Chapter 7: Secrets

"Umm… care to explain, sir?" Asked Minerva, puzzled.

I leaned back in the passenger seat of the Novula.

"Explain what?" I asked

The night was freezing cold, but I had turned off the heating to preserve power. Our fuel reserves were low.

"Your sudden change of attitude towards Angela" She said.

"Simple. I realized something about her, something I could use. A weakness."

"Don't tell me you still don't trust them, sir"

"Please, you can't expect me to believe that resurrection nonsense. I need real information, and I believe Angela is the key to getting it. Her biggest weakness is that she is quick to trust. If I can get close enough to her, perhaps she will tell me the truth about Primus' powers."

"I guess we'll see, sir…"

I closed my eyes and fell into fitful sleep.

The next morning I went back up to Angela's apartment. Primus had prepared breakfast, and they invited me to join them.

They did not have to ask twice, I was famished. I wasn't expecting much from his cooking, but it didn't taste half bad.

When Primus and Angela turned their backs I took whatever was left on Primus' plate and slid it into a containment pack on my belt.

"I'm going to leave for a bit. I'll be back later." I said.

"Why? Where are you going?" Asked Primus.

"I need to find real food. I'd rather rummage through trash cans than eat your crap."

Who the hell does he think he is. I don't answer to him.

I Jumped out the window, and landed gently on the street.

A few pedestrians saw me, I just snarled at them and they ran.

"Sir, you are being childish"

"Minerva, you are being annoying"

I hopped back into the Novula.

"Power reserves at 14%" Minerva warned.

I stared at the onboard interface blankly, pondering my next move.

"Talon could be launching their attack on Egypt at any given moment, and here we are playing house" I said.

"Sir, the new Cloud's construction has been progressing at a better rate than expected, construction should complete within the next two days."

"Hopefully it will be fast enough" I said

"What do you plan on doing until then?" she asked.

I paused for a second.

A smile spread across my face.

"How does a heist sound to you?" I said.

Later that day. Everything was in place. The sun was at its peak, the atmosphere was tense and I was about to break the law.

"So, let go through your plan again" Minerva said.

"You want to break into the petras museum and infiltrate the most heavily guarded archives in order to investigate the most powerful and dangerous items they have in their possession"

"Guilty as charged" I said as I used the laser cutter on my gauntlet to cut into a ventilation shaft on the roof of the museum.

"And your reasoning for this is that you want to find out if those talon scouts were planning on breaking in here themselves to look for something that could possibly be used to cause global terrorism."

"Seems like a good enough reason to me"

I cut out a small rectangular panel and squeezed in, careful not to plummet down the shaft and break my neck.

"How does this help anyone?" she asked.

"Any potentially dangerous tech is not safe here, the city's security is needed elsewhere, and if there is another attack, they won't stand a chance"

I travelled down the length of the shaft and followed it till I reached a dead end.

I cut another hole out of the side of it and hopped down. I seemed to be in some sort of maintenance room. There were numerous temperature regulation machines lining the wall, and numerous pipes and ventilation shafts running through the ceiling. The door was locked and the lights were out.

"Minerva enable thermal Imaging"

My visor started picking up heat traces outside the door.

I used my claws to cut one of the pipes, causing it to spurt coolant all over the room. The noise attracted whoever was outside, they opened the door to investigate. They were two security guards who just happened to be walking by. The moment they stepped inside I knocked them both out. I grabbed their access cards and stepped into the corridor outside.

"Minerva, where are we?"

"We are a considerable distance underground, sir. I'd say we are close to the archives"

Sure enough, there it was, A large vault door with three armed security guards stationed by it.

I tried my best to subdue them without hurting them too much, they were just doing their jobs after all. Unfortunately I had a suspicion I may have broken some teeth.

The access cards were unable to open the door, unfortunately.

I hoped it wouldn't have had to come to this.

I planted all 16 c4 charges on the door and ran as far away as possible. Moving the unconscious security guards to safety while I was at it.

"Detonate" I said

"Let's hope the ceiling doesn't cave in" Said Minerva

A deafening explosion shook the ground.

