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Motherly Advice

Chapter Five- A Mother and Son Bonding Experience

CM for Mr What-If.

By Azure

Act One

Within the Arc Household it was nighttime and Sophia Arc was tossing about in her bed wearing a scant pair of high riding white shorts and flimsy pink tank top. Her beautiful face was marred in turmoil as she was having a bizarrely erotic dream that had her body becoming sweaty and her nether regions becoming moist.

"Oooh…! Jauney…" Sophia breathed hotly through closed eyes and flushed cheeks as the hazy visuals inside her dream consisted of herself naked with a shadowy figure of a handsome blonde man.

Inside that dream world she embraced his face, though unable to see beyond the shroud covering it despite the blonde hair he had on his head, and passionately locked lips with him in an embrace. Sophia felt his strong arms pick her up around the buttocks allowing her luscious long legs to wrap around his body. Sophia put all her unbridled passion into the lip-lock as the mysterious blonde man held her close absorbing her tongue into his mouth.

They eventually brought their frenzied kissing to a wall where he lifted up her shirt and pulled down her shirts until she was naked. Sophia's nude body stood before him unabashedly as he then revealed to her his long twelve inch erection before her. She saw it with marvel in her wide crystal blue eyes and salivated just before he picked her back up pinning her to the wall.


He thrusted his phallic monster into her tight sopping slit impaling the blonde woman fully on his penis before thrusting in and out of her waist! Sophia clung desperately onto his back with fingers clawing at his shoulders as her body rocked back and forth into the wall behind them! The blonde stud of a shadowy figure grunted and pumped with hard rutting hips into Sophia's tightening pussy!


The blonde figure grunted loudly after tossing his head back, the feeling of the girl's vagina clamping down on him was enough to push him ever closer to the edge. For Sophia she was hitting that peak now and felt her body convulse wildly in wet orgasmic pulses as she was cumming! Tossing her head back Sophia let out a shrill scream of ecstasy and came all over her shrouded lover, her legs quivered and her back arched as her body shuddered in orgasmic bliss all over him. This of course pushed the mystery blonde into his climax as well and bucked his hips into Sophia's waist cumming loudly inside her body! She felt her vaginal muscles clamp down squeezing him for everything he had and then some as her body felt the liquid warmth of his semen filling up her womb.

Just then the shroud lifted revealing her mystery lover's face and when it did Sophia's eyes went wide with stunned horror for she saw the masculine specimen who fucked her into oblivion turn out to be her own brother; Jaune.


Waking up in a sweaty heap Sophia bolted up from her bed waking from her dream and panting raggedly. She placed a hand to her head and one to her chest feeling her body for any sign of fever or irregularity till she noticed her white shorts sport a greatly dampened spot between her legs. Sophia lifted up the hem of her shorts and saw that her panties were soaking wet.

"*Sigh* I-I need to go into the shower, maybe that'll help clear my mind of these….thoughts." She said to herself and looked to the clock noticing it was sunrise at five thirty in the morning. Getting up she went into the bathroom and got naked, turning on the heated waters she was about to get in when she saw 'someone' laying there inside the shower naked looking like the life was sucked out of her.

"Lucy? H-have you been in here the entire night?" Sophia asked filled with concern as she saw her blonde well endowed sister sitting in the bathtub with spiritless half-lidded eyes that made her look like she were a robot.

Sophia pursed her lips when she was about to speak again, it hit her why she was like this and guilt stung deeply into the older sister.

"This is about Jaune, isn't it?" She asked and saw a wince of reaction from Lucy, who slowly nodded before leaning back against the tiled wall of the shower stall.

'She looks like she has given up on life.' Sophia noted and pursed her lips tearfully when she tried coming up with a just reason for seeing her sister like this. 'I'm not blind to how she feels about him, everyone knows what they've been doing together before we caught them, but still….it hurts to see my precious sister like this.' Sophia thought when looking back to Lucy's sullen form.

'It's for the good of the family, it's for the good of the family!' She trugged to reason within her own head but failed to feel any justification for the harm she caused. Then Sophia finally spoke up again as as she sat down on the side of the bathtub's rim next to her sister.

"You know, i used to look just like you are right now when it came to my first boyfriend." Sophia began and Lucy turned her head to listen in. "He wanted to take things fast and get me in bed, but I said 'no' every single time until it built a strain in our relationship. Then the day of the dance came and he dumped me right there in the middle of the auditorium. I've never been so devastated in all my life." She concluded feeling the morose feeling of that day stung her heart at recalling the memory.

"Just thought I'd share that with you, it may not be exactly what you're going through per se, but I like to think it's close." Sophia added when Lucy spoke up.

"Why do you not want us to be together then, Sophie? You've seen how Mom gets when she's heartbroken, dad's death would've been the end of her had it not been for Jaune. I feel the same way for him too and I'm fairly sure you're in that same camp as me and her." Lucy said back surprising Sophia and causing her cheeks to blush at the accusation.

"That's p-preposterous! Where do you even get such an indication from?" She protested in a sputtering clumsy way that had Luc rolling her eyes at her obviousness. "Besides, you know damn well what would happen if word gets out to the Valean council. The Arcs have been in their crosshairs ever since the Faunus war, if they see that we're in some kind of incestuous relationship with our brother we'd be forever disgraced, considered a laughing stock, and who knows what else!"

"Sophie, I think you're being a little paranoid about all that." Lucy commented until her oldest sister gave her a pointed hard look directly to her face when she spoke up again.

"What I am really afraid of, Lucy, is what Jaune and everyone else think if they find out our true heritage. You know what we are and what I'm talking about." She noted gravely and Lucy nodded in agreement. "I can't risk that they'll discover what we look like as well as our heritage, we'd be hunted down and killed or worse. I can't put the family in danger in like that, Lucy. Even if it means pulling the incestuous plug on mom's and your happiness."

Act 2

Elsewhere in another part of Omble….

A stream of light hit Jaune's face from the blinds slowly waking him up. He grumbled groggily as he blinked his eyes awake to see himself lying on his back naked atop the hotel bed he slept in. Looking to the side he noticed a human shaped imprint next to him with nobody in it making him wonder where his sister went. Then…


"Mmnngh! Ooohh man!" Jaune moaned out when feeling the warm wet sensation of a hot mouth wrap around his dick from underneath the sheets. It started moving by pulling up and down on his member until he pulled off the blanket revealing Julia there sucking on his dick with tightly pursed cherry pink lips.

