It has been months, I know, and I apologize, writers block for this particular one, Lily helped a lot over that time figuring out just how the heck to handle this one, I hope you like it considering I punched it out in short order to get it done by Christmas. So, Merry Christmas! I hope you all enjoy!

If Dancia were to be asked to be truthful, which she would have liked to believe she usually was, unless she was plotting of course, she would say she was prepared for this meeting with her family. Unfortunately she would not in any way be presumptuous enough to believe it to be genuine.

The truth of the matter was, when she saw her mum and dad, her aunties and uncles, and...and Harry and Hermione...she froze up. She had an entire speech to explain the fact that she had been lying to them, for...forever... That she had been a sham and she was only doing what she had to in order to save them all from an idiotic self-styled wannabe dark idiot, who was too conceited to cross reference sources before sundering his fucking eternal soul.

It took her a few moments for Dany to realize she was hyperventilating. Taking in a deep breath attempting to calm herself she leaned into Dora's comforting grasp and eventually spoke up

"Hello everyone, I am terribly sorry the inconvenience but there are several things that need to be made concisely clear and this was the only method I felt could convey the situation we find ourselves in a straight forward manner."

Then daddy broke her resolve when he replied, "It is of no inconvenience little one, we are always here to listen to you."

Seeing his concerned caring gaze, and thinking about how he would despise her as a fraud after she revealed her past she just couldn't…


Dany panicked, and pushed away from Dora while muttering, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I can't do this."

She tried to apparate, and then she felt the wards push against her, she nearly broke through them though, but then she was knocked to the ground sprawling out in a befuddled heap.

Her family was all staring at her in confusion and worry; Dany for her part sputtered some platitudes, shakily took to her feet and ran off. Slamming the door open old instincts from decades of combat had quickly taken hold and she soon found herself ducking and weaving through the shadows dodging enemies that were not there.

Eventually she found herself in the library, sprinting through the stacks she rushed forward to hide in her favorite alcove. It was little Lily Luna's favorite place to sit when Draco played guitar for her in her last life, and where she liked to take catnaps in this one. It was...grounding, it didn't necessarily calm her, but it was familiar. Sitting on the windows ledge, she pulled her knees up to her face, and began crying. She stayed that way for a time when eventually she heard a light knocking on the bookcase, and Harry was standing there looking at her in genuine worry.

"Hey you," he said gently.

"Hey you…." Was all she could think to say in reply.

He sat down next to her, tried to put his arm around her shoulders, and while she resisted at first she eventually melted into her boyfriend's side allowing herself to be cuddled. They sat in silence for some time, and then eventually Harry addressed the dragon in the room.

"I'm not sure what's going on Dany, but you're concerning, er…pretty much everyone at the moment. What's going on?"

She sniffled a bit, then muttered, "I'm afraid you'll hate me if I tell you..."

Harry let out an amused snort at that while pulling her closer, it felt nice.

"Dany, you literally rescued me, gave me a massive loving family, and put up with my Potterness, I don't think there is possibly anything you could do to make me hate you."

She managed a sniffling giggle at that as she turned her head to stare at her boyfriend, "Your Potterness?"

He let out a resigned sigh while nodding slowly, "Yes chaos seems to always follow in my wake, no matter how often I manage to avoid it and make it a side note not worth mentioning."

Dany couldn't help it, she buried her face into his chest and broke out laughing, her reply was muffled for obvious reasons before she was able to calm down and repeat herself.

"You...have no idea Harry."

They remained in comfortable silence for a time, then Dancia's shoulders slumped and she decided to pull the plaster, "I'm reincarnated, the Lovegoods call me 'The Twice Lived,' and no I have no idea how they added brick and fish and got four. Hell...I don't want to know actually, it's safer for my sanity that way. In my original reality I was born Draco Lucius Malfoy, and let me tell you he was a right pompous little git to the Harry of that timeline. A very long story made short they took the same side against the Dark Lord in the final battle, and eventually became partners in the Auror Corps, and best friends.

"Draco lived a very...interesting life alongside Harry, but they were close, he even became the Godfather for Harry's daughter. Eventually though all things end, they died, and Draco met Harry at the proverbial crossroads and was given a choice, pass on, or live life anew and go for a second shot at happiness. What Harry, the pranking arse that he is didn't tell him was that he was going to be reborn a witch instead of a wizard. So here I am..."

Harry remained silent for a time, then cocked his head to the side while asking, "You were a bloke?"

Dancia tensed, then nodded while muttering, "Yeah..."

Harry scoffed and glanced down at the startled witch at his side, "Uh, don't take this the wrong way love, you are literally the most posh witch I know, so I'm having a hard time believing that."

Scowling Dany pushed away from him and hopped to the floor, pacing back and forth as she spun her hands at her sides in jerky frustrated motions.

"I didn't start out like that! When I was born I was a century old wizard stuck in a little girls body! I got older the emotional attachments to most of Draco's memories faded and by the time I was about to turn twelve I was...well..."

"She was a little witch with some crazy memories of a badass wizard," Dora stated as she leaned against the bookshelf.

Jerking his head to focus on the unnoticed arrival Harry asked, "You knew?" brows furrowing while his expression clearly stated 'Is this for real?'

Dora shrugged in turn, "She had to have someone to confide in, an adult that is, and yes I've seen the proof she is not full of shite, yes she only has the family's best interests in mind, and yes she really does love you so don't you dare question that."

Dany for her part was wringing her hands while glancing back and forth biting her lip and looking, well, terrified.

Everyone was silent for a time, before Harry nodded to himself, approached Dancia, and kissed her, she froze in shock as he stepped back and looked down at her with a caring smile.

"For being one of the smartest people I've ever met, and that is saying something, you're being rather foolish Dany. Come on, lets go explain everything to the family, in detail this time, and we'll figure everything out from there, alright?"

Dany could only nod numbly, still shocked, and allowed Harry to drag her back to the meeting, Dora for her part remained in place for a time, tilted her head back, and let out a sigh.

"Circe save me from teenage angst..."

With that she kicked off the shelf and followed her cousins to what was going to be a very interesting conversation with her family.

It may come as shocking to some (please tell me I don't have to point out the sarcasm), but Harry Potter is kind of extremely loyal to those that return the favor, he'd probably get a manly nod of approval from Sir Jeremiah Gottwald in fact. Anywho, I really did punch this out quickly as a Christmas present to you all, so hope it was at least mildly satisfying. Stay safe and peace out!