thick spurt down like a milkshake! Her eyes rolled up to their sockets as blast after blast of semen made its way down her mouth filling up her stomach!

Julia pursed her lips harder down on his skin determined to coax more out of him and she very much received it! A surplus following another blast of semen followed up with the final load as Jaune's member slightly became flaccid following his finish. Julia draped herself off his length entirely and swallowed up the remaining amounts of cum dribbling from her mouth.

With one loud gulp, the dancing sister took down all the cum her brother offered and felt she was ready to take more...inside more productive places.

Jaune was breathing a bit raggedly after having just cum twice in a row due to his sister's amazing blowjob. He then brought his head back and eyed her moving behind him to undo the restraints that had bound his wrists for so long. Resisting the urge to tackle her into the ground and fuck her like an animal in heat Jaune felt Julia's soothing touch via her hands around his chest as he got up from his chair and embraced her. He gazed into her bright blue eyes, taking in the sight of her blushing baby doll face causing him to fall more in love with her than before, and leaned forward kissing her.

Fortunately, Julia had cleaned herself up completely of his cum and left nothing on her lips to smother against the succulent kisses of Jaune.

She wrapped her hands around his waist pulling him closer as they brought their impassioned make-out session to the bed where he was going to fuck her.

After swabbing spit and letting out years of pent up passion Julia and Jaune made out for a good long time while the girl feverishly stroked his dick pumping him back up to full strength. Surprisingly it didn't' take that long at all, considering the old Arc legend of their bloodline's virility and longevity, she was still surprised by how quickly he rejuvenated after blowing such a massive load.

'And to think all of that will be pumped inside of me. I can hardly wait!' She thought pulling her head back while sucking on her brother's lip until they parted and they were left eyeing each other with an honest passion.

Julia then grabbed the backs of her legs and brought them overhead reaching to her very shoulders clearly showcasing her flexibility. Jaune was incredibly impressed and rock solid upon seeing it.

"Come here now, Jaune. Let's finally cross that boundary we were meant to do the moment I fell in love with you. Treat me the same way as Mom, as Lucy, as Trish, but most importantly of all….fill me right up and don't dare pull out after. Knock this Kitten up so we can have more kittens." She dripped the last part in cutesy voice fitting her character theme.

"Julia…." He breathed feeling the blood in his body boil with excitement as he positioned himself back to where he guided his excited length over her vulva. Jaune held one of her legs up by the ankle as he pulled her body closer to the head of his dick. The bulbous head reached the surface of her vulva, rubbing and pressing up against her clit creating mewls of elation from her, and….!


Jaune pushed the head of his gigantic length causing her to moan sharply. He was only in the shallow space so far and proceeded to push in more and more of his length resulting in sharp intakes of elated breaths from Julia. Jaune took note that she didn't quite feel like a virgin, but knowing Julia it was likely her vigorous training as a huntress and dancing hobby that likely diminished her hymen.

Regardless, she was tight as fuck and knew how to voluntarily clench her vaginal muscles on his dick. Such was evident as she pulled on him to slide more of himself in.

She started wailing out loud in pure ecstasy the more length Jaune slid inside of her, her toes were curling up and her back was arching as her brother's length reached only halfway before she came!
"Aaaahh…!" Julia screamed out blissfully as her vaginal muscles clamped down sporadically gushing splashing amounts of fluid onto his meat!

Jaune grimaced and strained his face struggling not to come right there, he waited for Julia to finish her orgasm and soon enough she did. The sight of her sweat covered athletic body lying naked there with her chest heaving had him very pepped up to fuck her senseless. In that moment Jaune drove the rest of his length straight into her cunt piercing her cervix and stabbing her womb in the process!

Julia cried out again and this time held onto Jaune's shoulders as he started sawing his dick in and out of her tight quirm at a frenzied pace!

"Oohh yes, Jaune! Yes! Mmmm!" Julia howled as she rolled her hips back and forth into his waist! Her breasts bounced and jiggled along with motions of her body for Jaune was savagely pounding into her cunt with all the energy and lust he could muster.


Went the fevered smacking noises of his hips slamming into her body! Julia wrapped her legs up around his waist crossing her ankles and locking him in deep as Jaune continued slamming right on into her!

He reached his hands downward feeling her chest and then moving his hands up to fondle her breasts! Julia mewled within her throat on contact, her brother's fingers were working their magic on her by tenderly squeezing and tugging on her breasts while rocking his body into her. Her head tossed left and right as her face became flushed in red at the sensations she was feeling. On instinct, she squeezed her vaginal muscles down on his length earning a sharp yelp of slight pain and stimulation.

Jaune was pushed ever closer to cumming after feeling her mound squeeze down on him, he figured Julia knew this, therefore, did it on purpose. Either for a bit playfulness or just because she desperately wanted him to cum inside her.

'Alright, two can play that game.' He thought mischievously and leaned his head down removing one of his hands so he could gently chomp down on one of her breasts sparking a spike in stimulation then Jaune bit down on her neck pushing her through the floodgates!

This sent Julia's body into overdrive causing her to scream out his name and cum wildly in sporadic pulses all his dick! Squeezing extremely tight on it in the process! Jaune had hit a sensitive sweet spot for her and now they both were paying for it because Julia's crushing orgasm pushed him into his own!
"Julia!" He roared and held her close after wrapping his arms around her backside and plunging his hips down one last time!