"Morning, Julia. Giving me a 'wake up call'?" Jaune asked softly relishing in the feeling of his having his dick sucked intensely by his sexy sister. Julia was all but naked everywhere else and wore only a pair of fluffy cat ears on her blonde head as it pumped up and down on his sausage scraping every inchi of his phallic skin with wet moist lips.

With a wet plop Julia detached her lips from his cock temporarily in order to speak.

"Hmmm! Good morning, Jauney." She said musically while gingerly stroking his length within her right hand. "Kitten wants her milk, she is thirsty."

Jaune snickered and nodded as Julia brought her mouth back to swallow in his length and start savagely pumping her head on it taking him in deep and constricting every inch of his large length within her throat! Jaune started breathing fast and felt the build up to his climax coming as his sister bobbed and slurped all of his dick every time she landed her face on it.

Wet loud smacking noises erupted between Julia's face and Jaune's hips as it continued going for several minutes straight until the cheerleader heard her darling brother begin to cum. Tossing his head back Jaune delivered a loud groan and started bucking his hips into Julia's sweet pretty face delivering thick ropes of cum down her throat!

She smiled widely with her lips around his dick and swallowed each gulp of it down the drain tasting her brother's tasty spunk on her tongue! Jaune groaned in pleasure as she swallowed every drop and sucked her lips on his dick more until he was finished. With a wet plop Julia pulled herself off his dick leaving a gooey trail of sperm and saliva connecting her lips to it. Showing him a pool of cum within her mouth she closed it with a loud gulp and chugged the rest down the hatch with a taste filled sigh.

"Delicious, full of protein, and incredibly tasty. Makes for a great morning starter. What say we get some breakfast, hm cutie pie?" Julie asked cutely pushing a finger to her cheek and flashing him a wink.

After getting up from the bed and dressing in a fresh change of clothes Jaune and Julia sat at the hotel's cafe eating breakfast until Julia pried him for information on his life at Beacon.

"Well I might've already mentioned this earlier but I am a leader of my own team of kickass other students. Team JNPR is what we go by and I, well , lead them with battle plans coordination and the occasional wild combination attack that never works. But I've made lots of friends there, four of them being from Team RWBY, they're the best in our year." Jaune continue talking until he brought up the mention of 'Pyrrha Nikos', with whom the sisters knew had a tremendous crush on their brother. Why he didn't notice was a mystery in nature yet at the same time not too surprising to the Arc girls.

"Tell me a little about this Pyrrha, sounds like quite a partner." Julia asked cheerily while wearing a pair of black skin-tight yoga pants with a white nearly see-through tank top. Her hair was in cute twin tails again and her face naturally looking beautiful with pouting red cheeks and soft sweet pink lips.

"Well okay, Pyrrha is amazing. There's really no other way to describe her, she's smart, beautiful, sweet, and really talented as a huntress." Jaune began and Julia couldn't help but feel a ping of jealousy in her heart when hearing him talk about her like that.

"You have a crush on her? Or on any women in general at your school? Sounds like you'd be drowning in ladies if you didn't take Dad's advice to heart about confidence." Julia noted sipping from her coffee mug. Jaune chuckled softly and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Well I used to have one on a member of Ruby's team; Weiss Schnee. She is this sophisticated angelic fencer that uses a lot of spells with her Dust, she is a straight up hottie, but unfortunately she kinda hates my guts so I stopped pursuing her. I was shot down one time, then plenty more times when asking her out on a date. But that's yesterday news, things are different now and it was just a silly crush I had." Jaune explained until Julia thought about Pyrrha.

"What about Pyrrha? She seems like she might have a crush on you, you'd have to be pretty dense to not notice, Jauney." Julia said making Jaune frown slightly when he spoke up next.

"Well I've noticed….after some time of not noticing, I can be pretty dumb never noticing these things, but honestly I sorta imprinted Pyrrha as another sister. There's so much about her that's so warm and comforting that I can't help but see her that way and not the same way as I see all of you now. Ironic, huh? I probably don't feel that way for her like I do you, Trish, Lucy, and mom, and everyone else if things don't become bad." Jaune admitted feeling a little ashamed of himself until Julia reached out touching his hands comfortingly with a sweet smile on her face.

Jaune smiled back and the two leaned in for a deep loving kiss across the table with no one the wiser about them being brother and sister.

Later the pair headed back to the Bullhead port only to find that the maintenance banner over the town's one Bullhead was still up as repairs were underway. This unnerved them as Jaune pulled out his scroll to call Trish as people around stood in disgruntlement at the situation.

'Uh oh, this might be bad. If they don't get that thing in the air soon we might have a negativity infestation going on, and that can only mean trouble with Grimm. Might be looking into it too much, but still.' Julia thought as Jaune's scroll picked up the voice of Trish on the other line.

"Hey, Noodle. How was the hanky panky between you and Julia last night?" Trish's chuckling voice spoke out causing them to blush as Jaune cleared his throat speaking up to her again.

"Trish, what's the status on the Bullhead over on your side of town? The one over here is still out of commission, me and Julie might be worried all the negativity is gonna attract the Grimm soon."

"Pshaw, relax, doofus. Despite this town being so cheap about airline business they radioed the Mistral Kingdom for a 's a Bullhead heading your way after receiving a distress signal from your town, so relax and kick back knocking boots again if you will. Don't forget to record it for me." Trish said making Jaune blush embarrassedly as Julia waved her own Scroll around confirming her request with a quick nod.

Around them the rest of the crowd gathering around the maintenance banner cheered as they heard the conductor for the Bullhead service announce one being sent their way for assistance.

"Well that's a relief. Was beginning to really get worried there for a second." Jaune admitted and Julia nodded in agreement before taking his hand into hers squeezing it affectionately.

"What say we head back to the hotel and wait for it, we got some time before it gets here. And besides…." Julia leaned into his ear with a sexy smile. "...I might be feeling frisky enough again to sheathe your special sword in me, Jauney. But most of all I just want to cuddle with the boy I love with all my heart." She cooed sending shivers up his spine while taking his hand and leading him back to the hotel nearby.

When they got back to the hotel Jaune and Julia sat comfortably together on a bed simply watching television with a blanket draped over their bodies. Julia's hand crept down underneath Jaune's pants playing with his dick, though flaccid was still long enough to be very impressive. Turning their heads to each other Jaune and Julia locked lips making out steamily with each other until the news alert on the television caught their eye.

