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Chapter 1

Sirius Black was shocked.


He was beyond shocked.

It was two am, and he had awoken to discover that the rest of the Order were having a meeting - without him. In his house.

But more disturbing still, was the subject of the meeting.

"How's Potter doing, Albus?" Asked Moody.

"The same. I told Dursley to work twice as hard this Summer."

"When was his last beating?"

"Nine am yesterday morning. He had a broken rib and four cuts on his back."

"Good." Said Molly sharply. "We'll never be able to mould him unless he only has you left to turn to, Albus. I've asked Ron and Ginny to keep sending letters, requesting for him to ask you if he's troubled. Thank goodness he thinks Black's dead, that mongrel was a nuisance."

"Agreed." Lupin? But why... "He was a bother from the start. He got to James first, cosied right up. Thank goodness for the compulsion charms you put on him, Albus."

Ok! That did it! He was going to - And then -


Harry thought him dead?

The veil was a shadow of death, not a door to it! He was simply weakened anough by passing through that his emergency portkey had activated!

Mind set, Sirius waited another moment to try and hear more.

"How should we dispose of Black and Granger?"

"A quick homicide for Black - no one would know - and a set up 'Death Eater' attack for the girl and her parents?"

"Yes, that would work. I'll ask Ron to send another love spell directed at Ginny with his next letter, as well. Then he'll go to her for comfort when the Granger bitch dies."

"Indeed, Potter is far to fond of that mudblood. When should we set the attack?"

"As soon as possible. Later today would be best. Albus?"

"Yes, yes, that should work. Ok. Remus, deal with Sirius after breakfast, we'll deal with the Grangers..."

And Sirius was gone.

*Line break*

He grabbed the floo powder. He had to get to the Granger's first, and warn them. Then he had to get Harry and get the hell out of Britain.

He had a friend in Japan, yes, that would do.

He stepped out of the floo and into a small two bedroom apartment.

He ran upstairs, acroos the landing, knocking on a door with a plaque which read 'Hermione Granger'.

Shuffling was heard through the door before Hermione opened it blearily, wrapped in a pale blue dressing gown.


She jumped back, grabbing her wand from by her bed.

"You're dead! Imposter!"

"No, I'm not! Look -" He switched to Padfoot and back. "See!"

She lowered her wand.

"Sirius? But - but Dumbledore said -"

"He lied. Listen. Dumbledore betrayed Harry. He told him I was dead because he wants him weak and vulnerable, easy to manipulate. Do you understand? Do you believe me?"

"Harry trusts you more than Dumbledore. Why are you here?"

"The old coot has decided to permanently rid Harry of distractions, by killing them off. You, me, and your parents are at the top of that list."

She froze.


"Listen. We need to get out of the country. Have your parents and minimal luggage ready in the kitchen by six. I'll come by with Harry and apparate us abroad. I've got an old friend in Japan called Kaien Cross. He'll know what to do."

Hermione nodded and ran to her parents room, thoughts flooding her mind.

Sirius apparated away to Privet Drive.

*Line Break*

"Harry!" He whispered urgently, shaking his godson's shoulder. "Harry wake up!"

He jolted awake.

"I'm sorry Uncle Vernon! I'm sorry! I'll - Wait. Sirius!" He froze. "You're dead."

No, I'm not."

He turned into Padfoot and back before hurriedly explaining. Quickly, Sirius healed Harry's wounds - vowing for revenge on the Dursleys - packing his stuff, and apparating back to the Granger's.

*Line Break*


The family of three spun round to see and a dishevelled teen and a betrayed animagus.

"Harry!" "Mione!" Came the twin shouts as they hugged. Dan Granger raised his eyebrow.

"Later!" Cried Sirius distractedly. "They'll check on us any minute now! We need to go! Hold on to me, and remember your bags!"

Quickly they clustered around Sirius, and with one final


left their old lives, to begin very new ones...

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And suddenly they were on a snowy road outside a hotel on a street.

"We'll stay here for tonight. I'll talk to Kaien and we'll arrange a meeting, I'm sure."

Harry and Hermione followed Sirius in, with Emma and Dan Granger bringing up the rear.

"Do you have any rooms?" Asked Sirius, in Japanese. Oddly enought, Harry found he could understand. From the confused looks from the others, however, it was apparent they could not.

"Rooms 11~10 and 11~11 are free. Thank you." Said Sirius, before leading them up the stairs and along a couple of corridors to the rooms.

He and Harry entered 11~10 and the Grangers went into 11~11.

"We'll talk in the morning." Said Sirius, as it was night in Japan and, presumably, they were exhausted anyway.

He dumped his stuff on a bed and laid back before noticing Hus godson still staring out of the window.

"Harry?" He asked. "Are you going to be ok?"

A sub was audible, and Harry turned around with tears streaming down his face.

"Sirius." He said, going toward his godfather.

They embraced in the middle if the room, eventually sinking to their knees.

That night, Harry cried himself to sleep in his father figure's arms.

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