It was years ago ,there was a lovely lady named Darla. She was a beautiful woman with midnight hair, eyes that are hazel nut colored and creamy skin as the color of snow. Freckled cheeked Darla is married to her husband Matt and pregnant with their child.

"I can't wait for our child to get here." said Darla as she rubs her large pregnant stomach after feeling the child slightly kick. "Yup." said Matt as he kisses her on the head." Now come on ,I made you some dinner." said Matt."Oh great I'm starving." said Darla. She tried to get up and follows Matt to the kitchen and to enjoy dinner together."So how was work by the way?" asked Darla. *Sigh* they're going to fire me because their company was losing money and they started fire the employees and including me." said Matt "Don't worry I never really liked that job anyway. You'll find another one that's good enough." said Darla as she hugs him. "Don't worry,Matt we're going to be one happy family.