"This is Lisa Lavender here on today's nightly news. There have been signs of strange and unusual Grimm activity happening near the capital of Vale this week." She began causing Jaune's brows to raise up in surprise.

'Vale? Isn't that where mom was sent to?' He thought in growing worry until Lavender continued.

"Shockingly they had not attacked our walls or tried entering the city, instead this mass horde of Grimm just seems to mysteriously appear out of nowhere and disappear just like magic. Authorities and Huntsmen are concerned and wary at best, but so far it seems there is no chaos happening within our kingdom walls as of yet. Regardless it is advised to stay alert and vigilant for Grimm have never acted this way or with any form of intelligence and instant mobility. This is Lisa Lavender signing off."

"Huh, that is weird. Never thought Grimm could just magically appear, do nothing, then disappear like they've been doing. Talk about freaky." Jaune noted staring at the screen while Julia furrowed her brow knowingly in an unpleasant frown.

'Grandmother….only she could be capable of such a thing. Why bother pulling a hat trick on a legion of Grimm in the first place though?' Julia thought scowling until she looked to her side at Jaune's gentle clueless face and relaxed back into her more bubbly mask of optimism. 'Better not to bring any attention to it, Jaune doesn't need to know about Grandmother Salem or our heritage. At least not yet…'

"You're right, that is freaky, Jauney." She chirped pulling him deeper into her chest deliberately smothering his face into her breasts until a knock was heard from their door. "Hold me close and protect me, my Knight in shining armor."

*Knock knock*

"Huh, maybe it's room service. I'll go up and get it." Jaune said with flushed cheeks after feeling Julia's tits press against his face. Getting up and walking over to it he opened the door and was met with another pair of tits smothering face! Courtesy of a Trish Arc literally squeezing him into a hearty hug!

"Noodle! My noodle! I've missed you so!" Trish cheered feeling Jaune's arms flail about as he was struggling for air inside of Trish's busty cleavage!

"Trish!" Julia called out excitedly and bounced off of the bed to go over and greet her sister while Jaune started to go limp due to a lack of air.

"Oops! Sorry, honey. Here." Trish let go of her smothering hug letting Jaune take in a deep inhale of air like his life depended on it.

"You trying to kill me, woman?" He wheezed panting like he ran a marathon while Trish chuckled.

"What can I say, I missed you very much, my special noodle." Trish said nonchalantly with a shrug as another pair of footsteps entered the door.

"Really, Trish. I do say you should have more tact in treating a boy, you don't have to wear him out until after you get him into the bed with you." A more mature sounding womanly voice spoke up causing Jaune to bolt his head up to see his mother Juliette Arc standing there in the flesh wearing a motorcyclist jumpsuit of red.

"M-Mom? Is that really you?" Jaune uttered in awe as he stepped closer and reached his hands out to her feeling to see he wasn't hallucinating after losing air. It had felt like a lifetime since he last saw this beautiful blonde goddess of a woman; between Sophia's lockdown of the house to his trip to the hotel with Julia, Jaune felt like it was years since he saw the woman he lost his virginity to.

Juliette looked rough in appearance with hair messy, her body sweaty with her outfit covered in dirt and rough patches, but despite all that she was still as beautiful and angelic as she always was. She looked as though she had been through quite a journey recently. Juliette reached out cupping Jaune's face, ignoring the small tear streaks, and pulled him in for a deep passionate kiss of pure taboo love.

"HHhmmm!" Juliette moaned as she held her son in close with her arms wrapping around his neck and her lips crushing against his own with her tongue sliding down his throat tasting him after so long.

Julia and Trish watched with heartfelt warmth as Juliette used the back of her left heel to close the door behind them giving them privacy. Jaune moaned happily inside his mother's mouth feeling her tongue swirl up around cleaning it out while tasting him. Juliette hiked her left leg up his side and wrapped it around his buttocks allowing her to grind herself on him for several more minutes before they eventually broke off.

"Muaah! I've been sorely missing that for what feels like forever, honey." Juliette cooed blissfully in a hot breath after she pulled apart from Jaune's mouth. That was until she saw him frown when the memory of the night came back to haunt them.

"Jaune...I don't accept Margery's theory." Juliette began causing him to look up at her in surprise. "I know she's smart and has plausibility to assume her theory is right, but I don't believe in it and never will. I knew what I felt when we first began this relationship of ours, it wasn't widow's grief nor any form of rebound. It may have started with me needing a shoulder to lean on after your father's passing,and then it went further after practicing with you on how to talk to girls, but that's when I felt the spark. The same kind of spark I felt with your father Jonathan confessed to me so long ago. It was pure love and I know I love you with all my heart, Jaune! That is my answer to my smartass daughter's divisive analysis. Let's prove it again." Juliette stated making all her kids in the room feel wowed by her resolve as Jaune tearfully chuckled before pulling her into his arms and dipping her down for another sweet impassioned kiss.

"Jeez, get a hotel room, you two." Trish retorted earning a flat look from Julia next to her. "Oh right, we're already in one. Duh." She added smacking her forehead.

"Mmhhh! *pant* I know that you are the one for me, Jaune. *Smacks lips* I don't mind sharing you with my daughters, you'll be the alpha male of this pack, of this harem." Juliette moaned as they continued swabbing lips with tongues curling around each other until eventually Jaune pulled her up and broke off for a breath leaving both of them breathing rapidly after that intensity.

"I...Mom...I don't know what to say, I mean all the things Sophia warned us about could still happen. I know I love you with all my heart just like you love me, but can we really do this?" Jaune questioned when his mother popped the question.

"Yes, we can. Allow me to prove it to you. Jaune Luna Arc, will you go out with me?" Juliette posed as though proposing to him, despite the cheesiness of it Jaune gushed and nodded like a schoolboy in love until he froze and looked sullen.

"Wait, I-we cant. Sophia and Margery will know for sure that something's up." He reluctantly pointed out.

"Just go, you idiot." Both Trish and Julia said in unison catching him by surprise as they continued.

"We insist, Jauney, none of the townspeople here even know you much less recognize either of you two going on a date with each other. Why do you think I picked this place for you and Julia's fuckfest?" Trish pointed out earning a nod of growing understanding on Jaune's face.