It wouldn't be long before more security would be sent down, leaving me very little time to investigate.

The door was reduced to rubble, I quickly hopped through and surveyed the archive room.

It was enormous.

Massive arrays of servers lined the walls, display cases held strange devices and contraptions within. Overwatch's secrets lay before me waiting to be learned.

But I didn't have time.
I plugged my suit into the server terminal and sent a virus in to sweep the servers for potentially useful data.

"I'm in" Said Minerva

"We have to make this quick, find the files that have the most security around them and download them"

"Scanning archives… oh my goodness"

"What is it?"

"Sir, I think I know what Talon may have been after"


"It's not just information, there are seven devices in display cases here that accompany this data. Articles 19 through 26. Find and take them"

While Minerva downloaded the data, I searched for the physical counterparts.

When I found the display cases, all seven devices were present. They resembled strange jumbled messes of wires and computer chips. Each one was about the same size as a football. Luckily I brought a heavy duty containment pack (sturdy garbage bag with straps) and was able to fit all of them in.

"Sir, detecting security guards converging on our location"

"Kill the lights"

"Shutting down main power supply"

I escaped through the darkness back the way I came, hauling the devices on my back.

I clambered out of the vent through which I entered and looked down from the roof.

Police and special forces were just arriving on the scene. That was my cue.

I jumped down from the roof and into the Novula, which was waiting for me.

We pulled up outside Angela's apartment. I hauled my bag full of tech up the side of the building and threw it in through the window, shattering it. I jumped through and landed in the living room.

Nobody was home, so I decided to use this privacy to analyse the strange peices of technology I had brought with me.

"Minerva run diagnostics, find out exactly what all this stuff is for"

"I'll do my best sir" She said

I laid out each little machine in a circle around the room, trying to figure out how they worked.

I was stumped, nothing seemed to activate or trigger anything within them.

"Sir… I found something quite interesting here in these files"

I looked at my suits pda screen to see what she was talking about.

My eyes widened as I read through the documents.

This had to be what Talon was after.

It all made so much sense now.

At that moment, Primus and Angela stumbled in through the front door.

They both looked quite frazzled, as if they had just finished a marathon.

I could barely see Angela's face through the golden locks that hung down over her eyes.

She took one look at the broken window and turned to me, furious.

"You…how…many times…are you…GOING TO BREAK MY WINDOW DUMMKOPF?"

She yelled.

"You fucked up dude…" Said Primus, insightful as ever.

"Uuh" I tried to think of something to say that would calm everyone down, but was failing miserably.

Then I noticed something, Angela had a massive bruise over one of her eyes.

"What the fuck happened to your face?" I asked.

Primus put on an apologetic look and stared at the floor.

"I may have accidentally punched her when the lights suddenly turned off at the museum. Again…really sorry about that, Angela." Said Primus.


"It's all right, Jayce. It was an accident." She said.


How brainwashed is she?

I was having none of it.


"Hey! He did what he thought was right! Besides, you can't blame him for acting the way he did. If you were able to find him, what makes you think Talon or any other enemy wouldn't?" Said Angela, trying to defend him.

I know how strong Primus can be. My fractured rib from the other night was a testament to that. If he really did punch her in the face, she probably has a concussion, and may say a few delusional things without realising. Defending a man who punches you in the face is pretty damn delusional.

"Not now Angela you need medical attention." I went up to her and tried to guide her into the other room.

"I can take care of myself, thank you very much" She said, crossing her arms.

Childish behaviour coming from a seasoned overwatch field veteran, who would have thought.

"We don't have time" I said as I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into the bedroom.

"I'll help too" Said Primus, his voice trembling. As if he really cared about Angela.

"No! You've done enough!" I snapped at him before slamming the bedroom door in his face and locking it

"Let go of me im fine!" Said Angela, squirming out of my grasp.

"Minerva can you run diagnostics for skull fractures?"

"I can run one on you, seeing as your helmet has sensors built in. But not on her, unless you have a bio scanner nearby" Said Minerva.

I did have a bio scanner, on the old Cloud. Crap.

There was only one thing for it.

"What are you doing Gat?" Asked Angela.