His member throbbed angrily and blasted out multiple thick payloads of rich creamy semen straight into her body! Julia clamped down her legs even harder around his back and wrapped her own arms around his shoulders keeping him snug deep as he unloaded a titanic amount of cum into her pussy!
Loud pulsating sounds of thick syrupy substance could be heard from both Jaune and Julia as the latter received an abundance of it into the deep recesses of her body. She could feel her womb filling up to the brim and beyond stretching her face in an utterly happy smile as she held her lover close.

Glug glug glug

Jaune finished cumming at long last having pumped Julia full for roughly two minutes, he collapsed right there with her turning over with chest heaving raggedly. Just as he was about to pass out Julia rolled on top of him facing him with a sweet loving smile before she reached down and pulled him into another sweetened lip-lock between their lips. They had made out a good few minutes both of them felt spent enough to pass out together naked in each other's arms.

Act Four

Somewhere beyond the location of the Arc household and the small town of Omble, Juliette Arc had arrived at the capital of Vale at the call of her emergency summons.

Hopping down from her Bullhead she landed in the middle of the city alongside several other confused looking huntsmen noticing that there were no Grimm to be seen anywhere.

Juliette wore her old huntsmen garb consisting of tight white pants slimming her legs, a light blue corset draped in a dark gold short jacket with long tight-fitting sleeves, a pair of dual multi-function short swords strapped to her thighs along with a black quadruple barreled shotgun strapped to her lower back. Her long flowing hair was done in a long ponytail draping down her side.

Around her, there were other huntsmen just like her that had also been called to the emergency scramble, but just like herself, they were all confused as to why there were no Grimm to be fighting.

"I know what I saw over the news feed on the way here, could they have just up and left this place right off the bat?" She asked herself looking around the area until it hit her.

"Mother…." She said acidly clenching her fists and stomping towards the center of Vale heading towards Beacon.

Taking a spot on a nearby bench she sat down massaging her brow in frustration.

'After that conversation we had I have to wonder why she suddenly did the kingdom a solid and spared it from a Grimm attack.' She thought to herself dreading the memory of seeing her mother's demonic face, even more so when recalling seeing her own face in its true form.

Her thoughts went back to Jaune and how this may be involved in her current ordeal with her daughters, then Juliette shivered with her arms wrapped around her shoulders when thinking of what Jaune would think when or if he discovers the truth about their family.

'He is the only one who doesn't know and I'm so afraid of what will follow when it comes time that he will.' She thought and looked over at the tower of Beacon with a grimace followed by a defeated sigh.

"I suppose I'll have to call her, won't I? The one sister I don't want to deal with is the only one can possibly help me through this. I might need all of them actually, every single sister I have, to help me figure out how to approach this. Approach telling my son the truth, accepting his decision, and….hoping he'll still love me." She said to herself grimacing at the thought of enlisting the aid of her platinum blonde bespectacled sister that works at Beacon Academy as a combat instructor.

Juliette then received a call from her Scroll and brought it out with a smile when she sees who it is.

"Trish? How are things over there?"

"Going smoothly, Mom. The plan went off without a hitch, by now Julia and Jaune are probably snoozing after fucking like rabbits. That hotel will be a good place for you and him whenever you come back, hell it'd be a good place for all of us including Sophia after she gets the sticks out her ass." Trish's voice buzzed over the Scroll creating a bright smile on Juliette's face.

Juliette was thankful and very happy that the rest of her daughters, barring Sophia and Margery, all supported her relationship with her son. She had an inkling they all felt the same way but was worried they'd never act on those feelings. Jaune had a habit of bringing those out in them whenever he was around, like a ball of pure white sunshine all the Arc women treasured him. Juliette was fairly sure all her own sisters would perhaps fee the same way, even her….up in Beacon tower.

"Thank you again, Trish, for putting up this plan on such short notice. I'm amazed at your craftiness in coming up with this right on the spot during the morning." Juliette noted hearing a playful snicker from her daughter.

"It was totally worth it, Mom. We all feel this way for Jaune, and we all don't mind sharing him with you so long as it brings the family closer together. There's just the Sophia and Margery issue we have to deal with, not to mention Grandma, but right now things are going well. Jaune and Julia are probably sleeping right now, Julia's probably stuffed with cum too, but once you get back and Jaune comes back we'll get those two prudes Margery and Sophia to wake up to their true feelings." Trish summarized with a proud smile.

"If only I'd been there to see how my sweet Arc angel reacted to those pictures of me and your sisters. I'm sure he probably got really frisky after seeing them." Juliette commented regretting not being with him.

"More than likely, but how will he feel when he sees our aunts like that I wonder? Hell, he probably doesn't even recognize them after not seeing them in forever, certainly didn't recognize the one acting as his combat teacher at Beacon."

Juliette grimaced and looked back to the school in question before getting up from her bench.

"No he didn't, and with good reason, that prudish high strung woman is still helping my mother after all. No time to visit his nephew or even tell him who she was when he first arrived at her school. It's time I go have a chat with my precious sister Glynda Not-so-Goodwitch."

End chapter
To be continued….

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