"I agree, Jaune. Plus this will be a good chance for you two to really bond further than you already have. Get to know each other,know Mom as Juliette Arc and not just your mother. Make it more about romance than it is about sex so you'll really know that you're meant to be together. Oh it's so romantic." Julia added exuberantly as the two stood quiet for a moment before nodding.

"Alright then, let's do this." Jaune confirmed as Trish whipped out a duffle bag of clothing she had been carrying before her arrival here.

Jaune was now dressed in his regular duds such as blue jeans, his famous Pumpkin Pete sweater that made his sisters laugh uproariously about. Despite pouting like a kicked puppy he rolled with it, meanwhile Juliette came out of the hotel bathroom wearing a lovely white sundress with straps over her shoulders and some cleavage showing, on her beautiful flawless feet were white sandals.

Walking toward the front door Juliette hooked an arm around Jaune's right pulling him close with a flirtatious giggle as they walked out of the hotel and into the world to enjoy themselves in each other's company.

Trish and Julia stayed in to get comfy and watch some TV, with Trish looking to her knowingly with expectation.

"You brought the goods, sis?" Trish asked and Julia nodded cutely pulling out one of the duffle bags she came with.

They opened it up and a smile dawned on Trish's face in excitement of how kinky tonight's events will be.

"Mama likes, or rather mama will like, and so will Jauney." Trish commented as Jaune and Juliette walked out into the nearby park for a simple picnic together.

Setting down the mat and securing its flatness Jaune finished laying out the picnic placement on the grassy hill with Juliette coming up behind him carrying the basket of food. Fortunately it was springtime and everything outside was clear and fresh making it perfect for the picnic together.

"I brought chicken sandwiches, I know they're your favorite as much as they are mine. There's plenty of other things in here by the way, I really have to hand it to your sister Julia for preparing such food for our outing, but I think she might've originally meant to have this with you." Juliette pointed out with a gentle smile as Jaune pulled her in by the shoulders and relaxed her with a soft sweet kiss to her lips.

Juliette hummed blissfully in his arms as they stood there staying attached until eventually breaking off and sitting down. The blonde goddess of a mother sat comfortably against Jaune's side as he sat leaning against the tree trunk behind them. Jaune started beguiling her with tales of his life at Beacon starting with his chaotic initiation and his rise as Team Leader following his fight with an Ursa major within the Forever Falls forest. When he brought up the names of Xiao Long and Rose Juliette immediately recounted a memory of her own youth years in Beacon.

"That name brings me back, I think I remember the father and uncle of your friends. I certainly knew a Qrow Branwen, that's for sure." Juliette recounted making Jaune look at her in impressed surprise.

"Really? I don't know much about Ruby and Yang's families, tell me more."

"Well, he was a classmate of mine in Grimm studies and I think he might've had a crush on me around that time." Juliette began as Jaune listened in closely. "I think one time I told him, sarcastically mind you, to wear a skirt before he could consider me viewing him as a man. And to my surprise he literally did! I think his friend Tai put him up to it as a larf because Qrow didn't follow a lot of social cues!"

She laughed along with Jaune as she went with her story detailing how the rest of Qrow Branwen's team were like the Team RWBY of her generation. Sitting together on the picnic hilltop Jaune listened and laughed with Juliette for nearly two hours more with his hand gently resting on top of hers squeezing it affectionately.

Before either of them knew it the sun had set and it was getting dark prompting the mother son pair to pack up their belongings and prepare to head out.

"I'll let Trish and Julia know we're on our way back to the hotel. Hopefully they'll have some pizza waiting for us." Juliette stated fingering a text message onto her scroll and sending it to her daughters.

"Sounds like a plan, now c'mere, milady." Jaune said in a gentlemanly way offering his arm to Juliette.

"My what a gentleman." Juliette giggled happily as she took it and walked together with Jaune laying her head on his shoulder and appearing like a pair soon-to-be married lovers to any onlookers.

Act Three

Taking the long walk back to the hotel simply enjoying each other's company and warmth, Jaune and Juliette finally arrived and opened up the door. What greeted them was the mesmerizing sight of both sexy blonde sisters wearing transparent nighties and posing on the bed for their brother.

"H-hot…! Wow!" Jaune stammered feeling the steam shoot out of his ears and his face light up in red while Juliette closed the door behind him. Feeling his erection raise immediately within his pants after he saw Trish wearing a silk black nightie revealing her nipples and soft pubic patch through the fabric. Julia wore a red one and had her hair down giving her a sexy super model appearance, both girls giggled playfully once they saw him sporting an erection that threatened to tear through his pants.

"Hhu, he's excited alright. Best not to wait since its our last day in town since we have to go back before Sophia is on to us." Julia giggled.

"Yep, let's make this night special for our darling brother. I'll go grab the camera." Trish said hopping off the bed to head over to a duffle bag on the dresser while Julia bounced up and headed over to Jaune.

"And I'll help him shed those annoying clothes." She purred as she felt her hands all over Jaune's face feeling up his cheeks before leaning onto his lips for a brief kiss. Jaune immediately relaxed into it dropping the picnic equipment and feeling Julia's and Juliette's hands roam all over his body tugging of his clothing.

"Sounds like a plan." Juliette chimed in with an equally husky voice while pulling the Pumpkin Pete hoodie over his head. She and her daughters marveled at the sight of his nice honed chest and abs, feeling them up while they brought him to the bed removing everything else.

"I can't tell you girls how happy I am that you support this; me and him, him and the rest of you." Juliette let out happily as she removed the sundress she was wearing by pulling it down her shoulders and stepping out of the pile appearing naked. She hadn't been wearing any bras or panties since planning this special night, now standing at the foot of the bed naked she showed Jaune all her nude beauty with full busty chest, slim waist, and wide hips exposing her moistening pussy.

Julia tugged down Jaune's boxers allowing for his foot length erection to spring free making all three women salivate at the sight of it. Juliette beckoned Trish to place the camera on a prog stand and join in on the fun as all three Arc women piled onto the bed placing their lips all over Jaune.

Hot breathy moaning sounds followed as Juliette, Trish, and Julia all started kissing along Jaune's neck romantically before pulling themselves up to his face locking lips with him in alternation!

"Hhmmm! Mmhhua!" Juliette breathed out wetly in oral bliss as she pulled apart his lips and slided in her tongue allowing it to swirl around inside his mouth.