I took out two pilsl from my belt, a mood alteration drug and an amnesia inducing drug. This would be a little risky but there wasn't much else for it.

"Here, these are headache pills, they will make you feel better"

"Are you sure?" she asked.

I could see in her eyes how lightheaded she was.

"Trust me"

She swallowed both pills and looked at me for a second.

Poor Angela, she trusts far too easily.

She started grinning stupidly, that was the mood alterer in effect, similar to the one that I used on Primus before, but it has the opposite effect. It induces calm instead of fear.

"I feel pretty" she said, slurring her words slightly.

I smiled, she was adorable like this. Well, apart from the large wound on her face.


I took off my helmet.

"Woah, you look pretty too!" She said as she looked at my face for the first time.

"Hold still" I said as I gently placed the helmet over her head.

"What, why is it all so dark?" She said as I put it in place.

"Run the diagnosis, Minerva" I said.

"Whoa, my voice sounds strange" She said

"Scan complete sir, no structural damage, fortunately. Just bruising"

"Thank goodness" I said.

I pulled the helmet off her and inspected the bruise closely.

I brushed her hair away from her cheek to get a closer look.

Angela kept her eyes locked on mine, she had a fascinated look on her face.

"Gat you have beautiful eyes… but…" She trailed off.

"But what?" I asked flattered by the compliment. I took out a cold compress from the dresser, she had a lot of medical supplies lying around.

"Beautiful… but sad" She said as I pressed the cold compress against her cheek.

"What makes you think that?" I asked.

"I can see the same look in Jayce's eyes. He may seem happy and goofy all the time, but behind it all, there is a sadness stemming from his past." She said.

This upset me. What on earth would he know about sadness?

"You're right about one thing, I'm sure as hell not happy. But Jayce doesn't seem all that sad to me." I said

Angela had a look of sorrow on her face.

"You have no idea what he had to go through as a child, all the abuse, the trauma." A tear started to well up in her bruised eye.

"How much do you know about his past?" I asked.

"There are things I wish I didn't know, things that sicken me whenever I think about them. And yet, it seems I don't know the worst of it, he says there are things about his past that he still isn't ready to share with me after all these months."

She said.

She put one hand on my cheek. "Why can't you just give him a break? The two of you just want to make the world a better place, why let blind anger stand in the way?"

I held her hand in mine. I smiled at her.

"You are so fucking Naive"

"What?!" she exclaimed.

Just then her eyes rolled back in her head and she fell back onto the bed.

I put my helmet back on.

Angela slowly got back up with a hand on her head.

"What.. where.. Huh?"

The amnesia had kicked in.

"I had your head checked out, you'll be fine" I said

"Umm.. thanks?" She said, clearly with no recollection of the past few minutes.

We walked back into the living room, where Primus was taking a look at the stolen devices.

"Don't touch any of that" I said to him

"What is it all for? Why did you rob the museum?" He asked.

Looks like everyone has wised up to my activites.

"I don't answer to you" I said.

"Maybe not, but my house is where you have decided to keep these stolen goods. I deserve to know what they are for" She looked at me dead serious. She may be weak, but she seems to toughen up from time to time.

"Fine. I had a suspicion that Talon was aiming for the Museum. Perhaps there was something there worth stealing. To be sure I decided to steal anything interesting and figure out what they could have possibly been looking for." I explained, realising how it sounded a lot smarter in my head.

Jayce had a puzzled expression.

"So you robbed the museum because you suspected that talon would rob the museum? Dude…that just sounds dumb…" He said.

Wow. This was coming from the king of idiocy himself.

"Talon would have used that tech for malicious purposes. At least with me, nobody can misuse it." I tried to explain.

Mercy stepped in and backed me up.

"You can't argue with that. The security at the museum is not at its best, considering the city needs all security personnel it can get its hands on right now. It's probably best if someone who can protect it keeps this dangerous tech." She gave me a warm smile.

"Regardless, I found some stuff here that point towards a very clear direction" I said.

I plugged a memory stick into a nearby laptop. Time to show them what the museum has held secret all these years.

"I found this entire manifest of files regarding god AI programs. Specifically about their weaknesses and possible ways to harness their power."

