Dany was...not keeping things together very well while Harry led her back to the family, if she were to be completely honest with herself. Outwardly she was, as always, prim and proper, inwardly she was hyperventilating and in desperate need of a Xanax. Harry must have sensed her tensing up again as he wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her close in an attempt to comfort her. She returned the favor, and a moment later she felt a hand land on her shoulder giving it a firm friendly grip. Glancing up she met Dora's kind gaze and took soldierty from it, mentally nodding to herself in the process.

She wasn't alone, she could do this, her family would not abandon her when they found out the truth. She...had to believe that, because if they did not she would be broken for…forever.

Entering the room Dany couldn't help letting out a watery laugh as Hermione tackle hugged her; she then buried her face into her friend's curly hair and inhaled her jasmine and vanilla scent. Dany took a moment to run a reassuring hand down her friend's back as she finally began to relax.

"I'm ok Mia, just...this is going to be quite a lot, so...please be patient with me?"

Hermione broke the hug, then gently poked Dancia on the forehead, "Of course, and please, for the love of all that is magical, stop worrying those that love you so much…"


Taking in a deep breath Dany forced out a sigh and then nodded, "I'll do my best Mia, I promise that much at least."

Standing before her family, Dancia Alya Malfoy took in a deep, shuddering breath, and began speaking in as concise a tone as she could manage.

"The Lovegoods call me the 'Twice Lived', which...which is more right than wrong. This is my second go around, my second life, my last chance to be happy… In my first life I was born Draco Lucius Malfoy. I was a complete and utter git as a child, confused and conflicted as a teenager, and became a complete and utter badass when I partnered up with my best friend, Harry Potter, as an adult."

Harry glanced over at her, and Dany couldn't help smiling in a slightly sheepish manner, "There...there were movies of the insanity we pulled off… Neville and Luna never let us live it down…"

It took three hours to explain the bare bones basics of her previous life and, much to her surprise, her family actually accepted it with all the aplomb one would expect from those that delved into the...less sane of the magical arts.

Of course, now the real questions were about to start.

Dany was terrified of the end results, but in for a knut, in for a galleon after all.

It was Sirius who spoke up first, oddly enough, coughing into his hand he quietly stated, "While this is...well...a bit unprecedented and will obviously need verification, no idea how you'd verify it, but...why tell all of this now?"

Gulping, Dancia took in a deep breath, then let it out while uttering words she never wished to pass her lips, "What do you all know about Horcruxes?"

Daddy and the Longbottoms looked at her in confusion, the rest of the adults in the room stared at her in complete abject horror.

That...went about as expected.

Dany stood there for a moment, then nodded to herself before continuing on, "Voldemort, AKA Tom Riddle, or as those of us in the ICW Special Forces would dub him the 'Dark Idiot of the Week' created multiple horcruxes in an attempt to achieve immortality...without doing any real research on the subject other than the fact that it would supposedly bind him to this mortal coil."

Frank then coughed and asked, "ICW Special Forces?"

Dany lolled her head back and forth a bit then shrugged, "Let's just say that the international community got their shit together after our little civil war and became...violently proactive in making sure nothing like that ever happened again."

Sirius snorted at that, "What, Voldemort finally made them get off their arses and do something?"

Dany shrugged lightly at that, "More along the lines of not having Dumbledore preaching peace and unlimited forgiveness on the international scene made people actually act rather then stick their fingers in their ears yelling 'lalalala nothing is wrong.'"

Daddy then spoke up, looking both concerned and curious, "All that aside, what exactly is a horcrux my dear?"

Mum was the first one to speak up as she stared despondently at the floor, "It is a ritual which requires you to consume a potion that would get you straight out executed for just gathering the ingredients, much less brewing it. After consuming it you commit a cold blooded murder in order to shatter your soul, then you shove half of it into an imbued item, anchoring you to this realm rather than letting you pass on to the afterlife if your body is destroyed."

Harry pulled Dany close while Hermione whimpered, both of them muttering, "Bloody hell," at once.

"The Dark Idiot intended to make seven of the rudding things, never considering the fact he was splitting his soul in half every time he created one," Dany finished on while shaking her head slowly in disgust. It was then that Auntie Bella stood up and paced back and forth while muttering in gaelic for a time, eventually she paused, then looked at Dancia incredulously.

"Horcruxes are an ancient Egyptian creation that violated so many laws of life and magic that it destabilized the leylines of the area so much that it caused the literal collapse of civilizations! Did that idiot not ask himself once why we weren't neck deep in immortal ancient pharaoh dark lords?!

Huffing Bellatrix threw her hands out and began nearly yelling as she continued on, "It's unstable magic! Only the inept, uneducated, and or arrogant, fuck around with the human soul! Horcruxes last at best four hundred years before the fragment goes completely buggering insane, there is an entire volume on the side effects of performing that ritual in the Black Library for Circe's sake!"

Andromeda spoke up then nodding slowly, "That was the one that had the anecdote about the pharaoh who turned his cat into his horcrux, right? Then the cat being as self centered and narcissistic as the pharaoh merged with the soul shard and tried to take over his kingdom?"

Sirius then quipped out, "Which ended with a civil war that collapsed the entire empire into anarchy when the two halves of himself finally managed to kill each other. Yeah, read that one too, always found it deeply ironic."

Dancia tried not to laugh at that, because it was rather funny, then took in a deep breath as she continued on,

"That being said, I let Dora in on this secret after Samhain of my first year at Hogwarts, and since then we've been systematically destroying his horcruxes as we find them."

Sighing she shook her head slowly and then muttered out, "And I've just recently been informed that every horcrux we've destroyed, returned that much more of Voldemort's sanity to him as he plots his return…"

Dead. Silence.

Dany huffed, then grumbled, "Also Harry has to participate in the Triwizard tournament despite it being an obvious plot by Voldemort. All to culminate in him performing a ceremony during some arbitrary and likely obscure time requiring Harry's blood to resurrect himself. Oh, and the first task is fighting a nesting dragon to steal a fake egg from her clutch…"

Harry, Hermione, and Dora froze as did all the adults in the room as they stared at her wide eyed, but rather than freezing up herself she stared at Sirius, and smiled. "On a completely unrelated note, do you happen to know of anyone who can sell us some military grade surplus Soviet Russian arms Padfoot? You know, for a good and legal cause and all that guff."

Sirius stared at her while the rest of the family blinked in confusion, then he grinned widely.

"I may know just the wolf actually…"