Trish and Julia kissed along his jawline in soft sensual nibbles waitin for their turn, the instant Juliette pulled her sloppy lips and tongue from the inside of her boy's mouth the other two girls jumped in. First Jaune made out with Julia, who grabbed ahold of his face pulling him deeply onto her lips as she poured out her love for him into their lip-lock. Then came Trish, who tugged on Jaune's face after he broke off from Julia and cupped his chin while shoving her tongue down his throat like her mother. The trio made out in turns with the male object of their affections for minutes onward Jaune wrapping his arms around their bodies pulling them close lovingly.

Eventually Jaune sat up continuing to swap loving tongue filled kisses between his mother and sisters when Julia moved herself behind him and started stroking his thick long length from behind his body making him mewl inside of Trish's mouth. Her hands were gentle and soft despite the firm grip on his penis, she happily pumped them up and down on his shaft while kissing up his neck hotly for minutes on end until Juliette grabbed the camera off the stand and handed it to Jaune.

"Make sure to record what comes next, honey. We're gonna all want to rewatch this 'family bonding' moments later on." Juliette purred as she and Trish positioned themselves on their knees from the side of the bed after twisting Jaune over to face them. His dick sprang and twitched back and forth inside of Julia's busy fingers, eventually she removed them in order to allow her mother and Trish to lean themselves forward latching their wet hungry lips onto his dick!

"Hhhoaaahh! Dang…! Ooohh!" Jaune breathed out as he felt the spongy moistness of his mother's lips suckle in the skin of his balls lovingly while Trish licked up the underside of his shaft.

Julia moved herself over to join them in kneeling at Jaune's waist before she too latched her waiting mouth onto his junk. Soon loud wet smacking sounds of three pairs of lips hungrily slurped,sucked, and kissed the genitals belonging to the sole male Arc whom they held candle for.

Jaune tossed his head back moaning loudly with harder breaths as the girls rotated their positions to switch where and what they'd be grazing their lips over. He held the camera steadily letting it watch and record the visual of Julia sucking on his balls while Juliette and Trish licked up the sides of his large penis together in unison! Between the immeasurable slurping sensations Jaune was receiving as well as the sheer hotness of his mother and sisters going to down on his cock Jaune felt he was edging closer to release. They carried on like this for several more heated minutes until their mother surprised them with an act of assertion. Juliette bumped the other two girls off his meat just so she could inhale his entire length into her mouth cushioning it with her throat! Jaune let out a profound mewl of bliss when he felt his mother deepthroat him. Despite initially pouting at their mother's behaviour Trish and Julia peacefully let it go and watched as their mother feverishly humped her face onto their brother's cock!

Between the intense slurping sounds of her lips pushing and pulling back on his length the girls heard their breath loudly as held his head back moaning in bliss. The girls were fascinated by the spectacle of seeing their mother facefuck herself rampantly on Jaune's dick to the point of seeing a bulge come out of her throat as she hammered her hungry back on wasn't going to last much longer and eventually let out a large roar of ecstasy as he accidentally pulled his glistening dong from his mother's mouth before cumming!


Thick bulges of sperm travel up his shaft from his bloated balls and erupted out of the tip of his member splattering Juliette's breasts and face as she opened up her mouth determined to catch it all! Like loud blasts of white creamy lava Jaune came like a volcano painting the top half of his mother in his spunk before dying down in a finish.

Juliette knelt moaning happily with stars in her eyes and a mouth filled with a pool of her son's cum. She swished it around with her tongue and prepared herself to swallow it until Julia reached grabbing her by the cum spackled shoulders and forced her lips on her in a surprise raunchy act of sucking out the cum pooled in her mouth into hers!

'Holy!' Jaune thought in great arousal as his member became steel hard at the debaucherous sight of his sister making out hungrily with their mother. Wads and splashes of sperm made their way into Julia's hungry mouth from her mother's moaning lips, Jaune was capturing every moment possible as she pulled from her mother's wet mouth to show him a literal mouthful of his essence.

Julia quickly waved Trish over to come near her and when she did the cheerleader cradled her older sister's face as rose up and dripped some of Jaune's semen straight down onto Trish's eager outstretched tongue sharing on the bounty. The camera recorded everything including his mother gulping down what was left of her share as Trish and Julia did the same. He was steel hard now and would be for a good long while after witnessing that raunchy act of incest. Things only picked up with both the girls turning to their mother, who visibly still had long thick streaks of sperm painted across her chest coating her tits. The sisters nodded to each other evilly and tackled their mother down placing their mouths around her breasts scraping up every ounce of cum into their mouths with their tongues.

Jaune moaned in heavily aroused sputters as he stroked his long twitching dick to the scene of his sisters eating the cum off of their mother's body.

"Mmnggh! Hhaahh! Girls!" Juliette moaned in blissful agony as she felt Julia trace her lips up from her chest to put them to Juliette's lips once again making out with her! She mother moaned into her daughter's mouth and held the back of her head closely while Trish swirled her tongue over and around her breasts scooping up as much of Jaune's cum as possible before joining in.

"Grgghh! Can't take it anymore." Jaune stammered to himself feeling extremely horny and very virile. Planting the camera back on the tripod stand he got up stood up over the blonde trio of women with a knowing smirk before pulling them up.

"HHhaaaa! OOh yess! Oh how I've missed this! I love you Jaune! Hooaah!" Juliette wailed loudly in bliss as she was placed on all fours atop the bed with Jaune behind her feverishly sliding his cock into her tight sopping cunt from behind!


Jaune was a beast possessed by lust as he drilled into his mother's pussy from behind her buttocks with hard smacks of his waist slamming into her. She wasn't alone however, on her sides were the sisters Julia and Trish moaning heavily and hotly as their brother Jaune fucked their tight juicy cunts with strong thrusts of his fingers from each hand!

All three were lined up along the bed with him pounding his dick savagely into his mother's twat and finger banging the others! The bed creaked and the camera watched it all recording the bliss filled faces of the women moaning to Jaune's touch!

"Oh how lucky am I to have my stud of a son fucking me from behind! This is paradise and I've missed out on it for too long! Oaaahhh!" Juliette moaned out as her pussy stretched and smacked againts Jaune's monster erection drilling into her slit with hard fettered thrusts!

"*pant pant* Don't rub it in, mom! He'll be doing us next and it's gonna be in the ass!*moans* You'll see!" Trish declared challengingly as she rocked back and forth to Jaune's right hand feverishly fucking her pussy with his fingers.