I pulled a world map onto the screen, several locations across the world were marked on it, with Egypt highlighted in red.

I glanced at Primus' face, and he definitely knows more about egypt than he is letting on.

"Ever since the Omnic crisis ended, Overwatch's scientists have secretly tracked and studied various god AI programs. The Anubis AI in Egypt was the one that was researched the most, since it was held captive and put into a dormant state."

Primus looked uneasy.

"Didn't you say you were going to Egypt soon?" I asked, menacingly.

Sweat formed on his forehead.

"yes…? What does that have to do with anything?" He asked

Soon enough I will figure you out Primus… soon enough.

"Nothing…" I replied.

Angela cut through the tension.

"What about all these other gadgets?" She said, gesturing to all the little devices strewn around the room.

"I brought everything I could carry. I'm not certain what exactly all this does, but Minerva has been analyzing it thoroughly." I said.

"You make it sound like I can make sense of it. It will take me a while before I can decode whatever the heck these things are supposed to be. Most of them seem to have similar functionality however, capable of projecting holograms when linked up together. But everything I have tried has failed to actually activate whatever hologram is being stored in them." Said Minerva.

"My guess is that the information on these devices is extremely dangerous, so much so that someone took the time to split it across several different devices and encrypt them all separately." It made sense to me, this stuff was not to be messed with.

"So you're saying this is what Talon was looking for?" Asked Primus.

"Most probably. So overall, what I have discerned from this entire endeavor is that Talon is probably planning to take advantage of god AI programming. Most likely the Anubis AI in Egypt, a country that seems to keep popping up everywhere i look." I said the last part with a quick glance at Primus. I felt he was getting the hint.

"So… what do we do now?" He asked.

"Simple, we get to the Anubis AI before Talon, and stop them from doing whatever they are planning."

"Wait up what the heck is a god AI?" He asked.

For fucks sake, why is he so incompetent.

"Google it. Does your ignorance know no bounds?"

He was beginning to get pissed.

"Okay…let me ask again. What THE FUCK is a god AI?" He said

Minerva must have pitied his idiocy, so she answered him.

"Searching the Internet for "what THE FUCK is a god AI?". A god AI is an artificial intelligence program capable of manipulating extremely large amounts of data and technology. First created to aid in the mass production of Omnics before the Omnic crisis. They turned rogue and sent armies of Omnics to overthrow their human creators." She said, google-esque.

"Overwatch put a stop to it." Said Angela, with a hint of pride.

"Apparently not. They can barely understand what god AIs are at this point, looking at this research."

The documents showed that the God Ai would slowly adapt and counter any measures used to try and contain them. Anubis had very nearly escaped containment on numerous occasions, including once recently. When helix security had to be called in to defend against a miniature uprising.

"Hey! at least they tried" Said Primus.

That was it, I was sick of his aimless optimism and defence of Overwatch.

"THEY FAILED!" I spat at him.


The entire room went silent after my outburst.

"okay okay calm down, cat boy" Said a slightly uneasy Primus.

I have to try and remain calm. Overwatch had a lot of influence on my actions when I was younger, their failure was difficult for me to handle. There was no need for me to get this upset.

"Overwatch is a bit of a touchy subject" Said Minerva

"Isn't it for everyone these days." Sighed Angela.

I looked at Angela.

"I'm sorry, I lost my temper. Bad memories." I apologized.

I quickly left the room and walked out onto the balcony to try and regain my composure.

The afternoon sun was low. Why was I so moody all of a sudden?

I leaned against the railing, wondering what my life had become.

Primus came up behind me.

"What's wrong, Gat?" He asked.

No. I refuse to divulge my insecurities with this asshat.

I stared blankly at him.

"Look, I know you don't like me. But I can tell that you have some bad history with Overwatch and it is disturbing you. How about you tell what's up?

It'll help, more than you know." He said.

He sounded suspiciously similar to Minerva.

I continued to stare at him, silent.

"Sigh- Look, I know you don't really trust me and I don't blame you. But you must know I mean good intentions. All I want to do is the right thing." He said.

