A few weeks later, Dorothy was having a fun time at her aunt and uncle's house. They were always so nice and so caring. She considered them her second parents. To be honest, she loved both her parents and aunt and uncle at the same time. When she went her aunt and uncle's home, she brought Toto with her. Her aunt and uncle didn't mind. After all, her aunt and uncle owned a farm with lots of animals on it.

Everything was going good until one day...

It was the last day that Dorothy would be staying at her aunt and uncle's house. With an excited face, she came running through the front doorway. She saw her Auntie Em with a worried look on her face, while was. That is when Dorothy's look changed from happiness to being worried like Auntie Em

"Auntie Em is everything okay? asked Dorothy.

as Auntie Em tried to bring Dorothy closer that is when Auntie Em exhaled air in as she looked down at the worried Dorothy

"I got a call from someone, a friend of your mothers, saying that somebody told your mother that your father died.", shared a Auntie Em

Dorothy gasped "Died..." She thought as she leaned in closer to Auntie Em

"What about Mommy?",asked Dorothy

"Your Mommy drove somewhere once she heard the news when she had completed her job. Dorothy said that she needed some time to think.

Dorothy was quiet she didn't know what her Auntie Em said meant her mom drove somewhere.

"But Don't worry me and Uncle Henry will look after you when she gets back okay?"asked,Auntie Em

"O-okay."answered Dorothy.

It wasn't until a month later it was reported that Dorothy's mother died in a car crash. Upset and heartbroken, Dorothy .Auntie Em saw the Kanye she couldn't believe her younger brother and sister-in-law died. She couldn't stop crying. Luckily her husband was able to comfort her during these hard developed a even more close bound with Toto as well it was like she could see her "parents" in him since he was their last gift they've gave for her Auntie Em and Uncle Henry saw it themselves thinking it is a way for Dorothy to process her grief on loosing both parents well that is until Dorothy was 13 year old running from Miss Almira Gulch's house to Auntie Em and Uncle Henry's house who knew what could've become not knowing that their little misadventure would turn into a big one...

The End