Julia was busy breathing loudly in bliss filled moans as she rocked back and forth into Jaune's left hand similar to Trish, only difference was he was fingering cunt rapidly making her knees feel unstable while he hammered into his mother. She soon started hearing her talk dirty to Jaune in the lewdest ways possible.

"Fuck me, Jaune! Rail me in either my ass or my pussy! Treat me like I am yours! Because I am yours! Forever to fuck however long you desire, I'll only spread these legs open for you! Mmnnggh!" Juliette moaned happily grinding her hips as she slammed back into Jaune's waist feeling every inch of him drill into her deep! The bulbous head of his meat pushed repeatedly into her cervix occasionally fucking its way into her womb in slick hard frenzied thrusts!

"Mom….no, Juliette….! I love you too! I always will! That goes to all of you, I want to be able to do this with you all every day for as long as I live!" Jaune roared slamming his body into Juliette's quivering snatch faster!

The blonde milf of a mother moaned loudly feeling jolts of pleasure up her spin as her son drove into her deep!

"Jaune! I want you to knock me up! Please, pump me full of everything so that I'll have your baby! Oaaahh!" With that Juliette came and Jaune, upon hearing those words, felt so revved up he plunged all the way into his mother's snatch with half his length sticking out into her womb and cumming an explosion!

"Aagghh! Here it comes, mom! Aaah I love you!" Jaune bellowed with a heated flushed face as his balls loudly throbbed pumping bulge after bulge of cum through his member so that it spat out thick viscous wads of sperm into Juliette's unprotected womb! Juliette felt like she reached heaven as she felt her monster of a climax hit her along with the fulfilling sensation of her son's thick warm cum flooded her depths!

Glug!Glug! Glug….!

Jaune came for what felt like forever until eventually ceasing leaving Juliette to crumble along the bedspread with a goofily blissful smile plastered on her face. Sperm oozed out of her freshly fucked cunt making a mess of the bed as Trish rolled her mother over and took her place at Jaune's waist. Her taut ass hotdogged Jaune's twitching still-hard erection readily as she looked over her shoulder with a lip bitten smile on her face.

"Sorry, Julia, I called next. Besides I want my precious Noodle to ram me into the ass and make me see the stars." Trish commented earning a soft pout from Julia. "Jaune...you know how much I like it in the ass, right?"

Jaune nodded after coming down from his rapid breathing.

"Well, As much as I want you to fuck me crazy in the other hole and pump me full of baby batter like you did mom, I'm afraid we don't have the time for it in case Sophia and Margery don't work out. But I will have this in my cooch later and boy will I ride you until you call me 'Mama'." Trish declared licking her lips seductively with a piercing half-lidded gaze. She gripped Jaune's hard twitching meat and lined it up with her anus pushing herself in and feeling the wind knock out of her upon filling up with it!

"Aaagghh! NNgggh!" Trish moaned through clenched teeth as she felt his large cum spackled rod wedge into her ass stretching out her damp warm anal cavity to constrict on it upon entering.

Jaune started breathing quickly as he was overcome with pure unbridled lust. Taking his hand out of Julia's convulsing cunt he grabbed each of Trish's hips and started pounding into her asshole making her moan loudly!

"Hey! I need some loving too!" Julia protested childishly in a cute way as she sat up and felt her mother come up behind cradling her breasts in each hand.

"Shh, fret not, Julia. Mommy's got you." Juliette purred from behind surprising Julia and making her moan as she started kissing up her neck sensually with succulent nibbles. Her mother's hands tenderly squeezed and fondled the girl's breasts in soft rotations making her breath hotly closing her eyes as she got lost in gentle ecstasy.

"Julia, you should know that anal sex is painful at first, but it's very pleasurable in the end. As you can see." Juliette said soothingly as she watched Jaune rut savagely into Trish's supple buttocks making waves of skin slap across her cheeks with each plowing thrust into her rectum! Trish's deliriously sexed up face was a surefire indicator of that as her body jolted around in back and forth motion.

"I...I want to try, to have what they're experiencing. I need to fill Jauney's dick wedge between my ass filling me up and stretching me out." Julia purred with a lip bitten expression of lust until she felt her mother turn her head to the side facing her directly. Julia could feel the older woman's breath up close as their lips were mere inches apart.

"Well then, let's have him take care of your sister before we get you 'initiated' into it, baby." Juliette purred sending shivers up her spine until she latched her lips onto her daughter's hungrily making out with her with sloppy exchanges of lips and tongues sliding between them.


"Ohh hooo yeah! Mmmmhh! Jauney! Oh Jauney!" Trish howled slamming her buttocks rapidly with loud smacks into his waist as his dick pounded hard into her body! Trish's ass clenched and squeezed down hard on Jaune's meat while she clenched the sheets below in a frenzy feeling ever closer to cumming!

Meanwhile in the background Juliette and Julia had arranged themselves in a mother-daughter tribadism position with Juliette on top holding Julia's right leg over her shoulder scissoring her pussy over her daughter's. The sinful exchange had Julia tossing her head back moaning loudly as her mother grinded her pussy strongly against her moist mound! She even grabbed the younger's tits with one hand squeezing them to deliver maximum pleasure while grinding herself along her waist.

In the background they heard Trish's screams of ecstasy reach a crescendo and saw her shuddering violently in orgasmic bliss soaking the bed with her cunt juices while her ass clenched down on Jaune's length! Jaune of course felt overwhelmed by the damp warm tightness of his sister's ass and bucked his hips into her buttocks unleashing another viscous load of sperm into her bowels!

After they finished cumming Trish collapsed onto the bed like Juliette had done earlier wearing the same expression and struggling not to pass out. Jaune pulled out of her taut buttocks releasing a gooey trail of sperm connecting from his dick to her stretched out anus hole. Trish was on the verge of slumbering darkness when she heard Julia's voice rang out.

"I want it in the ass too, Jauney! Please fuck me like you did Trish just now!"

Jaune turned his head over to see his mother and Julia still locked in the scissoring position rubbing their clits over each other's erotically as he saw Julia give him a pleading look from afar.

"Julia….it's pretty intense. I'm afraid of hurting you if I try jamming this…." He gestured to his still erect cock plopping out of Trish's anus. "...up your backdoor. You sure you still want it?"

Julia nodded without hesitation as she removed herself from her mom's nether region and crawled over to Jaune, pushing Trish out the way and herself on all fours tapping her buttocks against his shaft.