I didn't care what he wanted. And just so that he would get the damn hint, I stopped leaning against the window, faced him, and folded my arms for effect.

"Listen, if you have some sort of grudge against me, I hope we can bury the hatchet."

He put one of his hands forward, offering a shake.

Let's be friends.

I walked back inside.

"Minerva we have to talk" I said as I jumped out the broken window.

"About what sir?" She asked

I got back into the Novula which was now completely drained of its power. The armoured vehicle was no longer able to cloak, so the bus sized tank was just sitting in plain view on the side of the street.

I got into the pitch black cockpit.

"When will construction complete?" I asked

"About that sir, I can have it up and running by tomorrow" She told me

I pulled off the helmet.

"That's great news" I said. "We can finally get going"

"There is a catch sir" Said Minerva. "I can have it ready by tomorrow… If we don't stock up on food and beverage supplies."

This didn't seem like an issue to me.

"I don't care just get it done" I said.

"Sir that also means no drinks" Said Minerva.

"What the hell are you implying?" I asked.

"I've noticed your behaviour over the week has been getting very erratic, mood swings, sudden outbursts. I think your body is going through withdrawal symptoms." She said.

"I do not have a fucking drinking problem. Bring that goddamn flying fuck down here as soon as possible. Drinking problem my ass." I said.

Minerva clearly was disappointed by my behaviour, but im the boss. So she had to shut up.

I passed a few hours studying the stolen documents on my suit's hologram projector. Trying to make sense of it all. What Talon was planning, how Primus fit in. It honestly baffled me how convoluted this whole thing ended up being. I put one hand over my lower chest. I could feel the slight irregularity where the bone had healed. Primus is either a manipulative mastermind with malicious intent, or a super powered idiot that is a liability to everyone around him. Either way I will figure out how to deal with him.

My stomach began to rumble.

"Sir I highly suggest you have dinner. You do way too much physical activity to subsist on one meal a day"

I wasn't going to argue with her there.

I started climbing up the side of the Angela's apartment again. The window was fixed.

"Do you break the window on purpose every time because you know that Jayce has to fix it?"

I smirked under my helmet and bashed through the window again.

Primus and Angela were having dinner as I made my entrance.

They stared at me briefly before Primus spoke up.

"Dude…Seriously? The window!"

"Sorry, I thought it was open" I said, smiling beneath my faceplate.

"Why do you always have to jump through it? We get it. You're good at gymnastics." He said.

"That's the fourth time this week." Said Angela through gritted teeth.

"Why DO you jump through the window every time, sir?" Aske Minerva with a hint of that AI sass she is famous for.

"Saves time" I said coolly.

Everyone stared at me disappointed. Fuck their window.

Angela sighed. Poor woman, for a moment I felt she really didn't deserve this. Then I realised she worked for overwatch, and those thoughts vanished.

"Will you join us for dinner tonight? Jayce made an amazing vegetable soup." She said.

It smelled good. He might be an idiot but he can cook.

"Sure" I said as I pulled up a chair.

I ate with my visor drawn up just enough to allow food to get in. I doubt they would be able to identify me through my jaw.

Primus struck up conversation.

"So. You're going to Egypt too, right?" He asked me.

"Yes, Tomorrow probably." I replied

"How do you plan to get there?" He asked.

If only he knew. He was going to find out soon enough. I had decided to take him with me. Minerva was already working on making it possible for him to come with me. I need to keep an eye on him so nobody else is hurt.

"You'll see" I answered. Leaving him looking confused.

Primus looked at Angela with a little disappointment in his eyes.

"So, Angela, I'm going to be leaving early tomorrow morning…" He said to her.

"I hope your trip is eventful. Be sure to wake me up so I can see you off." She seemed quite sad.

"Wait, aren't you going with him?" I asked her. The two seemed inseparable, I had assumed…

"Nope, she is not. It's too dangerous." said Primus almost reflexively.

Angela looks at Primus confused.

"It's because I am needed more over here in Zürich, the city needs every able doctor available." She said.

Clearly they had different reasons, Primus had an insecurity. Angela had a professional responsibility.

Time to get on her good side.

