A/N: So this is an idea that recently popped into my mind and decided that it would be fun. As the title suggests, this story acts as a sequel to the Goosebumps book "You Can't Scare Me!". It has no relation to any of my other Goosebumps works. With this said, let's get started.

You Can't Scare Me Twice!

It all transpired one year ago.

I was alone in the woods of Muddy Creek, with nobody but my closest confidant by my side to keep me company. It was dark, foreboding, the only source of light coming from the full moon as it illuminated the darkness of the forest. Any person my age would have been terrified.

But not me. I fear nothing.

I was here to observe the rising of the Mud Monsters. Legend has it that once a year, when the moon is full, the Mud Monsters will rise from their silt grave to dance in the moonlight and to claim more victims to join them in death.

Tonight was such a night. And I would be there to witness it.

And sure enough, I saw it. Dozens, no, hundreds, of Mud Monsters, arising from the depths of their graves to celebrate walking among the living once more. I saw it with my own two eyes. There was no faking that.

But as it turned out, the two of us weren't the only ones out in the woods that night. A group of poor, unfortunate souls had gotten themselves lost in Muddy Creek on the night that the Mud Monsters would rise. They surely didn't stand a chance against the century-old creatures.

I knew that if I didn't do anything, those poor children would become simply more victims of the wrath of the Mud Monsters. So, being the courageous person that I was, I stepped up to the occasion.

With my close confidant by my side, I jumped into the fray, protecting the Mud Monsters' would-be victims. It was a tough fight, and anyone else would have screamed and fled, but not me. My objective was to protect those poor souls.

I managed to delay the Mud Monsters long enough for my confidant to guide the would-be victims out of the woods to safety. With them safe, I turned and followed suite, narrowly escaping the Mud Monsters with my life.

And that is how I, Courtney King, saved the-

"No!" My best friend Hat shouted from his desk at the far end of the classmate, interrupting Courtney King's recollection of that fateful night in Muddy Creek a year ago. "No, no, no, no, NO! That is totally not how it happened! You're exaggerating it again!"

Standing beside Courtney, our school teacher, Mr. Melvin, asked in an annoyed tone, "Do you have a problem with Courtney's story, Herbie?"

"Of course I do!" Hat retorted bitterly. His real name was Herbie, but we all called him Hat since he always wore a baseball cap on his head.

"And what might that problem be?" Courtney asked, her voice sickeningly sweet. She wore a smug and prideful expression on her face, the sort of expression that makes you want to storm over to the other side of the class and slap it off of them.

Of course, me and my friends had grown accustomed to seeing that expression on Courtney's face ever since "that night", as we referred to it.

"Courtney, you know that is not how it went," I pointed out, trying to be rational in the face of Hat's rage. I was honestly just as pissed off as he was to hear Courtney's recount of "that night" be misrepresented in such a way, but I tried to hide it.

"Oh?" Courtney asked, turning her gaze to me. "Well, Eddie, if you think my story is being distorted, why don't you stand up, walk up to the front of the class, and give your version of the events?"

She knew I wasn't going to do it. Her version of the story made me and my friends look like helpless victims, but the real version made us look like jackasses. My only recourse was to shut my mouth and look away.

"What's wrong, Eddie?" Courtney asked, sounding concerned. "Too scared?"

"No," Hat replied, speaking for me. "But you definitely were on the night those Mud Monsters came for you!"

"Oh please, Hat," Courtney said, rolling her eyes at me and flicking her head, letting her long, blonde hair flow in the air. "You Can't Scare Me."

"I freaking hate that brat!" I vented to Hat and our girl friends Molly and Charlene at our treehouse after school was over.

Ever since "that night", Courtney had become even more of a show-off than before. She'd always been outdoing us in just about everything in the past, but after her little "theory" regarding the Mud Monsters being real had been proven correct, it was like her ego had become inflated a thousand times over. She was always bragging about how she had been right all along, and how monsters really were real. It was practically unbearable.

"This has got to be the dozenth time she's lied about that night," Hat grumbled, clearly just as annoyed as I was. "She's constantly retelling that story, each one more ridiculous than the fast, all to make her look like even more of a hero!"

"Remember when she said she fought off ten Mud Monsters with her bare hands?" Charlene asked, recalling one of those tall tales Courtney had told several months ago.

"How could I forget?" I mumbled, running a hand through my red hair. "It's so stupid. She was just as scared as we were that night. But everyone thinks she's some kind of hero just because she was right about the Mud Monsters being real."

That caused the other three to shiver a bit. Even though it had been a year ago, the four of us still harbored bad memories of that night. The mental image of those dozens of Mud Monsters emerging from the swamp and approaching us was still etched into my mind as clear as day, with no sign of it fading into obscurity any time soon.

I hated to admit it, but every time there was a full moon, I'd sleep in my parents' bed.

But for some reason, some strange reason, Courtney was totally unaffected. She'd seemed to suffer no lasting trauma from the event. She never got sweaty when the moon came out, she'd never look over her shoulders when it was dark outside. If anything, that night had just increased her courage, and by extension, her ego.

It pissed me off to no end. It was like Courtney really was fearless.

I wanted so badly to give Courtney a real scare. A scare that would make her spend many a sleepless night. My friends thought the same.

Prove that Courtney really wasn't fearless. It was a really tempting thought.

But the only problem was that we were too scared.

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