"Well you're determined. Alright then, let me just grab this first." Jaune said reaching for a bottle of lube that had been placed on the side table of the bed and squeezed some of it out lathering his cock while Trish and Juliette grabbed the bottle and lathered some around Julia's pucked anus hole. With that done Jaune started pushing it forward into the cleft of Julia's tight supple ass while the other two women sat on each side of her body holding open her butt cheeks in preparation. That is until Trish said something to stop them.

"Wait!" She called out grabbing the attention of the other three and smiled seductively. "I have a more creative idea in mind for this."

Rearranging their positions and strapping certain 'items' to themselves Trish got everyone prepared in no time flat.

Juliette was laying back into the large pillows of the bed with her legs spread wide for Julia, on her large tits was a pair of nibble vibrators on and buzzing into her nipples while an anal bead vibrator had been sticking out of her ass shaking inside of Juliette's anus on the highest maximum setting making her moan gutturally in wait. Julia was on her hands and knees like before, but now facing her mom's vaginal lips up close to the point she can taste it. She even felt the heat radiating from it and saw trails of white goo continue to slowly seep out of her lips. Trish had been placed underneath her sister like two ends of a sandwich also feeling their mother's cooch close to her face, and just like Juliette Trish had on a pair nipple vibrators attached along with a vibrating anal bead cord sticking out of her ass.

Jaune was hunched on top of Julia's exposed ass read to plow it as he held her hips. His dick had been aching to drive into her warm velvet pocket of a perfectly fit taut buttocks.

"Julia, you ready?" He asked and received a nod from her as she reached back affectionately stroking his face with her right hand.

Jaune nodded and started pushing himself forward slowly encasing his rod in between the warm tight orifice of her anus. Julia clenched her teeth as she felt her anal cavity stretch to accommodate Jaune's large length filling her up, she was breathing hotly and felt her legs quivering while Jaune was groaning at feeling her tightness surround him.

"Aaagghh! Oohh Jauney!" Julia purred out feeling the pain of having her ass stretched out dull somewhat in lue of the pleasure of Jaune's length pushing all the right buttons to her sensitive centers of pleasure within her body. It was still a winding experience feeling her ass stretch out like it had been, thankfully having a nimble body like hers with a dancer's flexibility softened the hurt. Julia was feeling worlds of pleasure thanks to her brother drilling her asshole with his large dick.

"Go faster, Jauney! I can take it! I feel everything painful becoming the opposite now! Fuck my ass like you mean it, darling!" Julia cried out with stars in her eyes prompting Jaune to start pumping down into her ass fucking her anus like a freshly deflowered pussy!

Julia was beside herself with bliss as she writhed and undulated between herself and Trish feeling Jaune's impressive cock hammer into her anus!


Jaune then clicked the remote he held for the nibble vibrators sending vibrating sensations coursing throughout Trish and Juliette's bodies making them moan loudly alongside Julia!

The room quickly escalated into a noisy wet romp of sex with Jaune plowing his sister's taut virgin ass while she made out with her mother's exposed pussy! Juliette had curled herself back onto the pillows writhing with legs dangling in the air as her daughter Julia ate her cunt out! Dabbles of Jaune's cum got sucked into her mouth like yogurt ice cream dripping off the edge. Juliette moaned loudly grabbing Julia's face and grinding her hips onto it while Trish aided in sloppy tonguing both her sister and her mother at the same time!

Jaune was thrusting himself loudly into Julia's taut ass feeling the insane waves of pleasure course through his body believing he could get used to this. Hearing all three of them moan pleasurably underneath him, with the sisters sloppily making out with each other and tonguing out their mother in unison to Juliette panting heavily in orgasmic bliss. He felt this could be an everyday norm in their lives once they get things settled with Sophia and Margery back home.

Tossing back his head and moaning heatedly he could picture it now; the home life of being there with all seven of his sisters and his mother happily clutching her ring wearing hand with his. The two kissingly lovingly at the table as the sisters crowded around him to get their turn as well, a few them including Juliette sporting heavily pregnant bellies while doing so. In the background there was a pitter patter of kids running around the house and rushing into the dining room to tackle their father in a happy little pile wearing Pumpkin Pete clothing and having cute little faces. Why he was thinking of such a future right now in his young life meant only one thing; that he wanted to make that dream happen more than anything else. He'll turn Margery and he'll win over Sophia, then he'll go on to bring the family closer by bedding them as well as the other sisters cementing their newfound lifestyle and creating a new generation of family members.

With that thought in mind Jaune felt his end approaching as he slammed into Julia's buttocks several more times before clutching her hips tightly and driving his hips in for a final thrust before bellowing in climax!


"Oooohhh Jauneeeeyyy!" Julia screeched feeling her body seize up in a gushing orgasm as she felt Jaune's length burrow into her buttocks and throbbed with hard violent pulses filling up her bowels with cum while she clenched down on it orgasmically!

Shuddering in their climactic finishes as well both Juliette and Trish had succumbed to the pleasure of being eaten out and feeling the vibrating devices bring them under! Shuddering in climax their bodies shook alongside Julia's while Jaune continue to buck himself into her ass filling her up with spunk!

"Ah! Aah! Aaahh…! Hmmmm!" Julia purred in peaceful post-coital bliss as she and her family members came down from their high relaxing atop of the now very messy bed. Juliette lay there panting, Trish lay underneath her sister's naked body breathing raggedly, and Julia drifted into a recuperating state of recovery with a very happy smile written on her face.

Jaune pulled out of Julia's ass leaving a soft warm trail of sperm oozing out, as per tradition, before getting up to the shut off the camera and take out the SD card to put into his scroll for safe keeping. Feeling spent himself after that mammoth fuckfest Jaune made space on the bed for himself to lay down in the middle as all three of the Arc women curled themselves tightly around his body with happy peaceful faces. Trish curled up on his right side grabbing his right arm to her chest, Julia mirrored her by doing the same thing with his left, and lastly Juliette simply slept directly on top of him purring happily before drifting off to sleep. Jaune followed in after them as the silence of slumber overtook the four family members.

Unaware that outside one of the windows there stood a small Grimm like insect watching everything that occurred inside. It was sent there to deliberately spy on them and transmit the visual to a certain pale skinned 'member of the family' somewhere far away.

Act Four

Somewhere far away within the walls of Beacon academy stood a distressed Glynda Goodwitch hunching over the bathroom sink. Her face was unhappy and her hair was a bit of a frazzled mess, earlier she had the 'pleasure' of talking with Juliette Arc and after she finally left the blonde witch was left in a state of worry.