"I respect that Angela. But i hope you reconsider your choice, i could use expertise like yours in Egypt." I said. In all fairness, she might be a valuable ally, considering her field experience, and the fact she saved my ass once before.

Primus was having none of it.

"Listen, Angela made her point. She isn't coming. So let's not,okay? We might regret it in future and I don't want her getting hurt. Besides, It's best we don't burden her as much as we all ready so…" He drifted off, clearly not capable of finishing a sentence. Christ's sake.

"Jayce, by now you should know I can take care of myself." She said to him sternly.

Primus tried to escape from the hole he dug himself into

"I know but-" he stammered.

Angela got upset.

"listen. I have a duty here in Zürich. I can't just leave it" she sighed.

We all went silent for a while

"Well, this is awkward… So…nice weather today, huh?" Minerva said.

After dinner, I climbed out the window and onto the roof. Minerva calibrated the new Cloud's gps. It was a lot larger, but had a higher top speed. It should be able to get here in time from it's offshore construction rig in the atlantic.

I stayed on the roof and gazed at the sky. Finally, I would have access to what made me Il Gatto, my arsenal. Although Mondatta would disagree. He always said "excellence of self" is what true strength was. I'll take a 3 billion dollar flying fortress over excellence of self any day.

A few hours passed. Soon enough, Minerva told me the Cloud II was inbound.


I was barely able to contain myself, the look on their dumb faces will be priceless.

So far they thought i was a lunatic in a cat costume. Now I'm a lunatic with a flying operations center.

I slowly climbed down to the window (which was already fixed, nice job Primus) and decided to cut through it with a laser, to make less noise. This had to be a surprise. It had to be PERFECT.

I slowly cut through and quietly walked across to Angela's room.

I burst through the door as loudly as I could and turn on the light.


Primus was already awake and standing, presumably about to leave.

Angela seemed to have been awoken by me.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" "SCHEISSE!" They screamed.

Oh, these poor poor commoners.

"I hope you packed Jayce, its time to go." I said, cheerily.

"I was just about to go to the airport before you came in and woke up the entire city." He said, annoyed.

"Oh you won't have to worry about that. I cancelled your flight." I said, gleefuly.

"What?" He asked.

"Technically I cancelled it…" Added Minerva.

Holy shit this is rich. I'm rich.

"WHAT?!" He yelled.

"What is going on?" Asked Angela, still confused from waking up.

"Follow me I have something pretty interesting to show you" I said, beaming under my helmet.

"I swear I'm going to strangle you…" muttered Primus.

"You and me both…" Said Angela

I guided them up to the roof, nearly skipping as I went there.

Once we got there I looked to the sky. It should be close now.

The dark night sky was full of clouds, but not the one I was looking for.

I was getting anxious

"Okay wait for it…" I said.

"what the hell are we doing up here" said Jayce impatiently.

"Wait for it…" I repeated.

Nothing happened.

"Did you see something? Talon? Aliens?" Angela was lost.

"WAIT FOR IT…." I nearly yelled, I was losing my cool.

Not a damn thing happened.

"MINERVA! WHERE THE HELL IS IT?!" I screamed, breaking the silence.

"Sorry sir, the cloud cover was messing with the GPS, I accidentally got the wrong building." She said.

3 billion dollars and the GPS still fucks up. Wow.

I fell to my knees in frustration and pounded the ground with my fist, cracking the concrete.

"YOU HAD ONE JOB!" I screamed at her.

"actually I have several jobs" she said.

"NOT NOW!" Sass was the last thing I needed then.

"Okay, sir I'm sorry… god." she said.

Primus finally decided to step forward and say something.

"Can someone explain what the hell is going on before I punch him in the f-"

Luckily the Cloud II's arrival shut him up. Brand new and its already making me proud.

The gigantic aircraft's engines gushed air over the rooftop with such strength, it knocked both Angela and Jayce Onto their asses.

The cloaking disengaged and the massive beast displayed itself in it's full glory.

Nearly twice the size of its predecessor, the massive thing hummed gently with all of it's Ion engines.

I stood up to face my companions and spread my arms wide.

I proudly said

"The cavalry's here!"