'What's her angle? What is mother's angle that now after all this time she finally decided to make an appearance and speak with my sister?!' She fretted picking herself up and pacing around her personal bedroom thinking up the possibilities.

'The only reason I ever decided to help Ozpin in the first place was because I am afraid she'd go after all the others. Juliette and our other sisters, my nieces which happen to include her daughters, and my sole nephew….Jaune. I...do not want to think of what she might have planned for that poor boy!' She thought then looked at herself in the mirror of her vanity dressed where next to it was a picture of her younger self standing up with Ozpin, Ironwood, and Team STRQ.

"No, that's not all there is to that purpose." She mumbled to herself. 'I became Ozpin's right hand simply to know, to be sure that he doesn't know about Salem's offspring; us. Imagine my surprise that the thousand-year-old wizard of legend doesn't actually know his eternal enemy had children. I suppose he isn't perfect when it comes to wisdom.' She thought recalling how ,for many years, she kept feeding Ozpin fake information on the whereabouts of anyone in her family being connected to Salem. So far she feels that worked perfectly, Ozpin never once suspected, Juliette or herself, or even Jaune of their dark ancestry. Their Grimm heritage.

The thought of it made Glynda worry for she knew her nieces, Juliette's daughters, all discovered their Grimm heritage as well as their 'true' appearances sometime during puberty. Jaune was the only one who hadn't and she and Juliette feared it would happen during training to unlock his semblance,aura, and abilities. It was one of the main reasons his parents didn't train him despite his persistent wish to be a huntsman heroe.

Sometime earlier….

Within the Headmaster's office Glynda stood alongside James Ironwood, Qrow Branwen and Ozpin.

"This odd Grimm activity, is worrying to say the least, but it does tell us that Salem is behind them with full control. How else do they coordinate into moving in on one location without a lure of mass negativity and for them to disappear as quickly as they arrived." Ozpin speculated.

"If she is making a move we should act now, while we still have the chance." Ironwood suggested passionately making Glynda roll her eyes at his bravado.

Ozpin shook his head. "We still don't know where she is, James. Besides, it takes a huge amount of time to rebuild an entire army of Grimm, after she summoned them to attack Vale they mysteriously disappear? It puzzles me greatly as I can't ascertain her motives behind this unorthodox tactic. Is this not worth investigating? Something is going on behind the scenes that we're not seeing and I think we need you, Qrow, to go out and investigate." Ozpin said pointing to the drunkard huntsman taking another sip from his flask.

"Wha? That's pretty bold, Oz. Where would I even begin? From what I can tell there have been reports by people all over seeing a gray skinned woman in the desert of Vacuo, and another report of a cloaked woman summoning Grimm in Mistral. These are the real leads here, Oz. I need to go and investigate if they're false or not. Sound like a better idea? You and Jim can scratch your heads about Salem's sudden disappearing act involving her Grimm army while I take care of this. Sound good?" Qrow asked seriously as he put his flask away.

Ozpin frowned upon this and nodded. "Yes, go investigate these claims. Perhaps we'll find a clue on what our enemy's course of action is."

End of flashback

Glynda now looked at herself in the mirror after taking off her glasses and feeling up her face somberly. She remembered how she and her sisters were not 'born' like normal children.

'In the dark wasteland of Salem's domain multiple piles of black substances, similar to what made the Grimm, took form. Out from those piles came tiny humanoid hands and soon 'children' came crawling out of those dark embryos of black sludge.

They were not infantile, but rather grown to appearance of eight year old children and gifted with vast intelligence that would rival most scholars. Gifted with awareness and with their bodies designed with bone white skin like their 'mother' the children of the darkness learned that their purpose was to bring down the kingdom of Remnant and call forth the extinction of its people.

Salem had 'birthed' them, given them life, intelligence, and unexpectedly a conscious. She didn't know what she had created for they, these girls, also possessed emotion and the notion of being used to murder innocent people didn't sit well with them at all. They ran away from her, escaped from her domain, and integrated into humanity to live out their lives as normal people after having disguised themselves as them.

Together they created a perfected spell using the magical gift their mother bestowed upon them, they looked human, namely blond humans and blended perfectly in with society living among humans. Their mother had not pursued them for some reason nor had she bothered to get in contact with any of them for some time, at least not until recently if Juliette's information was anything to go by. Things change however, now Ozpin was on their trail and it was up to Glynda to contact all her sisters and warn them of what might be coming.

Walking into the bathroom again Glynda looked to her bathroom mirror seeing two pictures pinned up against it; one being her shaking hands with Ozpin after getting her position at Beacon, the other was herself together with all her sisters including Juliette with her entire family and a newly born Jaune Arc. That day had been a celebration of great magnitude, not only did one of the 'Witch children' managed to create a family with a nobel loving father, she also birthed a boy from their lineage, something that had never been done until that day.

"Oooh…." Glynda crooned tearfully as she clutched the photo close to her heart with tearful eyes when she saw how happy Juliette was cradling a baby Jaune in her arms. To her he was so innocent, so full of life and giving her sister happiness in hers. This ignited the motivational flames in Glynda to go above and beyond in protecting them at all costs!

'Mother,no, Salem may have shattered our illusions of peace and happiness when her Grimm killed Juliette's husband. Now she is making contact with her after all these years? Ha. Ozpin….the failed hero wizard and mortal enemy of Salem….is on our trail now.' Glynda thought reaching over snatching the picture of herself and Ozpin into her hands roughly.

Her skin started changing color showing a bone white hue in place of a healthy lively skin tone. The sclera of Glynda's eyes became pitch black as the green of her pupils continue to shine within them. Varicose dark veins branched out from her wrists, around her brow, and along her chest as her true form took hold. Glynda's platinum blonde hair was still its original color except lighter with dark colors at the tips of her bangs.

Clutching the photo of herself and Ozpin in her hand she ignited it into green fire incinerating the memory for good.

"Ozpin, I may not truly give a damn about your rivalry with our mother of the safety of your kingdom, in fact both humans and Faunus can burn in hell for all I care! But...I will not let you harm our family. No one harms our family, not you nor mother, no one will go after our sisterhood and the children we sired because of it!" Glynda shouted into the mirror clutching the sides of the sink tightly to the point of cracking when she thought of the danger Juliette and Jaune might now be in.

End of Chapter

To be continued….

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